North Node in 12th House

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This combination of nodes indicates two opposites in man, and those are the factual situation and imagination.

People with these nodules experience some inexplicable phenomena during their life, especially when they are children.

They can have prophetic dreams and often rely on their intuition. They don’t like rules and they don’t like details, and yet the North Node in Virgo, they have to learn how to be systematic and methodical.

They are attracted to spirituality and meditation and show interest in such things very early on.

However, they happen to be burdened with some ideas, they try to live in a world of imagination, they do not accept the outside world, they can easily enter the role of a victim, they become unrealistic and depressed.

Many people with this combination can be doctors or practice some kind of alternative medicine, especially herbal treatment, energy.

Their lesson is to learn how to use common sense, to make decisions not by feeling, but by facts. They need to take care of their health, hygiene, work habits, to find something that or whom they will serve.

This combination is a blend of intuition and logic.

North Node – Meaning

You are naturally inclined to be helpful in a job; she is generally organized, efficient, and responsible in the performance of her duties.

Especially at home or in a profession related to the art of healing, you are willing to perform menial tasks, as long as you believe that the work you are doing is useful to others.

However, it is likely that you tend to get stuck in a few minor parts of your daily routine and worry or brood about the facets of your job that are unsatisfactory for you.

Your South Node in the sixth house also indicates that you may be prone to various minor ailments, or that you may overreact to your pain in general and focus unduly on your bodily state.

However, you are likely to follow your diet and be conscientious in your regular exercise. Until you can be a vegetarian or fond of alternative medicine practices, such as acupuncture or spiritual cures.

Because your North Node is located in your twelfth house, you can especially benefit from “holistic” or spiritual healing practices.

You need to pay attention to the interaction of your mind and your body, as well as dive into your psyche and discover your own healing resources.

Periods of loneliness are essential for you, because they allow you to get in touch with the emotions and thoughts that you repressed and feel that you, inside, are in your fullness.

In this life, your task is not to adapt to a demanding work plan but rather to harmonize with your subconscious and superconscious energies: the anguish of past hurts, humiliations and resentments, and the ecstasy or serene contentment of creative inspiration, meditation or transcendent experiences.

You need to learn to let things take their course, to worry less about the external aspects of work and responsibilities, to begin to flow with and trust your experiences, and to develop compassion and love for humanity, which they will allow you to enrich people psychologically, spiritually and creatively.

You need, more than anyone else, to explore your psyche, listen to your dreams and your personal guidance, and periodically withdraw from the world in order to drink with your inner source.

And as you tap into your inner explorations, you are also likely to inspire others to develop the inner strength and clarity they need in order to overcome their physical or psychological problems and discover their true and essential egos.

This position indicates that you are drawn into the dark and chaotic realms of your subconscious. You tend to withdraw from the world and plunge into the joys and pains of your emotions, dreams, and fantasies.

Solitude is comfortable for him; she would rather be alone and in harmony with her inner world than to focus on the threatening demands and activities of the world around her.

It is very likely that you meditate or seek your own significance and wisdom in a religion or spiritual path that makes sense to you. You are likely to have a vocation to serve humanity, perhaps working with the mentally disturbed, sick, or crippled.

But whether or not you can help them to harmonize with their inner sources of strength and support will depend on whether or not you have become bogged down in your own psychological scum, completely indulging in their illusions and confusions.

You need to learn to regulate the valve that leads to your subconscious, introverting yourself to perceive your feelings and fantasies, accepting them, and then channeling that energy outward, to turn it into a loving and inspired action.

Your north node in the sixth house asks you to turn your attention outward. The least you need is to swim through life in murky psychological waters. Your task is to act practically on your ideals and visions, and also to preserve your physical well-being and promote the health of those around you.

After all, ask yourself: What does your spirituality mean if you are reluctant to empty a sick person’s “flat”? You can also ask: What satisfaction do your fantasies really bring you if you have a bad disposition or are unable to fulfill your work or daily tasks?

What you need is to be useful, provide some essential service, organize your thoughts, structure your time, relate in a loving way with your collaborators and take responsibility in your work.

Even the most menial task can be spiritually satisfying for you if you incorporate humble and compassionate attitudes.

As you need to be aware of the intercommunication between mind and body, you are likely to benefit from working in professions related to the art of healing, especially in the field of health.

12th House – Meaning

The 12th House refers us to the world of the invisible and intangible, to introspective processes and to experiences beyond our control over which we have no control.

It is therefore understood that for traditional astrology many of the issues related to the 12th House were considered dark and threatening, as illustrated in a popular astrology manual where it is said:

“House XII – The problems and worries, the sadness and trials, the fatality, the serious illnesses that need hospitalization, the losses of freedom, the prisons and asylums, the crime, the betrayals, the hidden things, the secret enemies the plots, ambushes, dirty jobs, loneliness, exile, hidden life, detachment from material things, renunciation, inner evolution, suicide, vice. ”

Among the above descriptions we can barely distinguish a couple of positive concepts.

It is true that other sources include qualities for this house such as “meditation”, “transcendent initiation” or “ultimate understanding”, but always in the middle of qualifiers such as “slavery”, “self-annihilation”, “sins of action and omission”.

“Chronic diseases” and other niceties like that. It is not strange, then, that those who have planets in the 12th House of their natal theme and take these descriptions literally, can experience restlessness and anxiety in the face of this dark panorama of hidden threats and dangers.

Fortunately in the past century modern astrology developed a more subtle understanding of astrological factors, thanks in part to contributions from emerging psychology that provided a better understanding of the human psyche and the fundamental role of the unconscious in life experiences.

In this renewed vision of astrology, the accent was not on external events, commonly attributed to fate, but on understanding what generated them.

Modern astrology did not deny traditional concepts, but argued that they could be understood from a new perspective, shedding light on previously mysterious or inexplicable issues.

For example, “chronic diseases” related to the 12th House were attributed to fate or bad luck, but today we know that many diseases are related to unresolved emotional states and unconscious conflicts.

Likewise, “hidden enemies”, also associated with the 12th House, can be related to certain unconscious feelings and attitudes that are captured by other people, generating their hostility or enmity.

The 12th House represents the individual unconscious that is linked and is part of the collective unconscious, understood as a timeless collective memory of which we are receptors and which we nurture with our own thoughts, feelings and desires.

Those who have planets in this house tend to be particularly attuned to the latent needs of the collective unconscious and often become channels for those needs through art, social activism, religion, fashion, music, or other sources of inspiration.

On a more personal level, the 12th House is related to the intrauterine period and the experiences recorded during pregnancy.

Somehow it is as if our internal wisdom says “Since you do not stop to listen to what is inside you, I must generate a situation that helps you to do so.” This is especially frequent in the periods when Saturn transits the 12th House, although there may be other transits or progressions, as well as natal factors that point in this direction.

The 12th House has been called the “house of karma” for representing matters that were left unfinished in a previous incarnation. In reality it cannot be said that karma is represented by this or that house or planet, since the concept of karma refers to the result of our past and present actions and is represented in t all the birth chart.

However, the planets that are in the 12th House and the ruling planet of this house indicate significant centers of interest or action in previous lives; while the aspects that these planets receive indicate how these energies were used in the past.

In short, the 12th House reveals conflicts that pressure from the unconscious to be treated, but it also reveals qualities that we bring from other lives that can serve us for our current evolution.

North Node in 12th House – Meaning and Symbolism

Another matter of interest will be to observe the cusps of the houses that are on both sides of House 12. We know that a sign can be occupied by more than one house, and when the cusps of houses 12 and 1 are in the same sign, certain unconscious behaviors and feelings will manifest through the Ascendant and we must inevitably face something that was pending in relation to the sign involved.

Whereas if the cusps of the 12th and 11th houses are in the same sign, it is likely that there are unfinished situations or karmic debts to be resolved related to friendships or related groups.

There are theories about the link between the natal charts of successive lives and various sources indicate that the sign of the natal 12th House would correspond to the Ascendant of our previous life, but there are those who believe that the 12th House would be related to the Sun or Moon of the previous incarnation.

Although each one argues and defends their position, at the moment there are no conclusive results in this regard.

Where there is consensus is in considering that the 12th House is revealing of the connection with the astral world and the perception of the non-visible subtle entities and energies that surround us.

Whether or not we are aware of it, the sensitivity to vibrations of certain places where there are energy residues from the past influence our auric field, and it will be advisable to adopt a receptive attitude that allows us to “realize” the positive or negative quality of the energies that we perceive to proceed as appropriate.

In order to tune into the 12th House, it is necessary to close our eyes and immerse ourselves in the experiences and feelings that reside within us.

Probably the most effective way to access the 12th House is through meditative practice. But guided visualizations, certain psychotropic substances, dream work or other introspective ways will also be effective means to connect with the contents of House 12.

Access to this house is vital for our balance and evolution, because in the universe qualities and personal tendencies are hidden from our unconscious that we must identify and integrate if we do not want to be slaves to them.

On the most transpersonal level, the 12th House is the privileged setting for the encounter with the divine Essence that exists within us, and the elevated experience of this house predisposes us to the mystical experience of dissolution of the individual self into a greater whole…


The planetary locations in this house provide information about what the fetus experiences during the stay in the womb, which can give us clues about certain unconscious behaviors and emotional states in the present life.

This house also represents the collective karmic links with other beings and the invisible chain of values ​​and unresolved issues that are part of our family saga, our ethnic group or even the entire humanity.

Something specific to the 12th House are the experiences of deliberate or forced isolation, and it is linked to hospitals, prisons, cloistered monasteries, retreats, places of seclusion, etc.

In one way or another, the 12th House invites us to isolate ourselves to favor an encounter with ourselves.

When we avoid those necessary introspective spaces, it is very possible that circumstances appear that lead us to a forced withdrawal through illness, prison or other limiting situations.