Mars in Taurus

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It is a common mistake to believe that an understanding and interpretation of an individual’s destiny could be based solely upon their ruling sign, the sign you were born in.

Your main horoscope sign is, my all means, the essential element that constitutes your personality, in astrological terms. It is the first step to further understanding of your overall astrological profile.

However, astrology does not stop there. It is a complex discipline, with many features and branches. The native sign is only a piece in a mosaic that is your birth chart or your horoscope.

Now you might ask, what is a birth chart? Birth or natal chart is your horoscope, to put it simply. Natal astrological analysis, which is what we talk about here, focuses on interpretation of a natal chart.

Birth charts are images of the sky, at the time a person whose horoscope is being analyzed, was born. It is a scheme, featuring all important elements for astrological interpretation. It is a foundation stone for an individual horoscope; horoscope is actually kind of interpretation of such a chart. Each personality has unique and complex natal chart.

It takes only a few of essential information in order to be made: your date, time and place of birth. The chart appears in a form of a diagram, divided into fields called houses, featuring zodiac signs, planets and other elements. Such an astrological diagram is like a fingerprint or an identification card, to say so.

Birth charts are precious, but only if interpreted in detail and with dedication. A skilled astrologer could tell many things by looking at your natal chart. An astrological analyses is personalized on both levels of an astrologer and a person who has asked for his or hers horoscope interpretation.

An astrologer brings a frozen image of the sky into life, to say so. He or she is a mediator between this world and that of heavens above. It takes a lot of time, dedication and passion in order to master the art of astrology.

The main purpose of natal astrology is to give an insight into an astrological plan of a person in question.

Although no astrologer can tell for sure what will happen in your lifetime, he or she could tell you about potentials and possibilities that are inscribed into this magical astrological identification card. Astrology does not give answers to what will happen, but to what potentials and capacities are on your disposal.

Astrology today is considered a pseudo science, while in past it was much admired and appreciated, similarly to other scientific approaches of which some are acknowledged and respected in contemporary world.

Many notable scholars and people known for their wisdom and genius were astrologers. Claudius Ptolemy and Nostradamus were both great astrologers of the past, for instance.

Mars and Horoscope

When interpreting your birth chart, an astrologer would dedicate much attention to the position of planets there. Planets are one of the essential elements in a person’s natal chart.

Each planet has specific potentials and is related to specific ideas and concepts. In antiquity, planets were associated with powerful deities. In Western contemporary astrology, the ideas these deities represented are inherited as archetypes.

Mars, thus, represents Ares, the Ancient Greek god of war. In astrology, planet Mars is associated with militant attitude, fierceness, courage, bravery, endurance and persistence. Mars is fearless, aggressive, conquering and dominant.

It is the planet of discipline, power, hard work, competitiveness, ambitions and activity in general.

The place Mars is in your natal charm represents the area of life you invest the most of your energy in. An accentuated Mars definitely means you have a lot of courage and energy. Mars rules signs Scorpio and Aries.

Mars rules our instinctive nature, including our most intimate desires and energy. Mars is associated with iron, steel, tools, armor, weapon.

Mars brings victory, but it also leads to disaster. Not all ideas Mars is associated with are positive; some are hard to see in good light. Mars is associated with trouble, wounds, misery and death.

This planet is extremely energetic and this is a dangerous type of energy, one that should be properly channeled, in order not to destroy everything, but to create something amazing.

Indeed, Mars drives motivation, inspiration and creativity. It makes you practical, constructive and efficient.

Mars is the planet of action and there is no place for hesitation with strong Mars aspect.

Mars can make one restless, impulsive, prone to taking risk. This planet’s energy is to be handled carefully; it gives extreme opportunities, so you are blessed if it has a good position in your birth chart.

Mars in Taurus – General Info

When Mars in Taurus, it indicates a personality that is oriented towards accomplishment of reasonable and feasible goals. It does not mean that these goals are negligible and small, but that this person trusts its reason and that they do not like gambling with opportunities.

Mars Taurus are practical, organized individuals who do not like surprises.

Well-grounded, down-to-earth and mighty Taurus suppresses Mars’ typical impulsiveness and makes this individual a person who is capable of managing and controlling their energy. Mars Taurus individuals never waste their energy foolishly.

Mars gives them tons of it, along with incredible stamina, persistence and drive. They usually have inborn sense of good material opportunities and they are inclined towards material goals.

People with Mars in Taurus like to plan and organize things carefully; everything they do is intended to bring them well-situated, comfortable life. Mars gives them enough ambition and competitiveness, while Taurus makes them focus and tactful.

These people are usually quiet; they do not brag around about this or that, but act. They like to be praised solely for their actual achievements.

Mars Taurus would like to have stability in all areas of life. Besides material, they need emotional security.

They are not interested into short-term affairs and games; a Mars Taurus always seeks for the one they would spend their lifetime with. They are very determined to find such a match. Mars makes them fearless and intrepid in this search.

They are particularly sensual people and warm. They need touch, warmth and closeness. Fiery Mars makes them amazing lovers, but also kind and emotional partners. It seems Mars and Taurus correspond well to one another. Mars Taurus people are in need of establishing harmonious and peaceful family relationships. Their closest one mean much to them.

Since both Taurus and Mars are pretty dominant in nature, Mars Taurus people naturally want to control others. Although they are much warmer, compassionate and more emotional compared to Mars Aries, for example, they are authoritative characters.

They feel as if it is their duty to be the head of everything. They see themselves as guardians of family peace.

People with Mars in Taurus are strong and ready to deal with challenges that await each one of us in life. They do not step away from problems and they delude themselves as if everything is all right, if it is not. Mars Taurus people deal with problems readily, but in their own manner. They are not hasty and impulsive, thanks to their Taurus ground.

On the other hand, Mars’ fearlessness makes them brave and driven towards finding the solution. Mars Taurus people are generally mostly oriented towards material and career goals. Mars in Taurus is considered particularly a good aspect for success in these matters.

People with Mars in Taurus are considered to have great potential to achieve financial success and to secure material stability for themselves and their closest ones.

When it comes to love, Mars Taurus could at first be attracted to another person only physically, but since in their nature is to seek a partner for life, it rarely stays on merely a physical level.

They have emotional and mental depth and they need someone who can satisfy them on all levels. These are their love ideals, while in reality Mars Taurus are very open to making compromises in love life.

Good Traits

Mars in Taurus has some very good sides. Mars in Taurus make you a reasonable, determined, generally cal and practical person. There is rarely any drama in Mars Taurus.

People with such an aspect are usually talented for arts, but not to dreamy. They prefer doing things, rather than saying. They are tactful, thoughtful and organized.

Although they might appear lazy at times, Mars Taurus people actually know that all major decisions need some time to be made. They are not indecisive people, but they prefer certainty to surprise. They are observant, intelligent and patient. Mars Taurus perfectly handle the energy they have; they never waste it foolishly.

They are warm and emotionally deep people, ready to make compromise. Their primary goal is stability, which makes them reliable and loyal people. There is no need ever to doubt their honesty. A Mars Taurus person does things, without boasting around before something is done.

Mars Taurus people are inclined towards materially stable and harmonious family life.

They are determined to have it and it takes many failures in these areas of life for a Mars Taurus to feel really disappointed. They are ambitious, but not greedy; they are authoritative, but not cruel.

Bad Traits

People with Mars in Taurus are sometimes accused of being lazy. Although this is not a trait we would describe a Mars Taurus, it is true that they are prone to postponing and delaying making decisions, from time to time.

As we have said, this does not come from indecisiveness, but from indifference.

If they surrender to routine to the foulest, they are at risk of becoming uninterested in anything happening around. Mars Taurus people are at risk of losing their motivation, because of leading too structured, comfortable, but boring life.

It is not in their mature to search for adventure and excitement, but their life has to be at least a bit turbulent before they have achieved their goals.

They could become grumpy, moody and stubborn people, simply because there is too much energy inside them that does not go anywhere.

They might forget about their previous interests in life and completely to lose interest in pursuing new ones. They should nurture their talents for art and learn to make small everyday goals that would keep dynamics.

Mars in Taurus Man

Mars in Taurus in men signs make these gentlemen sensitive and classy. They are old-fashioned and they dream about a love story from a nineteenth century novel. Mars Taurus man is noble, polite, charming and emotional.

He, however, does not try seducing you for a one-night stand; he seeks for a lady he could completely devote his love to.

Material stability is of a great importance to him, just as stability in general. Mars Taurus man would work hard in order to achieve life full of pleasure, circumstances in which he could relax and enjoy life, without thinking about the next pay off.

He is authoritative and he could be an excellent boss. He is good at organizing other peoples’ work.

Mars Taurus man is conventional in all matters; his attitude towards marriage, family and social life is conservative.

He is the one to be the head of the house. He would be the one to manage and organize financial matters. He takes care about his loved ones and he protects them. Do not try to change his mind and never try to take from him this fatherly role.

Mars in Taurus Woman

Mars Taurus women are stable, authoritative and focused on their goals. They are feminine and earthly, just as they could be fierce and fearless. Mars Taurus woman wants to be her own boss and does not like working for others.

However, she does not find it hard to obey the rules, if she sees her personal success in it.

Her ultimate goals are stability and pleasure in life, just as for her male counterpart. Mars Taurus woman is very practical and she enjoys doing things on her own. She is handy and talented for arts.

Her mind is creative and constructive; she could be an excellent artist in area of applied art. Everything she does has to be purposeful.

In love, she seeks for a partner for life. She needs an equal and would not accept less.

Mars Taurus woman is also ready to make compromises, but she has her limits, of course. People that are self-confident, determined, reasonable and calm in attitude attract a mars Taurus woman the most.

However, she is compassionate and empathic of vulnerable and weak.


Mars in Taurus is generally a well-balanced aspect. It depends on your overall horoscope how this aspect will show in your case. Mars gives this personality energy, determination, courage and ambition, while Taurus controls the channeling of such a strong energy by its reason, patience and thoughtfulness.

Mars Taurus people have potential to achieve great financial success and that it never corrupts them.

They are open to making compromises in matters of love and family life. They are sensual, pleasure seeking and warm-hearted people. A Mars Taurus always knows their goals and purpose.