Pisces Man and Leo Woman – Love Compatibility, Marriage

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If you are looking a way to find out more facts about a person you like and how compatible you two would be in some form of relationship, know that astrology can give you very accurate information.

Astrology analysis of a person’s natal chart can reveal much about the individual’s personality and their preferences, and the comparison of the natal charts of two people can give a lot of insight into the potential of their relationship.

To make a natal chart of a person, you’ll need their precise birth data, i.e., their exact time of birth, as well as their date and place of birth.

By analyzing their planetary placements in various signs and the aspects they are making, as well as the planet’s placements in the houses of the natal chart, you will discover much about their character and interests.

Also, if you make your natal chart as well, you can compare the planetary placements in both charts and determine the aspects between the planets to see how well you two could get along together.

If the aspects between the planets are good in nature, the relationship has a good chance of being harmonious and lasting, while, if the aspects are predominately bad, that is not good news regarding the potential of your relationship.

If that is the case, the relationship will most likely be filled with conflicts and disagreements, and won’t be a lasting one.

If you don’t have the birth data for yourself or the person you’re interested in, you can still use astrology to get some useful information.

For example, horoscope signs have general traits which most people born under the same sign share. You can use these traits to get a general insight into someone’s personality.

Also, you can compare the horoscope traits for both your horoscope signs, and determine the general compatibility between you two.

In the lines below, we will compare the general traits of the Pisces man and the Leo woman to try to determine how these two get along. 

Pisces Man

The Pisces man is an emotional being, although it often doesn’t appear like that. The reason is this man’s need to hide his emotions behind a mask of disinterestedness. This man is afraid of relaxing because he fears getting hurt if he does that.


The reason for such behavior is often some past hurt which he cannot forget.

These men can be very secretive (just like Pisces women). Their true nature is hardly ever known to anyone, even the people who are closest to them. Pisces people have the need to keep their private matters to themselves which goes as far as telling lies to protect something they consider important.

Neptune, their ruling planet, rules secrets, illusions, deceptions, lies, etc.

Because of this influence, Pisces are often prone to deceptive behavior and manipulating people through creating illusions about reality, which is in fact, the opposite of what they portray it to be.

Pisces men look for a woman they will merge their body and soul with. While searching for that woman, many of them get involved in various relationships with women, gathering experience.

Many of these times they get the impression that the woman is the right one and they get overly consumed with emotions, which causes great disappointments and depressive states when they realize they were wrong.

These men usually don’t have strong personalities and willpower. When disappointments and other bad things happen to them, these men (and Pisces women also) tend to retreat and often ignore the issues instead of confronting them and dealing with them.

They usually do the ignoring part in their minds, expecting that their problems will somehow disappear without them doing anything about that.

The worst scenario is when they begin reaching for additional means to make them forget about the problems they are facing, such as drugs and alcohol. Pisces are prone to addictions and disillusioning themselves in certain situations.

They need to work on building their confidence and pushing themselves to confront their problems instead of ignoring them and allowing them to grow bigger.

Until they find the woman they fall deeply in love with, many of these men are prone to dating multiple women and cheating. They are not the most reliable person when they are not interested much in a woman.

These men often have deceiving skills which help them remain undiscovered while dating two or more women at the same time. Many of these men have a sweet nature which often helps them get away without consequences, even when they get caught.

When it comes to financial issues, there are two types of Pisces men (with variations of course) in general. Some of these men don’t know how to deal with money, and are prone to overspending and jeopardizing their financial security.

These men are often prone to gambling and making irresponsible financial decisions which jeopardize their wellbeing and the wellbeing of their loved ones. This type of Pisces man needs a woman who will need to control their urges for spending and prevent them from financial ruin.

The other type of Pisces man has a gift of earning money and investing it wisely, as well as saving it for future safety. Both types usually have luck in earning money, and they differ only in the way they handle it.

Pisces is a creative sign, and these men usually find some interesting and unusual way of earning money.

When the Pisces men fall in love, it is easy for them to become obsessed with the object of their affection, and that could cause problems when the woman is not as emotional as they are or when she doesn’t want to be as much immersed in the relationship as the Pisces man does.

These men are overflowing with emotions, and they could easily smother the woman who is not ready for that. The advice is to not come on as strong in the beginning because some women could be frightened by the power of their emotions.

It also saves them the risk of getting emotionally involved with a woman who is not as interested in them as much as they are, and getting hurt as a result.

When they are in a relationship where there is an equal emotional response, these men become loyal and devoted partners who would do anything to make their loved one happy.

They long for an ideal in love, and they are the happiest when they experience something that resembles that ideal.

They are complaisant parents, and let their kids do what they want. They are usually not as good at organizing things around the household (although some Pisces men who have an influence of other more organized signs are great in that role), and appreciate when their woman takes on that role. 

Leo Woman

The Leo woman has a confident personality and is openly demonstrating her confidence and abilities.

These women are often very self-absorbed, and their attitude can be considered a nuisance to people who don’t like such behavior in their presence. These women should consider changing their attitude because it could often put a shadow on their remarkable qualities and create the wrong impression about them.

A typical Leo woman is successful and able to provide her financial stability and the lifestyle she craves for.

Most of these women are focused on succeeding in their goals and desires and are prepared to do everything it takes to get where they want.

Many of them gain substantial financial wealth and rise high on the social scale. Many Leo women manage to overcome the burden of their humble origin and become a part of the so-called elite in their society.

They don’t mind about the challenges they are facing along the way, and their only motivation is to succeed. Leo people have a great ambition to succeed, which is maybe the biggest of all other signs in the Zodiac.

When the Leo woman decides she wants something, not many things can stop her from getting it.

These women love spending money and buying luxury items.

They also desire to have a luxury lifestyle and often spend a great amount of money to provide it. Some of these women are so consumed by having the latest luxury trends, that they jeopardize their financial security and indulge in overspending.

Their desire to have only the best is so big that it often blurs their current financial reality and leads them to financial ruin. Fortunately, most Leo women are not reckless with their spending, or they have enough to afford what they desire.

Many of these women often suffer from a superiority complex and believe that they are somehow better than other people. People either despise them or they admire them for such an attitude.

Because they are so capable themselves, they also want to have a capable man by their side, who is able to provide them with the things and lifestyle they desire. Their man should be ambitious and successful, at least as much as they are. He also needs to be financially well-off, and able to fulfill their spending desires.

These women are attracted by success and are not as emotional. A man who lacks ambition and is not yet accomplished could hardly catch their attention.

Leo women usually prefer to be in the center of attention, and they use various ways to get there. They are often very loud and dress to attract attention.

Their dominant personality often creates them problems in relations with people, especially men they like. They prefer men with strong personalities, but have difficulty getting along with them and finding mutual agreement on things.

Dominant and confident men usually don’t like to be told what to do by their women, and Leo women often try to do that. Their behavior often causes these men to leave because they cannot tolerate their attitude.

That often causes these women to end up with men who have weaker personalities and don’t have an issue with being in a relationship with a dominant woman who has the last saying in the relationship.

These women are passionate and prefer passionate men. They have kind souls and are ready to help people, although they often end up bragging about the things they did. They don’t have a bad intention underneath, they simply like to brag.

They manage to keep every aspect of their lives under control. They are good mothers and wives, although not very emotional. 

Love Compatibility

A Pisces man and a Leo woman usually don’t make a good love match.

It takes a lot of compromise and other planetary influences in their natal charts for these two to have a satisfying relationship.

The Pisces man is usually overly emotional, and not confident and successful enough for this woman.

The Leo woman on the other side is often too loud and self-consumed for this man to tolerate. They often have different interests and goals in life.

Marriage Compatibility

These two rarely get married, and if they do, it is usually because there are some other bonding elements between their natal charts.

This marriage can also be a result of a mutual infatuation between these two, which ends once these two realize each other’s true nature.

This marriage needs a lot of compromises and works on both sides to be a lasting one. 


Pisces man and a Leo woman don’t have similar interests and they are rarely in a friendship relationship, unless they have some other bonding influences in their natal charts.

The Leo woman is focused on material success, while the Pisces man inclines more towards spiritual advancement and non-material aspects of life.

Cool Facts

The Pisces man is not very interested in material things and wealth, although he usually doesn’t have issues with gaining money, but with keeping it.

The Leo woman on the other hand loves material things and enjoys gaining money to be able to provide them. both the Pisces man and the Leo woman can be prone to reckless spending and jeopardizing their financial security. 


The Pisces man and the Leo woman are not a good match in general.

It takes a lot of compromise and efforts to maintain their relationship, and usually both of them are not interested in getting involved as much.

If there are some other bonds between their natal charts, the situation is significantly different.