South Node in Taurus

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Taurus, the second sign of the Zodiac, an earth element of fixed quality, is practical and dogmatic.

It is characterized by conservatism, reliability, patience, practicality, stability, determination, fighting spirit, diligence, loyalty, sensuality, while the negative characteristics bring to the fore stubbornness, possessiveness, greed, unoriginality, boredom.

They emphasize the materialist trait they simply need to have. Taurus is a sign of creation, building, expansion, constant expansion.

The positive qualities of Taurus are good concentration and perseverance, endurance in its nature is to help others, especially when they are in trouble, so that they have little problems with other people.

Energetic and hardworking when they stop the action they become lazy and passive.

South Node – Meaning

The influence of the Lunar Nodes is carried out mainly through the houses of the horoscope. The position of the Nodes in the sign plays rather a subordinate role.

Therefore, the meaning of the Nodes for each specific individual, couple, collective, state is best interpreted at home. A person often realizes himself by emphasizing the Nodes, not the planets.

This happens when the main planets (the Sun and the Moon) are defeated, when a person, faced with the difficulties of expressing will and maintaining life, refuses to be a creator and agrees to be a parasite, that is, to be an impersonal member of a team who has no desires of his own, who only cares about satisfaction desires of others – those who also have no personal desires.

Implementation through the Nodes can give a person work and a roof over his head without affecting his central mental structures: this is life within the framework of a collectivist reality, where a person plays the role assigned to him by the collective, and the collective pays him moderate money for this, but nothing more from the person requires.

The position of the Nodes in the signs plays a secondary role in comparison with the position of the Nodes in the houses. The position in the signs indicates the style in which a person’s attitude to traditions and new social movements will be realized.

The position of the Nodes in houses indicates the main sphere of human social realization. It indicates the task that a person sets for himself in life by and large, and the danger with which a person will deal in the course of his evolutionary development.

Taurus – Meaning

In his cult are the deities of Life, Sun, Moon Taurus symbolizes creation, elemental strength, fertility, initial sacrifice, justice and truth. Everything they start must finish you leave nothing until they finish.

These are tolerant people who adore peace and harmony, especially in their home. Members of this sign do not like to take risks and will assess the situation well before any action.

If they are born in more modest living, family and social conditions, without great chances for inheritance or for material help of the family, they always manage to fight for security and great respect, both for themselves and their families. They get along well with money, because in the Zodiac Taurus symbolizes money.

The dream of every Taurus is to own a house, land the better, the hunger for creativity and art permeates them, they are also known as collectors of art and everything related to music, gramophone records, radio, musical instruments, so we find a lot in this sign artists, singers.

At the heart of their interest are issues of a material and financial nature, and they think daily about improving their existence because they are never satisfied with small things.

As they like comfort in everything they buy, so when choosing a car they tend to be high quality and comfortable, and if at all possible with leather seats, and as they like safety when it starts to break down, they are more inclined to buy a new one than repairs.

People of this sign have a talent for artistic work, and in financial terms they are lucky, they are accompanied by good health and money.

One of the biggest hedonists of the Zodiac, who loves good gourmet pleasures, a good drop that all has to be spiced with a lot of style, but also because of his gourmet preferences can be prone to weight gain.

Generous, diligent, noble, reliable and enterprising, practical he has common sense he is a person he can rely on but on the other hand also lazy, sluggish, who has calmness and a tendency to think. He is confident in himself and the center of his interests are material and financial existence and love, in order to be able to realize that he must be highly motivated. Obstacles make him persistent and stable.

For a Taurus man, the family has the highest priority on the scale of his interests, is completely dedicated to the family, adores his children and treats his partner carefully, gently taking care of all her needs and desires, but often knows how to be pathologically jealous because he likes to keep everything he thinks belongs. To him.

He often finds it difficult to accept life’s failures, and may be inclined to idealize the object of his desires. His flaw is stubbornness and he does not like to be ordered, and he can be won over by flattery.

A woman who would belong more to the Renaissance, created for love and romance although always striving to maintain a rational line, is very sensitive prone to lying down, resting and fantasizing, beautiful looking and awkward character, can be angry, marry early and can be good the wife, if she encounters the right partner, loves to cook, eat, sing, flirt.

She emphasizes femininity by dressing, but she likes to dress both casually and unrestrained. She loves jewelry and rings, necklaces, enjoys luxury, falls for gifts and compliments.

As Venus rules the sign of Taurus and the voice can have a very beautiful voice. If she is deceived, she returns the favor. She asks her partner for material and financial security and then she feels protected, so she becomes a great housewife.

Taurus woman is considered the most passionate woman of the Zodiac, she is very sensitive, feminine possessive and love life and eroticism occupy an important position in her life, while she avoids superficial relationships.

In fact, she experiences real happiness in her family, and if she is lucky, all the bad sides of her character can disappear. Women born in this sign can have a tendency to gain weight at an early age and therefore must take care of their diet.

Has a pronounced appetite a bit sluggish, slow and thorough. As Taurus is a fixed sign this child is stubborn, and at school diligent, persistent and ambitious.

They are gifted at drawing and singing. Because of their possessiveness, they find it difficult to share their love with other siblings, and they will not have many close friends but will concentrate on two three, but valuable long-term friendships. They may have a tendency to frequent sore throats.

South Node in Taurus – Meaning

In its motion, the Moon turns out to be either south or north of the ecliptic (the visible path of the Sun in the sky). The points of intersection of its orbit with the ecliptic are called nodes.

The point of transition of the Moon from the southern half of the sky to the north is called the Ascending Node, or the Head of the Dragon, or the North Node.

The point of the reverse transition is the Descending Node, or the Tail of the Dragon, or the South Node.

Both of these points are located on the ecliptic one against the other, therefore the aspect of the planet, the Angle or the Pars of Fortune to one of the Nodes automatically means the aspect to the other: if the planet is in a square to one of the Nodes.

Then the other will also be a square; a trine to one Node will be followed by a sextile to the opposite. The connection in the birth horoscope enhances the influence of the knot in the life of the individual. Especially if it is a conjunction with the stallion of the planets.

The nodes are not as sensitive points in the horoscope as the planets. They do not represent, like the planets, principles and are not sources of energy, since they are not visible in the sky. These are bogus points.

American astrologers tend to interpret the Node axis as a factor influencing health. The Europeans, however, ascribe to the axis of the Nodes and influence on the psyche, which causes an easy or difficult inclusion of a person in social processes, which, of course, one way or another affects the state of health.

In classical Western astrology, the axis of the Nodes symbolizes the connection between a person’s personal evolution and the evolution of the surrounding world. Man is included in the processes of evolution, whether he wants it or not.

He participates in evolution, relying on the inner experience of his personality, relying on the past experience of the people to which he belongs by birth, relying on his attitude to this past and aspiring to the future.

The Node Axis personifies current tasks and the general meaning of human life as a whole as a member of the human community.

In classical Western astrology, the Descending Node is considered the equivalent of Saturn and therefore is considered a symbol of the past, that is, it symbolizes patterns and stereotypes of behavior with which a person comes into life at the moment of birth in a certain cultural environment.

It is possible to draw an analogy of the Descending Node with the legacy of the past, which manifests itself in the fact that a person is a bearer of individual hereditary personality traits – in psychosocial terms.

The Descending Node means the accumulated experience – inherited by us, as well as acquired, and determines our automatic, instinctive behavior.

It testifies to a warehouse of intelligence and a scheme of motivations that work spontaneously. We rely on this experience, but we should also give up on it in order to be able to develop, to go further if we want to grow.

The Sign of the Descending Node and its position in the house indicate that patrimony to which we must pay special attention: to be aware of our dogmatic positions in order to be able to abandon them in favor of the opportunity to evolve to the fullest realization.

The Ascending Node “represents the point at which the greatest pressure is exerted on the past. If we allow ourselves to fall under it, then we become open to a completely new and exotic reality. Something seems to tempt us to break with the past … “(Stephen Forrest in” Inner Heaven “).

The ascendant indicates the main direction of personality evolution and the tasks that we need to solve in it.

The Ascending Lunar Node corresponds to the main plans of the current period of life.

At the point of the Ascending Node, there is a threshold that must be crossed, a decision that must be made, a task that must be solved in order to benefit from one’s past experience (and from mistakes) and realize one’s evolutionary mission.

In classical Western astrology, the Ascending Node is considered as auspicious, equivalent to Jupiter.


It is sometimes believed that the Lunar Nodes work in conjunction with Saturn.

When we face obstacles in the area where Saturn is located in our chart, this obviously means that the circumstances of our inner and outer life are forcing us to get rid of the prejudices caused by the Descending Node by using the energies of our Ascending Node.

In addition, the Ascending Node represents the type of people to whom we are drawn, who open something new to us, stimulate us to grow.

And the Descending Node represents people who slow us down, restrain our development, and force us to crystallize so that we remain unchanged and closed to development.

The people symbolized by the position of the Descending Node in the sign and house of our birth chart and its aspects should be evaluated critically in order to reduce their negative impact on our lives.