Sagittarius Sun Cancer Moon – Personality, Compatibility

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Planets and stars have been fascinating us for long. We still wonder whether some mystical forces rule the universe, even with all of our technological advancements and science.

There are questions science cannot cover, such as the influence of the same planets and stars over lives of individual people.

Since ancient times people have been telling phrases such as it is ‘written in the stars’.

It is meant to be, it says; some force higher than us determines upon our life. Skies and heavens have always been identified with divine forces.

Numerous religious and spiritual systems lie upon such an idea.

Even the most skeptical people ask themselves such questions. Astrology is one of alternative approaches that try to offer an answer.

Astrology is called a pseudo science and is not officially recognized in the modern world.

Long ago, it was much more appreciated. However, we still have people who take it very seriously.

Astrology is not a trick; it is fully organized just as any other science, with its methodology, principles and knowledge.

It is a serious business; it is more than those short passages you find in newspapers.

Sun Sign

Astrology analyzes many things. We are focused on one branch of astrology and that is natal astrology, since we are interested in a life of an individual, astrologically specific personality.

The Sun and the Moon both play an important role in personal horoscope.

They are both ‘personal planets’, which means they greatly affect one’s personality. The rest of these astrological planets group are Mercury, Venus and Mars.

The Sun is the central element. It is so because modern astrology is based upon the Solar system. The Sun has always been associated with concepts of life, health, power and energy.

Sun deities were all associated with great power, with creation and destruction, if it happens so. Their intentions are good, however. Sun gods inspire and give life, for the most part.

This bright planet (in astrology, the Sun is also considered a planet) defines one person’s basic characteristics and temperament. It is the first element to analyze in one’s natal chart.

It represents one’s real, genuine self. It stands for personal strength, potentials of a character, attitude, positive guidance and energy.

The Sun is what you are meant to be; it is up to you to recognize your value. Other signs and elements of a birth chart always affect the Sun; otherwise, we would be the same and everything would be perfect.

That is impossible. The beauty of your personality is that it is much different from others.

Sun in Sagittarius

Each representative of one particular zodiac sign, however shares some basic characteristics with others of the same sign.

Of course, none of us is the same, but we could often recognize similarities.

In these terms, there are no ideal Sagittarius individuals, for examples. All Sagittarius share some similarities, at the same time. What are they like? What does the Sun in Sagittarius mean?

Sagittarius people are intelligent, curious and of free spirit. Their minds are wide open to new ideas and their restless nature requires movement and change.

They enjoy travelling and meeting new people; they rarely sit for long at one place.

All they do has one purpose and it is to find the true, ultimate purpose of life. A big goal, you would agree and one hard to reach in a lifetime.

Sagittarius ones are never discouraged. You can tell them their goal is too abstract and distant; they would never give up. They would also enjoy every mile of their journey.

They also possess great spiritual depth and a philosophical mind. They are present in this life, trying to experience as much as it is possible and learning.

Knowledge is their power and they know many things, all learned from experience and research. They enjoy passing it to other people, which makes them incredible as teachers, mentors, tutors and else.

Sagittarius is positive, optimistic and a joyful personality. They are witty and incredibly charismatic people.

They are friendly, sociable and sometimes too openly honest about everything.

Moon Sign

The Moon is our hidden self, our emotional self. This mystical Luminary has always been associated with magic and mystery.

The subtle, gentle ruler of the nightly sky, the Moon quickly changes positions and travels through zodiac signs.

It nature is unsteady, flowing, changeable. The Moon makes us flexible and adaptable, which is needed in each life.

It forms one’s emotionality. The Moon sign affects the way we react towards situations in life. It helps us connect with the world on a deeper level, emotional and intuitive one. It makes us form bonds with people.

Connection is sometimes the Moon works on. Many times, we cannot explain why some people attract us, why we need them. The Moon’s inner guidance leads us towards them.

This mystical planet awakens compassion and empathy. It reminds us of our past. Dreams, imagination and memories are its medium.

In a natal chart, the Moon represents the area of life that brings greatest emotional fulfillment and the greatest vulnerability, at the same time.

The Moon inspires intuition, helping us perceive the world on a different level.

Moon in Cancer

The Moon rules over the sign of Cancer and greatly affects all other Water element sign, even more than the Sun, regardless of if those are natives in a personal birth chart.

The Moon in Cancer is at home, which has its positive and negative sides. The Moon in Cancer is a natural position. It could accentuate natural characteristics of Cancer more than needed.

The Moon in cancer stands for an incredibly emotional and very vulnerable personality. Cancer is perhaps the most emotional and sensitive zodiac signs. It is of servile nature, wanting to please everyone.

At the same time, Moon Cancers feel uncomfortable if others try to please them.

They require emotional attention, however and want people to understand them. Moon Cancers are empathic, caring and nurturing people.

Moon Cancers are very imaginative and creative people. Their emotional fragility prevents them from expressing feelings openly, out of fear of being wounded.

They find a channel in their creativity; Cancers are often great artists.

They are also very intuitive, quiet and gentle. They tend to be moody, because their soul is overloaded with emotions.

Sagittarius Sun Cancer Moon Personality

Sagittarius Sun Cancer Moon is a personality created out of two opposite elements, the Fire and the Water. Although these are sometimes conflicted, they also build up one another.

It is good to have both in your personality, if they are balanced.

Here, fiery Sagittarius awakens curiosity, adventurousness, the need to experience life as it is; the subtle Moon feeds this optimistic character with inspiration, empathy and drives imagination.

Moon Cancers often take things to personally and get offended easily, even if their inner voice tells them it was not meant to hurt them. They are just too sensitive.

Sagittarius here plays an important role not letting this to happen.

Sagittarius Sun wants to meet people, wants to share his or hers opinions, wants to widen their horizons. The Moon in Cancer only makes them more empathic.

Sagittarius Sun Cancer Moon is calmer than a genuine Sagittarius and more connected to their closest ones and home.

They enjoy travelling and experiencing new cultures, learning things from people around the globe, but they need their safe place and a cozy corner shared with the most loved ones.

They are empathic, which prevents them from being too edgy and sharply honest, which is common with Sagittarius.

Good Traits

This is an eager, curious personality with ultimately positive attitude.

Sagittarius Sun cancer Moon are friendly people who enjoy learning and teaching. None of their intentions are bad and malevolent.

They are capable of understanding others on both intellectual and emotional level, thanks to Sagittarius ‘philosophical mind and spirituality and Cancer’s emotionality.

Bad Traits

They can still be too direct. Honesty is a great quality, but one should measure their words sometimes.

It could happen that Cancer side prevails at times and they cannot stand the pressure of their discoveries about people.

They know too much about human nature and if they become too sensitive, it could break them. They could feel the suffering of thousands as their own. It is a frightening option.

Sagittarius Sun Cancer Moon in Love and Marriage

Sagittarius Sun cancer Moon is a loving and charismatic person. He or she falls in love easily.

These people are often direct when interested in someone, but they wrap up their feelings into a creative form. They could surprise by how romantic they could actually be.

They are adventurous in spirit, so do not expect them to sit at home all the time, but join them.

They feel the best if they can share their experiences with a person they love. It is important to mention that they are some of the most honest lovers and partners.

Best Match for Sagittarius Sun Cancer Moon

The best match is a balanced person who can understand their need for exploring the world, whether it is on a philosophical or physical level, such as travelling the world.

It would be the best if it were someone with the same appetite for adventure in Sagittarius Sun Cancer Moon terms.

It should be a gentle person, one who would always be there to offer them emotional support, as well.


Sagittarius Sun Cancer Moon have great predisposition to become balanced personalities; the ones that are open to new ideas and discoveries, tolerant and compassionate.

They are adventurers on all levels. Sagittarius Sun Cancer Moon are benevolent people, although sometimes they could become either too emotional, which costs them their overall positive attitude, or too sharp and honest, which could hurt others.

They perceive life as a journey; the one that brings greatest joys, but also they are aware that it is the one that does bring trouble and failure.