Moon Opposite Mercury Synastry

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Probably the oldest science that has ever existed, astrology is still one of the most popular alternative paths to understanding this world and the universe and, of course, our own place within it.

Some discoveries suggest that even in prehistoric times humans were fascinated with the skies and the cosmos.

Not only that they were amazed, but they have understood the connection between the human world and the space.

If they did not fully comprehend the connection between earthly life and the planets and stars in cosmos, they certainly knew that such a connection must be an important one; a vital connection.

Well, to be honest, even modern humans, with all of our latest technologies have not fathomed mysteries of the universe.

Mammoth bones, origination from thousands of years ago, suggest that our prehistoric ancestors were very aware of the Moon phases, for instance. These bones present with marks, human made marks, corresponding with the phases of the Moon.

The sun and the Moon, the luminaries, have been an object of fascination and admiration ever since.

There will be more talk of the Moon today, but let us now get back to astrology. Astrology is not an official science. Back in the day, it was treated along with astronomy. Royal astronomers, who were also astrologers, were highly respected personas in their day.

Many rulers, kings, emperors, military commanders and figures of authority relied on astrologers’ prognosis.

Notable scientists, philosophers, inventors, artists, poets and generally people of brilliant minds had a profound interest in astrology. During the era of the enlightenment, astrology has lost its scientific reputation.

Astronomy remained the official science, while the astrology was put aside, along with other alternative, esoteric and occult paths.

Nevertheless, this ancient path survived. In modern times, astrology is easily accessible to anyone, via internet, in the first place. We could dare to say that anyone could be an astrologer, these days.

However, there were also specific astrology courses, even studies and else. Astrology is often taken semi seriously, but no one could deny its fascinating principle and nature.

Moreover, its history is very long. Astrology has been practiced since before the dawn of the civilization. There has to be something into it.

Although many would get their readings for fun and out of curiosity, such readings could provide you with valuable and useful information. Let us see into it.

Relationship Astrology and Natal Charts

Today we are going to deal with comparative astrology, synastry in particular. However, before we get onto it, we have to understand what the natal chart was.

Natal charts are essential elements of any synastry, since this type of astrological study compares individual natal charts and interprets their connections, in order to find out how compatible they were.

What is a natal chart, then? Natal chart is like a ‘frozen’ image of the sky, taken at the time a person was born. This sky image provides us with the accurate distribution of the planets at the time an individual came to life.

This planetary distribution reflects on that person’s life, according to old hermetic tradition postulate, ‘as above so below’.

Astrology is based on the same macrocosm-microcosm relation. Therefore, planets form specific connections and create specific energy. Astrological houses and zodiac signs, along with the planets, make for a unique natal chart image.

The astrologer would analyze the chart, in order to find out more about a person’s destiny and personality.

This is an important part of a synastry. Before creating a synastry report, the astrologer would analyze each chart, focusing on specific elements such as socialization, empathy, romantic tendencies, concepts of family, marriage et cetera.

The most common synastry reading is that of romantic compatibility.

Synastry Report and Relationship Astrology

Synastry report is a comparison of two charts; we talk about romantic compatibility comparison. This is also the most popular type of astrological reading, which is not a new phenomenon.

People have always been interested into romantic relationships synastry, for many reasons, sometimes practical, sometimes emotional and other times out of pure curiosity.

Ok, but what such a reading could offer’ First, a synastry report should never be confused for a composite chart report. Composite chart is an analysis of two chart merged into one.

In that sense, it represents an outcome of a connection, so to say. Synastry offers wider perspective and analyzes aspects point by point.

Synastry could be of great use, regardless of if you were in a relationship or you are thinking about starting one. For those in a relationship, this report could be a great way better to know each other and better to understand your life as a couple.

Couple goals could be something to focus on. Synastry could help you see them better.

For those who are about to start a relationship, synastry could provide you with an insight into how your relationship could possibly look like.

Synastry reports do not determine whether a relationship would fail or be love of your lives. Synastry gives you an insight into possible courses of a relationship.

Synastry Report and Astrological Aspects

Astrological aspects are contacts between planets from the two charts. Each of these has its cosmic vibrations and energy.

Aspects bring these energies into contact, altering their flow in one way or another.

These contacts could be favorable and easy or heavy and challenging. Each synastry presents with a unique mixture of aspects.

Moreover, your individual charts would also affect aspects seen in synastry and contribute to their manifestation. Do not freak out upon seeing many heavy aspects, there have to be pleasant ones, as well.

Many factors decide on the dynamic between heavy and easy aspects in one synastry, individual aspects in natal charts included. Let us learn more about the heaviest of them all.

Opposition Aspect in Synastry

The heaviest of them all is opposition. This aspect is generally regarded as negative, challenging and problematic.

However, it depends on the planets involved and on other aspects, whether it would be a devastating opposition or simply a challenging one. Some oppositions could hardly be overcome; other could act as stimulants.

It is very important to learn more about oppositions in synastry. This aspect presents with conflicts, arguments, tensions, oppositions in general, lack of tolerance, lack of patience and understanding.

If you, however, learn what area of your life as a couple was affected by an opposition, there is a chance you could actually take some advantage of it.

Moon in Mythology and Astrology – Luminaries in Synastry

The fairy, mysterious Moon has always been an object of great fascination and admiration, often identified with beautiful female deities, such as Astarte, Selene, Luna, Artemis and more.

There have been many strange and amazing legends regarding the Moon’s alluring, magnetic and soothing light; perplexing, as well.

“A thing of beauty is a joy forever”, says John Keats in his poem “Endymion”, the story about the lovely young shepherd Endymion who fell in love with the goddess of the Moon. Selene, in Greek mythology, was daughter of Hyperion, the titan.

She was so beautiful that the stars would diminish their heads upon her arrival. There are many more legends about the Moon’s beauty and delicate femininity.

The Moon is feminine principle and it also represents motherly figures. The Moon represents our gentle, inner, intuitive self, our deep emotions, our compassion and empathy.

The Moon represents cozy places, tradition and home, homeland and any corner that makes us feel safe, secure, nurtured and protected. The Moon is emotionality, in contrast to the Sun, which is our reason.

Mercury in Mythology and Astrology – Planets in Synastry

Mercury or Hermes was the messenger of gods, the one to take the souls of the deceased to the underworld, the god who protected all skilful and clever men, good ones, but also the thieves and tricksters. Mercury was the cleverest of all gods, agile, quick and executive.

Mercury was the patron of travelers, of children and young people, of all that have to do with communication and trade.

In astrology, Mercury is associated with similar things. Close to the Sun, it unites the matter, the spirit and the soul into one. With Mercury, logical and practical mind is strong.

This is the planet of communication, of primary, basic and essential education, the planet that gives us certain enthusiasm and willingness to get informed and to learn.

Moon Opposite Mercury Synastry – Perplexing Emotions

This connection leads to misinterpretation of emotional signals, in the first place. Whenever the Moon and Mercury were involved, there has to be something going on a communicative and emotional level.

Naturally, in easy aspects things go smoothly and make the relationship stronger, full of mutual understanding, compassion, tolerance and cooperation.

Unfortunately, a heavy aspect turns everything upside down.

There is no doubt you have a deep connection and that it must be an emotional or an intuitive one. The Moon is a feeler, while Mercury is a logician.

In fine aspects, these qualities are complementary and very cooperative, harmonious and pleasant.

However, in the ‘worst’ of them all, the opposition, understanding is impossible, but through great effort.

The problem is that the Moon feels Mercury’s youthful enthusiasm or any other emotion, but the problem is that the Moon person would connect them to irrational ideas that have no basis in reality. Let us give you an illustration.

The Mercury person might deal with certain issues that do not involve the Moon partner and seem distant or indifferent or whatever else.

With the Moon opposite Mercury, the Moon would take it personally and bother Mercury with their irrational ideas and suspicion.

Mercury, in turn, cannot express his or her own feelings in the way the Moon would understand it, while, at the same time, he or she fails to get why the Moon was upset in the first place. You see?

This is a perplexing, confusing and potentially destructive aspect.

Moon Opposite Mercury Synastry – Getting Over the Past

The most common problem with this aspect usually roots your mutual lack of understanding in the past.

However, the problem is that you two do not actually talk about it, but project those past experiences onto your current relationship. What could be more confusing and poisonous to a relationship?

Remember, this is a new one and if you would like it to flourish, you have to get over it. The only solution is to talk about it.

It could be difficult, because the talk on this subject does not come naturally to you; it could be out of fear of rejection or simply fear of facing your own burdens. It would not be easy, but it is not impossible.

Remember also that this is an isolated aspect and that it does not have to be a dividing agent, if there were other easy and soothing ones.