Saturn in 8th House

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Though many people still consider astrology as a fun topic for conversation, its reputation is being built over centuries and millennia of studies and experience.

Since ancient times, people have noticed the influence of the stars and planets on our lives, and the benefits of their interpretations. This is why they formed the study of the stars and named it astrology.

Many monarchs and influential people all over the world still rely on accurate astrology predictions concerning important people and predicting events of world-wide importance.

Astrology analyzes the interactions between the planets at a certain moment of time, as well as their placements in signs of the zodiac and the houses of the natal chart created for that specific moment.

These positions give the astrologer much information about a person or about events.

Someone who is an experienced astrologer can be very accurate in their predictions. They can foretell future events, as well as discover personality traits, interests, beliefs, or goals of a person.

Astrology can determine outcomes of relationships and situations, and give advice on what decisions to make in certain situations.

The basic interpretation is done by analyzing the placements of planets in signs, houses of the natal chart, their aspects, the rulers of the houses and the chart itself, etc.

Planets in houses – individual charts and synastry meaning

The beginning of the astrology interpretation is making a natal chart; this chart is a visual image of the planetary positions for the moment for which the chart is made.

This moment is in most cases the moment of someone’s birth. The data used for calculating a natal chart is the date, exact hour, and place.

After creation of astrology computer programs, these calculations last only seconds, but in earlier times, this was a time consuming work, which required knowledge and experience. The interpretation of the chart should be done by an experienced astrologer.

The natal chart has 12 houses and they all rule different parts of our life; by analyzing the house, its ruler and the planets inside, the astrologer can find out a lot about the person, the events concerning this house, and many other details.

The houses with planets are often the most important, because they give additional insight about the matter ruled by that house, and they reveal where the focus of intention is. The planets inside a house influence its areas of rulership with their meaning.

The 12 houses give information about someone’s personality, beliefs, interests, focus of attention, profession, education, work, career, coworkers, hobbies, skills, talents, parents, ancestors, family members, siblings, children, neighbors, surroundings, home, travel, partners, relationships, social life, friends, communication skills, enemies, finances, group memberships, physical condition, health, etc.

Synastry is a part of astrology which analyzes relationships and their nature and potential. The interpretation in synastry is made by comparing the natal charts of two people to determine their connection and possibility of lasting union.

The houses of natal charts are important in synastry as well. The houses of one partner in which the other partner’s planets fall, reveal the areas where their relationship is likely to impact their life and in what manner.

Saturn – Basic Traits

The planet Saturn in astrology rules seriousness and responsibility. It also symbolizes wisdom and patience. This is a large planet and only Jupiter is bigger. It has a ring system and 82 moons, with Titan being its largest. Saturn lacks solid ground.

The name Saturn is actually the name of the ancient Roman god of agriculture. In astrology, Saturn also rules agriculture and all areas related to soil, earth, farming, etc.

It is the ruler of efforts, hard work, business, career, authority, stability, restrictions, responsibility, stability, perseverance, endurance, determination, destiny, karma, organization, order, duty, discipline, chronic states, illness, poverty, financial issues, etc.

The house in the chart where this planet is placed shows the areas where the person could experience issues of Saturn nature, such as undertake responsibilities, taking care of someone, needing to be patient, face restrictions or obstacles, etc.

The Saturn cycle lasts about 29.5 years; this is how long it takes Saturn to circle around the Sun. While going around the Sun, Saturn passes through the signs of the Zodiac, until it finally returns to its natal placement.

This is the beginning of a period of self-evaluation and estimating their satisfaction with the results they have achieved so in their life by then.

This planet rules karma as well as life lessons; these lessons are learned through Saturn events which occur during major transits and progressions involving natal Saturn.

Eighth House Meaning

The 8th house is considered a house of death and rebirth, deep emotional experiences, deep emotions, physical intimacy, transformation of the soul, money and property of other people, inheritance, debts, taxes, investments, alimony, intuition, bank loans, lawsuits and their outcomes, secrets, secret knowledge and sciences, like the occult, etc.

This house rules matters related to death. It also rules deep emotional and life changing experiences.

These experiences are often related to someone’s death, which impacts the person so strongly that they completely change their personality and ways of seeing things. These events transform the person’s soul, end they end up transformed into a new person.

The 8th house rules secrecy and secret matters people want to keep hidden. It is also the rulers of obsessions, and can show whether the person has a tendency of obsessing over someone or something. It can reveal whether the person’s nature is obsessive or it isn’t.

This house rules the changes which could happen in the areas ruled by the 8th house and can show the transformations which could happen as a result of these changes.

Planets inside the 8th house are very important and can give us a lot of details about the matters which this house rules. These planets can often indicate the loss of the person through someone’s death.

Those with a lot of planets inside the 8th house are often secretive and interested in secret matters and sciences.

They often practice secret knowledge. They could also possess traits such as jealousy and obsessiveness, controlling others, domination and manipulating others, hatred, revenge, and similar feelings and behavior.

The eighth house is the ruler of other people’s finances; it is the house of our spouse’s money. This house shows the partner’s financial situation and whether it could jeopardize the person or not.

Sometimes the partner’s financial situation could improve the person’s finances significantly.

Beneficial and well-placed planets inside the 8th house are often a sign of a wealthy partner, and malefic and afflicted planets in this house indicate loss and financial difficulties through the person’s partners and spouse.

If there are good and well-aspected planets in the 8th house, this is a sign of the person being skilled to handle other people’s money; it is often a sign of inheritance the person could receive.

These people don’t have issues with debts, and they pay them with ease. Their business partners are also prosperous and they collaborate greatly with them.

When there are malefic and afflicted planets inside the 8th house, this is often a sign of financial issues, debts, and threats from business partners who might financially ruin the person.

Saturn in Eighth House Meaning in Individual Charts

Saturn in 8th house is not an easy placement for this planet. It is usually an indication of difficult life experiences and suffers which would lead to a complete transformation of the person’s personality and their life.

The placement of Saturn in eighth house is often a sign of poverty and financial difficulties caused by the person’s partner or spouse.

Because the eighth house rules physical intimacy, when Saturn is placed inside this house, it is often an indication of repressed desires, inhibition and fears regarding intimacy.

The person is unable to establish a deep intimate bond with their partners because of their fears and subconscious issues they are possibly unaware of having.

People with Saturn in 8th house often fear intimacy because they fear letting their control to another person, or they fear of being abandoned by the person after they seized controlling themselves and allowed themselves to relax.

The fact is that through disappointing experiences and abandonments, these people realize that the road to salvation is to go with the flow, accepting all possibilities without trying to control the situation.

Only when they realize that they should behave like this, their liberation happens and they begin to have the experiences they truly desire.

Due to their subconscious fears, these people might be prone to completely shut themselves from any intimate contacts, and their actions deeply hurt their soul.

This kind of behavior needs serious attention, and if the person discovers it is putting their lives on hold, they should consider counseling and confronting their problems.

People with Saturn in eighth house often fear the unknown, and they might be irrationally suspicious, especially towards their partners. They could fear being betrayed and tricked by them and they might be very cautious when it comes to financial dealings with them.

They could experience issues and difficulties with their inheritance, but with well-placed Saturn in the eighth house, these people might inherit some valuable antiques.

Sometimes, the placement of Saturn in 8th house could be a sign of a long and painful death, or death in misery or some other unpleasant circumstances.

This placement of Saturn doesn’t have to be as bad as it sounds; it can indicate difficult transformative experiences which will change the person for the better. They grow as a result of their experiences and the trouble they go through.

In some cases, this placement of Saturn in eighth house could indicate a person who is afraid of making changes and transformations, and is reluctant to accept anything that’s new.

They might fight against change even though they are aware that is beneficial for them. They are often prone to keeping the status-quo, and consider change stressful and a reason to worry.

One of their life lessons might be to embrace change as something that will improve their life and not ruin it.

The placement of Saturn in 8th house could be a sign of a person who is very organizer and good with other people’s money. These people might be very talented to give the best advice to other people where to invest their money and how to handle their money in general.

Those with their Saturn in eighth house might be prone to irrational fears and worries. Their worries are often related to the matters of the eighth house.

With this placement, the person could be prone to anxiety and fears of the unknown, they need to confront because they might jeopardize their prosperity and success in life. This behavior might block them from getting what they want and only waste their time.

It is important for them to realize their fears and try to get through to their roots so they could confront and resolve them.

It is hard for these people to relax because they often have the need to control every situation, which they eventually find is impossible to do, but they still keep trying to do it, which causes more stress and anxiety.

The presence of Saturn in eighth house, if well-aspected, is usually a sign of a long life and robust health; if Saturn in this house is afflicted, this could be a sign of some chronic illnesses which can interfere with the normal functioning of the person’s life.

Even in this case, this could indicate a long life for the person whose Saturn is in the eighth house.

Sometimes, this position of Saturn can indicate feelings of depression and isolation from the rest of the world. This person could have some serious psychological issues which they need to resolve.

Saturn in Eighth House Meaning in Synastry

Saturn in the chart of one person placed in the eight house of another person, is often a sign of some shared responsibility regarding joint finances, inheritance, divorce, or insurance.

The Saturn person can help the 8th house person in the organization of their finances, corporate affairs, pay off their debts, or give them useful advice regarding their finances.

The eighth house person is likely to be appreciative of this help; this is a good position for business partnerships because it brings order and responsibility in the financial field.

Saturn in someone’s eighth house, if afflicted, can be the cause of loss, either through death, inheritance, or other 8th house related matters. It can also be the cause of issues related to intimacy and physical side of relationship.

The eighth house person might find the Saturn person overly closed-off, shy or reserved. This can be the cause of issues in the relationship between them and ruin its stability.

The Saturn person could have a problem to being emotionally open towards the eighth house person and hiding their true feelings. The 8th house person might perceive the Saturn person as distant and cold. 


Saturn in 8th house is often a sign of reluctance to make changes. The person is prone to status quo situations even when they don’t serve their highest purpose.

They might reject change and stubbornly stick to the past that is blocking their progress. They do change eventually when they are forced to realize their mistakes through some Saturn nature events.

The disappointments and the hurt they experience in these events make them realize which part of them and their lives needs changing.

These people could be prone to fears and phobias, especially in matters ruled by the 8th house. Their lesson is to confront their fears and dissolve them. When that happens, they become aware of how much time they wasted because they refused to willingly change.

Saturn in eighth house could indicate problems with other people’s finances that can be the cause of loss and damage for the person. These people can be very skilled in dealing with other people’s finances.

When Saturn is in 8th house in synastry, this often creates a relationship filled with duty and shared responsibilities, often related with their mutual finances. The 8th house person could perceive the Saturn person as very distant and closed-off.