Pisces Man and Capricorn Woman – Love Compatibility, Marriage

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When you want to discover more about the person you like, you are prepared to go to great length. Usually you go through their social profiles because it is the easiest and most convenient way nowadays to find more about someone.

The only minus of that research is the fact that people are not always sincere in their social profiles and usually try to portray their lives in a better light than they actually are.

Another very useful way to discover more about a person is to use astrology. Astrology analysis can be very precise and give up a lot of details about someone’s personality. They can give you information about the potential of the relationship between you and another individual as well.

If you have a person’s birth details, such as their exact time of birth, as well as the place and date of birth, you can make their astrological natal chart.

Their natal chart’s planetary placements can give you information about their personality and preferences.

If you compare your natal chart to theirs and find the aspects between your planets, the meaning of these aspects will describe the nature of the potential relationship between the two of you.

Positive aspects describe a relationship with a tendency to be a lasting and harmonious one, while predominately negative aspects usually denote a relationship filled with conflicts and without much probability to be a lasting one.

If you don’t have birth data for the person you’re interested in or your birth data, you cannot make your natal charts, but you can still use astrology to determine that person’s character as well as the compatibility between you two.

You can do that by analyzing the basic traits of their horoscope sign, as well as comparing these traits to the traits of your horoscope sign.

It won’t be as precise analysis like the one where you have both your natal charts, but it will give you additional insight into this person’s traits, as well as the relationship potential between you two.

In the text below, we make a comparative analysis of the basic traits of a Pisces man and an Aquarius woman to see how well they get along.

Pisces Man

The Pisces man is very emotional, although you won’t be able to discover that side of them easily. These men are used to hiding their emotions mostly because they fear of getting hurt.

They tend to carry around past hurts and refusing to let go of them, pointlessly prolonging their suffering.

Because of their romantic nature which seeks love, they can be prone to falling in love impulsively and with the wrong type of women. When that happens these men end up being hurt and disappointed and these feelings remain inside them for a long time causing them to retreat and have a defensive attitude.

Pisces men can be very secretive about their private matters and they don’t open up to people easily. These men tend to keep some matters only to themselves and even the people who are closest to them cannot say that they know everything about them. Besides their need to keep their privacy these men also have a tendency to hide the truth or prevent it from being known.

They are also prone to lying and they usually do it to protect some interest they believe they have. Neptune, their ruling planet is responsible for their behavior because it rules deceits, secrets, lies, illusions, and hidden matters.

Neptune also gives these men the tendency to avoid dealing with their issues and instead putting them under the rug and ignoring them. Sometimes, they go so far in their process of ignoring issues they need to deal with, putting themselves into a state of oblivion through drugs or alcohol.

One of their main lessons is to learn to confront the problems and issues they have instead of ignoring and expecting them to disappear suddenly.

These men desire a deep and committed relationship with a woman, but until they find the right one, they can be prone to experimenting and gaining experience by multiple dating, and changing partners.

As we previously mentioned, these men can be masters of lies and deception, and many of them can go on for years being in relationships with different women at once without any of them knowing about that.

Once this man falls deeply in love with a woman, the situation changes, and he becomes loyal and committed, sometimes to the point of becoming obsessed with a woman.

Such behavior could be overwhelming for women who are independent types and appreciate their freedom and individuality. When they are in love, these men often desire to merge completely with the object of their love, and want to spend every single moment by their side.

The Pisces men are often not good with money, and are prone to recklessly spending them. Some Pisces men are even prone to gambling or jeopardizing their financial security and the security of their loved ones with thoughtless financial decisions and actions. Not all Pisces men have a reckless attitude towards money.

Some are diligent about spending and they know how to invest and save for the future. Pisces men as well as Pisces women often have luck in earning money.

They often have unusual and creative ways of earning it as well. They often have more than one means of income.

These men usually don’t have strong personalities and willpower, which is one of the main reasons they seek a woman who is dominant and possesses that power instead of them. They are often insecure about their abilities and they need someone to encourage them or lead the way.

These men are not very passionate but are very emotional, and they need a strong emotional response from a woman. If a woman is cold and doesn’t return their affection they usually stop giving initiative and begin retreating and distancing themselves.

These men are fun and playful fathers who enjoy spending time with their kids doing all sorts of interesting activities. They are meek and usually allow their kids to do what they like.

Capricorn Woman

Capricorn women are dignified and have an attitude. These women have powerful personalities and cannot be manipulated.

They can appear a bit reserved and sometimes even cold, but that is usually a mask with which they hide their true nature.

These women don’t open up to strangers and they need to get to know a person better to be relaxed in their presence. They are protective of their private matters and never share them with people they don’t know or they don’t trust.

Although it doesn’t appear that way, Capricorn women are very passionate and driven to fulfill their goals. Sometimes they can even be considered ruthless because of their unstoppable desire to succeed. These women usually don’t care what others think about them.

They are confident and believe in their abilities. These women are also very proud and have high values of them. Pisces women also have high standards when it comes to the people they hang around with, especially the men they date.

A typical Capricorn woman is very ambitious and successful, and the man she chooses needs to be at least as successful as she is. She wants to have a strong and confident man by her side although she is more than capable of being the leader in any kind of relationship.

Success and career advancement are very important to the Capricorn woman and she usually continues pursuing them even when she is married and has children. Her man needs to respect that need and support her in her endeavors.

These women usually manage to provide for their financial stability and they expect their man to be able to do the same. That is only a confirmation of the man’s ability and qualities.

It also ensures the stability of their relationship because they will both be proud of each other’s ability to provide for the family.

These women are very direct and are not afraid to tell their opinion. Some people might consider them overly honest and direct and can even be offended by their behavior. The Capricorn woman can be considered self-centered and often selfish.

She knows how to take care of herself and that is often considered selfish and inconsiderate by people who are used to relying on others to solve their problems.

They love luxury money can provide them and they enjoy being surrounded by quality and expensive things.

These women often have a style other women envy them for. If a man can provide her with the lifestyle they desire, some of these women can even give up on their careers and devote their time to raising their children and taking care of the organization of the house.

These women are proud to have an accomplished man by their side and that is often more important than being accomplished themselves.

This woman usually manages to devote some time to herself and her needs, despite the many duties she has. She is a strict parent, but her children are usually well-mannered and educated.

This woman makes a perfect companion for a man who desires to have a true stylish lady by their side. She is a perfect wife for an accomplished man. 

Love Compatibility

The Pisces man and the Capricorn woman are a compatible couple, but they need some additional bonding planetary placements in their natal charts to be able to maintain a lasting relationship.

A typical Capricorn woman wouldn’t tolerate a man who is not responsible and able to sustain financial stability. The Pisces man could consider her cold and distant, and she could have difficulties in responding equally to his expressions of emotions.

These two need to make some compromises to keep their relationship. 

Marriage Compatibility

The marriage between a Pisces man and a Capricorn woman could be a lasting one if they both make some compromises.

This marriage will never work out if he is a type of Pisces man who is insecure and dependent on another person’s leadership. He will also need to be a provider for the family; otherwise, the Capricorn woman won’t be able to respect him, which could eventually lead to the ending of the marriage.

Also, the Capricorn woman should be more emotional than the average Capricorn; otherwise the Pisces man could feel deprived and unsatisfied with her emotional response to his expressions of emotions towards her.

These two belong to compatible elements, earth and water, but they need a lot of adjusting to be able to keep their marriage harmonious and lasting.


A friendship relationship between a Pisces man and a Capricorn woman often isn’t a good idea.

If he is a typical Pisces man, she might consider him irresponsible and inconsistent, and these are traits which a Capricorn woman cannot easily tolerate.

She, on the other hand could appear to stiff and unadjusted to the Pisces man.

If they are typical representatives of their signs they won’t likely form a friendship bond, although they might have sympathy for each other.

Cool Facts

Both the Pisces man and the Capricorn woman don’t find it easy to relax in the company of strangers and they don’t give their trust easily.

They value their privacy and only the people who are close to them can be a part of their inner circle.

In public, both of them usually wear masks to protect themselves from people they don’t want to have to deal with.


A Pisces man and a Capricorn woman don’t have a conflicting relationship but they have a lot of differences in their characters and preferences which might cause issues and problems to establish and maintain a relationship.

There need to exist some other bonding elements in their natal charts to bring these two together and keep them in a harmonious relationship.

If that isn’t the case, the relationship between these two, whether a love relationship, a marriage or a friendship, will require a lot of compromise on both sides, and is not likely to last.