Pallas in Libra

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The asteroid Pallas was discovered after the asteroid Ceres in 1802. This is one of the biggest ones in our Solar system. Just like the other asteroids, Pallas was also first considered a planet, and it was later discovered that was not true. The surface of Pallas is mostly silicates.

The name Pallas derives from the name of the ancient Greek goddess Athena, who was the goddess of war and wisdom and daughter of the great god Zeus. Pallas was her adopted name.

Pallas was her very good friend, whom she incidentally killed. As a sign of respect and grief over her lost friend, Athena began using her name alongside hers.

In an astrological sense, the asteroids in general symbolize our feminine power. Although not commonly used in interpretations of natal charts, these astronomical bodies can add a lot of details about a person’s character and their abilities.

Pallas often depicts our creative abilities and our intellect. It represents our creative efforts, our intelligence, wisdom, and our healing abilities.

This asteroid reveals how able we are to control our aggressive urges and our animalistic tendencies, using only our reason, our wisdom and intelligence.

Pallas demonstrates our will to fight for our beliefs and our focus on other people’s needs and wellbeing. It indicates the level of compassion we have.

This asteroid also reveals the relationship with our father (especially in a woman’s chart).

Pallas also symbolizes the men in our lives, especially in women’s chats. This asteroid’s placement indicates how much we trust men. It can either make us instinctively doubt their motives or trust them without a doubt.

The asteroid Pallas is often called the “warrior queen”. Pallas is a fighter for what she believes in and fights for the rights of people. She uses her wit and intelligence to avoid conflicts while accomplishing her goals.

Pallas is the healer asteroid as well. This asteroid often indicates the person’s intuitive abilities as well as healing abilities.

This asteroid rules different methods of healing, especially the ones where one needs to use the power of their mind in the process of healing others or in the process of self-healing.

There are different methods of healings in such a manner, such as meditation, mind control, sound healing, healing with light, hypnosis, aura reading, affirmations, visualizations, etc. People with prominent Pallas are also susceptible to be healed in such a manner.

Pallas often indicates people’s ability to make a strategy to successfully accomplish their goals.

It also gives a person good diplomatic skills and talent for politics and diplomacy.

Bad aspects of Pallas often make a person lack these skills. Bad aspects of Pallas can also make a person weak or overly aggressive.

Men with a strong influence of Pallas can be very weak and exhibit feminine traits, be passive and dependent.

Women with a strong Pallas can become very aggressive and dominant, and exhibit competitive behavior, especially in the presence of men. Such a woman might begin to deny her feminine qualities.

This asteroid is the ruler of arts, and is often prominent in the charts of people who have a great talent for arts, or people doing creative work for their living. They are talented for creating different visual forms, like photography, movies, architecture, pottery, sculpting, design, painting, etc.

Pallas describes how well we handle the issues regarding our diplomatic skills, healing abilities, creative endeavors, and other Pallas ruled areas.

It also describes how we deal with the fear of success and criticism. 

Pallas in Libra Man

Men with Pallas in Libra are born politicians and diplomats.

They have an inner urge to fight for the rights of people and the rule of law. They are organized and focused on establishing balance in all their relationships.

These men have a natural ability to bring people together and help them resolve their differences.

That is why they are excellent mediators.

These men propagate peaceful conflict resolution, mostly through negotiation, dialogue, legal procedures, acts of diplomacy, etc.

When they have an ability to heal people, they usually use various methods for establishing balance, whether in the body or in the outer relationships of the person who needs healing.

These men love beauty and are often artistically gifted.

Pallas in Libra Woman

Women with Pallas in Libra are kind and peaceful beings.

They love harmony and balance and try to establish it in all the spheres of life.

These women often have a calming effect on other people because of their natural ability to sense their feelings and find a solution to their problems.

They are specially gifted for helping conflicting parties resolve their issues. They are excellent marriage and relationships consultants.

These women love beauty and are very talented for creating beauty.

They love fashion and are usually very stylish. They are women whose style other women enjoy copying. They are great interior and exterior designers, as well as fashion designers.

Good Traits

Some of the good traits of Pallas in Libra: kind, beauty lovers, beauty creators, resolving differences between people, avoiding conflicts, talented designers, art lovers and creators, a great personal style, stylish, fashionable, healing through establishing balance, etc.

Bad Traits

Pallas in Libra people don’t have some especially bad traits. 

Pallas in Libra – General Info

People with Pallas in Libra have a special ability to see the disbalance between things, situations and people, and find the most suitable way to establish balance.

When these people heal, they usually use balancing techniques, like tai chi, polar therapy, conflict management, counseling, etc.

These people have strong artistic abilities.

They are very visual and have an eye for beauty. They are great at design in general, especially in fashion design and interior design. They love fashion and often make it their profession.

These people usually have great personal style and know how to give style advice to others.

Pallas in Libra people have excellent diplomatic skills and gift for diplomacy.

They are also excellent lawyers and judges, or they fight for establishment and respect of law and order.

They are defenders of justice and always try to find a peaceful manner for solving conflicts, mostly through dialogue between the conflicting parties, mediation, diplomacy, and legal procedures.

Pallas in Libra’s wisdom is in balancing, merging and harmonization of differences.


People with Pallas in Libra love balanced situations and relationships and are gifted for making peace with others and creating peace between conflicting parties.

They are talented for arts and design, and when healing, they practice methods of restoring balance in the body of the person who is being healed.