Moon Opposite Jupiter Synastry

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Have you ever thought about astrology? Of course, you know about horoscope; it seems it is a trendy thing to talk about it or even to introduce yourself as this or that zodiac sign.

Well, being a Scorpio, or a Leo or a Virgo or any other sign does not tell everything about you as a person. True, basic characteristics of your zodiac sign would show up at any time.

What about relationships? People would hurry to check out if your zodiac sign was compatible with that of your crash, your lover, even your spouse.

People would also check out what sign are their friends, in order to see how well they fit, in astrological terms. In practice, it is a little bit different, of course. Well, astrology is much more than your ruling zodiac sign.

Zodiac sign we have mentioned is, in fact, the Sun sign. It is the core of your personality, but also only a part of much bigger and more complex picture of one’s natal chart. We will be talking about natal charts further on.

Natal charts are of the essential importance to be understood, if we were about to analyze a synastry report.

Let us return to the astrology itself, for a little while. Astrology is very old, no one really knows how old. Although we usually think of modern Western astrology in this context and focus on a systematized astrological practice, some evidence suggest astrology existed much before human civilization. We could possibly think of it as of proto astrology.

Prehistoric structures, bones and other material evidence suggest that early humans knew how connected we were with the universe, with planets and stars.

Maybe they were closer to higher truths, than we are today, despite all of our technological advancements and our intellectual progress, who knows. Mammoth bones from thousands of years ago showed up with marks that accurately present Moon phases.

There will be more talk about the Moon, since it is our special planet in question today. Yes, in astrological terms, the Moon and the Sun are also called planets. They are luminaries, lights of our astrological destiny. We will see into that later.

Astrology as we know it today is associated with ancient civilizations of Mesopotamia and neighboring lands.

Modern astrology is not all the same as the ancient one, but all astrological systems rely on the same postulate. Macrocosm reflects in the microcosm, astrology says. It means that planets above, which were macrocosm, reflect in individual human lives, which are microcosm. Let us learn more about the microcosm.

Natal Astrology and Astrological Compatibility

An astrological chart is a diagram that represents the sky, to put it very simply. Natal chart represents the sky, that is, the solar system, but as an image taken at the exact moment in time. This moment is your birthday.

According to some authors, natal charts could be delivered also for animals, planets, whole countries, nations and else.

Each of them has a date of birth or a foundation date that could be treated as a birthday. In any case, natal chart is macrocosm reflected in microcosm. According to astrology, planets affect our lives and shape up who we are and who we are about to become.

However, things are even more complex, since you are about to play an important and an active role in here.

Natal chart tells about one’s personality, but also about major events in that individual’s life. It could tell about your basic personality traits, your tendencies, skills, gifts, potentials in general. Potentials are what is, in fact, the most important and the most precious.

Reading a natal chart helps one understand whom he or she is and who is he or she yet to become.

Natal chart does not exactly predict all events that would take place in your life. You have to your will and effort into doing things; this would also depend on your chart. In any case, a natal chart is not completely passive.

Now, get another person involved! Let us see what natal charts have to do with synastry and compatibility.

Astrological Compatibility and Synastry

Zodiac compatibility is something people enjoy reading. It could be fun and it could be inspiring. Sometimes it is simply discouraging.

However, people usually look into sun sign compatibility, which makes some sense, but does not really give a complete answer in actual compatibility. Synastry could offer much more than that.

Synastry readings are comparative studies of natal charts. Typically, people ask for a romantic compatibility synastry. Synastry should not be confused for the composite chart; the latter represents two charts merged into a new one and thus interpreted.

Synastry offers a wider perspective and sees into elements of a relationship point by point.

The astrologer would first look into each person’s natal chart, in order to see what kind of people were involved in the first place. Each natal chart would play a special role in synastry.

Their energetic interplay would affect the relationship, of course, but the individual factor must also be taken into account. Synastry is not a one hundred percent guarantee into the outcome of one relationship.

On the other hand, it gives valuable information. It tells you how compatible you and your partner were in different areas of life, for example. It tells about your goals as a couple, were those shared or not.It tells about your weak points as a couple and critical areas.

It also gives you an insight into the strongest ones and also those you possibly take for granted, but which could be amazing.

Synastry and Astrological Aspects

Synastry focuses on astrological aspects between two charts. Planets have their energies and specific nature. When they get in touch, by taking up a specific position in a natal chart, they create aspects.

Moreover, when you analyze the compatibility of two charts you put them in relation to one another and see what aspects were formed between two charts.

There are five major astrological aspects and six minor ones. We are interested into one specific major aspect, so we would mention only five of them. They are the conjunction, the opposition, the square, the sextile and the trine.

Now, some of these aspects are favorable, others are heavy. People are wrong to take them as good and bad.

Opposition Aspect in Synastry

Opposition is the least favorite aspect, since it is the heaviest and the most problematic of aspects.

However, this label is probably exaggerated, as oppositions do not necessarily have to lead to conflicts. It greatly depends on the planets involved, on individual charts and so many more elements. In their nature, oppositions are challenging and not easy to deal with.

Oppositions challenge you to take up an action in order to resolve the troublesome situation Oppositions could be marked by lack of mutual understanding and tolerance, constant, endless arguments, confrontations over this or that.

The area of life and of your relationship, affected by the opposition certainly is not going to be milk and honey, but it does not have to be a disaster, either.

Moon in Mythology and Astrology – Luminaries in Synastry

Moon is one of the most interesting celestial objects on the nightly sky, one that has been inspiring humans ever since. The Moon and its alluring soft light has been a subject of numerous tales, poems, myths and legends.

Perhaps one of the most fairytale stories is the myth of Selene, the Greek goddess of the Moon; Luna, her counterpart in Roman tradition.

Selene was daughter of Hyperion and her siblings were glorious sun god Helios and the goddess of dawn, Eos. Selene was so beautiful and gentle that the stars would fade away once she appears on the nightly sky.

The story of the goddess of the Moon and her beauty is also retold in the myth of Endymion, the handsome shepherd who fell in love with her.

In many other traditions, there have been various beliefs about the Moon and its light. According to one Chinese folktale, white cats have a special connection with the Moon, for instance.

In a completely different part of the world, there is even a fable about the Devil being chained on the Moon. The Moon is mysterious and attractive.

In astrology, the Moon remains mysterious and it is a feminine principle, associated with the water element.

The Moon is associated with emotions, intuition, coziness, home, nurture and comfort. The Moon represents a motherly figure, protection, safe place you would always return to. The Moon makes us flexible, but also moody.

The Moon is important in synastry, as it gives light to the relationship. We could daresay, the emotional light. It has to do with concepts that are in close relation to romantic.

The Moon seeks for a cozy corner and someone to cuddle. The Moon rules over the most emotional sign of the zodiac, Cancer.

Jupiter in Mythology and Astrology – Planets in Synastry

Jupiter is an amazing planet, a giant protector. Jupiter is associated with the ancient god of justice and wisdom, the supreme god Zeus or Jupiter.

Jupiter gives laws both to gods and men, but he is not strict, cold and somber. Jupiter planet is positive, easy, full of optimistic vibrations and amazingly expansive energetic output. Jupiter wants you to grow develop and progress.

This planet is associated with growth and with high places, but those that come almost naturally. This planet makes things go easy. There is no tension with Jupiter and its grandiose plans.

Sometimes its energy could become too expansive and unrestrained, which would depend on the aspect it forms with another planet.

Jupiter is one of the social planets and it has to do with philosophy, knowledge, higher education, wealth, progress, travel to distant lands, foreign people and languages.

This planet is known to be the most beneficial one. Jupiter is usually considered a lucky planet and the protective planet.

Moon Opposite Jupiter Synastry – Old Wounds

Moon opposite Jupiter could be a strange experience, one that would probably make feel a bit ambivalent towards the relationship.

There is something in this connection that awakens some old emotions, emotions that do not have to do with this particular relationship, but with an older one. It is like a journey to the past. Well, the course of events would depend on many factors.

This new contact awakes old feelings, but it could come as a cure, as something that you did not know you needed.

This could be great and very good, but it could also be confusing. It could happen, for instance, that you completely surrender to the relationship.

This could turn into a relationship in which one depends on the emotional support of the other.

This is the characteristic of the overly emotional Moon. You could even start believing that, without your partner, you were nothing, which is the unhealthiest course for any kind of a relationship.

This is a common mistake, which is hard to predict or avoid, so you should try to turn on your reason in here and be cautious to where your heart leads you.

Moon Opposite Jupiter Synastry – A Strike of Reality

One of the greatest problem occurring with Moon opposite Jupiter is that when the reality finally steps in, you realize that your partner is also a person of emotions, hurt feelings, someone scarred and insecure in their own way.

Now, this sounds too gloomy, but that is how we are; each one of us has their past, their story, good and bad sides.

However, if you develop a connection based on your focus on your lover as a brave knight that knows no fear, not trouble, you would end up in tears. They need your support at times, for sure.

This aspect is an emotional vortex, with a tendency to delusional. You have to be ready to accept your own wounds and heal them also by yourself.

In addition, you have to see your lover the same as you see yourself for real.