Part of Fortune in 4th House

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I bet you will agree with me when I say that what everyone looks for in their trajectory on Earth is to find happiness.

But this search is really difficult and exhausting. Often, we don’t even know where to start.

What if I tell you that your birth chart can show you the way to happiness?

The answer you are looking for may be at the Wheel of Fortune in Astrology!

Part of Fortune – Meaning

It summarizes everything that is important to us. Investing in these points can be a good recipe to find this happiness.

In this article, we will better explain the meaning of the Wheel of Fortune and show you how to discover the Wheel of Fortune on the Astral Map!

With this information, happiness will be a step away from you!

The Wheel of Fortune shows us the place, on our Astral Chart, where the Sun, Moon and our Ascendant are in harmony with each other.

This point is where we can find personal fulfillment. In other words, to find complete happiness, we must invest in the sign and the subject of the House where the Wheel of Fortune is located.

The Wheel of Fortune in Astrology points out the three most important points of an Astrological Chart:

The sun sign represents our essence. It allows us to know who we are, not in terms of what others think or say, but according to our will, vitality and mission. We need to use our own strength to recognize our weaknesses and allow the strength to deal with them.

The lunar sign shows us how we should react emotionally to the circumstances in which life puts us.

These patterns of emotion will build our personality and attitude.

Of course, it is very difficult to achieve emotional control, but if we can establish emotional harmony, it will be enough to feel at peace.

To achieve emotional harmony, we must first recognize that we cannot change reality.

However, we can change the way we behave in front of her.

Our Ascending sign shows us the way we express ourselves in the world.

Through it, we develop our personality and the way we deal with needs and feelings.

Everyone has dreams within them that bring out the most sincere desires of their soul, even if unconsciously.

To feel fulfilled and happy, people should be guided by these desires.

By directing your life towards these desires, you will be on the right path and will be able to experience joy and fulfillment.

The Wheel of Fortune in Astrology defines the unique and particular concept of success for each person.

It also shows that person’s most latent need, where his whole being vibrates!

Thus, the Wheel of Fortune shows us on what subject we must persist in order to find balance and happiness.

4th House – Meaning

House 4, which has its cusp (initial line) in the so-called “Fundo do Cue”, is the second angular house in the drawing of an astral chart and basically represents our origins, our past, our emotional, psychic, genetic roots, familiar and physical, habits and perceptions formed early in life and some personality traits that come from within, from our roots.

The complete analysis of the house is complementary to the analysis of the Sky Fund (cusp of house 4), in the same way that the complete analysis of what goes on in House 1 complements the indications given by the Ascendant (cusp of house 1).

It is located at the bottom of the birth chart, in the south quadrant, opposite Casa 10 (Medio do Cue) and deals with two types of personal residence: Our home (physical and material aspect of it) and our home (emotional aspect of refuge and shelter).

In it, we deal with the emotional experience related to everything that was lived in the previous three houses. We analyzed the so-called “childhood memories” and that feeling of belonging to a home.

It is in this mundane house that the integration of the mind, body and feelings gathered as one thing takes place.

It is a mysterious and intimate place, of all the things we love and are dear to us. A place of family, intimacy and welcome, of maternal feelings, as well as private matters and the constant proximity to another Being.

It also points out important issues in the relationship we have built with one of the parents.

People with a strong fourth home may be collectors who have a fear of change deeply rooted in the need to maintain family feelings, of what is already known.

It indicates how we regularly deal with people in the place we call home, whether it be with your family or someone who lives with us.

It is the headquarters, our base of operations, our roots, our refuge and center of personal power, the place that recharges (or drains, depending on the astrological configuration) our forces.

It governs everything that has to do with shelters, refuges and childhood homes, as well as the emotional experience of the beginning and end of life, our genealogy.

It is also about our family history, our self-development, the quality of our memories, our past and the wealth (or poverty) of our inner world.

It is our final destination, also representing our grave, which closes the cycle a life, being the beginning and the end.

Part of Fortune in 4th House – Meaning and Symbolism

The benefits you will receive from the Wheel of Fortune in Astrology will depend directly on how it uses your Sun, Moon and Ascendant, how these three factors are working on your Natal Chart.

This is another important point of why we must know our Wheel of Fortune well.

For example, if you have been using your Moon as a storehouse of negative memories, then your Wheel of Fortune will not work positively.

The Moon represents growth, change, development of new habits that will help you to raise your karma.

The moment you are born, the Sun and Moon occupy a certain position in space.

In Astrology, the sun-moon relationship is calculated by the angular distance between them. This angular value is 0º for the New Moon and 180º for the Full Moon.

To calculate the Wheel of Fortune in Astrology, the first point to consider is whether you were born during the day, with the Sun positioned above the horizon line, or during the night, with the Sun below the horizon line.

If you were born during the day, the Wheel of Fortune will be calculated from the zodiacal distance between the Sun and the Moon and the projection of that distance from the degree of the Ascendant.

Now, if you were born at night, your Wheel of Fortune is calculated from the zodiacal distance between the Moon and the Sun and the projection of that distance from the Ascending degree.

You can give clues on how we behave when we are at home, how our personal tree grows (where the crown would be Casa 10, the home of our reputation and achievements) and how our creation was.

Analyzing the fourth house well can help us understand how to eliminate destructive habits that are rooted in our emotional foundations, at home and in the family.

House 4 makes a complete circle (the symbol of infinity is also linked to this house), covering both the beginning of life as well as old age and our final resting place.


Much of the emphasis on the fourth worldly house, however, is in the concept of home, where we settle down, take root and what we need to move towards the Middle of Heaven.

It indicates how the characteristics acquired early in childhood influence the decisions we make at adulthood.

Those who have a lot of influence in the fourth house tend to follow routines and traditions of their families, collecting things so they can remember one day.

If we look at Casa 10 as a representative of global and social integration, Casa 4 represents personal and private integration, the center of gravity that nourishes our identity and manages our private world.

It can also be seen as the launching pad for our aspirations and projections in the world, our “recharge outlet”.