Pluto Conjunct Ascendant – Synastry, Transit, Composite

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Astrology is a rather complex science that explains certain events and patterns in society, in the development of personality and its manifestations.

Aspects of the planets in the natal chart of a person’s birth, according to the presented teaching, determine his behavior and appearance.

What traits does Pluto endow on the ascendant, as well as the features of creating a personal horoscope, will be discussed later.

Pluto – Meaning and Info

According to the concepts of astrology, a person at the moment of birth receives a certain set of qualities. They shape his character.

Also, the fate of a person is formed from a number of factors. In some situations he will be lucky, but sometimes troubles will also happen.

To identify such predispositions, a natal chart is drawn up. This is a personal horoscope, which reflects the main planets, their aspects, signs of the zodiac and houses. By studying various combinations of these factors, you can find out the character and fate of a person.

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It should be borne in mind that astrology does not deny the possibility of a person changing certain events predetermined by fate.

Self-improvement, personal growth and development can reduce the impact of negative manifestations of character. To draw up a natal chart, you will need to enter the date and exact time of your birth in a special program, as well as geographic data about the place where the person was born.

One of the important components of a horoscope is the position of the ascendant. This is the zodiac sign that occupied the eastern horizon at the time of birth. This is the starting point for all subsequent houses. If the ascendant at the time of birth fell into the beginning of the zodiac sign, its influence on the character will be significant.

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A rather interesting aspect is the conjunction of the ascendant with Pluto in the synastry. This indicates a number of extraordinary features of a person’s personality. There may be other aspects between the planet and the starting point of the houses. All of them are reflected in the character and life of a person.

Using the method of constructing a natal chart, you can also determine the compatibility of a couple. Pluto man and woman’s ascendant (or vice versa) can give their relationship a certain character.

To find out the compatibility of partners, their horoscopes are superimposed on each other. The astrologer will then be able to determine their aspects and features of joint behavior.

The Lord of Darkness, or Pluto on the Ascendant. Pluto is responsible for change and transformation. When a planet of such strength lands on the Ascendant, a person connects to inexhaustible sources of energy. He can experience in his life both the burden of power and a state of complete powerlessness.

In ancient Greek mythology, Pluto (Hades) rules the underworld, the world of the dead. Therefore, it is also associated with places of underground workings, metro, burials.

It is possible that such places are expressed in the native’s card through his profession or in some other way. Subway workers, miners, cemetery guards – work on the energies of Pluto.

A person with a strong Pluto makes a lasting impression on people. No one can resist this charisma. Often such a person is followed by a whole retinue of fans and admirers.

He can afford everything. And he deeply does not care what others think. Enemies are not only defeated, but destroyed. The native is deeply convinced that he came to this world to own it. No king, president, or leader is complete without Pluto’s support.

The owner of a map with Pluto on the AU will never give himself offense, but at the same time he will not care at all about being respected. He will simply achieve it with strength and power. He has no sympathy or illusion for others, so people can scatter at his mere appearance in society, if the native showed aggressive qualities before.

It is a power that can destroy and renew. Pluto is subject to themes of fear, fanaticism and obsession. Criminals are also influenced by the planet. It can confuse a person in some matters, lead to a dead end, the path from which is possible only through deep inner transformations.

This is a very slow planet with a large cycle, so it stays in one sign for several years. At the same time, the highest speed develops in Libra and Scorpio. But it is hard for Aries and Taurus.

Such a slow pace is influential for events on a global scale, which is why Pluto is responsible for massive processes and transformations. The masses are ruled by power structures, which is why Pluto is associated with power.

Hence, the influence of the planet on your AU can be expressed in your connection with power structures.

Ascendant – Meaning and Info

Pluto on the ascendant in the synastry has an ambiguous effect on a person. To understand exactly how this planet affects character and destiny, you need to consider its main features.

Pluto is the planet of transformation. It is both death and birth. In mythology, Pluto is the ruler of the underworld. Here he is the complete master. Its influence on society is quite strong and formidable. It can be coups, terrorism, and crime.

In nature, the action of Pluto causes various cataclysms. These are forest fires, volcanic eruptions, earthquakes. The old is destroyed in the course of this, making room for the development of the new. This is the core of Pluto. There is no life without death.

Pluto’s energy is light in the deepest darkness. The planet is responsible in the birth chart for a person’s stress resistance, latent forces and reserves, potential.

In society, Pluto unites people into huge groups, corporations. The main spheres of influence of the planet are the economy, banks, the mafia and criminal financial organizations.

In each zodiac sign, Pluto is 13-32 years old. Its orbit of movement is specific. Therefore, in the natal chart, which is viewed in dynamics, the planet can move in forward or backward directions.

If Pluto is moving counterclockwise, it is called retrograde. Its influence on a person’s life at this moment is especially negative. Transit (runs clockwise in the natal chart) Pluto acts more harmoniously.

It is worth noting that Pluto on the ascendant in a solarium has a strong influence on human life. This is the period when the Sun returns to the starting point of a person’s horoscope (on his birthday).

In the next 12 days and the program is laid for the entire next year. Future events can be significantly influenced by Pluto on the ascendant.

The planet has been in every sign for many years. Therefore, its impact is global. In each sign, the energy of Pluto manifests itself in a different way. The Ascendant can greatly enhance such an influence.

Pluto was in the sign of Virgo. During its transit movement in the world, considerable attention was paid to social programs.

Also, this period was marked by the struggle for civil rights. Virgo is a sign of health and work.

At this time, the main postulates of environmental protection were laid, the attitude towards food additives was revised.

People born at this time are prone to deep analysis of what is happening, to self-criticism. They look for flaws in the world around them.

Pluto in Libra was in the period from 1972 to 1984. It is a sign of harmony, partnership, diplomacy. When Pluto passed into this sign, the Vietnam War was over.

At the same time, the United States and China took a step towards reconciliation.

Pluto Conjunct Ascendant – Synastry, Transit, Composite

In the natal chart, Pluto on the ascendant in Libra enhances qualities such as strict adherence to the law, justice.

At the time of the planet’s presence in this sign, corruption was exposed. At the same time, in a personal birth chart, this aspect makes a person ready for cooperation and diplomacy.

In Libra, Pluto is in decline. This means that a person may have conflicts with others. Stress resistance is low. You need to monitor your health, not to be nervous about trifles.

Pluto was in Scorpio between 1983 and 1995. In this sign, the energy of the planet manifests itself especially strongly. This is total power, coercion. Coups, revolutions took place in the world. At the same time, the forces of mankind are directed to research, scientific discoveries, and the development of the spiritual principle.

Pluto on the ascendant in Scorpio makes a person resistant to stress. They are strong-willed, purposeful individuals. They are discerning.

Such people are hard to mislead. They have intuition. However, on the way to its goal, this generation can “walk over their heads”.

In just 11 years, Pluto passed the sign of Sagittarius. He stayed here until 2008. Pluto is now in Capricorn. In recent years, new religious values ​​have been discovered. Science developed. Capricorn is responsible for international relations. People born during this time may seem impractical. However, their optimism and good spirits are worth learning for everyone.

Capricorn, in which Pluto is now located, opens up a craving for humanity for higher knowledge, education and travel. In the world, there are growing trends in the integration of individual economies into the world system. Humanity has a craving for travel. This allows you to get the necessary knowledge.

The Ascendant in conjunction with Pluto in the synastry endows a person with intuition. He clearly understands (or feels) the action of the forces of the universe. At the same time, a person uses such knowledge thoughtfully and quite deliberately. Pluto at this point in the horoscope gives a person a strong character and will. He knows how to draw strength and inspiration from the environment.

It may seem to some that a person with a similar aspect in the birth chart is very strange. They understand what others do not see. The position of Pluto in this case gives a person the ability to attract certain events, to influence his environment. These are rather aggressive personalities. They have their own secret means that allow them to get things done.

If Pluto is defeated, the person will be stubborn. However, with a high level of development, he will not allow himself to act biased. In this case, a person will pursue a common benefit.

The owner of the horoscope, in which Pluto in conjunction with the ascendant has a significant impact on the personality, are indifferent to life and to themselves. However, in many ways, behavior is determined by other aspects as well.

They suggest on what spheres of activity a person spends his energy. Some people fail to find themselves. They endlessly change their appearance, style of clothing. But no one benefits from this. Especially often, such negative tendencies are found in the presence of this aspect in Scorpio.

Pluto’s position at the highest point of the horoscope gives the desire to dominate. Such people are able to concentrate. Both positive and negative tendencies can appear. A person’s character can be unstable. In some cases, this causes many problems.

Pluto in conjunction with the ascendant provides a person with a lot of opportunities that he cannot always use correctly. A person is not able to accept life as it is. He gives all the best in one area of ​​his activity. After that, the owner of such a horoscope gets what he deserves. He has to endure the consequences of his activities.

The conjunction of Pluto and the Ascendant makes a person emotional. He tends to dramatize with everyday life, exaggerating them. Sometimes this leads to excessive sensitivity, irritability.

If a person cannot find a purposeful occupation, he seems stupid, wastes his energy on trifles.

Harmonious use of your inner strength allows you to anticipate events, control all situations in life.

The character is dominated by the spirit of competition.

Therefore, such people subconsciously tend to dominate.


Pluto on the ascendant forms a certain environment for a person. Weak people are drawn to him.

Many are annoyed by this state of affairs. Weak people easily recognize the superiority of their partner, so they easily get along together.

With strong personalities, people with this aspect have frequent conflicts. The rivalry between them does not stop for a minute.

Another problem with this situation is the ability to influence people. The person does this unconsciously. At the same time, he is able to destroy his environment.

If for some reason this is impossible, a person with Pluto on the ascendant begins to destroy himself.

This is due to the enormous concentration of energy. If the owner of the horoscope cannot apply it in a constructive way, this force acts on a person from the inside.