Mars in Libra

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Talking about astrology, most of the people simply think of horoscope, while astrology is much wider, in reality. Astrology has many paths and themes of which one is natal astrology.

Natal astrology is related to personalized horoscopes and that is what we are going to talk about more. Before that, let us briefly introduce you into origins of astrology.

Many deny astrology as a science and, in our day, it is not an official scientific discipline. Its name, however, indicates a science, because it literally means the ‘science of stars’, in Greek. Western astrology is considered a pseudo science. Nevertheless, this alternative path to understanding the universe and our purpose in it features all elements just as any other scientific approach.

Modern astrology has its principles, rules and methods. This science of stars, as we know it today, is of more recent origins. However, the roots of astrology in wider terms are very old.

It developed in ancient Persia, some thousands of years ago. The exact moment of its birth is unknown. Ancient Persians observed and analyzed stars and planets with great passion, dedication and understanding.

They knew about all planets of our system, except for Neptune, Uranus and Pluto, simply because they were invisible to their equipment and their eyes. Ancient Greeks learned about astrology from Persians and Romans widespread it throughout Europe.

Back in the day, many intellectuals were versatile in their interests and research. Many were greatly interested in astrology.

Famous Claudius Ptolemy, a Greco-Roman mathematician, geographer and astronomer was also an astrologer. Notable people and great minds of the past, like Nostradamus, but also Johannes Kepler were astrologers. Astrology had its golden ages, as well as dark ones.

During the time of the Inquisition, it was banned and denied, put to the corner with obscure esoteric works, witchcraft and all sorts of other paths.

At the same time with the development of Western astrology, other paths developed in other parts of the world and they are of great importance for overall astrological heritage and history. Some of the most well known are Chinese and Vedic astrology. Astrological lore form India is more related to Western astrology, than Chinese is.

We are interested in one particular astrological field and it is natal astrology. Natal astrology is what you would most probably call a horoscope.

Horoscopes could be delivered not only for an individual human being, but also for animals and plants, even objects and much bigger entities, such as whole nations or countries. Our focus is on individual personalized astrology.

Mars and Horoscope

To get your horoscope done, an astrologer needs you date and time of birth, as well as the place.

Your horoscope is a kind of your astrological lifeline; all the secrets of your own destiny are hidden within. Your horoscope is based upon a birth chart that is an image of the sky, taken at the time you came to this world.

According to astrology, all valuable and essential information about you as a person and about your life are written in this chart.

However, it is not that simple to interpret a birth chart. One must possess great knowledge about every single element important for astrological analyses. An astrologer cannot answer all of your questions straightforward and tell you: “This particular thing will happen at this particular point of your life.”

No one could tell you such thing, because the course of your destiny greatly depends on you.

Your birth chart tells about potentials and capacities that you have. This is, perhaps, more important than knowing the future. By knowing how planets and other aspects shaped you up as a person, you can use your potentials the best way possible and channel your energy properly.

People often seek for straight answers, but think about how absurd would be really to know the future.

It would make the life pointless, paradoxically. By knowing your potentials, you can really make the creator of your own life path. Now let us focus on the element that interest us the most, the planets. Planets are constitutional elements of any birth chart.

Astrology claims planetary movement plays an important role in determining personal destinies.

Some planets affect you directly, as an individual, and make you the personality you are.

These are ‘personal planets’, which include Mars, Venus, Mercury, the Moon and the Sun. In astrology, the Moon and the Sun count as planets. So we come to powerful Mars. Planet Mars has always been identified with a fighting spirit, such as seen in Ares, the Ancient Greek deity of war.

Mars is associated with bravery, courage, determination, strong will and desires, ambition and the urge for success and conquest. Those ruled and guided by Mars are powerful and influential figures, leaders and conquerors.

Mars has incredible energy, which is dual; it could be both constructive and destructive. Mars in a natal chart represents the area of life a person invests most of their energy into.

The place of Mars in a birth chart is the place of focus, energy and activity of an individual. Mars greatly affects an individual’s character and temperament. This planet is impulsive, spontaneous, hasty, restless and it represents our animalistic part. It is also associated with our most intimate, primal desires and instinct.

Planet Mars could present its energy in your birth chart in many ways, depending on a complex of all aspects you have there. Too much Mars leads to over-activity, impulsiveness, aggression and inability of having control over your own behavior.

If aspects are bad, Mars turns you into cruel, aggressive and destructive character. If they are good, it makes you noble, brave, enthusiastic and righteous.

Mars in Libra – General Info

Different zodiac signs differently affect the energy of Mars. What if you have Mars in Libra? Mars in Libra indicates a thoughtful, rational and a charming personality who is capable of balancing their energy and deciding priorities.

People with Mars in Libra are known for having a rational approach to all sorts of problems.

However, if Mars is not strong enough, the typical Libra indecisiveness could prevail and make them hesitant and in doubt over important questions. Mars Libra people are prone to trying to mask their insecurity by defending some rather obviously wrong stances with their passion as a major argument.

They play being certain about some things, while in reality they are not. This is their self-defense mechanism, when they feel insecure and lack self-esteem.

This leaves a wrong impression of a person guided solely by passion and desire, not their rational mind, which is actually the case. Mars Libra are indeed passionate and romantic, but they generally balance their reason and emotions well.

They are not aggressive and impulsive, but kind, polite and understanding. Mars and Libra combined give an irresistible charm.

These people are commonly physically attractive and fit. They have an amazing sense for what is beautiful and they are commonly interested in art. Mars in Libra makes one an extroverted personality. These individuals are often very friendly and sociable.

They enjoy social gatherings and they gain energy from spending time with other people; they exchange energy with others.

Mars Libra are capable of persuading others into their own opinions, by strong and rational arguments. As we have mentioned, their self-esteem is changeable, but it is not too dramatic. These people are great aesthetes, so they need to be surrounded by things they find pleasant, relaxing and beautiful.

For example, a Mars Libra would be annoyed if their working environment were not up to their taste.

Do not get it wrong; Mars Libra do not need luxury, but they need to design and organize their environment so they feel comfortable and relaxed around. If Mars in Libra is in favor with other aspects, this person becomes highly objective, understanding and tolerant. Mars Libra are very open minded and flexible thinkers.

This opens so many opportunities for them on all fields. Harmonious aspects of Mars in Libra are also associated with vitality, youthfulness and good health, not to mention a very healthy and energetic eros. Mars Libra people have all predispositions to find someone they could feel very satisfied with.

They are full of understanding and caring and they could focus their energy into their relationship so that it would not consume them, but feed them. They need to find one on the same emotional and intellectual level; as for other things, they are open for compromises.

Mars Libra are warm, caring people you can always settle things down with in a diplomatic and peaceful manner.

Good Traits

Mars Libra people are warm, friendly and sociable.

They are good, supportive and caring friends, who would not fall for your complaints and whining that easily. They are compassionate, but they trust their reason and do not let others exploit their good will. They offer comfort, but also a reasonable and valuable advice.

Mars Libra people are generally easy going and pleasant to have around.

They have an extremely open mind, which is amazing. They are objective, tolerant and always ready to hear others’ opinion. When Mars in Libra is in favor with other aspects, this person does not become irritable and impulsive, but steady, calm and balanced.

Mars Libra people are capable of finding balance in life and of deciding what is important and what is not. These individuals do not let minor discomfort and changes shake them up too much. They do not act instinctively and without thinking.

However, in matters of love, they are prone to surrender to their extremely strong eros, but never at the cost of their own integrity.

Mars in Libra could lead to great success in life, which is always a result of one’s individual design and doing. Mars Libra are very artistic, free spirited and unique in interests.

Bad Traits

Bad traits of having Mars in Libra show up if aspects are not in favor of this combination. People with Mars in Libra could get out of their balance if love life or professional life does not fill in their expectations.

They are prone to very uncomfortable feeling of constant inner nervousness that is usually not that obvious on the outside.

They could feel as if they are unable to feel satisfaction and happiness if one of these two fields does not meet satisfy their desires. Bad aspects of Mars in Libra make them take only romantic love and professional success to be their driving force and motivation.

Without it, they could feel empty and incomplete.

Bad sides of Mars in Libra could also present in form of insecurity, doubting and endless re-questioning of everything and anything. It particularly reflects on their love life; Mars Libra could be very hesitant about relationships, because they tend to lack self-esteem and become cowards.

Mars in Libra Man

Mars Libra men are open minded, sociable and friendly guys, always ready for some fun.

They enjoy spending time with friends, both male and female. Actually, Mars Libra men rarely have any prejudices; they are objective, tolerant and approachable. They are reasonable and they feel when the time is to think seriously and act responsibly.

These men are commonly interested in art and their career is usually in the field of some creative business. They are also very constructive and practical, open to new ideas and changing plans.

Mars Libra man is kind, friendly towards everyone, but he does not let others manipulate him.

He approaches a woman in a polite, friendly manner. He surrounds himself with those who make him feel relaxed and comfortable. He is not aggressive, but diplomatic. He is usually the voice of reason amongst his friends.

Mars Libra man is naturally charming and a calming personality.

Mars in Libra Woman

Mars Libra women are wonderful artistic ladies who have peculiar sense of beauty. They are warm and open hearted and they find it enjoyable helping others. Mars Libra woman is a peacemaker and a mediator.

She avoids conflicts and tries to bring out reasonable, diplomatic solutions. Her energy is focused towards what she loves.

She would do her job with passion and dedication, while she tends to be indecisive about other some pretty mundane things. Mars Libra woman could be determined to finish some of her creations, no matter what it is, but she would not know what shirt would be the best for today’s outfit.

Mars Libra woman is flirty, charming and distinctively seductive. She enjoys playing love games and feels natural if given attention of men. In Libra, which is ruled by Venus, Mars could be incredibly well positioned, if other aspects are favorable.

It makes a Mars Libra lady attractive, positive and lovely.


Overall, Mars in Libra offers some good qualities, such as supportiveness, objectiveness, tolerance and peaceful approach. Mars in Libra is not wild, but diplomatic and its energy well balanced.

People having Mars in Libra are peacemakers and great aesthetes.

They, however, avoid trouble at all costs, which could make them eventually lose their self-esteem, because they do not face any challenge that could strengthen their spirits.