Part of Fortune in 8th House

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This sensitive point indicates that place in the birth chart where the Sun, the Moon and the Ascendant can be expressed in the most harmonious way.

The Thirteen Roses in the History of Spain.

The wheel itself is representative of chance, choice, and possibility.

Part of Fortune – Meaning

They have the Wheel of Fortune in this house: liana Staller and Luigi Pirandello.

In the arcane of the Wheel of Fortune we can observe how a cycle ends and gives way to a new cycle. Part of La Fortuna in House XI.

Think of amazing offers and new opportunities. JUPITER, which is the natural signifier of wealth and luck in general.

See its strength, its situation and its aspects. To resolve this question, the following points must be carefully examined: 1.

In this strong year, let us look at the Natural Law of Cycles, symbolically represented by the Key of #Tarot: The Wheel of Fortune.

The Wheel of Fortune card tells us about the natural cycles of life, karma, the rewards and lessons that the universe has for us for our learning and personal development.

Whether you believe in destiny or not, things are lining up for your benefit. School of Astrology.

The wheel of fortune in Aries: You need a lot of activity and use up the energy you have in projects, ideas and to be able to define your autonomy before others.

Arabic parts / Wheel of fortune. Part of Fortune in the Astrological Houses and its Meaning in the Natal Chart Part of Fortune in House 1.

8th House – Meaning

Casa 8 carries a great psychological burden in its theme, representing the intimate relationships and the great emotional transformations that result from them.

It can be compared to the witch’s cauldron or the alchemist’s oven: it is the place of crises and changes that occur in secret if they are transmuted, in the inner being.

In Casa 8, the commitment we made in the seventh house changes is palpable: we go through experiences that make us part of a demanding and larger entity, which is “we”.

At the same time, we realize that we can use our personal power to control this larger entity represented by the merger, in order to derive benefits from relationships or personal goals.

The eighth moving house is commonly referred to as the sex house, the one that deepens relationships and interactions with others – and how certain aspects of these interactions can take on a common nature to both, a shared aspect.

This house is about the potential that our relationships will bring us and how we can make the most of them.

It is the gateway to the realization of investments and business, governing the money and legacy of other people.

It can also be considered the second health facility.

The Greek term for the eighth house is Epicataphora, which means something like “falling into the underworld”, or a parallel meaning, “entering the gates of hell”.

It represents the path of the Sun in the sky when it descends towards the horizon, which many ancient cultures thought was the death of their solar God.

Although no planet in the eighth house has a particularly happy connotation in its interpretation, the crescent moon is considered fertile for financial matters.

House 8 is governed by the sign of Scorpio and the planet Mars (in traditional astrology) and Pluto (in modern astrology).

Casa 8 is treated on the birth chart as a point of evolution or transformation, which shows our ability to transform, break through cocoons and transcend.

But, in truth, this is not a very happy house, being considered evil in astrology, since the rebirth proposal does not always follow the death proposal.

It is a very challenging sector on an astrological chart, encompassing our deepest fears and the coyest abuse of power.

The planets positioned in that house as well as the aspects they do are about our relationship with loss.

Part of Fortune in 8th House – Meaning and Symbolism

It is a place of regeneration, which closes us in seclusion when we are hurt, lost or defeated, but which shows us what we must face and change in order to grow, regenerate, evolve, obtain forgiveness or simply accept some fact.

Through its crises, it turns us into better people, so we should not have hatred or fear, but rather like the idea.

All the people who have already contacted each other through Casa 7 and let them go accumulate here, creating apprehensions, dissatisfactions and fears.

It is the place where the most intimate sexual relationships take place and where we can analyze all the eccentric preferences, fetishes, paraphilia, choices difficult to understand by others and things that we are ashamed of.

It is the place used by our unconscious to send us everything necessary to protect us from life-threatening situations (or throw ourselves into them), being a place of danger and fear, but also of liberation.

This is perhaps the most hated of all houses, but if we look more calmly, there is no reason for it, except for our own perceptions of limitations, fears and taboos.

This is one of the houses that hides all the dirty things, our emotional charge, our anger, our disturbing emotions and things we need to get rid of, as well as everything we put under the rug, refusing to negotiate or show off.

In its final manifestation, this is the house of death, arriving as the end of the road, after many things have been discarded for our body to deal with, but also as an inevitable part of life.

Any planet located in our eighth home is a planet that we fail to see in all its glory and potential.

Even when Mars or Pluto are here, given their strong connection, their influence still tends to be complicated.

Some experiences at home 8 can be particularly disturbing, although for some people such experiences are seductive, attractive and stimulating: psychologists, astrologers, occultists, alchemists, caregivers, healers, shamans and all sorts of people connected with esotericism or parapsychology can have their improved intuition, exercise great functions and have considerable skills in their performance depending on the configuration of your House 8.

Casa 8 is the sector that also deals with over-committed and deep relationships, as a pact that exists in addition to traditional vows, which promise complex experiences that are yet to come.

An Arabic point in an astrological chart is a disembodied point, which is of considerable importance for astrological interpretation.

The part of Fortune or the part of Fortune in the Astral Chart, as both terms are used habitually, is responsible for updating us on the consequences produced by a person’s behavior.

It does not look at the actions of the individual but in the use he makes of his will, individuality and sensitivity.

The time has come to know where he is going, to define his destiny. It is in the place where the Moon would be if the Sun had been exactly on the Ascendant at the moment of birth.

The Wheel of Fortune is calculated using this simple formula: AS + Moon – Sun in night births.

The arcane number “X”, The Wheel of Fortune, symbolizes voluntary action. Fernando Rover no Astrology. House XII: if it receives optimal aspects, we find a kind of passive fortune that frees from material concerns.

And in daytime births, the arc that forms between the Sun and the Moon, added to the Ascendant. It is a generally positive, fast letter, events are about to happen, just around the corner. Aspects that will occur on August 7.

Part of Fortune in the First House suggests that the greatest success will come through developing independence and self-reliance, life experience, individual initiative, and not depending on the opinions of others.

Part of Fortune: The Part of Fortune (or Wheel of Fortune) is the best known and most used Arabic part.

In astrology this symbol is the symbol of the Sun, but also the symbol of the zodiac, and therefore the symbol of…

Today we will see two analogies that can be given in Astrology and in the Tarot. The Fortune Part is often represented by a winged wheel with gold spokes. …

If your Part of fortune is in Pisces, the Wheel of Destiny turns in your favor when you are not attached to the result.

What is meant is that the symbolism of this Key refers to the initial rotational movement in the vast expanse of the root substance of the universe that occultists call Unlimited Light.


The wheel in the plane is a circle, and the circularity is a spontaneous manifestation of the cosmos.

In Astrology, the Part of Fortune (or The Part of Fortune, as you prefer to call it) informs us about the immediate consequences, not of the individual’s actions, but of his behavior, of the use he makes of his will, his sensitivity and your individuality.