Mercury Square Ascendant – Synastry, Transit, Composite

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Mercury in transit with the Ascendant is a transit that shows your communication skills, your willingness to accept new ideas. Emotionally, fateful encounters take place in this transit.

Mercury Conjunction Ascendant is a transit in which you feel mentally weak and without self-confidence. You’re very sensitive, but that doesn’t mean you can’t achieve better.

But in this transit you are dependent on your family in which you seek refuge and compassion.

Mercury – Meaning and Info

Mercury is your conscious mind, he is the one who felt the desire to learn something new from this text and who is reading it now. Welcome! Mercury is the messenger of the Gods, the ruler of Gemini and Virgo. He represents the messenger, the bearer of the message, both in astrology and in mythology.

The planet Mercury represents our mind that allows us to receive and transmit opinions, facts, ideas and information. Mercury is what we first notice in humans when we establish communication with them. When we are in communication, our Mercuries do their job.

Mercury is the principle of mind, thought, and the exchange of ideas through speech, writing, or other forms of communication. It governs the ability to conceptualize, communicate, articulate, use words and language, to analyze and understand, learn, understand, perceive, mediate, transport, move, transport, and connect.

Mercury rules: languages, short trips, education, siblings, intelligence, scams, customization, the internet, phones, thieves, commerce.

Mercury is the ruler of the second and sixth astrological houses, and in medical astrology it is associated with the following parts of the body: nervous system, arms, shoulders, lungs, respiratory system, and intestines.

Mercury’s archetype is associated with Hermes, the Greek god Messenger. He was known to the Romans as Mercury, and to the Egyptians as Toth, the father of the written word, astrology, astronomy, the written word, science, and language.

Mercury was known as the protector of merchants, thieves, liars. He is a madman, a fraud, a joker, a trickster, a magician, a genius, a shaman and a Psychopomp. Psychopomp is the name by which in ancient times they called the gods who accompanied the dead souls to the afterlife, that is, to the underworld.

This means that our conscious mind is able to go with focused intent (meditation, hypnosis, dream interpretation, divination) into our own subconscious (the underworld), and into the superconscious.

This is a very important fact for all of us: the conscious mind can take us to all corners of our being with its focus. Each of us can enter the timeless, divine aspect of ourselves through meditation.

Mercury sextile The Ascendant aspect is where you are very caring, and imaginative. Others, the environment and friends easily feel your strength and love to be near you. You are flexible and intuitively lift the mood of the people around you.

Mercury square Ascendant is a transit in which it is difficult to achieve harmony of your principles and attitudes and ways of thinking, with your physical performance. All because you are very emotional and your emotions require attention, right away.

The Mercury trine Ascendant aspect is where you are full of intuition that guides you. Being in your company impresses everyone. You are fun, you are loved by the environment, people, and everyone is trying to be enthusiastic like you.

Mercury in conjunction Ascending aspect in which you do not see a way out of your own emotions. Not sure how you feel and for whom. Fight the various opinions of your reason that are full of distrust of this transit.

Mercury opposition Ascendant transit in which you are very sensitive, emotional and intuitive, you very quickly feel the needs of others. This is often why you sometimes lose touch with your emotions because you devote too much care to others.

Mercury is a small planet that is not talked about much (except for its retrograde transits that have already become a trend on social networks). In general, we talk very little about the energy of our natal Mercury. We pay a lot of attention to the moon, the sun, the ascendant and even Pluto, but for Mercury in our chart there is not much fuss, fat mistake!

Evolutionary astrology teaches us that what we do not understand we cannot integrate and what we do not integrate appears to us outside as destiny (Carl Jung, a famous psychologist, said it).

That is, what you do not recognize in you tends to manifest in your life as people and situations that feel “predestined”, especially in those that activate the buttons taking us out of our comfortable zone. That is why Mercury is so essential, because it is the planet that leads us to understand, analyze, and integrate all the information we receive in our life experience.

In the zodiac, Mercury rules two signs: Gemini and Virgo. In Gemini he learns from the environment, absorbs information and contacts others to have more options and points of view.

In Virgo Mercury puts that information to work, discerning which is most useful, analyzing what it can be put into action for, and planning the best way to put it in service of our purpose.

Even if you are not Virgo or Gemini, rest assured that you have these signs in your zodiac wheel ruling some area of ​​your life. Mercury in your chart, its sign and aspects, makes those areas of your life work in a certain way.

Ascendant – Meaning and Info

The vast majority of us know under which sun sign we were born, but we do not know an important factor: the rising sign. Both influence our personality, our way of acting and our destiny.

The sun sign (date of birth) is the “inner self” and the ascendant (time of birth) is the “externalized self”.

Have you ever met someone whose personality does not match the characteristics of their sun sign? This is because the personality that “shows” us is that of its ascendant. It is called “ascending” because it is that point in the natal chart that rises on the horizon at the exact time of our birth.

Whatever the date we were born, we can have one of the twelve Zodiac Signs as an ascendant.

In fact, it is very unlikely that a person has a pure zodiacal type, that is, that his sun sign and his ascendant are the same; only 1% of the population has this characteristic.

The most common is that someone who was born with the sun in Leo (date of birth), has a Sagittarius ascendant (time of birth), or vice versa. The ascendant is important because it expresses how circumstances have conditioned us.

It indicates the learned behavior and the image that we present to others. It is also related to the way we tend to start something. It represents the personality that we project to those around us, the disposition, and the conscience in ourselves, the appearance and the temperament.

Calculate your ascendant Consult the table, the sign that intersects your birth time and your sun sign, is your ascendant. Trust me, once you know your ascendant and read its characteristics, your personality will make much more sense to you.

However, we remind you that the table shown here is only a frame of reference, if what you need is absolute precision, you must make your complete astral chart, which also takes into account the place of birth, not only the date and hour.

Mercury Square Ascendant – Synastry, Transit, Composite

Today we have the full Moon in Sagittarius, as in every Gemini season, with an eclipse, because the nodes are on the Gemini-Sagittarius axis: where the nodes are, there are the eclipses.

Eclipses are moments of cleansing in which the nodes are activated and there is something in our Sagittarius zone of the natal chart (in this case, where the south node is and where the Moon is), that goes away never to return.

If we stick to what Sagittarius means, then it has to do with a belief that collapses, a career change, education that is difficult due to quarantine (well, not everyone has access to the internet), international agreements that are terminated , trips abroad that are suspended, political and social ideas in crisis, laws that are obsolete.

All these things we have been experiencing in the last days and in TREMENDOUS ways. The racial conflicts that reappear in the United States (otherness, discrimination, xenophobia are part of the Sagittarian low energy, because they are ridiculous beliefs based on fear of the other), global paralysis in terms of displacement, the division between people to for and against quarantine (political and social crisis).

Unforgivable court rulings (in Argentina, a gang rape was described as “sexual outpouring” by a prosecutor, link), power fights between countries to see who lead the new landscape, etc.

We will see in the next two years a deepening of these questions, which did not necessarily begin now, but are the development of the effects left by the triple conjunction of December 2019 between Pluto, Jupiter and Saturn in Capricorn, near the south node (which It was also in Capricorn, a sign that symbolizes the prevailing capitalism, the institutions and the structures of the system in general).

The system has already been hurt, and now is the time to reform the beliefs that support it (south node in Sagittarius), and incorporate new ways of relating and marketing (north node in Gemini).

The Sun is in conjunction with Venus (yesterday the Venus Star Point happened, a cycle that marks what values ​​Venus de Gemini integrates), so the social conscience is set to embrace diversity, and its square with Mars in Pisces in conjunction with Ceres and Neptune tells us that this diversity is a very high ideal, it is a treasure that must be saved and the fight (the riots we see in the streets) is part of the process so that all voices prevail.

A difficult question to answer honestly when it comes to me, because automatically our mind begins to create excuses to justify our current position, regardless of whether the current reality is good or not.

He grants the capacity for higher studies and fosters a cold character, in which the head dominates the heart when acting. This native has multiple physical and intellectual abilities.

He physically he is usually thin, very nervous and youthful. In general he is very communicative although, if he receives bad aspects, he can be a liar or charlatan. An example that I can give is the letter from Miguel de Cervantes.

The harmonic aspects of Mercury to the Ascendant will favor the most positive development of these “mercurial” traits.

That is, they will enhance intellectual capacity and promote success and brilliance in studies. They are also very positive for communication with peers, both spoken and written.

All of these things will bring success and recognition to these natives. We have an example in the astrologer André Barbault.


The dissonant aspects between Mercury and the Ascendant do not cancel out the good qualities of Mercury, although they can show the less kind side of him.

The native here will also be clever and skillful, but he can channel these qualities, so that in the worst cases he can also be cunning, a swindler or a liar.

These are aspects that can make communication difficult or cause the person to be misinterpreted. They promote instability or difficulties in relationships with the family or partner and sometimes make the person gossipy or critical. This aspect had it the cunning Count-Duke of Olivares.