Mars in Scorpio

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Astrology is an amazing approach to observing and analyzing our place in the universe; it is a very complex and rich system of knowledge, principles and methods, all organized and systematized with one ultimate purpose, which is the understanding the world we live in and ourselves within.

Astrology is, of course, much more than your zodiac sign. Many people are wrong to think it starts and stops at that point.

Your native sign is just a piece of the great astrological puzzle called natal chart. Natal or birth charts are subject of natal or personalized astrology. It is important to note that there are other branches of astrology, although most of us are interested into what stars could tell us about our own future and destiny.

Each person’s destiny is written in stars, according to this magnificent discipline.

However, there are some very common mistakes people make, thinking about possibilities astrology offers. We usually want concrete answers, not some speculations.

Well, if you wonder if astrology answers all the questions you could think of, the answers is, yes, it holds the answers within. However, the thing is, the interpretation greatly depends on an astrologer, as an individual.

That said, you could imagine there are different kinds of astrologers; we exclude the probability of trickery and fraud here and talk only about practitioners who are dedicated to this discipline and take it seriously. It depends on an astrologer’s expertise, experience, skills, talents and many more how your birth chart would be analyzed.

Do not let this discourage you; the astrologer would give the best of him or herself to interpret your birth chart. However, no one would tell you the exact course of events in your lifeline, which is what you perhaps expect.

Astrology, seen as a discipline practiced by people, gives more of guidelines than of predictions. If you think a bit longer about it, you could see how valuable it might be.

You birth chart is your destiny written in stars. Astrology claims that position of planets and aspects at the time you came to this world determine who you are and what your life is going to be. They read your destiny from your birth chart, which is a graphic representation of mentioned elements of an astrological analyzes.

A birth chart is like a fingerprint or an identification card of an individual. It tells about you as a person, your traits, your temperament and character. It also points out what areas of life could be especially in favor with you and what not. Natal chart is the base for your horoscope.

Mars and Horoscope

One of the most important features of every natal chart are planets. Planets have always played an important role in astrology, throughout a very long history of its practice. Planets have been identified with powerful deities and they still carry their names.

Concepts and ideas these deities represented are incorporated into Western astrology lore as archetypes.

Five of the planets determine each individual’s most personal traits. They are Mars, of which we will talk here more, Mercury, Venus, the Sun and the Moon. Although the latter are not actually planets, in astrology they are counted as planets. These five are responsible for your temperament, character and essential personality traits.

Other planets are also important, but today we talk about the personal one, Mars.

Mars rules over signs of Aries and Scorpio. This is the planet of strength, explosive temperament, great courage and aggression. It has always been associated with mighty deities of warfare, such as militant Greek god Ares.

Mars is associated with both physical and mental strength. This planet also represents ambition, conquest, victory and bravery.

This planet is associated with fierceness and fearlessness. People with strong Mars in aspects are never easily discouraged from pursuing their dreams and goals. If aspects are bad, Mars makes a person aggressive, cruel, insensitive and destructive.

On the other hand, it could also make you constructive, efficient and successful. The common denominator for Mars’ all sides is activity.

When Mars is in your native sign, it is the time to take some action. It is usually the period in which you are very dynamic; it is a period of progress, development and achievement.

The place Mars holds in your birth chart represents the aspect of your life or yourself as an individual in which you invest almost all of your energy. Mars is spontaneous, impulsive and instinctive.

Mars is associated with primal desires and our animalistic nature. Mars know no boundaries and no control alone. However, the place it takes in a natal chart determines to what degree would Mars present its wild, fiery side and in which way.

Energy of the fighting Mars should be handled with care. It is essential to find an appropriate channel for this force and use it to your benefit.

Mars in Scorpio – General Info

Mars in Scorpio is at one of its two homes. Mars in Scorpio is very different from Mars in Aries, although the planet rules both of them. Mars in Scorpio is not loud, aggressive and raging around like Mars in Aries.

Its energy is not directed outwards, but inwards. Mars Scorpio people are quiet, very mysterious, introverted, but deeply emotional and with an unimaginable inner strength.

Mars in Scorpio is powerful. It indicates a person of distinctive individuality, one that is strong-willed, determined and brave. People with Mars in Scorpio are characterized by impressive mental strength, insightfulness and enthusiasm.

All of these are excellent predispositions for starting successful and unique projects. Mars Scorpio do not want to be authoritative leaders, but inspirational masters.

People with this aspect are characterized by intensive and persistent emotions, which represent to them a reliable and constant source of energy. Their energy comes from the inside; they translate the energy of things they like into their driving force.

This makes them very independent, able and self-reliant. People with Mars in Scorpio are capable of handling the most difficult situations on their own.

Although Mars Scorpio people are generally introverted and they could function at their best when alone, at the end of the day, after they have fulfilled all their duties and activities for the day, they could wish for some company.

They usually feel alone and not lonely, but there are times, even independent and brave spirit such as Mars Scorpio is needs some comfort, warm word and love. However, they do not need others to organize things or do anything in their place.

Mars Scorpio people have a magnetic personality and they are deeply sensual. They want to please their sense on all levels. Mars in Scorpio makes one explosive, impulsive and passionate, so these people could become a bit irritable, nervous and impetuous at times.

Overall, they remain quiet and calm. A resting black cat could be an illustrative description of a magnetic and mysterious Mars Scorpio. Lovely, but dangerous.

People with Mars in Scorpio feel as if they were born for a life full of excitement and they find it really hard to stay in the middle. Mediocrity annoys them the most. They are born to fulfill their own desires and dreams.

Mars Scorpio are passionate, but they are not very empathic people. They also dream of glory and success and if Mars in Scorpio is in favor with other elements in a birth chart, it is very likely they would achieve it.

Mars in Scorpio bring incredible power of adaptation, without losing a single piece of individuality and integrity. Mars Scorpio people naturally dominate without saying a word.

Their presence is felt around and their magnetic aura consumes everything and everyone around. Mars Scorpio people are adaptable, but somehow they make their surroundings adapt to them.

Good Traits

Mars in Scorpio is full of hidden capabilities. One of these is flexibility in various types of life situations. Mars Scorpio people are proud and there is nothing that could make them feel less important. Their inner strength is incredible and they are capable of managing situations others could not even imagine, all on their own.

These people are extraordinary in every sense. Their emotional deepness makes them focused and determined. A Mars Scorpio person creates amazing things, guided by their impeccable intuition.

Intuition of Mars Scorpio is unimaginably strong and they have all right to trust it to the fullest.

Mars Scorpio people are capable of establishing an extremely strong, deep, physical and mental connection with their partner, which is something generally rare. Harmonious aspects related to Mars in Scorpio make this person a deep, sensual, passionate lover.

People with Mars in Scorpio are tough and they are brave. They are into everything they truly love and they are not discouraged by failure that easily. Their intuition and inborn efficiency and sense of organization make them accomplish professional goals with ease.

Bad Traits

There is a lot of darkness in Mars in Scorpio, if this astrological combo is not in favor with other aspects.

Mars in Scorpio could become obsessive over things, ideas and people. They could become hard to deal with and stubborn. Mars Scorpio are also prone to becoming exploitative and manipulative, and they excel in this nasty business.

Their attitude is never openly aggressive, but worse, extremely passive-aggressive.

If other elements are not in favor with Mars in Scorpio in a birth chart it could mean literally everything the opposite of all the good sides.

A person with bad aspects could lack enthusiasm, lack motivation and feel desperate, drowning in darkness of their own pessimistic thoughts. The main problem with Mars in Scorpio is that there is rarely a balance between despair and euphoria.

Mars in Scorpio Man

Man with Mars in Scorpio is a true natural charmer. He is of a dominant kind of guys, but polished, with style, seductive and smart. Mars Scorpio man is intellectual, proactive, and adventurous.

He would see to have an unconventional type of job, so he can always move around, travel, and experience new things.

He is a hedonist, but not a spendthrift. In fact, he very well organizes his money.

Mars Scorpio man is an extremely resourceful personality, capable of taking care for himself. Mars Scorpio man leaves an impression of a charismatic artist or explorer, a citizen of the world.

He knows many things and he is an expert in several fields, perhaps. Man with Mars in Scorpio is versatile and talented.

He smiles, but does not tell a word. He is not shy, but he prefers well-measured word to an avalanche of compliments or praises. He is an irresistible seducer and a lover to remember.

Mars in Scorpio Woman

Mars Scorpio women are ladies of unique taste and beauty. They are usually described as mysterious and exotic, because they possess all the qualities both Mars and Scorpio can offer a woman, since these two are astrological matches.

Mars in Scorpio makes an intelligent, brave and adventurous woman.

She reads people she talks to; sometimes she does not even need to hear anything, but she knows how you feel. Mars Scorpio woman needs a life of excitement, of new horizons and wondrous opportunities. She has the spirit of an explorer and an artist.

Mars Scorpio woman always finds it very easy to attract attention, especially that of a gentleman. She seeks for a partner who can match her on an intellectual level and who would share her passion for exploration. She is very independent and self-confident person.

Woman with Mars in Scorpio does not like to be told to do anything. She is not lazy or irresponsible, but she will only do it her way. This is very important to her in all matters, including love and family life.

Mars Scorpio woman is inclined towards finding the truelove, although she would not restrain herself from occasional pleasures.


Mars in Scorpio is in its natural place. Aries and Scorpio are like two very different residences for the planet Mars. In Scorpio, Mars shows up with some of its greatest qualities, such as strength that comes from intuition and emotions, determination, bravery and independence.

Mars in Scorpio is not flashy, boasting around and loud, like when in Aries, but calm and quiet. At least, it is like that on the outside.

Mars Scorpio people are masterful; they have amazing predispositions to be brilliant and notable for what they are doing. They could be glorious for their uniqueness, extravagance and creativity.

Mars Scorpio people usually have a persistent source of energy that comes from deep within; it is rooted in their emotions and intuition. They feel it with great enthusiasm and are flexible enough to channel it in proper way.