Pluto in 12th House

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Science of the stars, as astrology was otherwise known, could tell us much about our place in the universe and the very world we are aware of, as well as about our personality, temperament and character.

Natal astrology deals specifically with individual stories and tries to discover individual potentials, making us understand whom we are and what we could possibly achieve in our lifetime.

Natal charts reveal our weaknesses and good qualities, help us discover our inner strength and work on improving downsides of our person and our fate.

In short, natal chart reports help us understand ourselves much better than we do without it.

Natal charts are all unique, as individual stories are unique. These diagrams reflect the planetary positions at the time of your birth.

According to astrology, planetary positions shape up our destiny; as above, so below. The chart helps us understand their placement and effects.

Each diagram is based upon a full 360 degree circle, divided into twelve units we call houses. Each house is a segment of life and they do not have to be equal in size.

Planets inside houses affect our experience of a particular life area, by acting in a specific way, depending on signs and aspects they form.

Twelfth House in Astrology

The interpretation of what lies inside the Twelfth House is of tremendous significance in understanding the whole of the native’s astrological destiny.

The last of the houses, the twelfth field is one of the most mysterious parts of the horoscope, the house of Pisces, the invisible and elusive. This field has much to do with all was hidden; all we were not aware of, all sub-conscious and unconscious. Right, just as Pisces.

The Twelfth House is associated with dreams, imagination, fantasies and illusions, with mystical, even magical occurrences and phenomena.

Psychic abilities are associated with the Twelfth House and it is greatly identified with spirituality, spiritualism, spiritual journey, self-awakening, spiritual enlightenment. This house rules the imagination and it represents the power of imagination.

Naturally, people who have many planets in this house, having it very active, are great dreamers, artists, people with an insatiable thirst for fantasy, but also for spiritual growth and enlightenment.

They often find it difficult to make a clear difference between a dream and reality, for they tend to be incredibly idealistic. Romantics of the modern day were those with an emphasized Twelfth House.

However, this field is not that romantic in its core. It is associated with self-delusion and thus with self-destruction. This house has to do with isolation, with hidden and distant and mysterious places.

It is associated with secluded places such as prisons, hospitals, but also monasteries. We could probably add abandoned castles in hills to the list.

As for the ominous attribute of the abandoned here mentioned, regarding something that was gone and long lost forgotten, the Twelfth House actually has much to do with loss. It is the field associated with debts, expenditure, loss, poverty, misery.

This is the house of lost things, which does sound a bit gloomy. It has much to do with the past and with memories. Pisces were pretty melancholic and so the Twelfth House is.

While we were describing another Water house, the eighth field, we have mentioned karma. We could apply the same to the nature of the twelfth field. By analyzing this house, we could learn much about the karma of the native.

This field indicates relationships based upon karmic energy. Karmic house like this one is associated also with the transcendental and the tendency of metaphysical view on the world and life.

People with an emphasis in the Twelfth House are deeply interested in such matters; they dwell in the realm of the abstract and the invisible far more than they dwell in reality. They are very emotional, very sensitive people. They dig beyond layers that were on the inside and tend to be introverted.

The Twelfth House could point out the deepest and the most hidden weaknesses of the native, but also his or her hidden strength.

Astrological Storage Field

This is a cadent house, so there was not much ability for action and it is not very stable. However, it could be flexible enough and adjusted to other houses in the chart.

Some call it a house of mental, although the segment of what was mental in case of the Twelfth House is mainly unconsciousness.

This house indicates many unpleasant things, being the house of sadness, isolation, exile, secret activities. It relates to things that were secret to us, but also to what we try to hide from others.

The Twelfth House keeps us turned on the inside, most of the time; it is associated with subjective grounds, with the inner world and the inner, unconscious self, with spiritual debts we are yet to pay. However, this house is also associated with mercy, compassion, with working for the greater good. Well, this house is associated with ideals and idealistic views, on one side.

On the other side, it represents a kind of an astrological storage, because we have tendency to pile up things we do not want to face and deal with, because they were too painful, inside the Twelfth House.

Since this house has also to do with emotionality and romantic relationships, it primarily focuses on those secret affairs, so inspection of this house could be particularly interested to those with problematic and/or complicated love life.

Since the twelfth field presents with sensitive, deeply intuitive and imaginative nature, it is easy to assume that psychoanalysts and people who were very faithful or religious have many planets exactly inside this house.

This house reveals our hidden self; it indicates results of the philosophical life path we have chosen and grown on, as well as our philosophical death.

Pluto in Mythology

In ancient mythological systems, Pluto was recognized as the god of death. We know him as Pluto in Roman mythology and Hades in the Greek version.

According to both of those, the god of death became the ruler of the underworld realm after his brother Jupiter (Zeus) overthrew their father Saturn (Cronus) and shared the world with his two brothers, one of which Pluto or Hades. The other brother was the sea god, Neptune or Poseidon.

The ancient people were afraid of the lord of death, as expected, so they would even avoid saying his name aloud.

However, Pluto was considered a just and merciful god, who treated people of virtue with honor and respect.

There is another important association with Pluto, that of the concept of wealth and power. Pluto was associated with rich underworld layers of the ground. He was portrayed carrying cornucopia, the ‘horn of plenty’.

Pluto in Astrology – Planets in Houses

The ruler of Scorpio and the higher octave of mars, Pluto is the planet many would consider a malefic.

Indeed, Pluto has to do with power and destruction, with dark and mysterious, obscure places, with criminal activities and tragedies. Pluto, as a collective planet, is to be ‘blamed’ for wars, cataclysms, anathemas, devastations of a big scale. Pluto, the planet of darkness, some would say.

On the other side, Pluto has an incredible, immeasurable energy of regeneration and healing. Pluto destroys, but it brings out from the ashes, again, stronger and better; analogy with the mythical Phoenix would be appropriate.

On a deep, psychological level, Pluto represents one’s inner transformation. This planet makes you let of the things, it brings loss into your life.

Although it may sound dark and sad, the true purpose is your growth, your regeneration and rebirth. The old has to be abandoned, in order for new to step in. No one would ever say that would be easy.

Pluto represents dark places, such as ravines, caves, tunnels and graveyards; everything dark and obscure you would rather avoid.

The same way, Pluto represents our deepest corners, those of our mind and soul and the whole being.

Pluto stands for the deepest impulses in a human being, ones we are usually unaware of, our animalistic nature, our darkest and even perverted impulses and ideas, those we are afraid to face. Pluto would have you face them, in order to regenerate.

However, our impulse is to fight the challenge away, not through it; we do not want to see our inner demons, for that is the scariest thing to do. Pluto would make the saying that a man is his own worst enemy an actual, experienced true.

Nevertheless, Pluto equips you with enough force to defeat your demons, to let them go.

The Planet of Transformation

Pluto would never let you lose, in a way; people with a dominant Pluto may struggle with their inner self, but you would actually never have them give it up. They are powerful, in their unique way.

Thus, Pluto eventually leads to the release of all the darkness and tension and guides to the enlightenment. This evolution of the soul is a never-ending road.

For this reason, people with a strong Pluto would often be interested into everything Pluto represents. They would learn about the occult, they would deal with the taboo and the mysterious, they would challenge themselves, in order to transform, either consciously or subconsciously.

Pluto is the planet of tremendous energy that could be used in a destructive or regenerative way, most likely in both.

Pluto is the planet of possessiveness, obsession, manipulation, owning, domination and manipulation, but also of self-awakening, endurance, regeneration, healing. Prophets and healers, surgeons, detectives, police, secret societies of one kind or another are under Pluto’s guidance.

Pluto is associated with black onyx, with reptiles and venomous animals, with plants suitable for making elixirs.

Some authors associate Pluto with the archangel Azrael, the Angel of Death, with his name meaning ‘help from God’. He is also associated with transformation and rebirth. Archangel Azrael has no aura, but an inner light.

Although he is linked to the death itself, he grants protection, calmness and endurance to people during their most difficult and seemingly unbearable times.

Pluto in the Twelfth House – Pluto in 12th House

Pluto in the Twelfth House seems quite similar to that in the eighth field. Water signs are analog with these houses, mysterious, intuitive and enigmatic, with their own differences.

Pluto in the Twelfth House awakens the interests towards everything secret and subconscious, mysterious and hidden.

People with this Pluto dig deep and tend to get lost in the realm of the subconscious, even inducing such a state of being. They are naturally intuitive and tend to be psychic.

Natives with Pluto inside the Twelfth House often go through transformations and personal crises.

Their emotional and subconscious experiences are interwoven and very complex, which leads to many perplexing situations, feelings of being lost, feelings of the identity dissolving in the fog of too many thoughts, fragments of thoughts, memories and visions, dreams and fantasies, emotions that accompany all of them.

Pluto in the Twelfth House indicates a quiet, introverted native on a constant inner quest. Transformative processes are perpetual, ongoing and they rarely reach stability. This is a very complex native, one experiencing things that could be hard to explain to others.

The concept of death plays an important role in the inner life of this native. They often dwell around the idea of death and they are often burdened by the past.

Pluto in 12th House – Ongoing Transformation

Natives with Pluto in the Twelfth House need a lot of silence, in order to dive deeply into the self and deal with it. They could be afraid of their dark side, of the negative emotions and so they often try to suppress their feelings, which never works in the long run.

Negative emotions from the past would haunt this native and spoil the joys of the current life. Until they resolve such emotions, they are in danger of succumbing to them.

Pluto in the Twelfth House indicates tendency towards unhealthy behaviors and habits, addiction and even depression.

Let us remind you here that Pluto is essentially the planet of regeneration and that the Twelfth House is about isolation, about the unconscious and subconscious.

You have to transform, but from the depths of your sub-consciousness, facing your past demons, your negative emotions and everything that poisons you from the inside.

The native would eventually realize how hatred from the past or any other negative emotion and memory only slow their growth, how those undermine self-confidence and self-belief.

Once it happens, the native is transformed and self-healed. Of course, this is a long road and it is likely to be wavy. However, the very first realization of all this would be a true blessing.

Once the native becomes aware of this, he or she could use such a healing power to heal others, as well. Great spiritual healers, prophets, enlightened people are likely to have Pluto in the Twelfth House.

People prone to self-isolation, times of quietness and silence, introspection and inner journey all possibly have Pluto in the Twelfth House.

We could say that this position of Pluto illustrates the very concept of its transformative nature in the best way. What is very important and great to know is that once these natives go through one of the cycles of their transformative processes, it is as if they learn a new healing skill.

They develop a need to apply it on the world, to heal others. By healing and helping others, we always help ourselves. This is one channel for Twelfth House Pluto people to pay their karmic debts.