Moon In 2nd House – Meaning, Synastry

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Astrology has a variety of uses. It can be used to determine someone’s personality, their interests and preferences in life, as well as their potential and their destiny.

Astrology can also give answers to different questions about the outcome of situations as well as the potential in some relationship, and to determine other matters.

Planets in houses individual charts and synastry meaning

The analysis in astrology starts with creating a natal chart, which represents a chart of the sky in some specific moment in time; this moment is usually someone’s birth.

The positions of the planets in this natal chart reveal the areas of strongest focus and action. These areas will be influenced by the energy of the planets placed in these houses.

In synastry analysis, which is an astrology technique that analyses relationships and their potential, the charts of the partners are analyzed and compared.

The astrologer especially pays attention to positions of the planets from one chart placed in the houses of the other chart because they reveal the areas where the relationship is most likely to influence that person.

The houses in the birth chart govern different areas of life, such as our personal appearance, individuality, character, relationships with other people, personal relationships, our parents, siblings and children, our surroundings and neighbors, our friends, education, health, travels, social life, etc. Every house covers different areas it rules over.

The natal chart consists of 12 houses; the houses 1 – 6 are considered personal houses, and the houses 7 – 12 are considered interpersonal.

The first three houses (1, 2 and 3) are considered houses of personal identity; the second group of houses (4, 5 and 6), are considered houses of integration into the environment; the third group of houses (7, 8 and 9) are considered houses of awareness of others, and the fourth group of houses (10, 11 and 12) are considered houses of social expression and integration in Society.

There is also a division of houses on angular or cardinal (1, 4, 7 and 10), succedent or fixed houses (2, 5, 8 and 11), and cadent or mutable houses (3, 6, 9 and 12).

Moon – Basic Qualities

The Moon is a natural satellite of the planet Earth. It is believed that the Moon was formed from leftover debris when the Earth collided with an asteroid some 4.5 billion years ago.

For some people, this explanation is unacceptable; they believe that the Moon is artificially made by aliens.

The Moon is of incredible importance for life on Earth. It moves fast and circles the Earth in 27.5 days. While moving around the Earth the Moon passes through all 12 Zodiac signs. It is the brightest object on the night sky.

In astrology, the Moon rules the sign Cancer and its exaltation is in Taurus. This astronomical body in astrology rules our feelings and emotions, our subconscious, intuition, inner being, sensitivity and memories.

The Moon is also the ruler of women, especially our mother; it also rules our feminine side and motherly instincts.

People who are under Moon’s influence are usually very emotional and easily hurt. These people often tend to keep their emotions to themselves. They might be shy and reserved; opening up only to people they know well, trust, and care about.

Moon people tend to spend most of their time in the circle of close friends and family members.

They need to know someone well before being able to openly speak about their emotions. They can be prone to holding on to their past hurt and bad memories which is ruining their life; this prevents them from moving on with their lives and preserves them in the past.

These people often hang on to their resentments against some people, refusing to let go and forgive. Their attitude is only hurting them and it is important to learn how to change it.

Moon people have a nurturing nature; they take excellent care of the people they love. They love being at home; that is an area where they feel best, surrounded by the ones they love. They can be moody, changing their mood sometimes without a reason.

These people can also express traits such as neediness and possessiveness which might irritate others. They can possess strong intuition and sense what others are feeling and thinking.

The place where the Moon is in our natal chart reveals the areas we consider most comfortable. It also shows our relation to our home.

Second House Meaning

The second house is a house of personal possessions, the money we have and earn, as well as our sense of value. This is the house ruled by the planet Venus and the sign Taurus.

The planets in the second house reveal additional details about our finances, our relationship with our finances and the way we earn them.

Beneficial planets like the Sun, Venus, or Jupiter well-placed in this house can give a lot of fortunate opportunities to the person to accumulate fortune.

The 2nd house is the house of cash, earnings, financial affairs, gains, incomes, material possessions, money, places where money is kept, ownership, ownership rights, profit and loss, resources, revenue, commercial trade, expenditures, wealth, etc.

The second house is also the house of debts and inability to pay our obligations. It is also the house of our savings.

This house reveals how money enters our lives and the way we tend to spend it. It also rules all movable property. The second house reveals the level of financial security the person possesses.

The second house is one of the houses (besides 6th and 10th) which reveal the areas where the person should focus their interest because they could bring them good gains.

Planets like Saturn and Pluto in the second house don’t have to be a bad sign. In fact, Pluto in beneficial aspects with Jupiter placed in the second house could bring a huge wealth to the person.

A well-placed Saturn in the second house also brings accumulation of wealth through patience and smart investments.

Moon in Second House Meaning in Individual Charts

When the Moon is in the 2st house of the natal chart, this could make the person be emotionally attached to their material possessions.

The person has a natural desire to be financially secured and only then they could feel calm and relaxed. Their emotional stability and wellbeing might be dependent on their financial wellbeing.

This is what makes these people eager to earn money and put them aside so they could build a solid financial ground for the future.

Only when they manage to establish a material base they might begin to relax about their spending.

People with Moon in second house might be prone to saving money and watch carefully what they spend their money for. When they have enough accumulated money and don’t have financial fears, they can be very generous and giving, especially towards their loved ones.

Their nurturing and caring ability expresses through giving money to the ones they love; this is often their romantic partner. They love buying them presents and making them happy.

Depending on the Moon position in the chart, these gifts might in some cases be very expensive. In some cases, these people might have a tendency to buy their partner’s emotions with expensive gifts.

These people usually love to spend money and when they feel safe enough to spend it they do it with pleasure. They love spending money to provide comfort for themselves and their families and loved ones.

They also love buying expensive things for their homes to make them more comfortable. They also love to invest their money to provide themselves a secure future.

When the Moon is afflicted this position might make the person constantly dissatisfied with the amount of money and possessions they have.

They might become obsessed with collecting things and earning money much beyond their needs and the needs of their loved ones. They might also be prone their money to compensate for some lack, disappointment or hurt feelings.

Moon in Second House Meaning in Synastry

When one partner’s Moon falls into the second house of the other partner, this is usually a sign of a good relationship.

The Moon person might desire to help the 2nd house increase their material assets and earn more money. He might give her financial support or great advice on how to do that.

If the 2nd house person has a desire to invest in something, the Moon person might help her make the best choices. The advice she receives from the Moon person will help increase this person’s finances and improve her financial safety.

The Moon person will enjoy buying the 2nd house person gifts and showering her with attention and other signs of generosity. The Moon person will enjoy making this person happy.

It is important for the 2nd house person to express her gratitude and appreciation for the kindness and attention she is receiving from the Moon person. If she fails to express her gratitude the Moon’s person feelings might get seriously hurt.

The Moon person does that because of pure joy, but he will get upset and hurt if he realizes that the 2nd house person is taking his efforts for granted and doesn’t appreciate them at all.

If the Moon is afflicted, this could make the Moon person preoccupied with the 2nd house person’s finances, giving unnecessary advice and blocking her financial decisions without obvious reasons.

He might offer his services and advice without being asked to and getting offended when the 2nd house person refuses to accept them calling her ungrateful.

In some cases, when the Moon is severely afflicted, the Moon person could cause losses and damage to the second house person.

The Moon in 2nd house in synastry position usually inspires the Moon person to provide financial security for the second house person. They both might feel financially and emotionally more secured when they are together.

These two might share the same interests and values. This is usually a good sign of a long term commitment.


Moon in 2st house placement in individual chart usually indicates that the person’s emotional security is dependent on their financial security.

These people need to provide enough material wealth in order to be able to relax and begin enjoying life; they prefer saving money first and creating a stable financial base for their future. These people love comfort and pleasures money can buy, and often spend their money on items that can raise their comfort.

If Moon is afflicted they might be prone to overspending, or they might become very cheap, carefully monitoring all their spending.

These people usually enjoy buying presents to their loved ones, especially their partners.

The Moon in second house in synastry is a placement which indicates involvement of the Moon person in the finances of the second house person, usually through advice or even financial help.

The Moon person also might feel inspired to buy the second house person presents and be very generous towards her. The Moon person is expected to express her gratitude; otherwise the Moon person’s feelings could get hurt.