Part of Fortune in Scorpio

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However correct our attitudes may be, the moment is not always favorable for us to achieve what we desire. It is not always our fault, it is not always our responsibility.

The awareness of doing the best we can and giving our best must prevail in any experience, whether it has a glorious outcome or not.

Thus, the concept that “we are responsible for our own destiny” takes on a new meaning and another dimension.

The “Wheel of Fortune” reminds us that total control over our life, as well as our destiny, is illusory. In certain situations, the exercise of free will is restricted to what concerns our attitudes and attitudes towards accomplished facts and external factors.

We often invest a lot of energy seeking security for our lives, but some reflection is enough to realize that having absolute control of situations is a utopia. We must be adept at steering our rudder, but we cannot always predict whether the sea we will sail on will be tame or rough.

Or even if a storm will arrive without warning. Although these situations have been anticipated, it is not always feasible to avoid adversity.

Part of Fortune – Meaning

The astrologer says that, in fact, it is a great challenge to find and preserve inner and outer harmony during this walk, since neither wealth, success, happiness and much less joy can be found when the person is not in harmony with himself. But he who reaches his quest ends up attracting success, and that is the longed-for fortune.

Vanessa explains that the famous ‘pot of gold’, in astrological language, is the wheel of fortune. And while knowledge of astrology and tarot is related, there are differences.

However, for both, fortune is related to each other’s destiny.

The wheel of fortune has the symbol of the planet Earth: the cross of matter within the circle is a personal and intimate point because it is the synthesis of the three most important and personalized symbols in the astrological chart: ascendant, Moon and Sun, the pyramid and the union of the three points, when all are in harmony with each other.

According to Alvei, the wheel of fortune signals our joy, happiness and ideal in the astrological chart. And who doesn’t want to find all of that, right? But be aware that it may depend on the house where it is located.

“It is this house that reveals where the person’s vital force is, where that force is received and used safely, confidently and always wanting to improve, hence the sense of fortune. Where the individual projects his personality with ease, where he literally ‘feels’ at home, “says the astrologer.

In that place, the person must not compromise his ideals, he must fight not only with his own conflicts, but with those that influence him externally. But what are these conflicts? Vanessa listed below:

The astrologer points out that the sign in which the person is showing the type of activity that is most rewarding and easiest for them, in addition to presenting the best way for the personality to be radiated and the capacity for happiness of each one.

“All of this, however, in a subtle way, because it is the tone that the individual gives when looking for happiness and joy and when he feels more free and at ease that is important. Or, for some, it may be the best way to acquire wealth and success, “she says.

In summary, the wheel of fortune indicates how a person perceives his needs and desires and how he can solve them, better understanding the meaning of fortune, success and wealth.

Scorpio is a passionate person who lives and feels things intensely. Determined, he gives himself the means to obtain what he desires. Scorpios are nothing, if not fierce! They are strong, domineering, and ambitious while seeking security.

The intelligence of Scorpios allows them to contribute to any project. The main strength of this astrological sign lies in its ability to find the resources necessary to bounce back in the event of a hard blow.

He has incredible powers of transformation and regeneration. Even if this sometimes involves a phase of self-destruction, the Scorpio always ends up coming out victorious in the trials they are going through. In the end, the Scorpio wins.

The Scorpio is at the same time sensitive, possessive and whole, which explains his skittish character, perhaps even very harsh and being able to go as far as meanness.

Scorpio also turns out to be excessively jealous.

He is a very nervous being towards others. At times, he can no longer hide his aggressiveness. Getting confused with them is not advisable, Scorpios are known not to forgive and never forget to take revenge.

To be complete on the Scorpio personality, people born under this sign are loyal and straightforward. Scorpio is also an idealist. He is capable of forgetting himself, of sacrificing himself to support an idea that he considers right, and which therefore deserves his attention.

Scorpio is not interested in flat, superficial relationships. He sees love as a passionate experience, even a little mystical. When he is in love, Scorpio manifests a deep attachment to his partner.

The Scorpio man and the Scorpio woman love with incomparable intensity, without conditions or restraint. They are great lovers.

Sexuality is of paramount importance for him. He is a fiery and creative lover. His intimate relationships must absolutely be a source of fulfillment. Through sexuality, Scorpio seeks fusion and perfect communion with his partner.

Male or female, Scorpio is a trustworthy partner. There is no doubt that a loving Scorpio will remain loyal. If he has a tendency to be possessive and to test the person he loves, it is because he dreads betrayal.

For him, marriage is not simply a matter of convention but above all because it corresponds to his aspiration that he does not admit sharing. Scorpio cannot conceive or accept that their partner is unfaithful to them.

Finally, let us note that the native of this sign does not open up easily, thus maintaining this part of mystery which characterizes him.

But it is above all a way to protect himself because the fact of revealing himself too much can represent a weakness for him.

Scorpio – Meaning

This sign is the third of the water signs. A Scorpio is always charismatic and enigmatic at the same time.

Also describe how and what we commit to and link to our partner, both sexually and emotionally.

In your way of relating, there is always a slice of aggressiveness and cells. Your lucidity has given you the ability to be in constant evolution.

When the Scorpio enters the room, there is magic and passion in the air. All or nothing is his life and love motto. With his penetrating gaze he is able to cast a spell over others. One would love to be seduced by him, as the typical scorpion is considered to be the guardian of great erotic secrets.

In relationships, the Scorpio is much more conservative than you might think. There he shows himself from his loyal and comradely side.

Unfortunately, he has a very good memory and remembers everything his partner says to him. That doesn’t just include the positive.

For the Scorpio it is out of the question to only do half measures – completely or not at all, that is his motto.

Once he is enthusiastic about a project, he will do everything to bring it to a happy end. This attitude makes him quite successful.

For example, a Scorpio would make a good detective thanks to a good nose for what is not obvious. He’s also spot on as a psychologist.

Financially things are going well by and large. However, he tends to spend too much money when he is desperate to own something. That is why it is important for him to always keep an eye on all costs.

Part of Fortune in Scorpio – Meaning and Symbolism

It seems that when it comes to seduction, you’ve never found anything better than a Scorpio. Irresistible, fascinating, bewitching: you definitely have something extra.

An arch-sexy facet, an undeniable sex appeal, a big exciting charm, a disturbing gaze, a sensual voice, an erotic magnetism: when you have decided, it is difficult not to fall into your nets…

In life, you most often work in a submarine (you are a master of handling) and you never stop achieving your goals.

The harder it is, the less you let go: fighting is in your (astrological) genes. You are complex and easily tormented: it is not easy to really define yourself!

This Scorpio is an introverted being who tends to keep everything to himself … But by dint of accumulating grievances, annoyances, grudges and unsaid, you end up exploding out of time and emptying your cup in a virulent and disproportionate way.

So it’s best not to rub it too much: the bite of the animal of the same name illustrates the worst side of Scorpio.

Also beware of stubbornness: in certain circumstances, letting go preserves unpleasant surprises! It’s up to you to learn how to balance your involvement…

Our Scorpio is first and foremost a sleuth. He noses, he smells, he flushes out, he does research with pleasure, he is not satisfied with appearances, he uses and abuses psychology.

All the diagnostic and investigative professions are in your strings. You are not used to feeling at work. At work, you tend to get respect for yourself.

It must be said that you are to the endian, that the challenge excites you, that contradiction does not scare you and that you have no real qualms about walking on a few feet … Lifting Mountains? Why not… It all depends on your motivation. The must for a Scorpio is of course to associate one of his passions with his work.

We have already mentioned your mysterious and undeniable power of seduction but we have not yet said how much you invest in your loves … No restraint, no limit: I am Scorpio and for me there is no feelings without passion, of passion without fusion, of fusion without jealousy, possessiveness, obsession…

Love without torment is like a soup without salt: also abuse yourself passion, sex, fantasies and ruptures to better find yourself in a hurricane of strong sensations … No one gives more intensity to the happiness of loving but no one destroys himself more when love takes its toll …

Passion devours you and can leave you on the floor but the void of the desire cuts your appetite: it is said! We understand the intensity of your emotions, but do we know how much you have no words to say? The complexity of your reasons for loving justifies this difficulty of expression.

As a couple, you are as much a lover as you are a lover. You have to love and desire at the same time: never one without the other! Watch out for jealousy: problems can start there because you are of an exclusive temperament.

Also beware of small fixations and nameless torments, of wounds that you never forget and of this tendency to manipulate your loved one a little too easily.

You should already know that in the face of illness (as in the face of any obstacle in your life) you know how to deploy unsuspected resources.

Your main problems stem from your various excesses: when you overdo it, you often pay the bill.

Excess of gluttony, activity, torment … You like to understand how your body works and that gives you a certain head start: take advantage!


This zodiac sign has something to intrigue with its secret and mysterious personality. He is endowed with a natural charisma that captivates those around him. He is a person of lively and subtle intelligence. Scorpio has excellent analytical skills and a keen sense of observation.

Nothing escapes him, especially since he is very intuitive and empathetic. Scorpio is good at reading our minds. Watch out for its radar which detects the unspoken and the lies.

It is also the zodiac sign of fantasies and conflicts. The strength of Scorpio lies in their qualities in which their weaknesses are rooted.