Sagittarius Sun Aries Moon – Personality, Compatibility

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Everlasting mystery of the cosmos is, perhaps, the real purpose of our existence or it could be vice versa.

A daring idea, with no concrete answer, but maybe we are destined never to know the ultimate true.

Everything about the universe and immeasurable spaces of the world beyond our own fascinate and intrigue us. We will never stop wondering about how it affects our lives.

None of our advanced technologies or scientific discoveries and inventions tells about the actual influence of planets and stars over individual peoples’ lives and destiny paths.

We assume there is a connection and there are numerous theories.

Most of alternative approaches gives are some answers. One of those is astrology, an old discipline, much appreciated in the past.

Astrology is still being practiced today, although not considered an official approach.

However, it features all the constitutive elements of one official science. The real astrology requires a lot of knowledge, practice and experience to be applied.

Astrology is not newspaper horoscope, but something more complex and more useful, in a way.

Sun Sign

Native astrology is what we talk about. There are other branches of astrology; as we have said, it is a complex (pseudo) science.

Natal astrology is what interest people the most, because it can tell about individual lives and personalities.

We want to know more about ourselves and many people are interested to know about what possibly awaits them in future.

Astrology could possibly give some clues. It does not predict future, but gives you an insight into potentials and possibilities.

We come to planets and elements of a birth chart; they define your astrological personality profile and potentials we talk about. The Sun sign is the first thing to pay attention to.

The Sun sign defines the basis of your personality. It is one of the ‘personal planets’, so it gives you your essential personality traits.

It also represents your potential maximum, something your whole being is inclined towards. The Sun sign represents ones true self, personal strength and Ego.

It is associated with personal goals, consciousness, self-awareness and overall attitude towards life.

Being associated with the element of Fire, the Sun gives you that moving energy, the will for life, it is the flame within your being. The sun rules the sign of Leo and it represents authority, especially male figures of authority.

In a natal horoscope, it represents the fatherly figure. It also reflects profiles of kings, generals, knights, leaders of any sort.

Sun in Sagittarius

The Sun sign presents itself through aspects found in a natal chart, meaning it never makes one an ideal representative of the Zodiac.

There are poor chances you could be an ideal ultimate Sagittarius, for example.

Other signs, planets, and aspects would affect the way your Sagittarius nature manifests in reality. However, with the Sun in Sagittarius, you are definitely a representative of the Sagittarius sign and you share its characteristics.

Sagittarius is an adventurous, explorative and philosophical spirit, always eager to learn something new about the people and the way our world functions. Sagittarius people are enthusiastic, curious and open-minded.

They are free spirited and mostly very positive. They are idealistic; they are guided by ideals of ultimate values. Sagittarius is hopeful and spirited.

These people are joyful and interesting to have around. They would gladly engage in a philosophical debate, offering original ideas and points of view.

Sagittarius people are the greatest travelers in the entire Zodiac.

They wander around, in search for ultimate purpose of life. They are extroverted, optimistic and dynamic.

Sagittarius believes one has to be connected with the world on all levels, in order to really to understand it. They cannot sit still; they are explorers and adventurers.

Sagittarius is ruled by the planet Jupiter and its influence is extremely strong the sphere of creation and widening of the horizons.

Sagittarius people are honest, but impatient, so they have to learn how to express themselves in a tolerant manner, not being too sharp.

Moon Sign

Unlike the Sun, which gives you fixed qualities and shapes up your expressive nature, the Moon gives you flexibility, the ability to adapt to various situations and emotional depth.

The emotionality that comes from the Moon makes you a complete personality, no matter how ‘incomplete’ one sometimes feel, when hard times strike and a person feels vulnerable and too sensitive.

Emotions, all sorts of them, enrich your personality and make you alive.

The Moon is subtle, but transformative and mutable. It enriches our souls with empathy and compassion, but could also make us moody, nervous, irritable and else.

It makes us feel the world, not only perceive it through sense or think about it on a purely rational level.

The Moon is a Water element planet and it governs the sign of Cancer.

It symbolically represents the world of dreams and imagination and it supports both in an individual. It is also our guiding inner voice and our intuition.

It seems many people often try to neglect their inner voice, believing everything should be decided by reason, but that is not true.

The greatest achievement is to combine the two, to trust your reason, but to believe your inner self.

The Moon decides upon the way you are going to react to circumstances in your life.

Depending on your Moon sign and aspects that affect it, your emotional energy might flow free or become blocked and restricted.

It can also happen that sometimes your Moon sign prevails over your Sun sign.

Let s find out what it means to have the Moon in Aries.

Moon in Aries

Aries is a Fire element sign and, thus, its nature is very different from that of the Moon. Fire and Water could fit well together, but it has its risks, of course. It is one of ultimate dualities of our world and us as human beings.

The Moon in Aries is a good example of such a duality in one personality.  It indicates a temperamental, fiery character.

Moon Aries’ express their emotions directly and openly; their emotions are raw and unpolished. These people tend to be impulsive and quick tempered.

They are brutally honest about everything, including their true feelings about something or someone.

They do not even try to hide it. Moon Aries is fearless and courageous. There is an incredible strength and bravery in speaking about emotions openly.

These people are daring, active and impatient. Their intentions are clear and honest. Moon Aries people are not particularly sensitive, but they are practical.

They would not show much empathy or compassion to a friend in need for support, but they would do their best to find a practical solution and help a person they care for.

Sagittarius Sun Aries Moon Personality

Sagittarius Sun Aries Moon is perhaps the most dynamic personality in astrology.

These people are very impatient and incapable of sitting still in one place for very long.

They possess all the directness and need for physical activity of Aries and it gives them emotional fulfillment.

They feel happy only if they are active and doing something practical. Nor Aries Sun neither Aries Moon does things that lack purpose.

They have all the curiosity, enthusiasm and eagerness of a knowledgeable Sagittarius. Their mind is wide open to new experiences.

Their Aries Moon makes them even more lustful for experience and even more daring.

They tend to act impulsively and to make hasty decisions, but the important thing is that they are never guided by ill intentions and that they rarely regret their decisions.

Good Traits

Sagittarius Sun Aries Moon are honest and optimistic people.

They do not like tricks; although it looks as if they would try literally anything only to widen their horizons and find the purpose they search for, they do choose their ways and think about it.

They are quick minded and spontaneous and they would never choose anything immoral.

They usually possess incredible sense of humor and make for a great company.

Bad Traits

Such dynamic personalities are of risk of acting too impulsively.

Although they rarely perceive any consequences of their actions negatively, but see them simply as a new experience that could teach them something, they commonly neglect pother people’s feelings, because they themselves are emotionally quite resistant.

They could be too sharp on tongue, to brutally honest and they sometimes really lack tact.

Although their intentions are not bad, they could badly hurt someone without wanting it.

Sagittarius Sun Aries Moon in Love and Marriage

They are tricky ones. Sagittarius Sun Aries Moon are intense and dynamic, but oriented towards expanding their own universe. They are not particularly romantic in general terms.

However, they would see to fascinate their potential lover with their knowledge and discoveries.

Moreover, they would easily win them over by charm, humor and incredibly optimistic attitude.

They would never fit with someone who does not share their ideals and their enthusiasm for life.

Best Match for Sagittarius Sun Aries Moon

Sagittarius Sun Aries Moon are generally easygoing and they trust their lover.

They are very self-confident and direct. They need a partner who can stand their openness and sharpness and who shares their fascination with the world.

It has to be a person mentally and emotionally strong enough not to lose temper in a debate and actually someone who is more diplomatic.

It would firstly annoy temperamental Sagittarius Sun Aries Moon, but they could learn something from it.

They need someone whom they respect and admire. They need to feel security and stability in their partner, because it is something they lack.

They need someone to help them learn that the routine has its charms and that it is not something to run away from.


Sagittarius Sun Aries Moon are the most active and dynamic zodiac personalities, in both mental and physical way.

They are quite resistant and can handle the failure. They are ultimately optimistic people who never stop believing in their goals.

They do everything to find the purpose. Sagittarius strives for more abstract, philosophical purpose, while Aries needs a practical one.

Either way, their motivation is clear. These people are straightforward, honest and open-minded.