Saturn Conjunct Ascendant – Synastry, Transit, Composite

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Imagine that in past incarnations, some soul could not prove in any way that it is bad to live according to your own laws, that there would be retribution for this. Well, they did not find a way to convey to her. And then this soul is born in a human body during an eclipse by the SLU (the Sun in conjunction with the SLU).

And a person begins to act only in his own way, in everything, having no edge at all. If this is a woman, then by the middle of her life a complete nightmare will begin, she simply begins to lose everything.

And she will be able to bind that this is all a consequence of her active free youth, a payback for excessive freedom. If this is a man, then he will live a bright and most likely cynical life.

He will then be born a woman with a monstrous horoscope. He will be bullied just as much as people have suffered from him.

And he will spend his entire life as a woman pondering how bad it is to be greedy, how bad it is to be cruel, how bad it is to be capricious, and about many more “bad” things. And for such a life, the soul will change a lot, I suppose.

Saturn – Meaning and Info

I often come across the opinion that the connection of the planet with the South Node is an indication of the impossibility of using it: “You already went through this in the past, you shouldn’t look back!” – Karma fans complain. In fact, everything depends on the strength of the channel of this planet.

If she is not killed and is strong enough, then the South Node in conjunction with the planet, on the contrary, focuses attention on her and recommends using this skill from a past life in order to be realized in this one.

As if you have dragged a useful artifact from the previous level to solve the problem of the current one.

How many famous writers with a Mercury / Jupiter / Neptune conjunction with YU, how many artists with a Saturn / Venus conjunction YU, how many wonderful mothers with a South Node Moon conjunction, how many famous generals with a YuU conjunction Mars / Jupiter / Saturn.

Perhaps they repeat the experience passed, improve, hone it to brilliance, achieve even greater results in the functions of such a planet, or pass an exam on its topics, because they have devoted their entire past life to its development. We will never know this, but the fact remains that a strong planet in conjunction with YuU must be used!

When the planet is weak and disharmonious, then you should beware of any spheres associated with it, you are unlikely to be allowed there, maximum tease.

But the dispositor of such a planet, if it is stronger, will be used instead of the killed planet in conjunction with the South Node in order to walk along the North Node.

For example, node 0 Moon in Virgo at 12, which has the strength and harmony of zeros – a person is eager to take care of animals all his life, has birds, dogs, snakes, but he is not allowed to become a pro in this area, constantly spread rot, his name is flayer and kicked out of any zoo society.

But Mercury is the depositor of the Moon, many times stronger, due to its position in the chart allows you to become a writer, scientific researcher, etc.

Perhaps, when a damaged planet connects to the South Node, this indicates that the skill has already been hit by a single life and it would be time to switch to something new.

Ascendant – Meaning and Info

If any planet is in conjunction with the North (Ascending) Lunar Node, then at the karmic level, according to the functions of this planet, the Path of our development can be determined. And we can say with confidence that you can follow the Path determined by this planet completely fearlessly.

For example, if Mars is in conjunction with the North Node, then it will be very fruitful for human evolution if he is active in his life.

At the karmic level, the planet, which is in conjunction with the South (Setting) Lunar Node, determines the worked out karma, in accordance with its functions.

For example, if Saturn is in such a conjunction, then a person with such a configuration should not create systems, have strong convictions and have a tough moral position, since for him these are already worked out functions.

The functions of this planet can and should serve only as a support for it when moving in the direction indicated by the North Lunar Node.

If, for example, the North Node connects with Selena, then a person in this life is given the opportunity to follow the bright path, this direction is protected by his guardian angel.

But if at the same time tense aspects are also present, then he may inadequately take advantage of the opportunity given to him and simply become a “freeloader”.

Therefore, it must be remembered that any available grace must be used wisely, used for development and to help other people. The inevitable direction of our karmic evolution is the need to follow the Path indicated by the North Node.

The location of the South Node indicates the karma we have already worked out, what has already been passed in previous incarnations and correspond to the potential we have already accumulated. We can only use this potential as a basis that will allow us to go in the direction indicated by the North Node.

The problems of the Lunar Nodes are closely related. For example, if you work very hard on the Ascending Node, without relying on the Incoming Node, you can lose your balance.

If you live without observing the harmony between the nodes, you will have to constantly pay debts to others for the South Lunar Node.

Saturn Conjunct Ascendant – Synastry, Transit, Composite

This is one of the most difficult lesions in the chart, which can bring a lot of inconvenience to both the owner of the horoscope and his environment. It is worth talking about it separately.

I have already touched upon the essence of the Lunar Nodes (Rahu and Ketu) many times. Let me remind you briefly here that they are the only ones with a low demonic nature.

As the points of intersection of the Solar and Lunar orbits, they connect together our desires and our will. Through this, our whole essence comes out.

In the last article burning planets, I touched on EGOISM in detail. Here this topic will need to be continued. Selfishness is normal in itself and is an integral part of our nature. It is our ability to separate ourselves from God and identify (understand and communicate who I am).

“This is my body, don’t touch it”, “this is my purse, don’t dare to dig in it”, “this is my apartment, if you please leave it”, “this is my child, do not shout at him”, etc. It is perfectly normal for us to establish boundaries and defend our territory.

But the level of selfishness is different for all people. Some people do well with the minimum and try to live in such a way as to take into account the interests of others. Others do not know the measures at all and want to consume the whole World.

The last individuals will constantly violate the boundaries of their neighbors, relying on other people’s means, taking advantage of someone else’s time or opportunities, excessively extolling themselves against the background of others, tactlessly getting into someone else’s personal life, etc.

Perhaps the main difference between a tactful person and a selfish person is that the former does not take anything for himself without the need for it. We all need food, shelter, treatment, education, livelihoods, etc.

But its one thing to take for yourself what you really need, and quite another to allow yourself to claim what you just WANT, but which you could well do without.

The boundary of “what is really needed” runs through the further use of resources. If something (education, material means, etc.) is necessary for a person in order to then do something useful to others – this must be objectively.

For example, everyone needs to eat, just to be able to work later and be useful. And when we take something only for ourselves alone (without passing it on) – this is already pure egoism.

Lunar Nodes reflect our true essence, our selfish nature. Here immediately a reservation: everyone who was born on this planet has selfishness.

Whoever has completely defeated the EGO in himself will simply not be born on our planet, because there is nothing else to do here. The harsh realities of this planet are just adapted so that we are all constantly fighting with others for limited resources and personal space.

The earth is not a place for true ladies and gentlemen, as Ruslan Narushevich used to say in his lectures. Here any living creature, just to live, must eat another living creature.

So if it seems to someone that the conversation about selfishness does not apply to him at all, he is mistaken.

All planets move from Aries to Pisces and from the 1st house to the 12th house. This is a symbolic path from the original self and the desire to prove to everyone your level, to declare yourself, to true mercy, sacrifice and service to other people.

But the Nodes go backwards, from Pisces and the 12th house to Aries and the 1st house. This reflects our path to ourselves. We start in external life and joint activities with others, and through this we gradually understand ourselves to the very depth and essence.

What we are there, in the depths, are. The 1st house (to understand oneself and to express oneself) becomes the final goal of the movement of the dragon’s head (Rahu).

Any planet can be connected with the Nodes either through aspects simultaneously to the North and South Lunar Nodes, or be in conjunction with one of them.

The aspect of any planet to the Lunar Nodes in the natal chart suggests that according to the function of the planet itself and the house that the planet controls, a person will strive and be able to do everything in his own way. As he wants, or as he thinks right.

But at the same time, the North and South Nodes are turned on at the same time, which means that crime and punishment will go hand in hand.

The North Lunar Node will give you the opportunity to show yourself in some issue, to insist on your personal interests.

And the South will instantly give a return, in the form of the reaction of other people or harsh circumstances.

By tying together the picture, what happens when we do not “what is right”, but “as it is beneficial for us?”


If the SLU is connected to a planet (not a luminary), then we work pointwise on the principle of the planet.

Mercury – we abuse profit and calculation, through the ability to reason and talk, Venus – uncontrolled satisfaction of desires, Mars – abuse of power, Jupiter – use of status and position, manipulation of knowledge in our interests, Saturn – we will besiege and restrict anyone-

Uranus – the ability to remove from any obligations, Neptune is selfish brainwashing (magicians, hypnotists, fortune tellers and others, when this is pure charlatanism, not to be confused with medical hypnosis for help and with specialists who actually help), Pluto is sacrifice of other people for personal gain.