Mercury in 4th House

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Planets in astrological houses reveal us precious information about our life experiences. Their positions and aspects they create tells about our potentials and capacities regarding specific fields of life.

Houses are one of the most important elements of each astrological chart.

Natal or birth charts are like our fingerprints; each one is a unique image that tells a unique story about a native’s life.

Natal astrology is the base of all the further personal astrological readings. It could reveal who you are and who are you yet to become. Everything has already been written in the stars, says astrology. Well, yes, but what has been written are our potentials.

Astrology does not exactly predict everything that is about to happen. Even if it does, we cannot comprehend it to the fullest and so we still have so much to do.

The purpose of personal astrological readings is to help you discover your potentials, improve your weaknesses and use the best of what the destiny has given.

Many people are unaware of their true capacities and potentials in life; astrology could help you recognize them. Everything else is completely up to you.

Reading astrological houses offers an incredibly valuable piece of information, regarding this. Let us learn more about them.

Astrological Houses – Meaning

Astrological houses are astrological chart segments. The chart is divided into twelve segments, with each one of them representing a specific area of your life.

Depending on the planets in those fields, you will experience particular areas of life in a characteristic way.

Some houses could have more than one house inside, but others may remain empty. However, you will, of course, experience all of them.

Those with more planets will be more dynamic and probably more complex, although your empty houses will also be active. In order to find out about them, you should look for the ruler of the house and analyze its position.

The twelve houses are divided into angular, succedent and cadent houses. Angular houses correspond to cardinal signs.

Succedent houses correspond to fixed zodiac signs and cadent ones to mutable signs. Houses are also divided by elements, so there are Fire houses, Earth houses, Air houses and Water houses.

Each group presents with specific characteristic and nature and they are analog to twelve zodiac houses. Interpreting the ‘content’ of the houses, we learn about our experience in each of the domains of life.

The Fourth House in Astrology

The Fourth House is an angular and a Water house, associated with the sign of Cancer. Thus, this is the field associated with family, family bonds, parental influence, familial values and atmosphere, heritage and inheritance, ancestors, property and possessions, home and tradition.

This house is also associated with hidden value, with precious things that are not visible on the surface.

The Fourth House represents stability security and protection. It has to do with the place you feel the most comfortable and safe at, your home.

The Fourth House represents your birthplace and your birth home, your parents and your connection with them. It is about the family you come from, but also about the family you are yet to start.

This field puts an emphasis on the parental figure that had the greatest influence on you during your upbringing years. The fourth field is closely associated with your property, especially with real estates.

This is the house of everything you hold intimate and private. It is the house of endings, as well; the house of post mortem recognition and glory, the burial site.

Mercury in Mythology and Astrology – Planets in Houses

Hermes or Mercury was one of the most popular antique deities. He was the most agile and the most cunning of all the gods, always on the move. Mercury was characterized by his quick mind, sharp intellect and his cunning and curious mind.

He acted as the messenger of gods, carrying out many different tasks, amongst which taking the souls of the deceased to Hades, the kingdom of the dead, where Hades (Pluto) ruled.

Mercury was the god of communication and trade, associated also with trickery. He played a role of a trickster god, being a patron of intelligent, though not necessarily moral people.

Mercury was the god of youth and of the young, of ingenious inventors and clever merchants, but he also protected thieves and all sorts of small trickery. Mercury was also associated with movement and travel.

Ancient Romans have overtaken the cult of Hermes from the Greeks and worshipped the god under the name of Mercury. To them, Mercury was a god of profit, gain and merchandise.

In both ancient and classical art, this lively deity is depicted as an athletic and good-looking young man. The effect of the planet Mercury in individual horoscopes is equally refreshing.

The planet Mercury is the closest to the Sun, moving very quickly. It is closely associated with reason, as the Sun represents the reason as well. However, Mercury stands for our practical and logical mind, responsible for dealing with mundane issues.

Mercury gives us the ability to resolve everyday problems quickly and efficiently. Mercury is an archive of all sorts of information, though not of profound knowledge.

Mercury makes us well informed and keeps us up to date; Mercury would not miss out anything. Mercury represents our wits, our logic and reason, our pragmatic attitude towards life, communication skills and a talent for trade.

Being close to the Sun, Mercury is its reliable advisor. Mercury keeps the Sun up to date with all the raw logical info and does not make the Sun stray away, seduced by the irrational.

The planet Mercury is associated with young people and with basic, primary education. It is associated with all kinds of information and with communication in the widest sense.

Mercury is about both written and the spoken words. The position of this planet could tell much about our communication skills and our ability to communicate within specific domains of life.

Mercury in the Fourth House – Mercury in 4th House

Mercury in the Fourth House indicates an inherited and impressive intelligence level. In addition, there is a distinctive parental influence over the native’s way of thinking and his or her attitude towards the world.

It does not have to be parents, but other older relatives the individual might have looked up to.

This person had a very influential figure or figures in his or her life. They taught the native about life and educated him or her.

However, the individual has also learned much by through their mistakes. It is interesting that this influence is usually associated with mothers and with the female line. Female natives usually inherit their mothers’ voice tone and her manner of speech.

Males usually present with a bit feminine attitude; they are more likely to resolve problems in a subtle way, than to fight through it. These are, of course, very simplified descriptions.

It is very common that people who have Mercury in the Forth House decide to follow traditions of their ancestors. They also often end up in a profession that is the same or very similar to what their family members do.

Therefore, they continue family traditions, keep up with family business and so on. They usually feel as if it was their purpose. If they opt for something different, there are always many things have in common with their closest ones.

Mercury in 4th House – Inventive Traditionalists

They share their loved ones life priorities, ideals and goals, usually with their parents.

However, it does not mean all of their life choices and their life path are going to be the same as that of their parents. In any case, these people are very dedicated to family values and they see to maintain happy, pleasant and harmonious family relations.

They respect traditional values and see to pass them on to the next generation, regardless of what they choose to do in life.

On the other hand, these bright individuals have an inventive and innovative mind. They perfectly combine it with their dedication to tradition. By using their brilliant intellect, they easily find innovative ways how to preserve the tradition.

Their family is most likely very supportive of their ideas. Their parents would provide them the best conditions to get educated and intellectually to grow.

Their family is not likely to try to limit their horizons, on the contrary. This native respects the elderly very much and believes there is much about life he or she could learn from them.

This person also enjoys lively and very direct and open communication with everyone. It applies to all types of relations, from family relations to romantic connections.

Besides, growing in a healthy environment, with supportive parents, in an environment filled with mutual understanding, friendliness, tolerance and openness, this native naturally develops the desire for further intellectual development and education.

Although this person is generally very open and friendly, he or she feels at best at their home, near their family.

Mercury in the Fourth House – It’s All in the Family

As for the professional life, these natives would prefer working from home, in order to be close to their loved ones.

In addition, they feel at their best if working in a warm and friendly collective, in which everyone feels like being a part of one big family.

Actual family business is generally their thing. Regardless of where the native actually works, his or her working area would very likely be arranged in a cozy, home-like fashion.

Fourth House Mercury people are very cooperative and loyal, enjoying working in a team. They would always offer constructive, practical and efficient solutions.

Their excellent communication skills and brilliant mind often contribute to the team’s well-being and progress, leading to new contacts and collaborations.

In addition, these people feel good if they could offer their colleagues mental and emotional support that could lift their spirits up.

These native care much about the education. They work on themselves all the time. Most of them enjoy reading and possess an impressive home library. In their spare time, they enjoy relaxing in their cozy chair, reading a book or writing. They love family gatherings and home parties. They are very hospitable and they enjoy inviting guests over.

When it comes to love life, these people search for a reliable and intelligent partner with whom they can grow together. They need a person who appreciates family values and who would love to have a family of their own.

It is interesting to note that this position of Mercury is also associated with changes of the place of residence.

Mercury in 4th House – Synastry

Mercury in the Fourth House synastry overlay indicates a need for change.

Since Mercury in the Fourth House is associated with change of the place of residence, it suggests partners would be moving a lot. It also inspires couples to travel and to be more active.

Mutual physical activities could probably be their thing and make the partners even closer.

Mercury in the Fourth House – Transit

Mercury in the Fourth House is about moving, so it is very likely that, during the time of its transit, you start thinking about changing your place of residence, selling or buying a house.

You might be thinking about beginnings and endings in this period and especially about your parents and your connection with them. During this period, you will be spending much time at home, studying.

Your parents or people you take for parental figure would possibly offer you many precious advices and suggestions.

It is advised to consult your family members about making important decisions, when Mercury is in transit through the fourth field. There could be tension between you, as well.

It could happen that you argue with your loved ones, due to lack of tolerance and understanding.