Pisces Sun Cancer Moon – Personality, Compatibility

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Mysterious forces of the universe have always inspired legends and beliefs.

However, they have also been driving us towards new discoveries, rational ideas, exploration and explanations.

When it comes to skies, the vastness of the space the stars and planets and our own little one, the Earth, there is a thin line between purely scientific, exact explanations and alternative, more spiritual way of understanding the world.

We have always been wondering if there was something more. Perhaps we would never get actual answers and turn everything into a rational explanation.

In ancient times people believed planets are gods, entities that affect our lives and possess incredible powers. We still name planets after powerful deities.

The only truth is that we still do not have answers to everything, even with all of our brilliant technology and its constant improvement.

Here we observe the world and individual destines from the perspective of astrology, one of the oldest paths of understanding the universe and our place within its borders, if there are any.

Astrology is very close to astronomy and once upon a time, the two were considered the same. Many scholars of the pas were astrologers, besides their other occupations.

Sun Sign

Many great kings and leaders of the paths relied on their astrologers’ interpretations of the planetary movement, anxious to hear about possible outcomes of their war campaigns or about their own, personal destinies. We are interested in the latter.

Answers about personal destiny could be found in natal charts and personal horoscopes that are parts of a branch called natal astrology.

Natal astrology analyzes peoples’ birth charts. Birth charts are astrological identification cards, since each one is unique, just as your fingerprints are. Birth charts represent planetary position at the time you were born.

Although there are people born at the same time, at the same place, there are always differences. However, the most important is the difference that you make.

What a natal chart provides are guidelines and insight into your personal capacities and potentials. The first and the most important element to consider is the Sun sign.

The Sun is the center in Western astrology and the center of a natal chart. It is your basic personality profile, your Ego and your creative potentials.

The Sun represents your possible maximum, the realization of your inborn qualities.

The Sun also represents personal strength, attitude towards life and symbolizes authority, generosity, nobility, positivity and else. It represents the fatherly figure in a personal horoscope.

It is a masculine principle, with stable quality. The Sun is a fire element astrological planet and the ruler of the sign of Leo. The Sun sign is who you are, in a nutshell.

Sun in Pisces

The Sun sign is what people commonly mistake for the entire idea of horoscope; in fact, they only mix terms. Horoscope is more complex; it is not only about one sign.

However, the Sun sign is what shapes you up and what gives you all of the manifesting, easily recognizable traits.

The Sun in Pisces, thus, gives you Pisces sign qualities. You share them with other Pisces people, but it is far from being the same with them. Specific aspects in a person’s birth chart influence each Sun sign and these are all different in different individual charts.

Pisces is a Water element sign, ruled by the mysterious planet Neptune.

Pisces is known as the most emotional and the most imaginative and intuitive sign of the zodiac, similar in these regards with its water element relatives, Cancer and Scorpio. However, it is also very different from them.

Pisces are very creative and imaginative, extremely prone to daydreaming and dwelling in the world of fantasy.

They are so highly emotional that they cannot bare facing difficulties of this world without being deeply emotionally touched by those. This is the reason why Pisces often instinctively und away into their world of fantasy.

They do tend to observe the world through pink eyeglasses. Once the reality strikes them, they have hard times getting back together.

Pisces are very empathic and they could feel others’ suffering. It inspires them to help those in need, especially by offering emotional support.

Although no9t very punctual and reliable, Pisces re caring and loving.

They would always be there to offer comfort and to share love. They themselves rarely speak about their feelings openly, but they have wonderful channels to vent out.

Artistic expression or spirituality is their primary choice.

Moon Sign

The Sun sign requires something more, in order to reach its full potential and it is the energy of the Moon. The Moon has subtle, mysterious impact on our lives, making us often wonder about why we feel the way we do about something.

Our rational part tries to explain everything, but the mystical Moon cannot be that easily comprehended. However, you should listen to it.

The Moon is like a guiding voice. It is your intuition and your emotion. The Moon guides you from deep within, trying to direct you towards your true desires, trying to make you realize what is it that you really need.

The Moon is about our emotional development and growth.  The Moon sign is a channel to your emotions. It defines the way you react to the world.

Since it is a planet of mutable, changeable nature and unsteadiness, the Moon gives us needed flexibility, making us capable to adapt to various situations that come along our life path.

The Moon sign also marks an area of life that could make us emotionally complete, but also the one that challenges us emotionally, that tests our emotional capacity and response.

Moon in Cancer

The Moon in Cancer is in its natural position, since it normally rules over this sign. Cancer is one of emotional signs, being a water element one. Cancers’ emotional nature is strong as that of Pisces and Scorpio, but different.

The Moon in Cancer emphasizes great sensitivity of this sign, making Moon Cancers extremely emotionally fragile. They are often referred to as hypersensitive.

Moon Cancers are of servile nature and they want to please everyone. They feel good pleasing others, but they feel very uncomfortable if others try to please them. They are full of emotions, but often very reserved.

Cancers are careful around other people, in terms of sharing their feelings. They often find it extremely difficult verbally to express their words.

These people are often closed to the outer world and not very sociable. Family and home are usually central place in a Cancer’s life. They find great fulfillment and satisfaction in it and they are very sensitive about it.

Moon Cancers are people who do not commit easily, but once they do, it would be for life. They tend creating strong, emotionally deep and stable relationships.

Pisces Sun Cancer Moon Personality

Here we have an ocean of emotions. Pisces Sun Cancer Moon indicates a personality that simply cannot divide anything in life from an emotional impression. They breathe emotions.

Both Pisces and Cancer are Water element signs, known for their incredibly deep emotional capacity. Both are dreamy and escapist, prone to fantasizing and romance.

We could easily say they are overloaded by emotions; it is not an easy thing to deal with. It is both a precious gift and a burden.

Pisces Sun Cancer Moon are blessed by having incredible understanding of peoples’ emotions; they are highly empathic, compassionate and tolerant, willing to emotionally support and help people. On the other hand, they take things too close to their heart.

Pisces Sun Cancer Moon are helpless to resist taking everything too emotionally and too personally. They feel others’ pain and it could break them; they are not known as easy recovering from an emotional breakdown and stress.

On the other hand, they could equally feel others joy and be truly happy for others, tasting their successes as their own.

They are the least envious people of the Zodiac. Pisces Sun Cancer Moon people care not about material wealth, but about emotional fulfillment.

They often cannot express all of their feelings, even if they wanted to. They are very imaginative and creative, so they could easily find a channel that does not require direct expression.

Good Traits

Their empathy is something rarely found in the world. These are people who can truly feel what others feel.

They also have amazing intuition and they can easily see through people; they could recognize those in real need for help and they would gladly offer their support, comfort and anything needed.

They care much about their family, but never at the cost of others. They are tolerant and the most understanding of all Zodiac representatives.

Bad Traits

The downside of this overly emotional personality is logically their great emotional vulnerability.

Amongst other things, it leads to personal insecurity, anxiety, problem with channeling emotions, emotional dependence on others and too personal take on anything that happens.

They absorb everything, the good and the bad and many times, they get lost in so many feelings, becoming chaotic, depressed, inconsistent and very unreliable.

Pisces Sun Cancer Moon in Love and Marriage

This extremely emotional personality needs deep emotional connection with their partner and with their dear ones.

Pisces Sun Cancer Moon would do everything to please their partner, in order to see the love in their eyes, understanding and support. They are the happiest when their loved ones are happy.

However, they tend to be too emotionally demanding in their own terms and fail to understand that people express their feelings in their own manner.

Best Match for Pisces Sun Cancer Moon

The best choice for these sensitive people is someone gentle and kind, but not the one who would fall for every single emotional demand of these feeling individuals.

It has to be someone who clearly distinct rationality from feelings and who is capable of harmonizing the two.

It is someone who would always support their gentle Pisces Sun Cancer Moon, but who would not let them surrender their empathy and lose themselves.


Pisces Sun Cancer Moon is definitely a hypersensitive personality, with many qualities which have downsides reflected in a mirror.

These people should learn to find the balance between logical and rational mind and their emotional self.

They have to train emotional resistance, so to save themselves from drowning in their deep emotional ocean.