Sagittarius in 10th House – Meaning and Info

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An excellent position that promises a high social position, many opportunities. If Jupiter is good, luck.

There may be patrons, or just people who help Native’s social development.

Even if there was no obvious patronage in a person’s life, all the same (if Jupiter is not affected, of course) it turns out that the situation was favorable for the Native to develop socially.

Sagittarius – Meaning and Info

He can become an excellent writer or researcher. This is the first place for him to do his own training, which can then be useful for others.

From them come good bosses who take on most of the general responsibility. 10 home in Sagittarius is a human characteristic.

The recurrent disadvantage is too great a bias in theory and a detachment from reality.

It is more suitable for classes in the spiritual sphere and teaching. In matters of spirituality and religion, he can reach the important peaks.

For the 10th house in the Arrow, it is true love and high professionalism. In terms of choice, a wide range of directions opens up for it.

The 10th house in Sagittarius always comes with new ideas on a high rise. His thoughts may not please the leadership in some moments, but they are usually taken as a whole for execution.

The manual gives new tasks, which they accept with full responsibility. Ready to go out to the maximum, to prove the real professionalism and the fact that one cannot count on even the most difficult.

A large emotive field will have the same attitude to your subordinates, if a person will act as a manager. Its ideas appear as bees and pour out into the head of the staff in a wide flow. But there is no need to think that they are all doing.

After a certain time, it is worth checking how things are going to be done. Better yet, to create a clear plan and to publish specific instructions, rather than just sounding thoughts in the crowd. You have to keep your emotional lift and make a choice in the side of practicality.

Communicating with a person at a 10th home in Sagittarius Plans run like cockroaches and are hard to follow. High development will help you to cope with a consistent task with minimal losses.

Tips from his side are distinguished by greater diversity and high energy. They often come into opposition with reality, but they do not bother him. The catalogs reject other people’s attempts to give practical advice.

Greater love and openness will help you to successfully move towards your own goal. Successful movement can be slowed down by pedestrian people, but this cannot break the will to victory.

Great advances await in daily activities, aviation and dancing. Good bosses emerge from the 10th house in Sagittarius, who are the leaders.

They are capable of working with masks and a quality visual presentation of their own ideas. For a person, paths are opened in the forward directions of human activity. He can receive help for his activity at the higher service level and successfully move up.

10th House – Meaning and Info

Sagittarius are those who create an idea, an advertising concept, and run an advertising campaign.

Sagittarians are great in network marketing – there is a goal – to take a higher position, which in itself will allow you to receive dividends.

Often they themselves are organizers or ideological inspirers of all kinds of pyramids, people who build advertising campaigns for the corresponding pyramids (networks).

A well-located Jupiter promises help, support, and a certain amount of luck to the Native. People who support and patronize the Native. A lucky coincidence can also be relevant for people with MS in Sagittarius.

The struck Jupiter will not be as supportive of the Native as the harmonious one. At the same time, nevertheless, Jupiter is not inclined to take away, rather, he is inclined to give so much that “you cannot take away.”

And from this all sorts of distortions begin – for example, he can give a lot of power, and a person cannot cope with this power and, as a result, fly out of office and go to jail. Or it may manifest itself as a clash of interests with someone more domineering, more powerful – which will lead to major troubles, etc.

Struck Jupiter often gives tests with copper pipes – and here, too, you need to be extremely careful and not run every time seeing the free cheese, and rejoicing that the pieces are getting bigger and bigger, but still try to control the situation, and most importantly, yourself in it, because such “freebie “can lead very far and be realized in major troubles.

As for the bosses, if Jupiter is well located, bosses are smart, broad-minded, very developed, and able to inspire and be an authority. Generally generous. They want a lot both for themselves and for their employees.

They enjoy being loved by their subordinates. They are susceptible to flattery.

At the same time, they are not very attentive to trifles, due to which they can make many mistakes (especially with the affected Jupiter, and provided that the map as a whole does not have any important accent that changes the interpretation).

Let’s say he can win a tender and immediately spend all the money on the purchase of a new car or apartment for himself, on trips or bonuses for winning the tender.

But when the time comes to fulfill the obligations taken, it turns out that there is no money for this anymore, and what is left is being done in a mode of austerity at the expense of quality.

Sagittarius in 10th House – Meaning and Info

For example, it can be a good boss (and the 10th house is also bosses, as you remember), who was sympathetic to the fact that the native needs to regularly, for 5 years, twice a year, to drop out of the work process, so how he gets a higher education somewhere.

Or, it was he from the entire team who was poisoned for all kinds of internships, refresher courses, etc. And on the one hand – he deserved it all himself. He studied himself and behaved in a way that made him feel like he was the right candidate for all these bonuses.

But on the other hand, his colleagues, who do not have a good 10th house, could only dream of such benefits, because for the leadership, the candidate was always obvious.

Sagittarius on MC wants social achievements and (if Jupiter is not amazed), does everything to make these achievements come true.

As a rule, these are educated people. Often it is the presence of a higher education that guarantees social advancement. People with such a 10th house must study in order to be in demand in the profession. Moreover, it is not at all necessary that they will engage in the activities that are spelled out in the diploma!

Even if a person can say that he has achieved everything himself, there is still an element of some luck, or at least “non-resistance” of the environment.

As for the spheres of activity in which a person with a Sagittarius can be realized on the MS – generally speaking IN EVERYTHING, whatever.

Moreover, everywhere it strives to occupy the position of a respected and authoritative person.

But there are also traditionally Sagittarius spheres. Under Sagittarius goes everything that concerns higher education, more precisely, not only higher education, but also one that significantly expands the worldview or horizons or prospects.

People with Sagittarius on the MC are great teachers (more often for adults). University teachers, teachers of foreign languages, philosophy, theology, cultural studies, etc. Excellent ability for linguistics, but more often not native, but foreign – hence the translators, language teachers.

In general, people who work with everything foreign in the broadest context. They can be translators or travel agents. These can be heads of international companies, or foreign divisions of companies.

These are often people who leave somewhere from their native places in order to realize themselves (remember that in this case, Gemini will be on IS, and for them, as my grandmother used to say, “Get together, just girdle”).

Therefore, the owners of the MS in Sagittarius can constantly go somewhere for their work, be on business trips.

And I must say that it is quite convenient and comfortable for them. And besides, this is a very good way for successful social realization – because Sagittarius patronizes those affairs, the implementation of which we are looking for somewhere far from our home.

A very large field of activity of Sagittarius (Jupiter) is jurisprudence – from the creation of legislative acts, to their application at the simplest level – lawyers, lawyers, lawyers in enterprises, everyone who works with legal papers (but the notary is Saturn). Sagittarius is lawmaking, law enforcement, courts, although here it can beat with Capricorn / Saturn.

But Capricorn is a formalist judge, it is important for him that it be as it is written – “the law is harsh – but the law”, it is believed that this slogan of lawyers that has survived the centuries was invented by people with a dedicated Saturn (Capricorn). Sagittarius, like any fiery Sign, is more focused on social justice.

This can give below the lower limit, finding justification for this, or, on the contrary, “solder in full”, where lawyers have tried their best to mitigate the punishment as much as possible.

Even under Sagittarius, all advertising activities are going on. We already mentioned advertising when we talked about Gemini.

But Gemini distributes advertising more – they are couriers, advertising agents, those who stick ads and posters, and those who slander texts (the voice of advertising).


People who have the 10th house in Sagittarius (and even more so Jupiter standing in the 10th house), as a rule, have a lot and different opportunities for professional realization.

The world is favorable to them in this regard.

If the map as a whole does not contradict, and does not indicate that all Native’s social movements end in empty dreams (which is not excluded), then, as a rule, these people reach decent heights, while being in good standing with both their bosses and in society as a whole.