Neptune Trine North Node – Synastry, Transit, Composite

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Neptune is under the sign of Pisces in the twelfth house. Neptune is even further from the Sun in the solar system than Uranus.

The distance is 4.5 billion kilometers, the orbital period 164 years. Neptune was also discovered late: not until 1846.

Like Uranus, Neptune is also a planet in which, above all, community processes are reflected. This corresponds to the fact that it moves slowly and remains in the same constellation for 15 years.

Neptune – Meaning and Info

Hence prophetic dreams, capturing electromagnetic vibrations with the help of a magic wand (treasure hunters). Poetry and the world of fairy tales, often the “second person” of the medium, obey him.

If at the same time there is no stable center, then the action of Neptune becomes chaotic and confusing, this is a strong imagination or painful hypersensitivity, a weak will that reacts to every external influence.

Exposure to the influence of other people, dependence on stimulants, hallucinations, a state of fear – these are Neptunian influences. Neptune’s negative influence: susceptibility to temptation, alcoholism.

Neptune rules the sign of Pisces. The chaotic influence of Neptune can be curbed with a strong intellect. Then intuition will rise.

The average person, with a strong position of Neptune, especially near the Ascendant, is very sensitive, sometimes a penchant for art appears.

Composers, musicians, lyricists, artists, authors of fairy tales, as well as authors of non-objective painting have a strong influence of Neptune.

Neptune’s professions are seafaring, fishing, trade in drinks and tobacco products, working in swimming pools, bars and restaurants, film industry – “dream factory”. Sectarians and religious mystics are strongly influenced by Neptune.

It is difficult to interpret this planet. If Neptune does not stand in the corner Houses, you do not need to pay attention to it, except for those cases when it forms aspects with the Sun, Moon and Mercury.

It has been in the same sign for 15 years and rather affects a whole generation, the spirit of the times, and the dominant direction in art, on psychopathic phenomena.

Neptune acts more strongly in the middle of the sign (8 years after entering it), depending on the peculiarity of the sign.

Neptune draws other planets into the supernatural world, as a result of which there is uncertainty in the manifestation of their natural characteristics.

Neptune is like fog: vague and intangible, enveloping and hiding from sight. Aspects of Neptune in a horoscope indicate a tendency towards daydreaming and creativity, sometimes psychic abilities.

In the child’s horoscope, these aspects indicate in which areas of activity he will experience confusion, a feeling of uncertainty, self-doubt, behave absent-mindedly, show creative inclinations, withdraw into himself, as well as a tendency to alcoholism and drug addiction.

The conjunctions of Neptune, like Saturn, Uranus and Pluto, affect entire generations of people.

They sharpen mental and spiritual development, imagination and intuition. Conjunctions (conjunctions) of Neptune in the horoscope support artistic ability and empathy. These Compounds are similar to Luke Skywalker’s adventures in the Star Wars trilogy.

On the other hand, they unpleasantly resemble the darkness of Darth Vader.

In other words, Neptune’s Conjunctions can reach mythical proportions. Neptune-Pluto Conjunction Human loves to use force against those who understand too much and are too weak or compassionate to resist. He wants them well, of course. And they are too inconsistent to be trusted.

He is in danger because of their generosity and because they do not understand what is best and what is worse for him and for themselves. They like everything. They are encouraged by his performances. They sob at his funeral. They forget about him five minutes after them. They create an idol for themselves and go to their death following his order.

They will be destroyed by kindness, which corrupts a strong, albeit loving person. He doesn’t have a lot of choices. Either he is theirs – or they are his. Sometime in the twenty-fourth century, this connection will re-emerge.

Typically, it signifies a spiritual revolution and rebirth with Pluto’s abilities for constructive or destructive tendencies. It usually coincides with the rise and fall of cultures and nations. If we talk about individuals, then this aspect is sometimes found in the natal charts of people who do not agree with their sexuality.

Conjunction Neptune – North Lunar Node Your career ambitions may be impractical and unrealistic. If you are getting a degree in veterinary medicine, for example, then at fifty it would be unwise to be mistaken for dramatic art.

Unreasonable, but not impossible. And this is the essence of this Connection. Listen to your inner voice. Follow his directions. Conjunction Neptune – Ascendant In the chart of a woman – she is still a little thing

North Node – Meaning and Info

Various sources contradict each other somewhat, but the general picture is as follows: an American astronomer named Percival Lovell calculated the orbit of the alleged planet, but despite all attempts, it was not possible to find it.

After Lovell’s death, astronomer Clyde Tombaugh of the Lovell Observatory, studying photographs of the starry sky, made in accordance with Lovell’s calculations, discovered a celestial body, later named Pluto.

Exactly when the discovery was made is unknown, but it was announced on March 13, Lovell’s birthday and on the 149th anniversary of the discovery of Uranus. As one of the symbols for designating Pluto, the combination of P. Lovell’s initials – E is used. It is interesting that after the discovery took place and the parameters of the orbit and the mass of the new planet were estimated, astronomers were perplexed.

A planet with such a small mass (several hundred times less than that of the Earth) and so far away (twice as far from the Sun as Uranus) simply could not have any significant effect on the motion of Uranus.

In addition, it is believed that its orbit is chaotic and in general can hardly be determined with acceptable accuracy. So how, then, was Pluto calculated?

As they explored the new planet, it turned out that it had a satellite called Charon. Moreover, it is so large (only half the size of Pluto itself) and so close to Pluto (at a distance of less than ten Pluto diameters) that together they actually form a double planet.

It is believed that Pluto-Charon is very different in composition from all previous planets, from Saturn to Neptune – it is a rocky core covered with water and methane ice.

But they – a planet and a satellite – are very similar to numerous small planet-like objects located approximately at the same distance from the Sun and forming the so-called Kuiper belt. Pluto and Charon are, as it were, more prominent representatives of this large army of celestial bodies.

It remains only to add that Pluto’s orbit is strongly elongated, and at times this planet is closer to the Sun than Neptune.

Accordingly, the speed of Pluto’s movement across the sky is uneven and changes depending on its proximity to the Sun. The orbital inclination is very large – more than 17 degrees – much more than that of any other planet.

Neptune Trine North Node – Synastry, Transit, Composite

If there is an aspect between Neptune and the lunar nodes in the horoscope, a person can easily find a place for himself in the ideological processes taking place in society, in those organizations or movements that form an image in the minds of the masses.

Harmonious aspects give a tendency to creation and development, tense – to destruction and struggle. In Grigory Rasputin, Neptune in fiery Sagittarius forms a trine to the Ascending lunar node – that’s why his image evoked such a warm response from many people.

The conjunction of Neptune with the Ascending Node makes everything connected with this planet very relevant to the life path of a person, and in some cases helps to take a leading role in some ideological or religious movement.

Leonardo DiCaprio, whose Neptune connects with the Ascending Node in the third house in the sign of Sagittarius, became a world famous star in the movie Titanic. Here Neptune is seen both as the “lord” of cinema, and as the basis of the plot – the ocean, the ship, the disaster.

The conjunction of Neptune with the Descending Node tends to get involved in currents that are contrary to generally accepted, in various sects and secret organizations. From a “karmic” point of view, such a combination can speak of a rich religious experience in past incarnations.

Pluto was discovered quite recently, on March 13, 1930, and the very history of its discovery is quite peculiar. I will talk about it in more or less detail for the reason that the events accompanying the discovery of the planet help to understand the role of this planet in the system of astrological understanding of the world.

And the role of Pluto is known much worse than the role of other planets, and this is not surprising – after all, not even a century has passed since its discovery.

In the middle of the century, many astrologers generally refrained from judgments about Pluto – they say, you still need to watch it and think about it.

In our time, they already write about Pluto with great confidence, however, some seventy years that have passed since its discovery cannot be compared with centuries and millennia of study, understanding, and experience, inherited by other planets.

Therefore, we will proceed as follows: consider the objective information related to Pluto and its discovery, and then get acquainted with the current understanding of the role of Pluto in astrology.

It is possible that you will have your own associations in connection with this planet, and as you gain astrological experience, you can either confirm them or reject them.


Neptune draws other planets into the supernatural world, as a result of which there is uncertainty in the manifestation of their natural characteristics.

Neptune is like fog: vague and intangible, enveloping and hiding from sight.

Aspects of Neptune in a horoscope indicate a tendency towards daydreaming and creativity, sometimes psychic abilities