Taurus Sun Libra Moon – Personality, Compatibility

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The Sun is our rational side of personality, while the Moon is our subconscious. The traits of our Sun are the ones we tend to openly demonstrate to others, and are what we are mostly known for by the people who don’t know us well.

On the other side, the traits of our Moon are the ones only we and the people who are closest to us know about.

People with Sun in Taurus and Moon in Libra are usually good looking and have a great love and inclination towards beauty. They are often artistically and creative, able to create things of great beauty which are also useful.

They often chose some artistic or creative profession and are usually very successful in what they are doing.

Their career is often related to the creation of beauty in some form. They can be successful painters, fashion designers, interior decorators, personal stylists, etc.

People with this Sun/Moon combination have  a great sense of aesthetics and usually great personal style which others admire and often envy. They have an ability to make the most of ordinary things and they don’t need a lot of money to look good and dress well.

These people usually have a kind and gentle nature, but are also very self-confident and grounded. They are ambitious and determined to succeed. Their personality is balanced and they easily get along with people.

These people have diplomatic nature and desire to have good relationships with everyone and be loved by people. They can be prone to pleasing others and neglecting their needs. They enjoy doing good things for people, but also desire to be appreciated for their deeds.

They are responsible and reliable and people often turn to them for help and rescue in difficult situations.

They are passionate, but also sensitive and emotional. They can have issues with decision making and determination, although their sun in Taurus usually manages to deal with Libra’s natural insecurity and indecisiveness. They can sometimes be incredibly stubborn and refuse to change their mind about something.

Although Taurus is usually hesitant to make changes and adapt to changes, people with this Sun/Moon combination usually don’t have a problem accepting changes and even giving initiative for them.

The main reason is Libra’s need to be accepted by others and have good relations with everyone.

Although they are confident and have faith in their abilities, they often end up in situations where they begin questioning their worth and asking themselves if they have made some mistake, or they have offended someone, etc.

They can also be prone to irrational fears and mood changes, which even the power of Taurus cannot control. The reason for this behavior is their insecurity related to some issues or areas of their life.

These people love to be surrounded by beauty in general, especially with beautiful things. They love buying them and they love creating them as well. They are art lovers and they love visiting museums and art galleries.

They can also be art collectors. Their travels are often motivated by their desire to visit some important art museums or other artistically important places.

They love good food and usually love eating. That is usually visible on their physique because they tend to gain more weight than they should. They often struggle with diets and trying to lose some pounds.

These people also love to prepare food and especially enjoy doing it for the people they love. They prefer spending their free time at home, and inviting their friends there. These people make wonderful hosts who try to make their guests as comfortable as possible.

These people are usually ambitious and have the persistence and determination required for achieving their goals. They are honest and always speak the truth. They are justice fighters and cannot stand someone being wrongfully accused or mistreated. They jump immediately to their rescue.

They desire to be financially independent and secure and usually handle well their money. Libra moon can be prone to spending beyond their means, but the Taurus sun is there to press the breaks on spending.

These people usually manage to establish a solid financial base for their future and usually have a steady income which increases in time. They love to invest their money in real estate which in time gives them additional income.

Although they are home types in general, they also love to socialize and attend social gatherings, where there are many different people, and they could mingle around. They love to expand their circle of acquaintances.

Good Traits

The good traits of Sun in Taurus and Moon in Libra: responsible, helpful, reliable, kind, gentle, organized, good looking, artistic, great aesthetic abilities, creative, great personal style, beauty lovers and beauty creators, balanced, get along well with people, ambitious, sensitive, traditional, emotional, attractive, faithful, honest, prone to making compromises, trustworthy, sociable, etc.

Bad Traits

The bad traits of Sun in Taurus and Moon in Libra: indecisive, insecure, fearsome, prone to frequent mood changes, stubborn, refusing to change their minds, etc. 

‘Taurus’ Sun ‘Libra’ Moon in Love and Marriage

People with Sun in Taurus and Moon in Libra are usually very attractive and have a lot of suitors. They enjoy being pampered and love their partners to demonstrate their affection to them.

These people are often in the center of attention because they have an impeccable style and are beautifully dressed which only accentuates their good looks.

They have a lot of options when it comes to choosing a romantic partner, but these people are not into options and changing partners. They desire to find a person who is a good match for them and then make a commitment to them.

These people have a traditional outlook on relationships and they prefer to formalize their relationships by marrying their partners after they have determined that they match their desired profile.

Most of them are faithful to their partners and express their appreciation and love to them as much as they can.

These people are very kind and gentle, and although they are passionate as well, they cannot be with a partner who doesn’t like to cuddle and express their tenderness. These people need proof of being loved often.

They are independent and confident, but they prefer their partner to exhibit the same traits. They enjoy making compromises in their relationships because they want to make sure no one is left behind and both partners have had the opportunity to express their will and opinion and their decisions are made based on mutual agreement and talk.

They are very honest and righteous and cannot be in a relationship with a person who doesn’t have the same traits. These people cannot stand liars and people who try to manipulate others.

Their standard is honesty and truth, and people who don’t respect that cannot be in their company. Their partner lying to them is a serious issue and they can react incredibly radical if they determine that even with breaking up the relationship or ending the marriage.

Trust is very important for these people and if they cannot trust their partner there’s little chance of the relationship or marriage to be lasting.

These people make good spouses. Their caring and nurturing nature makes them pamper their partners.

They also enjoy being pampered and their partner needs to have this ability as well. They need someone with a balanced character and not prone to conflicts because these people cannot stand fights and arguments and tend to run away from these situations and people.

They are also excellent parents who take great care of their children. They are very tender and caring towards their kids, and in some cases become overprotective to the point of being burdensome to their children.

They are caring and nurturing parents and do all they can to provide their children with the best possible conditions for growing up and developing their skills and talents.

Best Match For ‘Taurus’ Sun ‘Libra’ Moon

For people with Taurus Sun Libra Moon it is usually easy to find a good match because they have a lot of options and they are prone to make compromises and adapt.

They get along best with earth and air signs, especially with another Libra, Taurus or Virgo, but some fire and water signs can make a good combination as well if they don’t have challenging intertwined aspects between their planets.

These people love to please their partners and it is usually easy for them to meet their desires.


People with Sun in Taurus and Moon in Libra have a balanced and harmonious personality.

They enjoy making others happy and pleasing people, even to the point of neglecting their needs and attend to the needs of others first. They love to pamper their loved ones and also love to be pampered.

They have great artistic and aesthetic skills which help them create beautiful surroundings as well as have a great personal style which others envy and admire them for.

They are attractive and good looking and usually have many options to choose from. They have a faithful nature and try to demonstrate their love and appreciation to their partners as much as possible.

They also desire to be respected and appreciated for the things they do for others.

They make wonderful hosts and they take great care of their loved ones. They love financial security and try to establish it. They are usually successful and manage to accomplish their ambitions.

Their creative and artistic skills often inspire them to pursue an artistic or creative profession and they are usually very successful in their career.

They are devoted and loyal spouses and try to make their partners happy. They are emotional and desire to be pampered. Their partners need to demonstrate their love and affection as often as possible, and these people openly express theirs.