Sun Trine Neptune Synastry

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Stars and planets have been interesting to humankind ever since. Some discoveries suggest that even in prehistoric times, humans have been aware of the importance of the connection between the earthly world and the vast, unfathomable universe.

Mammoth bones scientists have discovered and carefully examined present with strange marks, ones resembling phases of the Moon.

For some reason, our distant past relatives thought it was somehow important. There are many other examples of similar phenomena.

Many prehistoric settlements prove prehistoric humans were well aware of the importance of our connection with the space. Although this may sound as an “Ancient Aliens” episode trailer, it was not meant so.

Our focus here is astrology. Such discoveries prove humans have long ago known stars and planets must be important for our life on earth. Change of seasons, phases of the Moon, Sunsets and Sunrises, all seem to have been connected, as they, of course, are.

In this article, we will pay special attention to one of the luminaries the Sun, the life-giving star. In any case, skies were important to these proto-astrologers, so to say.

Astrology as a system is associated with ancient civilizations. Ancient Babylonians are associated with the first horoscope, for instance. Astrological systems have also developed in ancient China, in India, on Tibet, in Japan.

Ancient Persians, Egyptians, Greeks, Romans, all have been very active astrologers, so to say. Astrology and astronomy were the same things, until the age of the enlightenment.

Western astrology is associated with old Persia. When we sum up all the information we know of the history of astrology, we will not reach its roots.

The exact origins of astrology are, as a matter of fact, unknown. In modern times, astrology is a pseudo science, not an acknowledged, official one.

Many dispute its status as any kind of science, arguing it was too inconsistent and mutable to be considered a science. Indeed, astrology deals with the transcendental and mystical.

However, even if associated with alternative paths, with esoteric and the occult knowledge, astrology lives on. It seems even it has been growing more popular these days.

Although many phenomena throughout history could be considered mere trends and fashion caprices, for some reasons modern people, young ones especially introduce themselves by especially emphasizing their zodiac sign, that is, their Sun sign.

Although it could be understand as something simply being hype and cool, there has to be more into it.

Horoscopes in fact mean something. Regardless if you take it as a trend or something interesting, but not very serious, or you take it very reliable, horoscopes and astrology have much to offer.

We shall see what astrology could offer regarding romantic relationships.We will be talking about synastry and astrological aspects in synastry.

Relationships and Natal Astrology

Natal astrology would be the first step if you were into understanding synastry. Synastry is a comparative analysis of two natal charts; speaking of romantic relationships, it is a comparison between two lovers or two potential lovers’ charts.

For this reason, you first have to understand what a natal chart was and how it affects a relationship.

Birth charts, otherwise known as natal charts or horoscopes, are personalized charts representing sky at the moment of one’s birthday.

Since astrology was based upon the hermetic tradition postulate that says ‘as above, so below’, this frozen image of the sky – the distribution of the planets at the moment of a person’s birth – represents one’s destiny as written in the stars.

According to astrology, each planet has its energy, meanings, each zodiac sign and astrological field in the chart relate to one another and create a complex diagram of a unique natal chart. What is more important is that this chart is not something set in stone.

Yes, we have said it was written in the stars, because you cannot change the position of the planets nor you can change their energies.

However, you are about to take out the best of your potentials. This is what was written in the stars; your potentials, capacities, some major events in your life, your personality and character and your temperament. What you make out of these will be your life.

Astrological chart is not a prediction, but the most precious treasury of personal information people are sometimes not even aware of.

Synastry and Relationship Astrology

Synastry is a comparison of two natal chart; hence this extensive information on natal charts.

Each natal chart is unique; therefore, each synastry is unique. Each synastry is interplay of two natal charts. Each chart affects the synastry and synastry itself affects both persons.

Synastry report compares charts and analyzes the connections between them one by one.

This report would give you an amazing insight into the nature of a relationship with another person.

It will explain to you the dynamic of the relationship and give you an insight into your potentials as a couple.

This reading would point out your weakest, as well as your strongest points as a couple. Synastry does not determine the exact course of one relationship.

Synastry and Astrological Aspects

Astrological aspects would be the focus in synastry. They represent contacts and contacts are, obviously, necessary for a romantic relationship.

Therefore, one might think that all aspects are good. Well, not so simple.

On the other hand, others would say that some aspects are purely negative. That is a mistake, as well. There could be flowing and challenging aspects.

Flowing aspects are easy, as they inspire the best of the energies to manifest, each one in its peculiar way. Easy aspects are trines and sextiles. Challenging aspects bring conflict and tension.

Yes, they could be troublesome, but in certain cases, they could be stimulant and actually make the relationship dynamic. Heavy or challenging aspects are the squares and the opposition.

There is also the aspect of the conjunction, which could manifest as both; this is the strongest and the most powerful of aspects in general.

However, we have the pleasure to introduce you to the most favorable aspect, the lovely and flowing trine. Trines are generally welcome in any type of astrological reading. Let us see into it.

Trine Aspect in Synastry

Trine is the most favorable of all aspects, as it presents with the energy that is sometimes described as the energy of the planet Jupiter.

Jupiter is the pleasant giant of astrology, the social planet of expansion, positivity, flowing and easygoing energy. Jupiter’s energy is light, fortunate and naturally lucky. This is also the nature of trines.

Trines do not require much effort involved in order to function properly. These aspects support the best of qualities in planets involved with them.

In synastry, it is a welcome aspect, as it leads to mutual understanding, easiness, happiness, optimism and general good feeling about the relationship itself.

Sun in Mythology and Astrology – Luminaries in Synastry

Many astrologers would say the Sun is the most important planet in natal astrology.

The Sun is a luminary and we call it a planet, since all heavenly bodies involved with astrological readings are simply labeled as planets, even if astronomically they were something else.

The Sun is the first of what astrologer categorize as personal planets. The Sun represents who you are.

The Sun represents one’s major personality traits and all that is visible about the person, so to say. It represents your self-confidence and courage, your ambitions, your personal strength, everything that is manifested in you.

The Sun represents one’s potentials to succeed in life and to achieve their goals. It has to do with power, leadership and authority.

This glorious golden star represents vitality and the life itself; there would be no life on our dear earth, if there were no Sun to provide it with its warming light. This makes the Sun a vital element of each person’s birth chart. It determines your ruling sign.

The Sun itself rules the sign of the mighty, generous, warmhearted and proud Leo.

The Sun has always been a subject of many legends and myths, often personified. Sun gods were the most adored deities amongst pagan people, although, depending on a tradition, the most awed and even feared ones.

One beautiful example would be the Greek Sun god Helios, who was the son of the titan Hyperion and his wife Theia. Helios’ sisters were another two light-deities, so to say, beautiful Selene, the Moon and Eos, the Dawn.

Helios lived in a golden palace and he would ride out, in his bright golden chariot, each morning. This mythologized Sun would provide light, warmth and awake all life on earth.

We could also see it as a light of hope, proving that after the time of darkness, the Sun always shines out. This is a common phrase, which suggests how much we all believe in the Sun and its warming rays.

In synastry, the Sun would play an important part, since it is a luminary and a personal planet. It has to do with personality, with power and it provides light.

Astrologers would say that it is better to have luminaries in synastry, even if they were in a heavy aspect. Moreover, the Sun represents a masculine principle, fatherly figure and figures of authority in general.

Neptune in Mythology and Astrology – Planets in Synastry

The mysterious blue planet, Neptune, is often called the planet of illusions and mysteries.

Neptune’s nature is transcendental, elusive, and tricky and it could so subtly flow into a person’s life. Neptune represents the unseen, the unknown, deep and distant, mystical and spiritual. Neptune rules the most mysterious of all signs, Pisces.

Neptune’s effect in synastry could be beautifully inspiring, creatively motivated, fulfilling and soothing.

However, this depends on the aspect it forms. Neptune’s nature is not easy to tie down nor should anyone try to do it. Neptune reaches beyond worldly limits.

Let us see how Sun trine Neptune would affect one romantic relationship.

Sun Trine Neptune Synastry – Gold and Azure

Imagine beautiful blue surface of the ocean adorned with sparkling Sunrays, reaching into its depths, piercing the surface subtly. This is precisely how Sun trine Neptune effect could be described.

This is a wonderful, enriching aspect that would inspire the best in you as a couple and as individuals. This connection inspires a pursuit for something higher, we daresay, something divine.

This is a selfless, loving connection, characterized by deep, intuitive devotion. Sun trine Neptune makes the relationship precious, meaningful and pleasant, without any need to explain why that was so.

In this connection, partners feel spiritually attracted to one another; their feelings are tender, delicate, and passionate, without any suspicion or negativity.

Sun trine Neptune comes with a certain degree of risk, since it could make you idealize the relationship and your partner. It is harmless, as long as you stick to reality of life as such.

This idealization does not lead to shaken personalities or identities, in this case, but it could make you forget about other things in life, those mundane.

In addition, it could also happen that your carnal connection gets lost in this beautiful platonic connection.

This is not something necessarily bad, as such, but, in the end, it could make you become distant as romantic partners.

In any case, Sun trine Neptune inspires; it gives wings to your shared visions and makes you enjoy time spent together.