Quail – Spirit Animal, Totem, Symbolism and Meaning

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Quails are birds belonging to the family of pheasants, and 32 species of quails exist today.

Their origins are in North America, but they are spread all over the world. They are also found in South America, Europe, Asia, Africa, and Australia.

Quails are small birds. They live in woodlands, open spaces and bushy areas. They have a beautiful combination of feather colors (black, gray, white, brown and blue). Some have a feather crest on the top of their heads.

They maintain their feathers frequently by bathing in the dust to eliminate potential pests.

Quails are on the ground most of their time. They are not good at flying but can fly short distances. There are both nocturnal and diurnal species of quails.

These birds produce different sounds which serve for communication purposes. Their diet consists of seeds, wheat, berries, leaves, insects, worms, etc.

When threatened, they run, or they freeze and remain motionless. Their main enemies are raccoons, foxes, cats, snakes, coyotes, etc. They produce different sounds to communicate with each other.

Some quail species are migratory while others are sedentary. The ones that are sedentary usually stay in one place all their lives. They are mostly solitary birds and seldom couple.

During the mating season they do form large flocks. The birds become independent quickly and are ready to follow their parents.

There are some species of quails, which are raised in farms for eggs and meat production.

Their feathers are used for decoration, and they can be used as birds for hunting.

What does the Quail Symbolize?

Quails have important symbolism and they represent a powerful totem animal.

They are symbols of abundance, courage, community, detachment, isolation, action, nurturing, opportunities, cunningness, grounding, caution, support, impulsiveness, confidence, awareness, opportunities, soul, peace, instincts, protection, solutions, anxiousness, and fear.

The Meaning of Quail as a Spirit Animal

The Quail spirit animal has many different meanings. Listed below are some of them:

Opportunity. The quail totem symbolizes opportunities. This totem animal teaches you to be alert to opportunities for growth and accomplishing your goals. If an opportunity appears, try to grab it as soon as you can, otherwise someone else might do that before you.

Know that the opportunities which are coming your way could be very beneficial for your life and could certainly change it for the better.

When the quail appears in your life, look for opportunities to fulfil your desires.

Caution. Quails are symbols of caution. They teach us to be alert and cautious to prevent bad things from happening to us. The quail totem is asking you to be aware of the people from your surroundings and their hidden motives. Maybe not everyone you consider close and trustworthy has your best interest in mind.

Someone could potentially be jealous of your success and abilities and planning to harm you in some way.

Cunningness. The quails are considered cunning animals. If they are your spirit animal, you probably share this trait with your totem. You are shrewd and know how to act to turn every circumstance in your favor. You are also good at deciphering other people’s true intentions and know how to protect yourself against them.

Detachment. The quail as your totem animal teaches you to detach from matters and situations which are stressing you out and aren’t your true concern. The quail is encouraging you to detach yourself from people and situations which aren’t serving your highest good.

Community. Quails are birds which help other members of their community. The quail spirit animal is teaching you how important is to be a useful member of your community and help others in any way you can. That way you earn their respect and support in the future.

One of the most important things that a person has in life is the fact of having trustworthy people around to be able to rely on and receive support from.

Awareness and instinct. Quails are very aware of their surroundings and they easily spot potential danger. Their instinctive reaction is to either run or play dead. The quail totem animal is teaching you to be aware of the things going on around you in every moment. You never know when danger might appear.

The quail teaches you to rely on your instincts to detect potential harm and prevent it from hurting you.

You most likely have developed awareness of the people around you and you instinctively feel their motives. You know how to protect yourself, which is one of the most important traits you share with your totem.

Confidence. When you have a quail as your totem, you are most likely a very confident person. The quail teaches you to be confident about your abilities to succeed. Maybe you don’t appear like that from the outside, but you are a brave person with great strength.

Confidence about your abilities is one of the traits which the quail spirit animal shares with you.

Impulsiveness. With the quail as your totem, you could be prone to impulsiveness and overreacting in certain situations. That usually happens when you sense you are in danger or under some threat. The quail totem helps you overcome these negative traits which are only harming you.

Fear and anxiousness. The quail as your totem teaches you of how harmful emotions like stress, anxiousness and fear can be for your personality. It is asking you to get rid of these negative traits and become worry-free.

Quail as Your Totem Animal

If a quail is your spirit animal, you have an interesting personality.

You are most likely a very aware and alert person and you instinctively know when danger is approaching. You react quickly to protect yourself and those around you. You are calm in moments of crisis and help others not to panic.

The quail totem animal gives you, the gift of calming people and reducing tension.

You can sometimes be a loner but in reality, you prefer the company of other people, especially your friends and family members. You have a nurturing and caring nature.

You are good team player, and you don’t back up before a challenge. You have a natural talent for solving problems.

Quail people are true romantics. You nurture your loved ones and openly express your feelings. 

What if a Quail Appears in Your Life?

The quail’s appearance in your life is an encouragement to begin pursuing your desires and goals. The quail totem is a reminder to stop procrastinating and wasting time, and instead begin taking some actions towards your goals.

Be aware of the opportunities around you.

The quail could be warning you of some danger lurking around you. Maybe some people from your surroundings don’t have your best interest in mind, so you be careful.

This bird’s appearance could also be a reminder to spend more time with the ones you care about. Possibly you have neglected them and now it is time to amend that.

Reprioritize and find time for enjoying in their company.

The quail could also be asking you to set your priorities right. Maybe you have been wasting a lot of time on insignificant matters instead of focusing your intention on something very important.

Sometimes a quail appearing in your life could be a sign that you need to become more courageous and face the fears you have. The quail could appear in your life to remind you to seize opportunities before someone else grabs them.

This bird could sometimes indicate the need to begin taking better care of yourself.

You need to nurture yourself as well and pay attention to your wellbeing. When you are well taken care of, you are also able to nurture and take care of people you care about. That is why sometimes this bird appearing in your life brings you a message of the need to take time off and relax.

Maybe you are not aware of how stressed and overwhelmed with different duties you are.

The quail is asking you to stop behaving in such a manner and begin thinking about yourself and your needs first.

When to call on Quail?

You should call on the quail your totem when:

  • You should focus on your priority goals and stop doing many things at once;
  • You need to find more time to spend it on yourself and your needs;
  • You want to be with your loved ones more often;
  • You want to broaden your social network and socialize more;
  • You want to ask your community to help you with something;
  • You want to further spiritually develop;
  • You want to openly accept things you don’t fully understand; 

Dreams about Quail – Interpretation and Meaning

Quails don’t come to our dreams often.

When they do come, they could warn us of some repressed feelings and emotions regarding your sexuality or your love life.

Sometimes it indicates the need to explore your needs more.

In some cases, quails in our dreams could be a sign of some challenges we need to overcome.

They could also symbolize good luck and abundance expecting you soon.