Venus Square Midheaven – Synastry, Transit, Composite

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This aspect often symbolizes a hostile attitude towards work and family life as something not very harmonious and not very interesting.

In a sense, work and family life interfere with such a person, since they complicate the process of satisfying his erotic and aesthetic needs.

Frequent misunderstandings with parents are possible. In the design of the workplace, taste and sense of proportion are often lacking.

Venus – Meaning and Info

Difficulties may arise due to official and family responsibilities. Such a person feels the need to offer and receive love.

For him, this is extremely important, and therefore he constantly feels himself sacrificing decency for the sake of popularity. He is a pleasant and kind person with bright creative abilities.

He constantly fears that people will not understand him and will not perceive him as he really is.

Therefore, he willingly sacrifices himself to help others and offer them his support, expecting that this will bring him popularity. Relations with family and loved ones are warm and harmonious.

The house is furnished with great taste. Such a person needs to constantly feel the goodwill of society, to feel that he is accepted and understood.

A transition from one professional sphere to another, associated with the search for the best forms of self-expression, is not excluded. (Venus squared with the Midheaven).

Difficulties with domestic and procedural responsibility. Dislike for work and family life, as something secular.

Work and family interfere with selfish, aesthetic and other needs. Misunderstandings with parents.

There is no taste in the design of the home and workplace.

Venus conjunct MC – your ego is directly dependent on appearance, you want to prosper and attract the public.

If Venus is in the 10th house, then you are probably committed to creative activities in the field of visual arts, theater, or cosmetics.

This aspect of Venus can indicate never-ending optimism – life is good, life is beautiful, and a person does not have to try too hard to achieve success.

This is especially true if Venus has many trigons and sextiles. But still, you want to become someone and something, love people and basically have a good relationship with them.

Therefore, you can do well in public relations or in the field of checkouts.

Venus in trigone sextile with MC – thanks to your attractiveness and sociability, people like you, and you have pleasant and friendly relations with them.

You try to please everyone and avoid conflicts. Both at work and in personal acquaintances, you often have a good opinion. There are usually no difficulties in your life. Your parents and siblings are supportive.

And in general, you maintain harmonious relationships everywhere – both at work and at home. If other indicators in your horoscope indicate this, then this aspect may be a sign of talent in the arts. Beauty itself is very important to you.

Venus in square-opposition-quickens with MC – offering and giving love is so important to you that you tend to constantly feel like you are sacrificing decency for popularity. You are a kind and pleasant person with bright creative abilities, but you often fear that people will not perceive you as you really are.

Therefore, you sacrifice yourself to help others and offer them your support – you expect it to bring you popularity. You have a warm, loving relationship with your family and loved one. Your home is tastefully furnished. You need to feel accepted by society, and you are, unless Venus is disadvantaged.

If Venus is in the 5th house, a change of work may occur – you will move from one area to another.

Midheaven – Meaning and Info

The conjunction stains destiny with “Venusian” features. It is an excellent position for all jobs and activities related to beauty and are and is also highly conducive to skill and therefore success in diplomacy and public relations.

It attracts the sympathy, friendship and protection of the powerful, especially if they are women and promotes a successful union or marriage, which will elevate the native socially. It tends to a quiet and pleasant life and also popularity. An example could be that of actress Marilyn Monroe.

The harmonic aspects favor the most favorable development of the things that we have mentioned in conjunction. The person will then receive numerous supports and aids in her professional and family life, and will enjoy affection and sympathy among her peers.

The relationship with superiors will be very cordial. They are aspects that attract economic and professional success and that promote a calm and harmonious life. An example we have in the birth chart of Jose Luis Rodriguez Zapatero.

Dissonant aspects do not nullify the magnificent “Venusian” qualities, but they do induce the person to display the darker features of this influence. It can be lazy or too attached to the softness, the vices and the pleasures.

They can also bring problems at home, or make intimate life difficult for the native to achieve professionally.

It can also make you prone to squandering his assets or fostering financial setbacks and failures. It can also give difficulties, incomprehensible or failures in the artistic career. As an example you can see the birth chart of former President Bill Clinton.

Venus Square Midheaven – Synastry, Transit, Composite

The tension created by the square from the planet to the Meridian of the Midheaven in the 10th house introduces mental confusion and an unkind wind of change shuffles the circumstances around important issues for the native like a deck of cards.

Venus is a symbol of wealth, erotic and material pleasures, the manifestation of the nature of one’s gender in relationships, oppressed by constant stress and the need to choose between a profession and the joy of creativity.

It is difficult for a person with the Venus-MS square to love himself as a unique person. Self-expression in the profession occurs only if he receives loving support from the outside, otherwise talents may not be revealed.

The dependence on the sympathy and disposition of others is so great that it prompts us to abandon important things, principles and beliefs, which is fatal later. Dangers of Venus – MC Square Men and women with this aspect want everyone to love them, but it is impossible to please everyone.

They are kind-hearted and talented, but they easily believe a bad word about themselves, without delving into the personal intentions of the critics, who sometimes turn out to be ordinary envious people.

Fear of displeasure pushes them to flattery and curry favor with those in power, starting with teachers at the university and ending with the bosses. They strive to please everyone in the team, not realizing that they are losing the main fulcrum through which the Venus – Midheaven square is being worked out: sincerity and self-respect.

Despite good intentions and really good deeds, others feel that this does not come from the heart, but by calculation: help in exchange for a good attitude. This annoys colleagues, and the bosses do not particularly value the native as a person.

Other important shades of the influence of the Venus – MC square: lack of measure in the personal style of clothing and the interior of the workplace: too strong emphasis on sexual qualities instead of business, or vice versa, a person without gender and image, an impeccable screw of the system.

The habit of giving more than receiving in return; the degree of disharmony in love, finances and career is fully proportional to the level of love and care received in childhood: if the native grew up in a happy family, he earned significant immunity from the problems of the square.

The owners of the aspect, finding themselves in problem situations, often attract sympathetic benefactors who want to help them. In return, they pay with their sympathy and participation.

Such a relationship delays and promotes the habit of a parasitic lifestyle and a decrease in the creative fuse inherent in the square of Venus.

Personal relationships Men and women with this aspect often face a lack of interest in themselves from the opposite sex. They have no karmic experience in personal relationships, and they get it by getting bumps from time to time.

They strive to please, emphasizing personal sexuality absolutely out of place, obviously flirting with a university teacher or trying to seduce the boss with ambiguous signs of attention, chase the person they like, wanting to be needed at any moment, or wave at themselves and stop following their appearance, believing that everyone no one will love it anyway. It is especially difficult for women in this regard.

They are overly dependent on the approval and words of support from a man, be it a loved one or a boss, and if he is unhappy for some reason, the world collapses. The girl is ready for anything to regain her disposition and former harmony, becoming dependent on a clever abuser.

In men, the Venus-MC square is played out in the complexity of combining work and family, as well as the sad consequences of carelessness in personal life. Both genders love to decorate their workplace with luxury items, which annoy colleagues or are sometimes just inappropriate for office style.

Elaboration of the Venus – MC Aspect square gives a person a subtle artistic taste in everything except the art of dressing and furnishing the house.

However, in these matters, too, the native will succeed over time if he wishes to learn.

It is important to develop your own style, without regard to the opinions of others.

Regardless of the type of activity, a stock of courage and self-confidence will be added by dancing, acting and oratory, music and singing, if Venus is in Taurus and Pisces.

It is better to work in the fields of beauty and health, personnel management, recruiting, wedding, travel agencies and be sure to engage in creativity for the soul: read poetry in public or sing, embroider, draw, do interior design and clothing.


Astrologers recommend that people with the Venus-MS square visit a psychologist regularly and take consultations with a stylist in order to find their own style and get rid of children’s complexes.

Communicating with superiors Om cannot be led by emotions.

First, you need to think about the consequences and only then make a decision. Stones-talismans with diamonds, zircon, turquoise and green tourmaline will help to work out the square with Venus.