Mercury in 12th House

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Have you ever looked up into the sky, asking the stars about the purpose of your life? Many of us did. We all wonder about our destiny and that of the people we care for. Since old times, people have been trying to get some answers.

Astrology, the ‘science of the stars’, tries to answer our puzzling questions. It is a very old ‘science’, once treated together with astronomy.

Astrology is a study of the stars and their influence over peoples’ lives. In fact, astrology analyzes planetary impact on individual peoples’ lives.

According to astrology, planets of the Solar system have specific energies and everything that is happening up there must affect us here. Astrology relies upon the old hermetic tradition postulate: as above, so below.

Houses in Astrology

One of the elements we have to consider when reading a natal chart are houses. Astrological charts are divided into twelve fields – houses. Each of these fields is about our experience in a certain area of life. Now, in your natal chart, you will see some planets inside these fields.

Planets will affect them and so you will experience something in your life in a specific way. Of course, aspects are also of essential importance and well as all elements in the chart.

Astrological houses are analog with twelve zodiac signs and each represents an area of life and has specific potential. If you look at your chart, you will probably find out that some houses were empty and others have more than one planet inside.

Each house will manifest in a specific, unique way, as that is your unique birth chart. For empty houses, you should look for their ruler planet.

Houses with more planets will be more dynamic and you will have more activities related to the areas of life affected by those planets. Astrological chart should always be analyzed in its entirety. Each separate element is a piece of a wonderful puzzle of your destiny.

Today we deal with a specific piece – Mercury in the Twelfth House. Let us first sneak into this mysterious field.

Twelfth House in Astrology

The Twelfth House is essentially important when it comes to natal chart readings. This is the last and, perhaps, the most mysterious house. It is associated with everything that is hidden, secret, immaterial and invisible.

Secret affairs, hidden knowledge, spiritual journey, all of these find its place in the Twelfth House.

The twelfth field is closely related to spirituality, sub-consciousness and unconscious part of our being. This is the house of dreams, imagination, house of past and illusion.

This astrological field stands for intuition and our inner voice, but also for self-delusion and, even worse, self-destruction. Mysterious phenomena in our lives, as well as everything obscure, have to do with the Twelfth House.

This is the field associated with many unfortunate things, such as poverty, debts and loss. It is the house of isolation and isolated and secluded places.

Jails, hospitals, monasteries are associated with the Twelfth House, for instance. The Twelfth House is also the place in which ideals form. Imagination, artistic talent and skills, idealistic tendencies are associated with this house.

Transcendental and metaphysical tendencies are also associated with it. This is the house of karma and it is associated with previous lives.

This field makes us consider karmic connections with people in our life. This is also the house that has to do with secret romantic affairs and complicated relationships. The Twelfth House reveals one’s hidden powers, but also one’s hidden weaknesses.

This field is analog with the sign of Pisces, the most mysterious and the most imaginative sign of the Zodiac. This is a Water element house and a cadent one.

Mercury in Mythology and Astrology

Known as the messenger of gods, Mercury or Hermes was the most cunning and smart of all the Greco-Roman major deities.

Usually depicted as a young athletic male, equipped with his winged apparel, Mercury was the patron of all the adventurous spirits, such as travelers, inventors, explorers, but also of tricksters and thieves with brilliantly cunning minds.

Mercury was also the god of merchandise, trade and everything that has to do with these businesses.

Mercury the planet is the smallest one and the closest to the glorious Sun. In fact, Mercury is Sun’s most trusted advisor; as a planet of intellect, reason and logic, Mercury provides Sun with the common sense.

The Sun represents our personal strength, our self-confidence, our Ego; everything that makes our essential self. You know how our Ego could easily get off track, seduced by some fantastical ideas and ambitions. Mercury is there to bring logic and reason.

This planet is also not very far from Earth, in cosmic sense, so it is believed that its energy greatly affects our lives. It is the ruler of Gemini and Virgo and Virgo is also its place of exaltation. The place of the exile is Sagittarius, while the debilitation takes place in Pisces.

Mercury is neither a malefic planet nor is it a benefic; its nature is neutral. Its natural house is the sixth field.

The neutrality of Mercury applies to all other classifications, such as that of masculine and feminine planets, day and night planets, for instance. The nature of Mercury, thus, depends on the matching sign and of the aspects this fast planet forms with other ones.

Mercury takes only one year to close its orb around the Sun. One interesting astrological fact about Mercury is that it imitates the energy of planets it stands along.

When it comes to personal astrology, Mercury stands for the ruler of the mental and intellectual segment of our personality. It rules logic, pragmatic mind, rational thinking, efficient problem-solving skills, cleverness, cunningness and curiosity.

Mercury is primarily known as the planet of communication and all of these require excellent communication skills. When we say communication, it is not all about talking.

It is also about one’s ability efficiently and clearly to communicate the message. Therefore, people with a dominant Mercury are not simply verbal individuals; the know how to use their eloquence and their vocabulary to express their ideas, opinions, desires and emotions.

However, they do not stand for especially compassionate or emotional people. They are always on the run and hard to catch. This also makes them a bit unreliable.

Active Mind

Mind of Mercurial people are like an actual perpetuum mobile. It never stops working, even when they sleep.

These people have an excellent memory and are good students. Moreover, they really enjoy learning about new things.

They are thirsty for novelties and for interesting information. They have an amazing ability to store all kinds of information and they could take it out of the drawer at any time.

They are informed about everything and they readily share news and fun facts. People like their company, for these people are cheerful and easygoing, though they do not actually trust everything they say.

These people are wise and cunning at the same time and they could use it into their own advantage; they could easily manipulate others, although they would rarely do so.

Generally, they do not have any bad intention towards others. Their perception is amazing.

Mercury people are neat, systematical, well organized and analytical. They are very precise and they usually know what they want. Their view on life is practical.

Since they feed on mental stimulation, most of them would choose a job that would satisfy their need for mental engagement. They could be amazing journalists, writers, teachers, lecturers, mathematicians, presenters, managers, linguists and more.

Everything that requires brilliant communication skills and/or perfect logic and the rhetorical talent could suffice. Of course, it depends on the individual case.

Doing more things at a time is not problematic for these people; they are perfectly capable of multitasking. They enjoy being on the move, so they find great pleasure in traveling. Many of them have a tendency to move abroad, travel the world and else.

They enjoy meeting new places and people, discovering new traditions and cultures and, generally, they enjoy everything new to them. These people enjoy reading and they find pleasure in art.

Another interesting thing is that many of them have an amazing gift for a bit more abstract field of astrology, parapsychology, even divination.

Although these are not exactly related to Mercury’s actively logical mind, these fields have much to do with communication.

These people communicate with the entire Universe. Some of them try to find channels to communicate with higher levels. It is an amazing gift and it occurs in people with strongly positioned Mercury.

People with a dominant Mercury are highly adaptable to new circumstances. This comes from Mercury’s changeable nature; we have mentioned that Mercury imitates the energy of a planet it forms a strong aspect with.

Therefore, people with a strong Mercury are very flexible, tolerant, they do not complain much and they could feel at home almost everywhere. They are positive and joyful fellows, full of intriguing and interesting info and stories to share.

Mercury in the Twelfth House – Mercury in 12th House

People with Mercury in the Twelfth House are mystics, mysterious thinkers. They are people of contemplative nature, very subtle, intuitive and highly imaginative.

It is common that they experience periods of isolation and loneliness; such phases contribute to their inner, spiritual journey that helps them open the doors of the perception of reality in a deeper and much higher way.

Periods of solitude and isolation open to them new horizons. Their views expand and extend much further than before.

There is a deep interest into the obscure, mystical, esoteric and the occult. Metaphysical approach to life is also very attractive to these individuals.

These people are curious to dig very deep and they enjoy unraveling secrets, which is similar to having Mercury in the Eighth House. However, one of the characteristics of such a position is that natives possess many personal secrets.

These secrets are rarely shared with anyone. On the other hand, these people are sworn keeper of others’ secrets; they would never reveal another person’ secret, if the conversation was confidential and if they were asked not to share the info. When it comes to that, you can rest assured yours secrets would remain safe.

These people are very loyal, though their actions and behaviors often appear enigmatic and perplexing.

Mercury in 12th House – Intuitive Introverts

People with Mercury in the Twelfth House are more imaginative and intuitive, than purely logical. Their experience of life consists of many impressions and intuitive directions.

However, it all contributes to making right decisions. Similarly to Eighth House Mercury people, these too know how to combine reason and intuition, although, in this case, intuition and imagination appear even stronger.

However, these people also tend not to be very clear and direct in communication. They rarely speak clearly and openly about what they think, feel or wish for. Many of them are emotionally unreachable and very closed.

Mercury in the Twelfth House indicates a potential for being an introverted person. These are not very sociable, though that does not mean they dislike people.

In addition, they could be very emotionally sensitive and with strong empathy, especially when it comes to romantic relationships. Sometimes, their behavior, body language or speech is marked by shyness and secrecy.

Lack of self-confidence is also a common trait that comes with this position of Mercury. Although emotionally sensitive, they often find it difficult to express the most delicate romantic feelings directly.

These people would rather use a pen and a paper and write you a love letter, then to tell you what they feel directly.

Many other situations in life prove they lack self-confidence, which is something they should work on. They tend to be a bit gloomy and pessimistic, which is also something that should be managed in time.

Twelfth House Mercury people are gentle intellectual souls that need a self-confidence booster.

Mercury in the Twelfth House – Synastry

Mercury in the Twelfth House in synastry indicates mutual interests about everything that appears mysterious and occult.

This is also a position that helps in better understanding of partner’s essential needs and him or her in their entirety.

This position helps in understanding partner’s weakest and the most vulnerable points.

Mercury in 12th House – Transit

Mercury transiting the Twelfth House is a trap for your mental abilities and logic! This is a phase in which you will not be as brilliant as you could. This transit brings confusion, irrationality, wrong conclusions.

There could be some tricks and frauds and plotting; you could be both the plotter and/or the victim.

In addition, this transit awakes low morals in people. Shady business and theft could seduce you.

This transit gives a big actor and a manipulator. Transit of Mercury over the twelfth field is also marked by impracticality, especially when it comes to work.

This period is very tense and disturbing, generally associated with inability to express yourself. It could also lead to psychiatric problems.

The best solution is to step away from everything, to isolate and work alone, until the period was over.