Sagittarius in 8th House – Meaning and Info

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He has a wonderful flair for tailored financial capabilities, intuitively sensing the time, which is pleasant to turn on the computer to start the production.

Often he will get more benefit from doing business in business, notary or banking.

Often, these people receive without any incidents of large amounts of injuries. Their partners are friendly and reliable according to Finans, thanks to this the growth of their happiness is uneven and stable.

Sagittarius – Meaning and Info

8 home in Sagittarius is a character of a man during the real times of his life, this man leads himself nervously and daringly, nothing is not afraid.

Although, he is slightly perfected in assessing the phenomena, about which, as a result, it is only possible to regret.

Fate can act with a given person quite unintentionally and cruelly, passing it through changes by harassment and kicks.

Extreme situations turn out to be extremely acute, and he should learn to get out of them without image and plastically.

The main thing is not to opiate only on one enthusiasm, but to supplement it with logic and attentiveness.

Of course, you just want to rely on innate luck and fortune. But fate does not intend to lead by hand in a better future for the rest of my life.

Therefore, it is important to practice in yourself the earnestness and the ability to take an increased responsibility for yourself for the result of the applied efforts. Just don’t forget that enthusiasm isn’t born, and you shouldn’t put it in the head of the corner, if you are dreaming about success, self-development and implementation.

Psychological crises pass quite energetically and often seem to him due to external factors. At the same time, there is only one way of solving problems – this is an internal transition and, of course, a transition to more heightened vibrations.

For this, you need hot and ardent pretensions to the whole world to travel to yourself. This is a difficult process, because the person is not ready to turn everything against himself, if it’s easier to blame society.

But this must be done. One should not forget that life begins to change only after internal transformations.

Occult attention is associated with the flows of energy, which such a person tends to control with the help of a strained will and developed imagination. Exercises on the concentration of accuracy, should be done very carefully.

The position is noteworthy for scientific and research work. This is a refined and invented person who is deeply intertwined with the philosophy of religion, life after death and the sense of being.

The relationship with the partner will be able to bring it a huge benefit. There is an addition to the possibility of receiving good property.

Despite the huge interest in sex, there is a tendency to accentuate the attention quickly to the mind, not her physical condition.

In the life of this subject there is constant help from the side of the rest. He can achieve a little success in the political arena.

8th House – Meaning and Info

not greatly amazed, a person behaves dashingly and fervently during significant changes in his life, not being afraid of anything, but also not looking at anything especially attentively, which can later be bitterly regretted.

If he is going to divorce his wife, he will not gradually prepare her for this difficult event, and one fine day he will say quite good-naturedly: “You know, old woman, you have fed up with me for the last 15 years, look for yourself another such idiot,” and, probably, will even offer her a number of candidates, but will not waste time on trifles and divide property to the last thimble.

When Sagittarius is defeated, fate can treat a person quite cruelly and unceremoniously, kicking him out of the next egregor (for example, from work) with a kick in the ass, but just as unceremoniously and without hesitation, but obeying another idea incomprehensible in its brilliance, he will burst into the next one.

Marginal situations can be very acute, and you need to learn to get out of them plastically, without forcing, and most importantly – to include attention and logic, and not be guided by pure enthusiasm.

In relations with the collective, two extremes are possible: either a person becomes identified with it and completely loses his personal ethics, value system and opinion, and then becomes a fanatic, which is characteristic of the defeat of the VIII house, opposes his opinion to the collective, firmly and loudly, but as a result loses …

In order to break Sagittarius, you need to break off a lot of iron, copper and tin rods about him, over time this happens, and the person grows smarter and learns the balance of personal (Gemini II house) and group ethics, or it goes out completely.

Occult abilities are associated with energy currents; at a high level, a person learns to control them; at a low level, they can severely burn. Concentration exercises should be done very carefully.

Psychological crises are very energetic, as a rule, associated with external circumstances. Working out requires internal changes, solving their own problems, and not projecting them onto the outside world.

In case of defeat, a fear of open spaces, a phobia of communication is possible. Subtle changeable dangerous situations, malleability to bad influences.

A tendency to resonate in dangerous situations. Danger from risk, sharp extreme situations – disasters, fires, fractures, injuries, burns, fire. Propensity for energetic, natural magic.

Sagittarius in 8th House – Meaning and Info

Sagittarius is a very positive, cheerful, perky Sign, so he cannot always assess the danger of the situation. Sagittarius is very optimistic about many things.

The themes of those houses where we have Sagittarius or Jupiter, if Jupiter does not have significant defeats in the chart, we, as a rule, treat with great enthusiasm. It seems to us that in these areas we are protected, and here everything should “settle down” by itself.

At the same time, Jupiter and, as a consequence, Sagittarius, in addition to being benefactors, also control the expansion and quantitative increase of everything that it touches. Well, as an element of the 8th house, nothing prevents them from increasing the number of crisis situations.

To me personally, the owners of Sagittarius or Jupiter in the 8th house, in many ways resemble the owners of Leo or the Sun in this house. True, in the Sagittarius case, the “paternal” problem rarely manifests itself, but the typical Sun problems from selfhood, generosity and love of posturing are often even more pronounced here.

The eight-house Sagittarius has a peculiar attitude to dangers – “crawl through”, “manage”, somehow resolve. “And as a result, troubles in their lives are not so rare (although in general – Sagittarius, of course, often helps out in such cases).

Just like the Sunny eight-houses, they, having an inquisitive mind and a common passion for adventure, from a young age, find themselves in a variety of situations that often turn out to be dangerous and, in principle, can lead to serious consequences. They are explorers, and in their research they see adventure, but they see no danger.

Better let him go on trips in an organized group, under the supervision of a leader, and, satisfying internal needs, acquires the necessary skills, than he will get into some kind of trouble, studying this issue on his own.

Many owners of the 8th house in Sagittarius (especially with a pronounced male dominant in the map), approaching adulthood, can already boast an impressive list of “adventures”. In their arsenal, there are often falls from somewhere or from somewhere, someone drowned, someone “walked” (in the sense of running away).

Many of them talk about the varied and not always safe love adventures in early youth. As adults, Sagittarius are also often the most “crazy” ones.

Moreover, a distinctive feature of Sagittarius, it is also their main danger – they do not see danger where the majority see it! They take risks not because they want to “tickle their nerves”, but often, simply because they do not believe that the situation can be dangerous.

And it is VERY difficult to convince a person from Sagittarius in the 8th house, because in the ASC in this case, there will be either one of the two “unconvinced” Signs – Taurus or Aries, or light and carefree Gemini.

Moreover, what is interesting is that Sagittarius is not a signifier of a fall, or a signifier of blockages, or the danger of drowning! NOT! These are not his “problems”! Again, I will say once again – his problem is excessive optimism and a high degree of demand for research.

I came across eight-house Sagittarius who burned, who got into trouble with weapons. By the way – Sagittarius is a hunter, and, therefore, everything related to hunting and the use of weapons can be a danger for Sagittarius.

He can suffer both from the fact that someone gets into him, and due to the fact that he himself has shown insufficient attention and as a result of a shot will hit someone whom he did not plan. The direct signification of Sagittarius is foreign and law.

Therefore, the owner of Sagittarius or Jupiter in the 8th house should be as careful as possible about the warnings of tour operators about the peculiarities of the legislation of those countries where the Native travels. If you have been warned not to go out with your head uncovered or sunbathe in top-less – then DO NOT do it!

Sagittarius is not a direct signification of alcohol, but it is a direct signification of gay people. Therefore, people with a strong Sagittarius dominant quite easily succumb to the temptation to amuse themselves.

And if Sagittarius is related to the 8th house, then it is obvious that everything that brings stormy gaiety can also bring trouble.

Therefore, Sagittarius (8-midom) should be wary of everything related to alcohol. He is dangerous in every sense.

If any drunk is knee-deep in the sea, then a drunken Sagittarius (eight-house in particular) may not even reach the ankle. In addition, the organ under the control of Sagittarius is the liver.

And the 8th house, as has already been said many times, indicates organs whose diseases can be fatal.

Therefore, the liver of a person who has a Sagittarius in the 8th house is initially under attack, and alcohol can intensify this situation many times over.

Of the diseases, by the way, one can also note the tendency of Sagittarius or Jupiter in the 8th house to provoke tissue proliferation.

Rarely does Sagittarius indicate the malignancy of neoplasms, more often these are benign tumors, but there is not much pleasant about this either.

Therefore, watch the organs pointed to by Jupiter, the Planets in Sagittarius and Sagittarius itself.

Here are the dangers from horses and all large and wild animals (hunting is again remembered – as the signification of Sagittarius).

Dogs can also be a source of trouble (although their relationship to the direct signification of Sagittarius is highly controversial).


As we can see, despite the fact that Sagittarius and Jupiter are wonderful elements of the card that give joy and good luck, being an element of the 8th house, they can bring many dangerous situations into the life of their owner.

BUT at the same time, nevertheless, it should be noted – Sagittarius are lucky. And seeing the cards of my Clients, I must note that the card must have really strong defeats, so that the 8-house Sagittarius does not get out of the situation with the least losses.