Venus in Virgo

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Astrology, in common tongue, is usually identified with what we know as horoscope or, more precisely, personal horoscope.

You have to admit that your own destiny and that of those you care for is of much more of interest to you than that of the wider population and humankind in total. It may sound a bit egocentric, while, in fact, each one of us is just a piece of mosaic in overall humanity.

The ‘science of stars’ is ancient. Origins of Western astrology lie far back in the past and are associated with old Persia. Different astrological paths developed in other parts of the world. Chinese, Japanese, Tibetan and Vedic astrology are all great and old astrological systems, worth of every admiration. In past, astrology was not that common amongst ordinary people.

It was reserved for royal courts and everything that has to do with matters of an empire.

Great leaders and rulers of the past have much relied on their astrologers predictions.

Notable kings and generals would always consult a royal astrologer in order to organize their forces and determine the most favorable time to start a war campaign, for example.

Today, astrology is rarely consulted to give answers on such big questions and it is not considered a ‘real’ discipline, but a pseudo science. However, we have to bear in mind that astrology has been in use for thousands of years and that it has its methodology, criteria, rules and features all elements of a scientific approach. Astrology is abundant in all sorts of paths and knowledge; it has many branches.

We are interested in natal astrology, which is related to personal horoscope.

Personal horoscope or a birth chart relies on the principle of heavenly aspects’ influence over an individual’s life and destiny. Birth chart is represented in a form of diagram, which is actually an image of sky at the time someone was born. An astrologer would create a personalized birth chart based on the exact time, date and place of birth.

This diagram features a complex of astrological elements. The essential elements in a birth chart are planets and zodiac signs. Their positions, relations and unique image they create determine a person’s destiny. If you wonder whether astrology can answer all questions, the answer to that particular question depends on many factors.

First of all, it depends on what kind of answers you except. Second, it is very important to consider all the possibilities that astrology, as a discipline, has to offer.

Last, but not the least important, it depends on expertise, practice and experience of an astrologer, both as a theoretician and a practitioner of astrology. Answers are both yes and no.

Venus and Horoscope

An astrologer would analyze your birth chart and he or she would pay special attention to position of planets there. To return for a brief moment to the matter of questions and answers – the astrologer would tell you what potential, capacities and possibilities are there for you.

No astrologer would ever tell you this or that will definitely happen in your life.

Planetary position in a natal chart gives us certain potentials. It depends on a much bigger picture and on many other important details in a birth chart how one particular potential is going to develop in an individual case.

Planets are, nevertheless, an important factor. Five of them are considered ‘personal planets’. It means that they are responsible for your personal traits and character.

Personal planets are the Sun, the Moon, Mercury, Venus and Mars. Before you ask about the Sun and the Moon, here we talk in terms of astrology. Astrologically, the Sun and the Moon are enlisted as planets and they play an important role in your birth chart.

Your ruling zodiac sign is the one in which the Sun is positioned in your birth chart.

Venus is one of these personal planets. Venus is the planet of love, beauty, fertility, abundance, sensual pleasures and material richness. It is associated with the Greek goddess Aphrodite, Babylonian Ishtar and Roman Venus.

In Western astrology, characteristics and ideas attributed to these deities are inherited as archetypes. Therefore, planet Venus astrologically represents the same ideas.

In a birth chart, Venus’ place is of great importance. This planet defines your sense for beauty and your understanding of love. It answers question on the subject of love, beauty and that of material well-being.

Venus in horoscope represents everything we love, everything that make us feel joy and happiness.

It represents amorousness, our sense of amorousness, our creativity and artistic taste. Venus promotes creativity, love for the world, peace and harmony. It defines romantic relationships and things that you would find pleasant and enjoyable.

Venus is warm, bright and fertile. It is of a great importance to know where it stands in your birth chart.

Venus in Virgo – General Info

Venus in Virgo is a dream of perfect love, pure, intact, divine, beautiful, light as a summer breeze. Venus in Virgo dwells in an earthly surrounding, with a mutable quality.

It means people with Venus in Virgo have great tendency of changing things exclusively in order to make them better, especially in matters of love. They dream of perfection and they are flexible in finding ways to reach perfection.

They want to bring love to a higher level or to find love they consider so divine, high, pure.

Their aura is bright and positive. With Venus in Virgo, the energy of flexibility is accentuated; people with Venus in Virgo are adaptable and flexible in various situations. However, ultimate goal of Venus Virgo is stability, circle, something definite and fulfilling.

Venus in Virgo is faced with negative polarity characteristic for Virgo, which makes this aspect inclined towards introvert personality and receptivity. That is the reason why Venus Virgo sees love as a circle, something that fills essential needs, that is complete and perfect. It is not uncommon that reason and heart are in conflict, in Venus Virgo people.

Virgo is a sign ruled by the element of Earth, so Venus in such a place accentuates the need for rationalizing emotions.

A person with such an aspect wants to have their emotions under control at all times, while, on the other side, they feel the need to let their romantic fantasies prevail and lead. Venus in Virgo indicates a person that is shy, introvert, reserved and closed, especially when it comes to expression of tenderness and the deepest feelings.

Venus Virgo people are not used to expressing their love through passionate manifestations, gestures and physical contact, but they would write you a love letter that will touch the deepest parts of your soul.

Venus Virgo people see their perfect love as a realization of full mutual understanding and trust. They are loyal and honest and they are always ready to hear what their partner has to say.

Venus Virgo is a good, supportive and reasonable listener. They feel the happiest if they feel their loved ones need them. They are a bit of control freaks and it could reflect on their love life.

People with Venus in Virgo see beauty in order and organization. They see beauty in simplicity, cleanliness, structure, clean lines and everything that is defined and finished.

While in physical appearance they prefer natural beauty and praise it above everything artificial, they are generally the most attracted to architectural sketches than to lavish landscape paintings.

Good Traits

Venus in Virgo is an amazing aspect. It makes a person very devoted, careful, observant and dedicated to details. Venus in Virgo is flexible in searching for perfection.

At first, it might even sound paradoxical, because this perfectionist would allow himself or herself to adapt to various imperfect circumstances, in order to find perfect ones or to build them up.

They are dedicated to what they have set their mind on. Venus Virgo is a perfectionist in everything. They are of calm nature and most of the time they will mind their own business. They are often well educated, they praise knowledge and truth and they are of good manners.

People with Venus in Virgo would rarely let their emotions rule all of their actions.

Here, Venus is with both feet on the ground, if we could call it so. Venus Virgos want steadiness, but they would not accept anything below their expectations. It could make them isolated and reserved, but they could turn it into their advantage.

People with Venus in Libra follow their heart, but trust their reason, as well.

They are well organized and they do not like mess. They seem to have an insight into everything they do. Venus Virgo would never allow him or herself to be dishonest, to lie or to deceive. They are responsible and caring, if not particularly empathic.

Morality is one of the values they praise, along with love.

Bad Traits

Venus Virgo individuals tend to criticize others too much, while they keep their feelings and thoughts to themselves, so no one could criticize them about that. They tend to be obsessive and controlling, which makes them characters difficult to deal with.

Just as they could be flexible if it suits their needs, they could be incredibly stubborn and petty.

They are good with words, although they prefer written over spoken words. However, you would most likely find yourself wondering why you ever thought you could talk about any subject on morality with a Venus Virgo.

These people could be too strict, too controlling and too fixated.

Their need to find perfection in everything, including love life, can really turn bad. They cannot tolerate imperfection, so they keep grumbling about this or that in a marriage, until things eventually break apart. They are obsessed with details to the point it becomes unbearable.

It could also happen they become too cold and stiff, if Virgo qualities prevail over Venus efforts to bring some windy romance into their character.

They convince themselves that it is the only right way, so they completely suppress their passions and romantic desires, turning their idea of perfect love into something too perfect and artificial to be possible.

Venus in Virgo Man

Venus in Virgo in men signs represents their romantic tendencies towards women that are delicate, gentle, ultimately feminine.

They are attracted to women who do not seek attention and who feel shy and a bit uncomfortable in public. They seek for a lady who is like a fresh breeze, bright, soft and of a simple, but impeccable style.

Men with Venus in Virgo could be seen at scientific and educational institutions, in offices, bookstores, tailoring workshops. They like to spend their time purposefully; most of their hobbies are related to educational sphere.

Their leisure time is always well measured, simple and stylish. These men are attracted by people of the same taste, which also applies to their love life.

Venus Virgo man is a perfectionist and he likes order and control in everything. He perfectly organizes his time and he act like a gentleman. He would send you an old-fashioned love letter, witty and charming.

They are masters of a subtle, stylish and intelligent seduction.

Venus in Virgo Woman

Venus Virgo woman is a true lady. She is always perfectly dressed and her look is never overdone.

She prefers natural beauty to tons of makeup. She is well organized and tidy; Venus Virgo woman usually leads well-organized and planned life. She dreams of a perfect guy who could meet her intellectual level and share her moral values.

She prefers not to draw attention to herself. You could recognize her by sparkles in her eyes and a bright, but somewhat shy smile. She is not particularly a good talker, unless you engage in a philosophical or a moral debate with her.

However, she knows how to listen, which is a rare quality these days.

Venus Virgo lady enjoys simple pleasures and she is interested in science and education, just as her male counterpart. Venus Virgo people have distinctive sense of beauty. Order, cleanliness and structure are what is beautiful.

This sense of beauty is accentuated in Venus Virgo women. They could be excellent architects or designers.


Venus in Virgo people love simplicity and decency in everything.

They are great moralists, with a bad side of being too judging of others. They value honesty and knowledge. People with Venus in Virgo trust their reason often more than their heart. They could experience inner conflicts between warm and loving Venus and cold-blooded, often insensitive Virgo.

This astrological aspect has some great advantages, such as straightforwardness in thinking, excellent skills with words and mastering the words as a tool of expressing love, truthfulness and observance.

They also have bad sides such as tendency to criticizing others and being extremely stubborn. They are perfectionists in everything, including love.