Venus in Pisces

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What would you think if we tell you that stars and planets can shape up a human being’s personality profile, their character and temperament? What if someone has told you that they could mould up the course of your destiny?

Since very old times, people have been looking into heavens, seeking for answers to questions of the greatest of all mysteries, our own existence. The greatest minds have been pursuing answers to the question of ultimate existence and purpose, in stars above.

Perhaps each one of us has asked themselves about their own purpose in life. Moreover, we would like to know if there is anything that certain about our lives. We would like to know our future, in order to feel safe and secure.

Well, at least some people would like to know about it; others accept the uncertainty of our destiny more easily. Most of the people are, perhaps, somewhere in between.

Can skies above tell you about future and your individual lifeline and destiny? Astrologers claim it could answer some questions. However, many people think horoscope predicts events that are factual, while in reality, astrology is much more complex than that.

Do not be disappointed if you do not get concrete answers from astrology. We talk, of course, about personalized astrology or natal astrology.

Think of stars, planets, zodiac signs and all other elements that feature your horoscope as powerful guidelines, loaded with precious information. A birth chart, which is actually an image or a diagram of the sky, at the time of a person’s birth, shows the exact position of planets and other elements on an astrological map.

According to astrology, these elements create specific aspects that affect our lives and define who we are, to some point. Horoscopes, however, do not predict future in the simplest way. It reveals our capacities and our potentials. It tells what you are inclined into, astrologically, which might be of great use. All of these things are present in your natal chart.

An astrologer would create such a diagram and interpret it for you. He or she would know about each one of the aspects found there. Astrology is an ancient practice and it originates from times far as about a couple of thousands of years ago. It has a long, rich, and turbulent history in the Western world.

In modern times, astrology is considered a pseudo science and many are skeptical about it.

Certain dose of suspicion is natural. However, we have known for very long that planets definitely have an impact on our lives. Their movement through our system affects our own planet.

In astrological terms, planets do not affect only our home planet in total, but also each one of us lives and personalities. Let us learn more about it.

Venus and Horoscope

Planets have been an important feature of horoscopes since far past. Sun and Moon are astrologically also enlisted as planets, although technically they are not. There are five personal planets that are thought to have an effect upon our personality traits, as seen in our birth charts. They are the Sun, the Moon, Mercury, Venus and Mars.

Each one of these personal planets determines our personality profile. One gives us our basic traits, the other tells about how we see, feel and express certain ideas. One determines how e love, the other how we act and another one how we think.

Personal planets move quite fast and do not stay in one sign in a zodiac circle for too long. The rest of them are steadier, so they affect the whole generation, for example, not an individual on a personal level.

Here we come to our lovely Venus. Venus is the planet of love and abundance. In ancient mythologies, it was associated with female deities, associated with fertility, wealth, beauty, love, amorousness, harmony, femininity, benevolence, peace and so on. In Western astrology, this heritage is present in the form of archetypes.

Venus rules over signs of Taurus and Libra. Its position in one’s birth chart determines how that particular person is going to comprehend love and beauty. Venus is the brightest of all planets, after Sun and Moon.

It is one of the most important elements in a personal horoscope, because it answers questions related to love, which is one of the essential values in each person’s life.

Venus does not only define the course of love in your destiny, if we are to simplify the idea, but also defines your comprehension of love. Love is one of the strongest driving forces in the universe of human beings, so it is very important how the idea of love will develop in an individual’s being. Love is all around and it has been the greatest inspiration of all times.

Depending on the position of Venus in your birth chart, you will feel and place love in specific place. It defines the way you are going to react and act in love. In addition, it defines your creativity and promotes artistic tendencies.

We could say that Venus embodies the idea of love for beauty; beauty is not a conventional, but deeply personal idea.

Venus in Pisces – General Info

What about Venus in Pisces, this delicate, deep, very emotional sign? Regardless of your other aspects, with Venus in Pisces, you have a distinctive sense of love and beauty.

People with Venus in Pisces are romantic idealists, with tendency to overlook all bad sides and flaws once they fall in love. In Pisces, the planet of beauty and love is accentuated, captivating and ecstatic.

A person with Venus in Pisces could be recognized by sparkles in their eyes and an unusually wistful, perhaps longing look. They are dreamy and tend to be melancholic. People with Venus in Pisces are of delicate, complex and fragile emotions. They suffer if being misunderstood and unfulfilled in the area of love.

The feeling of being in love and being loved is like deep, beautiful and calming water for a fish.

For Venus in Pisces, love is an essential, life-giving force, the reason they live for. In Venus in Pisces, Venus is over-stimulated, to say so; its energy goes to extremes, which contributes the creation of such a delicate, fragile and hypersensitive human being.

Venus in Pisces people are mysterious, quiet, unusually charming and attractive. They are kind and benevolent.

Venus in Pisces people idealize love and they expect it to fill in every pore of their being. Their idea of love is beautiful, overwhelming, highly inspiring. Others see Venus Pisces people as mystical, magnetic, calming and foolish at times.

They are people who are prone to fantasizing too much and they can get lost in their dreams of love and beauty. The emphasized Venus seeks for the need of love to be fulfilled.

However, it is not an easy task, since Neptune, which rules Pisces, is the planet of deceit, lies, illusions and fantasies. It makes a confusing combination. People with Venus in Pisces have great tendency of idealizing love to the point they deceive themselves and end up not knowing what they want.

They often dwell between their expectations, desires, fantasies and the real life.

Nevertheless, although delicate and emotionally fragile, Venus in Pisces have ultimate strength and it is their belief in love.

They can never get tired of pursuing their ideals. Their nature is kind and empathic, so they would never even think of going over others’ needs in order to reach their own goals. They are overall tender, benevolent and peaceful companions.

Good Traits

Venus in Pisces people are full of hope for love, which makes them kind and noble. They might appear melancholic and sad and they indeed can be, but, after all, they are not of pessimistic nature.

Their deep emotions might be confusing and tiring for themselves, but they never lose faith in love and humanity. They are peaceful and benevolent people.

When they love someone, they never try to restrict their deep feelings. They are generous, gentle, full of patience and understanding. Venus in Pisces person is a quiet but good friend. He or she might be forgetful, but be assured they would never leave you.

Venus in Pisces people love unconditionally. They are persistent in their ideals and they are hopeful.

It is good that their driving force is love. Their love is pure, noble; someone would dare to call it divine. Venus Pisces people are imaginative, creative and thoughtful.

They are modest in material things; they are extremely rarely greedy or envious. They are definitely not aggressive or vengeful. They are good listeners and comforting friends.

Bad Traits

People with Venus in Pisces tend to observe the world through pink eyeglasses.

They often fail to see bad sides in situations and people, strongly believing everything is fine. Even if it is not, they can persuade themselves it is. They are sometimes too dreamy. They avoid real life troubles, finding an escape in their fantasies.

The problem is they get struck by disappointment when life throws away their beautiful, shiny, pink eyeglasses.

They are so sensitive that they get surprised by real life situations over and over again. They refuse to believe disappointments are real things and that the life is not a fantasy. They should learn to maintain proper balance between their ideals and reality.

Venus Pisces are hesitant actually to start a relationship, which is strange and confusing, since their feelings are very strong.

They are afraid if real life would throw away the veil of their fairytale love image. They often feel the same about other things, in other areas of life, which is a pity, because that way they miss out many precious opportunities.

Venus in Pisces Man

A man with Venus in Pisces has a clear idea on what love represents.

They are romantic, gallant knights and their vision of love includes princesses and dragons you have to defeat and save the love of your life. They are helplessly romantic, perhaps the most of all zodiac men.

It depends on other elements and aspects in a Venus Pisces man’s birth chart to what degree Venus in Pisces aspect will dominate their personality.

Venus Pisces man dreams about a fairytale scenario; he would fall for the most beautiful princess, in the most remote and difficultly approachable castle. Venus Pisces man believes that the true love is worth fighting for.

Not only that, but they strongly believe you have to try hard to win it. The idea of an easygoing dating and relationship is simply out of their mind.

He needs someone who is in need of saving; someone pure, gentle and good-hearted. Venus Pisces men are never attracted to people with bad reputation and they would never engage with some shady business. Venus Pisces man is righteous and true to his ideals.

He is capable of achieving great things in the world he created himself.

Venus in Pisces Woman

Venus Pisces woman is delicate, sensitive and imaginative. She is a person with distinctive sense of empathy and compassion. She wants to be loved and she needs to love. Venus Pisces woman would always be there to offer comfort. She feels your suffering and would try to cheer you up.

Like her male counterpart, she likes to be surrounded by good-hearted, honest people.

While he is a gallant knight fighting dragons, she is the princess. She wants a man who would be there for her and protect her. She wants to feel cozy and secure in love, as well as in all other areas of life.

Venus Pisces woman possesses a magnetic and mystical charm. She might by quiet and shy, but her aura is irresistible.

Venus Pisces woman also idealizes love and could spend days and nights dreaming of a prince on a white horse. Her ideals guide her through life. What is very important, she could never lose hope the prince will come.

She thinks the same about other things in life, which makes her feel at peace with herself and her abundant emotions.


People with Venus in Pisces are imaginative, dreamy and romantic idealists. Love is their driving force and they put it atop of all other ideals. It is as good as it is bad. They tend to wear pink eyeglasses and often fail to see the reality, which makes them get negatively surprised and disappointed all over again.

However, the good news is that they never lose hope and stop believing in love.

Venus Pisces people are guided by the ideal of love. Without love, we are nothing; that could be their motto. Venus in Pisces is hypersensitive; its energy is overemphasized, which has its good and bad sides.

The main challenge for Venus Pisces is to learn to accept the reality the way it is and find the balance between their natural dreaminess and idealizations and sense of the real world.