Sagittarius Man and Taurus Woman – Love Compatibility, Marriage

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We have all been in a situation where we liked someone and didn’t know if that person liked us back, or when we wondered about a possibility of being in a relationship with a person who hadn’t until that moment express their interest in dating us.

We did different things and looked for means to find out more about that person, like, asked their friends and acquaintances questions about them, scoured their social profiles, etc.

If you are reading this text, you figured out that astrology can also be very helpful in these situations.

We can receive the best and most accurate information from an astrological compatibility analysis. It is done by comparing the planetary placements and positions of the planets in each person’s natal chart.

The aspects the planets are making are the most important for determining the compatibility between two people.

If they are predominantly good, their relationship is bound to be a stable and lasting one. If the aspects are predominately bad, the relationship doesn’t have a much chance of lasting and being harmonious.

It is likely to be full of conflicts and short-lasting.

To make this analysis, you first need to make the natal charts for yourself and the person you are interested in, and for that, you need to have your precise birth data (your and their exact time of birth, date, and place of birth).

If you don’t have this information, which is likely forasmuch you don’t know that person well, and it would be inadequate to ask such questions, you can use their horoscope sign for analysis and comparison of your horoscope sign traits.

This other analysis won’t give you as many details as the previous one, but the information will be sufficient to get a picture of the potential of your relationship.

In this article, we will compare the traits of a Sagittarius man and a Taurus woman to see how these two can get along in a relationship.

Sagittarius Man

The Sagittarius man has an adventurous nature and is always ready for action. These men need constant movement, and they cannot keep still for a long time. They are always doing something and are full of energy.

These men often have excessive amounts of energy and are prone to wasting it. They often exaggerate in all their activities, and whether it is work, or partying, or traveling, drinking, going out, etc. everything is exaggerated with them.

The reason for that might be the fact that their sign ruler, the planet Jupiter, rules excess, exaggeration, expansion and growth.

These men are prone to making risks up to the point of jeopardizing their well-being. They often act fearlessly, and they often are fireless, but such behavior sometimes fires back at them. They often push their limits, especially regarding their bodies, and that causes them to burn up and wear off unnecessary.

Sagittarius men love traveling and expanding their horizons. They often travel to distant parts of the world in search for adventures and new experiences.

Jupiter, their ruling planet, which also rules distant travel, instills that love in them. They enjoy encounters with new cultures, especially meeting new people. These men are very communicative and sociable.

They don’t have a problem approaching people and making contacts with them. Sagittarius men are very fun to be around because they have a natural charm and charisma which draws people to them. They are also full of interesting stories from their experiences which people love to hear.

They love a variety of experiences in all areas of life, especially regarding their romantic life.

These men easily approach women and establish relationships with them. They have a friendly approach which doesn’t appear intimidating and women get easily hooked to them.

These men value their freedom and independence very much, and they are afraid of losing them. Fear of losing their freedom is one of the main motives which make these men try to control their emotions and stay detached as much as they can in a relationship.

They are usually not very emotional (unless they have a strong water influence) and they don’t find it difficult to end a relationship when it becomes too serious and they are not sure if that is what they want.

One of the situations when these men are unable to control themselves and realize that they are willing to give up on everything from their previous lifestyle, including their precious independence and freedom, is when they fall deeply in love with some woman. When that happens, these men will do anything to be by her side.

This rarely happens, usually because of their tendency to control their emotions, but when it does, that really means that they consider that woman extra special and the realization of their dreams.

Even when they are completely devoted to a woman and are in a committed relationship or married, these men keep some of their basic traits which their woman needs to tolerate.

They will possibly manage to win over some kind of freedom in that relationship which she will be expected to accept and be fine with.

She will also need to put up with their forgetfulness, absentmindedness, and superficiality. She will need to undertake the organizational part of the relationship and keep it under control because she won’t be able to rely on him completely.

Not all Sagittarius men are irresponsible and forgetful, but many of them are.

Jupiter, their ruler, also rules wisdom, philosophy, and higher knowledge, which usually makes these men eager to expand their knowledge. These men are often treasuries of different information and knowledge.

They might appear disinterested, but when you scratch under the surface, you might discover some things about this man that you consider superficial and absentminded, which might amaze you.

Sagittarius men often lead hectic lives, but if you have the chance to get to know them well, that is, if they allow you to get to know them, you will discover how wonderful they are. And you will even start looking at their negative traits with a more positive outlook and be willing to tolerate and even accept them.

Taurus Woman

The Taurus woman is often a real lady with an exquisite taste and impeccable style. These women are usually beautiful and good looking, although sometimes have issues with their weight due to their love of indulging in the pleasures of life, and food being one of them.

Their ruler, Venus, gives them a natural gift for beauty and talent for a different form of arts.

They are gifted to create beauty around them and that is why their home is often beautifully decorated. These women are earth signs, and don’t like moving a lot. They also enjoy spending their time at home alone or with people they care about.

These women are very passionate and love being in relationships with passionate men. They are reserved when it comes to demonstrating their affection, and leave the man to do the work of conquering their heart.

A Taurus woman is very feminine and plays that role very well. If a man hurts her she retreats with dignity and ignores him completely. She has a highly developed ego, which doesn’t allow her to get over an insult or disrespect.

The Taurus woman often has a dominant and powerful nature. She knows what her desires are and is not ashamed to ask for them. If she is bothered by something in a relationship, she will open a conversation about it and try to resolve the issue. She is a loyal and devoted partner and wife.

These women despise dishonesty and cheating. A typical Taurus woman wouldn’t forgive being cheated on.

The man who considers doing that to this woman needs to be aware that she could never get over it, and would consider such an act a cause for a definite breakup, regardless of how strong the relationship is or the other circumstances which might be bonding you.

The Taurus woman is very proud and cannot tolerate being disrespected or treated differently than she treats her man. When this woman is in love, she is willing to devote her life to her man completely.

She enjoys taking care of him, pampering him and nurturing him, and expects the same treatment in return. She is very rigorous when it comes to respecting her boundaries.

These women are very organized and manage to perform all their duties, both at work and at home. They are tender and caring mothers, and take good care of their children. They love financial security, and are able to provide it for themselves.

Because of that, they expect their man to be a good provider and take care of them and their children. Although independent and capable, these women have a traditional outlook on relationships and the roles of men and women.

She firmly believes that she should play her natural role, of a female, while the man should play his role and be the provider and head of the family.

These women are often willing to give up on their careers and devote their lives completely to their family, their husband, the children and taking care of their home, if their man is able to provide a secure and stable life for all of them.

They love to be financially well-off and they prefer men who are successful and accomplished.

Love Compatibility

A love relationship between a Sagittarius man and a Taurus woman is often a bad idea, and doesn’t last long. These two have different almost conflicting characters. They can appear to each other as if coming from another planet.

She is an earth sign, as well as fixed sign, which means that she is very down to earth and doesn’t like changes, while he is a fire sign, and a mutable sign as well, which makes him quick to react and quickly change his opinion. They cannot get more opposite than that.

It is likely that the differences in their personalities will be the cause of disagreements and conflicts which will weaken the relationship until it ends.

This woman might often be shocked by his unconventional and unpredictable behavior and he might be bored by her predictability and her refusal to accept any kind of change.

If there aren’t any other bonding placements in their natal charts, these two most likely will not begin a relationship.

A relationship between them might be a result of a momentary attraction which will end once the attraction fades, and they both realize their differences and incompatibility.

Marriage Compatibility

A marriage between a Sagittarius man and a Taurus woman is not a likely union, unless there are some other compatible relations between their natal charts.

Even if this marriage happens, it would require a lot of effort on both sides, and there’s usually no will for that. Their differences are bound to create conflicts between them.

The lack of compatibility will cause both of them to become more demanding towards each other, and less tolerant of each other’s mistakes.

This attitude will eventually lead to the end of this relationship. 


The Sagittarius man and the Taurus woman are not likely friends, unless they share some other bonds.

They have way too many differences of character and that makes it almost impossible to be friends.

She will consider him very superficial, forgetful, and overall unreliable.

He might meet her with a bunch of other people, and probably won’t notice her because she won’t be interesting enough for him.

She will most likely behave reserved and she won’t find his superficial behavior towards people amusing and worth wasting her time.

Cool Facts

The Sagittarius man and the Taurus woman are both very passionate, and might find each other attractive at first.

They might enjoy their intimate moments, but there won’t be enough character compatibility for the rest of their relationship to be satisfying and lasting. 


As a summary, we can conclude that the Sagittarius man and the Taurus woman are not a good match for any kind of relationship.

Their characters are completely different and they need to put in a lot of effort and make compromises to keep their relationship alive, and usually, there’s no will for that on both sides.