Part of Fortune in Gemini

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The mind learns quickly and is hungry for knowledge. Happiness results from the individual’s ability to expand and get in touch with everything.

The most profound illumination comes through philosophical or religious studies, or through identification with a grand cause or with a social organization.

Unhappiness results mainly from a sense of confinement and intellectual confusion.

Part of Fortune – Meaning

We all have dreams, we seek success and happiness. The Part of Fortune on the birth chart (also known as the Wheel of Fortune) represents the pot of gold that is waiting at the end of our own personal rainbow.

It is a point on our natal astrological chart, located at a relative distance between the Sun and the Moon, calculated from the ascendant.

Indicates the area where we have the greatest chance of achieving money, happiness and / or success.

It is used to describe how we connect to the physical and material world. One of the signifiers of body and health and the main signifier of profession and prosperity, since the profession is one of the means to achieve prosperity.

It also indicates what best serves the purpose and evolution of our soul. It represents our individual sense of abundance, gives luck and facilities.

It is therefore an auspicious point on the map, showing where our karmic reward is. The reward will depend on how we integrate and balance in our personal expression the potentials of the Sun, Moon and Ascendant, present in our maps. This video here teaches how the calculation is done.

Because it is composed of three of the four main places on the map, it becomes as important as they are.

It means the sum of our performance in the world (Ascendant), the past, emotions and needs (Moon), all of this in balance with our will and consciousness (Sun).

Therefore, it indicates where you will find personal fulfillment if you invest in the subject of that house and sign in which it is. It is like a “pot of gold” that is waiting at the end of our own personal rainbow.

Anyone who wants to can also order a written report of their astrological chart, with the description of all the planets in each house and in each sign, also the position of the Party of Fortune and Chiron. Find out more here.

For those who know your birth chart, below I leave the interpretation of the Part of Fortune in each house and in each sign.

The subjects of the house indicate what to look for and the sign complements indicating the way. I also leave an invitation at the end!

Gemini – Meaning

The classic symbol, as we said before, is that of the two bars connected vertically by two parallel lines both above and below. The constellation of belonging, that of the twins, has a very similar shape.

This constellation is located in the northern sky and is easily recognizable thanks to the presence of two very bright stars: Castor and Pollux.

These two stars have probably suggested the idea that the twins are very similar to each other and take their name from the Greek and Roman mythological tradition.

Castor and Pollux, according to mythology, were two twin sons of Zeus. They are better known as Dioscuri (which means “sons of Zeus”) or as beavers.

There are many myths that tell the adventures of the twins, from the search for the famous Golden Fleece to the battle against Theseus that allowed them to obtain immortality.

They have a lot of charm, great intellectual and reasoning skills, as well as a good ability to speak. For this reason they can be excellent leaders and guides for the people around them.

They have a keen sense of intuition and excellent adaptability, and they often find themselves in harmony with new places and people. They love to travel, move, discover new things and are very attached to their freedom.

For this reason they struggle to create lasting relationships, especially in love, and prefer flirting and little stories.

On the other hand, however, they also have many negative sides. They can be extremely impatient and stubborn. If they want something, they do everything they can to get it, often using unethical methods.

One of the great problems of twins is that they can hardly distinguish good from evil and therefore can be insensitive, arrogant and amoral.

They can be touchy, irritable, and prone to nervousness. For this reason, they sometimes develop psychosis from it and are prone to mental illness (each sign has a weak point, that of twins is the mind).

The sign of the twins is extremely versatile and can undertake multiple careers. However, they tend to lean towards the arts, literature, and writing.

They can be excellent journalists, radio hosts, or teachers. A weak point is the lack of work organization that, however, can be handled with the intuition and improvisation that characterizes this sign.

Twins are pleasant companions full of surprises. They need to surround themselves with innovation and initiative, otherwise they turn off and go looking elsewhere for affection.

In relationships they prefer dialogue, essential for this signal, and never stop communicating with their loved ones through all available means.

To get along with a twin you have to be similar to him, exuberant and expansive, full of ideas and willingness to do, attentive and open to dialogue. A twin, in a monotonous and unstimulated (love or friendship) relationship, is unlikely to let go of her character and probably walk away.

Part of Fortune in Gemini – Meaning and Symbolism

It is convenient to develop discernment, reason and understanding to help you expand your knowledge. Your intelligence, social character and adaptability will help you to achieve success. You can be successful with your knowledge, communication, and social support.

Its flexibility and adaptation to changes and simultaneous business will bring you many satisfactions. It should not be indecisive, fickle and superficial.

People born between May 21 and June 20 are under the influence of the zodiac sign Gemini.

Gemini, sometimes referred to as Gemini, is the third of the Zodiac signs, the second of a positive nature and has mutable qualities. It belongs to the air element, along with Libra and Aquarius. The ruling planet of Gemini is Mercury.

Gemini is represented with the image of two young twins, the gods Castor and Pollux, sons of Zeus. The character of Gemini is twofold, and therefore complex. On the one hand it represents versatility but on the other hand it can be misleading. It is also associated with childish qualities.

The main characteristics of this sign of the Zodiac are children’s own happiness, as well as their selfishness and imagination.

People under the influence of Gemini are happy to start new activities, but often lack the perseverance to carry them to completion. They consider life almost like a game and are constantly looking for new stimuli and entertainment.

People of the Gemini sign are willing to know the world around them, paying attention to the news of everyday life. They are interested in a wide variety of topics, from the environment to politics to events in other countries.

They are very sociable, they like to meet people of any kind and they have a knack for making friends. They are also passionate about traveling and seeing new places.

Geminis are self-taught, they love to learn new things and share ideas with others. They stand out in writing, because they are great fans of reading.

Due to their search for new stimuli, they are also fond of practicing physical sports, particularly those activities that allow them to be in contact with nature.

Due to their tendency to expend too much energy on different activities, they often focus on things superficially. They often leave activities halfway to start others.

This can be a strategy to avoid facing the problems that any activity presents, a reflection of the childish nature of people with the Gemini sign.

Geminis become aware of the confrontations that exist in different facets of people and the world, which is why they are excellent dialoguers and peacemakers.

Like two twins who fight constantly but always end up reconciled, they see the world as a constant clash of interests that has no choice but to agree with the other party to coexist.

Gemini, like the other signs of the air element, Libra and Aquarius, have great diplomatic qualities and an amazing facility for relating to other people.

Socializing is the easiest way to get in touch with the different points of view that exist in the world. Libra seeks personal balance, while Gemini does it for those around him.

The colors associated with Gemini are green and yellow, as contradictory as the personality of the people under this sign. His lucky numbers are 3, 8, 12 and 23. His favorable day of the week is Wednesday, near the midpoint. Her compatible signs are Libra and Aquarius, while her complementary or opposite sign is Sagittarius.

What could be a strategy to avoid facing the deepest facets of his personality (as in the myth of Castor and Pollux, where something that is part of the personality of the individual ends up being rejected for being in disagreement with the image that one has of oneself).

Gemini, aware of the large number of confrontations that occur in this world, whether in people, in nature or in any type of thing, has the ability to achieve reconciliation by acting as a relentless mediator.

They are capable of considering any situation from the most diverse points of view. This talent makes them susceptible to not taking the truth very seriously.

Both Gemini and the other two air signs, Libra and Aquarius, have a certain facility for relating to other people.

But for the Gemini native, socializing with people is a way to get in touch with so many aspects and points of view life offers us.

While Libra seeks in others the balance for himself and Aquarius seeks to make friends with his same ideals and concerns.

From the signs square Gemini, Gemini can learn from Virgo to pay attention to detail and from Pisces, the value of emotional empathy.


Gemini is the third sign of the zodiac and is ruled by the planet Mercury, associated with communications and the intellect, and which endows the native of this sign with a great ability to communicate and express their ideas, as well as great persuasion. It represents the many impressions that life offers us.

Those born under the sign of Gemini have an emphasis on knowing and want to be up to date with the latest events. They are interested in a wide variety of things at the same time.

Very sociable, they can adapt to any type of people and they like to meet new people and places.

They love to read and are often quite self-taught, sharing their ideas with others through dialogue, writing, or the arts. They are people who like to be in motion, in a constant search for stimuli in the world around them.

At the risk of dispersing their energy too much due to their varied interests, they tend to a superficial knowledge of things and quickly move on to take an interest in others before delving into them.