Sagittarius Man and Leo Woman – Love Compatibility, Marriage

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Looking for a way to discover more about some person you like can be challenging.

The main sources of information are their social networks, but some people still don’t use them, or they are not as active.

You can always gather information from people who know them, but that can often be unavailable as well.

One of the means you can use to find out more about their personality, and also find out how you two would get along is doing an astrology analysis of their natal chart as well as comparing their natal chart planetary placements with your planetary placements.

That way, you can determine if the planets make some aspects, as well as the nature of these aspects.

If these aspects have a good meaning in general, the relationship has good prospects of being a harmonious and stable one.

If the aspects have malefic nature in general, the prospects for a relationship are not good, and the relationship could be a short-lasting, and full of conflicts and disagreements.

To make these analyses, you need to make the natal charts for the person you are interested in and yourself, and that requires their exact birth data as well as yours.

You need to know the exact time of birth, as well as the date and place of birth.

If you don’t have this information, still you can make an analysis by using their horoscope sign.

You do it by comparing the traits of your horoscope sign with the traits of their horoscope sign.

In this article, we will compare the traits of a Sagittarius man and the Leo woman to see how compatible these two are.

Sagittarius Man

The Sagittarius man is usually a very masculine and passionate guy. These men are born optimists, and they don’t allow the negativity of other people interfere with their favorable expectations.

They often have a smile on their face even when the circumstances aren’t as they expect.

Sagittarius men are often prone to taking risks and jeopardizing themselves and those who depend upon them. Their risks usually pay off, but there are situations where their risky behavior causes great and sometimes irreparable damage.

These men are true adventurers and enjoy experiencing new things. One of their favorite things is traveling. They usually travel often, both for work and leisure, and they often travel to far off places. Their ruling planet, Jupiter, is mainly responsible for that because it rules far-away places and distant travels.

These men are fascinated by foreign cultures and enjoy meeting and communicating with foreigners. They also speak several foreign languages.

Sagittarius men are full of interesting stories and are fun to be around. They are also very communicative and approach people freely to begin a conversation with them. These men are all about variety and numbers. They meet a lot of different people and are often not very choosy with whom they spend their time.

Their direct approach might not appeal to everyone. Some people love their spontaneity, while others consider it rude. These men can often have a superficial approach to people, and some people don’t like that. They are often lightheaded and absentminded and can be prone to forgetting things.

These men have an easy-going personality and are very open-minded. They don’t make a difference between people and have genuine respect for diversity. They avoid people who are strict, reserved, judgmental, who are always criticizing and negative. Some of them simply disappear when the company isn’t suitable.

Others, who are more considerate, give some excuse before leaving.

Women usually find these men very attractive. They are usually good looking, with muscular built. They are into sports and often remain active in their older years. Besides their looks, they also have very interesting personalities, and often a friendly approach which most women find irresistible.

These men are not naïve at all, although they might often appear that way. Their freedom is one of the things they value the most, and the fear of losing it because of becoming seriously committed to a woman, often causes them to control their emotions, and pull back when things become serious.

His independence and freedom are essential for him, and if he isn’t sure about a woman he is dating, and if the only way to continue their relationship is to commit to her, he will often decide to end the relationship.

These men have a lot of options to be with women, and many of them use these opportunities. Some of these men can be very promiscuous, and change partners, as well as be with multiple partners at the same time.

Not all Sagittarius men are like that, but many are.

They are open about their desires and usually don’t promise anything. That way a woman cannot say that she was led into believing that he will commit to her. These men can be very sweet, and their overall personality could do the work in fooling these women that he is serious about them.

The only time these men don’t have a problem with completely changing their lives and losing their freedom is when they fall deeply in love with someone. When that happens, they completely devote themselves to the woman they love.

Many Sagittarius men never experience that throughout their whole lives, and when it happens, it is truly special. Many of these men marry because they want children, but don’t change their habits.

Leo Woman

The Leo woman is a very driven and determined lady. She has a powerful personality and knows what she wants. She can be overly dominant and bossy, which is not something that people are tolerant about. Leo women are very ambitious, and often don’t give up until they reach the success of their plans and actions.

They are motivated by success and prosperity. These women love luxury and strive towards achieving a higher status in society, which they often manage to accomplish. They love spending money, and often their spending is out of hand.

They also love to show off to people and can be very self-centered and self-absorbed.

Leo women often suffer from a superiority complex, and they think highly of themselves. Many of these women even consider themselves better than most people. They often reach high positions and are often in a position to manage other people. They usually have leadership qualities and they often do this job well.

For Leo women, their financial security is very important. They manage to provide it for themselves, but they expect their man to be able to provide it for them also. These women love all success, and they desire a successful man by their side as well.

If a man isn’t confident enough or isn’t ambitious and financially well off, she will probably pass on him regardless of how gorgeous he might look.

She is attracted to power and success, and people who are not accomplished are not interesting enough for her.

These women love having the best money can buy. They can sometimes indulge in overspending up to the point of jeopardizing their financial security. Fortunately, they often have more than enough and they can allow themselves to often succumb to their vice.

Leo women are very ambitious, and nothing can stop them from achieving their goals. They can often be more determined than most men around them. Their egotistical and domineering nature, prone to bragging, often chases men away from them. These women often struggle to maintain their relationships, and are usually unaware of their own contribution to such a state.

They are often very loud and tend to draw attention, which are traits that many men find unappealing and repulsive.

Besides their sometimes annoying nature, these women are true buddies, and are kind and helpful to the ones in need. They can also brag about helping someone, but they will do it wholeheartedly. These women have open hearts and personalities, and love communicating with people.

They do tend to talk about themselves more than listening to others talk, and often their talks to people appear like monologues, where she is the only one who does the talking, but one thing is for sure: they don’t have a bad intention, and that is how their nature is.

Men who find these women overbearing, should better skip a relationship with them because it is unlikely that they could change, even if they are in love with a man. Most of them aren’t aware of their behavior and personalities, and people are often intimidated to tell them what they really mean about them.

Leo women are very passionate and often behave and dress provocatively. Many men find their behavior and style inappropriate, and it rejects them from desiring to have a serious commitment with these women. Regardless of that, they don’t change, and remain true to themselves.

They are open-minded and like being around people. They love going out and traveling, and usually choose the best and most luxurious places and travel destinations. These women sincerely believe that they deserve the best, and they often get exactly that.

They are good wives and mothers, and take good care of their children and husbands, although they often are not very emotional. 

Love Compatibility

A Sagittarius man and a Leo woman could be a good combination if they are willing to compromise. They are both fire signs, and are both very passionate. He might find her bragging and self-centeredness annoying, although he himself is often self-absorbed.

These two need to be very interested in one another to be willing to put up with each other’s negative traits.

He doesn’t like dominant women, and he might get upset if she begins behaving bossy around him. She will need to suppress a bit her powerful personality if she does want to keep this man.

They are both prone to taking risks to gain something, especially financial risks, but that is not a good thing because no one in their relationship is reasonable enough to stop the other from jeopardizing them both.

She probably won’t like his superficial approach to things, as well as his tendency towards changes. She is a fixed sign, and doesn’t accept changes easily. 

Marriage Compatibility

If a marriage union occurs between these two, the Leo woman is the one who will most likely take the lead role in the relationship.

This man has enough masculinity, but often lacks the interest in doing that, and this situation is convenient for him. This woman will often enjoy displaying her dominant nature in this role which he is willing to give over to her.

She will organize the life activities and choirs, he and the kids will need to perform.

He can also be absentminded and forgetful, and she will need to remind him often about his duties and responsibilities. He will do his best in complying to all her desires, only if he is truly in love with her.

If, on the other hand, he married because he wanted to have kids, she might end up in a bad position, where she will take all the burden of the home and the kids, while he will continue his old way of living, going out, being with other women, traveling, etc. 


A friendship between a Sagittarius man and a Leo woman is a likely union.

They have similar energy and are passionate about the things they do. They can share some common interests, usually sports and outdoor activities, and they often have a lot of fun together. 

Cool Facts

The characters of the Sagittarius man and the Leo might cause some issues in their relationship, and could pose a threat to their relationship if there aren’t any other bonding elements in their natal charts.

She loves glam and luxury, while he is often a simple guy and doesn’t need much to be happy, although he knows how to enjoy and appreciates the benefits of expensive things.

He might get annoyed by her need always to have the best and the most expensive, and will consider it as a thrill killer in situations where he just wanted to relax and enjoy the beauty of nature and life beside the woman he loves, expecting her to enjoy the same.


A relationship between a Sagittarius man and a Leo woman is a possibility if these two are willing to work out their differences and be tolerant towards each other.

They function best as friends.