Venus in Libra

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What is a horoscope and can it really predict your future? To put it simply, horoscope is a graphic display of a frozen image of the sky, at certain point of time.

More precisely, a horoscope or a birth chart is such a diagram based on the exact time of your birth. Astrology claims, planetary position and all other astrological elements, specific for your birthday, determine your life and your future. For a part, at least. Many are wrong to think what your birth chart says is written in stone.

Well, it is not. Horoscope or a natal chart gives valuable guidelines for life. Planets, zodiac signs, their correlations and all other features of one’s birth chart tell about potentials not about facts. An astrologer would create such a chart and carefully analyze it. He or she could tell about the odds there, not about what will happen for certain. It takes times and practice to learn to accurately interpret a natal chart.

Back in ancient times, astrology was a kind of a privilege for royalty; a royal astrologer-astronomer would interpret stars and tell what kind of future is in store for a king, his army or the whole empire.

Astrology has ancient roots. Western astrology, which the modern one we talk about and use today, originates from Persia. At the same time, astrology was developing in India, China and Japan, as well.

Although these approaches are not the same, they share essentials. For example, Vedic and Chinese astrology are both connected with medicine and healing. In all these systems, well-educated and wise people were the ones to practice astrology. In Europe, astrology was faced with some rather unpleasant times. Very unfavorable. It was forbidden over certain times and identified with witchcraft and all sorts of ‘dark’ magic.

Many notable scientists, physicist, mathematicians, astronomers, explorers, geographers and others were also astrologers. In past, astrology was identified with astronomy. Ptolemy in ancient times and Kepler in the age of scientific revolution were astrologers, beside their other occupations.

Astrology is an ancient discipline and its long history of use cannot be forgotten and defied.

Modern astrology gained its popularity over the second half of the twentieth century. Today, it is digitalized, like everything else.

You can get your birth chart done instantly, by only few clicks. You could even get an expert astrological analysis online, but it is always better to talk to an astrologer in person.

He or she could help you understand your natal chart and tell you about its potentials.

Venus and Horoscope

There are many important elements of one birth chart and planets play a major role. Since old times, we have been learning about the influence of planets over the life on our own. In astrology today, there are ten planets, besides Earth, because the Sun and the Moon also count. In old times, planets were associated with divine powers and certain deities.

Western astrology carries such a heritage, but seen as archetypes.

The position of planets in your birth chart affects your life and destiny. We talk about the position of planets at the time you were born. While some people are skeptical about such an influence of planets there are modern surveys that proved people born at similar times often choose similar professions.

There are, of course, many elements in a personalized horoscope that will decide on your potentials. Planets are, however, an important feature.

Let us talk more about our planet in subject, the beautiful, bright Venus. As you know, Venus is the planet second closest to Sun, after Mercury. In astrology, it is considered one of the ‘personal planets’. Others are the Sun, the Moon, Mercury and Mars. Personal planets move faster than others do and they determine our personality traits, temperament and character.

Planet Venus is responsible for one’s sense of beauty and love. It symbolizes harmony, abundance, fertility, beauty, love, passion and femininity. In mythologies, it was always associated with goddesses of love, beauty, abundance and fertility, such as Ishtar and Aphrodite. It is the planet of passion and desire, art, kindness, generosity.

Planet Venus in your birth chart determines the way you are going to think about all of these ideas. It also decides on your manner of expressing your desires and thoughts on these.

Planet Venus rules over zodiac signs of Taurus and Libra. We are going to talk about Venus in Libra, which the natural position of this planet. Let us find out more about this natural astrological combination.

Venus in Libra – General Info

Venus in Libra is a true story of love. It is an embodied inclination towards finding the perfect balance between transcendental love and the love we can comprehend in our real, physical and sensing world. Venus in Libra feels at home.

It represents the highest and the most beautiful representations of love in all of its forms. Venus in Libra represents a harmonious correlation between heavenly and earthly love.

People with Venus in Libra have refined taste in everything that is beautiful and their being is full of love, put to its essential meaning. Their love is genuine, pure and balanced, like everything that has to do with Libra. This love is ultimate, but not foolish; it is deep, but never thoughtless.

Venus in Libra people have accentuated aesthetic mind. They are sophisticated and their primary form of expression is art.

Venus Libra people would often try to express their idea of an ideal of love through creative ways. They let it guide them, even before they fall in love, in conventional terms. A Venus Libra is in love with the idea of love. Special place in each Venus Libra person is reserved for beauty. It is very important for achieving this ideal of love.

Venus Libra individuals are in nature very similar to Ancient Greeks. They believed we people have an inner, primal instinct for what is beautiful, which was called kalos. Venus Libras are in search for kalos.

They are inclined towards achieving harmony, balance, peace and unity. They seek for beauty, love and balance in everyday life and they are capable of finding it.

People blessed by this refined sense of love and beauty are true philosophers and artists.

They shape up their ideas into beautiful forms. They live calm, balanced lives and they are capable of handling difficult situations with understanding and patience. Venus Libra people are of a stable character. They are never quick tempered and they are very kind.

Venus Libra individuals have delicate senses and they are emotional. However, they are not fragile. In fact, their strengths lie in these ideals of love and beauty, because they would never stop believing in it.

What is also very important, their idealistic vision of love and beauty does not make them lose contact with reality, because they are, at the same time, with both feet on earth.

Good Traits

There are many good traits in Venus in Libra, regardless of the ruling sign or other aspect.

When a planet is in its natural position, in signs it rules, it always bring at least some harmony in overall natal chart. Venus in Libra is harmonious, kind and full of understanding.

These people do not let others exploit their empathy and they very well know how to balance their reason and their emotions.

They are loyal and reliable; a Venus Libra is capable of understanding other’s troubles and empathic enough to share your burden. They feel liberated by helping people and they are in love with justice.

A Venus Libra is even more ready to defend those whom the wrong has been done, which is a trait common in Libra in general. They are caring and warm people.

Venus Libra people are talented and creative. They are also practical. They are friendly and approachable, because they generally have a positive attitude and they love people. They are able to see beauty in things others would never notice; they are capable of feeling love on various levels, not only love between two human beings, we usually talk about.

They are calm, balanced and patient. Venus Libra never searches for conflict and they would always try to handle things peacefully. They do not step away from problems, but deal with them. However, they really do not like conflicts and arguments, which might lead them into wrong direction.

Overall, they are kind, generous, openhearted, very compassionate and empathic.

Venus Libra people would never deliberately harm one. If it happens they do it incidentally, they would try to make things up.

They never turn to deceit or trickery to get anything. They are some of the most honest and just people of zodiac. They do idealize love, but they do not lose touch with reality out of their idealization.

Bad Traits

Like all other aspects, even one so harmonious like Venus in Libra has its bad sides. Venus in Libra people are empathic and compassionate. While in the most cases they are also reasonable enough, it happens that someone takes an advantage of them.

They trust people and have no prejudices, but, unfortunately, it happens that people we love betray us.

Venus Libra love deeply, on all levels and, at times, such a strong emotion of love could make them not see things that there are and that are not well. It is something all Venus Libra people have to bear in mind and remind themselves of.

They could become obsessed with someone or something they love to the point they forget about everything else.

There are, indeed, very few bad traits for having Venus in Libra. All their good sides, if brought to extremes, will show up as bad traits. However, since Libra is generally inclined towards balance and Venus in Libra is at its natural position, things soon get in balance.

Harmony and peace are natural ways for Venus in Libra, so there are not too many risks that such a combo would make any problems.

Venus in Libra Man

Venus in Libra in men signs is just an amazing combination. A man with such an astrological aspect is a true gentleman. He is romantic, understanding, friendly and open. His personality is dynamic, but his attitude is laid-back. He never seeks for a conflict in order to prove himself a tough guy. That is not a Venus Libra man’s style.

He is artistic and charming. Some of the famous men with Venus in Libra are Pablo Picasso, Freddie mercury and Richard Gere; they are good examples for this ultimately artistic male aspect. Man with Venus in Libra is reasonable and his emotions are guided by his logic.

However, he does not try to hide his emotions or suppress them.

Venus Libra man has an accentuated sense of justice and honesty. He would never betray a friend or cheat on his lover. He is capable of distinguishing what is important in life from what is not. Like all Venus Libras, love matters the most to him.

However, it does not have to be love for a woman, but something more abstract. He is an idealist, an imaginative creator.

Venus in Libra Woman

Venus in Libra in women signs is the most feminine Venus. It literally shines in such a combination, no matter which sign rules a lady’s birth chart. Venus in Libra grants her graciousness, generosity, kindness and compassion.

Venus Libra woman thinks with her own head, she praises the true above all, but would spare her loved ones unnecessary negative information, out of pure love for them.

She is a good friend and a loving partner. Venus Libra woman is talented and creative, just as her counterpart. She is fashionable and elegant, sometimes extravagant. Her creativity has no limits, but her practicality and logic are what make her dreams come true.

Venus Libra woman is a very patient and calm personality.

She is someone others both like and respect. She would never turn her back on friends or family and would always defend those she cares for. Venus Libra woman needs to express her ideas and ideals through art.

Some of the famous Venus in Libra women are beautiful Grace Kelly and Georgia Totto O’Keefe, an American artist.


Venus in Libra people are overall kind, lovable, loving, gracious and generous people, with an open heart and accentuated empathy. They are in love with ideals of love and beauty and these ideals are their driving fuel. Venus Libra people are charming and pleasant to have around.

Their energy is perfectly balanced; they are caring, but not possessive, they are understanding, but not foolish, they are non-aggressive, but not submissive.

There are some risks their empathic nature could blind their reason, but only for a brief moment. These individuals are naturally ‘equipped’ to return into balance.

They never stop loving life and they never stop seeing beauty in places others would often miss. Their life is painted with colors of love and this is what makes it beautiful and enjoyable.