North Node in Pisces

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With the descending lunar knot in Pisces, you live for rules and duties, but by doing so, you make life difficult for yourself.

The ascending lunar knot in the dreamy Pisces makes it your learning task to take life more easily and enjoy it.

Learn to listen not only to your mind, but also to your heart and gut feeling.

North Node – Meaning

What needs to be done to implement the Lunar Nodes program? On the one hand, everything is very simple, but on the other, not quite. You cannot simply go directly to the nodes. To begin with, you need to develop your own solar principle, your sun.

Only when you are an independent and self-sufficient person, only then can you take care of the nodes. This is already a karmic program.

Therefore, the first return at the age of 19. During this period, a person will seriously think about implementation, career, and mission.

And those who live separately from their parents or have learned to make decisions independently, it is easier for them at the age of 19 to make the right decision on the way of their implementation.

The more a person is in himself, the more he knows how to listen and hear himself, the easier it is to implement the program through the nodes.

First of all, look at where the Sun is in your natal chart and answer yourself honestly to the question: how well have you realized your Sun? The sphere in which the Sun stands should be extremely clear and obtained with ease.

For example, if the Sun is in the 2nd house, then you must be financially secure, you must be able to earn money, be confident in the future.

If the Sun is in the 4th house, then you must have a family that respects you, real estate. And only after that you have to think about the realization by the lunar nodes.

Then it will be easier and more logical to go through the implementation of the karmic program.

If the Sun unites with Rahu, then this indicates a greater predestination in life. There may be situations when it is not he who makes decisions, but some force leads him and helps him to fulfill his individual mission.

Lunar nodes are not related to the theme of happiness, they are related to the theme of realizing their potential.

Other indicators in the map are responsible for happiness, so a person can fulfill the mission perfectly well, but at the same time he can remain, for example, lonely.

How to understand the prompts that speak of personal upstream implementation? Often these topics are our environment. For example, the North Node is in Capricorn and the South Node is in Cancer.

You are trying to be a very gentle, sympathetic, emotional, pliable, family, comfortable, quiet person, while you forget about your Ascending Node in Capricorn.

According to which you need to develop a cold miscalculation, the ability to achieve goals, no matter what, be able to bend your line and develop professionally.

How can the environment push you in this case? Your mom can be cold and distant on her own, she can treat other children differently, but not you.

People around are indifferent, they don’t care about your problems, they don’t want to listen to them, they don’t want to help you.

And you start to negative: why am I so good, and everyone around is callous, why are you so unlucky? This suggests that emphasis should be placed on the quality of the sign in which the Ascending Node stands.

This is already a worked-out karma or program, and in fact these are the skills with which we came into this world, and which we are good at.

Therefore, where the Young Knot stands, it is comfortable to be there, and that sign is those qualities of character that are very well developed.

They can be used to develop. Accordingly, the sign and the house are strengths of character, which we can rely on. That which cannot be discounted, those areas that are intuitive to us, and where we are drawn.

Based on his practice, as a rule, a person, choosing a profession, is guided by the fact that it is as close as possible to the South Node and the Moon in the natal chart.

You can determine what kind of profession a person needs at first, but then you need to develop, and focus more on the Ascending Node.

For example, if the South Knot is in the sign of Leo, then the themes of self-presentation, scenes, creativity, this is what is laid down by nature. You were born with a talent to be a leader, to be a creative person, a bright personality. And these talents you must use to develop further.

Pisces– Meaning

Pisces is a mutable and water sign, it is also the last sign of the zodiac, precisely for that reason, it is the richest and most complex of all. Sensitive to the suffering of others, responds with good will and a desire to help.

He does not like to feel imprisoned and does not respect the conventions, well, by the good, although he does not tend to fight against the established, he simply runs the other way.

Pisces tend to live emotionally rather than rationally, instinctively and intuitively rather than logically. It is very difficult for them to transmit what they perceive, they do not know how to express it with words but with actions … A key for Pisces is how they contact their sensitivity.

In addition, although it is often said of Pisces that it is the sign of naivety, when it is its response to the world of sensations that it contemplates and perceives that makes it naive or skeptical, two ends of the same rope.

In love, they are faithful, adaptable people who tirelessly seek a union with the mind and spirit of their partner rather than a purely sexual union. They need to dream together with their other half and to feel to give a pure love and a very special sex.

Pisces is a sign ruled by Neptune, which is a planet that has to do with imagination, fantasy and dreams. Pisceans are very emotional, it is a water sign, and Pisceans generally love art and music very much and have a strong connection with their work.

Despite being introverts, Pisces men and women often have many friends. They have a natural joy that infects and a strong emotional depth.

In the sentimental field, the Pisces man. He needs a woman who is well present, they are seductive, and their indifferent air attracts people a lot. They are not eager to find love. It is a feminine sign and they are not ashamed to connect with their emotional and sensitive part.

The woman who is with him has to always be present, be aware of what she does and not leave it on her own account. They will succumb to a woman of strong character, determined and always present, who sets the standards for their behavior.

The Pisces man will have no problem showing how he feels about the woman he loves. He usually has many female friends, but he will not accept any jealous scene from his partner.

However, when a man of this sign feels comfortable, the romantic relationship can be magical and pleasant.

Blue colors appeal to him, as are esoteric and artistic themes. He doesn’t like overly structured or formal topics.

On his part, the Pisces woman is a woman of nature, sensitive, dreamy and idealistic. She is very fanciful and aspires to find great love.

In general, they usually start a relationship by idealizing a man but later, they realize that they were wrong and are very disappointed. They have a great spirit of sacrifice and tend to wait a lot for the ideal man.

They need a romantic and dreamy man who can take them to a higher plane. They have a great love for nature, music and animals. They will feel fulfilled with a man who can reach the same emotional depth as them.

Women of this sign are extremely sensitive, if they do not find the man they are looking for, they fall into escapist behaviors because for Pisces reality is often very hard to face. They will fall in love with a man with a strong character but who has a lot of sensitivity, they are extremely feminine, they attract the opposite sex a lot due to their particularity and mystery. Intuitive and perceptive, they love to dance.

In intimacy they give themselves sexually and it becomes something magical rather than passionate, sensitivity will prevail. They need to always feel that romanticism and that magic.

Responses to a Pisces woman should be gentle, never brusque. She is one of the sexiest and most feminine women in the zodiac. It must be treated like a crystal glass, with great care due to its extreme sensitivity.

Defects of Aquarius people: they are unpunctual and tend to disconnect from reality, with difficulty in setting goals, lack of personality.

North Node in Pisces – Meaning and Symbolism

Those born under this sign are endowed with a deep compassion, a vocation for service and artistic inspiration.

Extremely receptive and emotional, the Piscean personality is one of the most complex and difficult to define.

Influential and perceptive, they absorb all kinds of impressions with the danger of falling into confusion and disorganization.

With great spiritual values, it is the sign most detached from the earthly and most related to the transcendental. They are characterized by having a powerful imagination, to the point that they become disconnected from reality.

A Piscean will be able to make every effort to keep their attention during a conversation but if you see how their eyes stare imperturbably on a point, patience, they will eventually return to this reality and will strive to recover the information that they could not absorb. They were daydreaming.

Pisces is related in a friendly way with the people around him.

However, in his apparent tranquility hide intense passions and strange longings that sometimes produce quick and even violent reactions, in those moments he does not care what he does.

I would like to note that the position of the nodes does not mean that you need to live this way and no other way!

Firstly, a professional astrologer looks at the whole chart as a whole, and secondly, be sure to note that the nodes are just an experience, and you will receive it throughout your life.

It does not happen that you “completed” your task of incarnation and took a breath. Our task in this life is to learn and get new experiences, which can be different. Both negative and positive – and this is absolutely normal.

When you live and live your map, including the nodes, life throws up new situations and new turns for our development and movement forward.

Therefore, you should not be afraid, or dwell on your lunar nodes, and on the notorious “task of incarnation”

The analysis and interpretation of lunar nodes is carried out as follows: you need to understand the position of the nodes, which is determined by two factors.

The lunar node is in the house, and the lunar node is in the sign. It is believed that the axis of the houses where the nodes fall is karmic. What does it mean?

This means that situations, or people who come across you on your way through those areas of the house where the nodes have fallen, help you come and complete your task of incarnation.

It is also believed that in the areas of these houses we have limited freedom of choice.

The red marker marks the south node and its house, sign. Ketu in this card fell into the sign of Aries and into the space of the 5th house.

The north node and its home sign are marked with a blue marker. Rahu in this card fell into the sign of Libra and into the space of the 11th house.

What does it mean? This means that in a past life, a person has developed qualities inherent in the sign of Aries in situations of the 5th house. And in the current life, he needs to develop the qualities of the Libra sign and go through the situations of the 11th house.

You can also say that you need to rely on the qualities already familiar (along the southern node), and with the help of them move to the northern one.

The space of the sign and the house where Rahu ended up is considered a stranger, unknown. And often a person dodges movement towards him, preferring to stay on the understandable, well-known Ketu.

When a person understands his vector of direction, then the movement towards the goal develops him, he gets a new experience, which is not always only positive.

Negative and negative experience helps us to understand, analyze our mistakes, and rethink our actions to move forward again.

The position of the lunar nodes at birth is shown by the natal chart.

But if the exact time of birth is unknown, then it is possible to see only the sign of the lunar nodes, since the nodes are in the same sign for about 1.5 years.

Of course, this will not give such accurate information as the exact time of birth, because the grid of houses, as well as the possible inspecting of the nodes, will be unknown.

To find out the zodiac sign where your nodes fell, use the table below and find among the date intervals the one in which you were born.


Its way of being is complex and contradictory, on the one hand it is inspired by noble acts and ideas and on the other it is full of fears and fear of being wrong.

He has a strong sensitivity and a vocation for service, he feels that he is in the world to help those who suffer. His character is friendly and he adapts easily to circumstances.

Tolerant of the comments of others, he never seeks prominence because he does not need it.

With an inclination towards sadness and melancholy, in the face of a conflict he often prefers to withdraw and avoid confrontation, although when he does, he can become aggressive and not measure the consequences of what he causes with this attitude.