Saturn Sextile Ascendant – Synastry, Transit, Composite

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Planet Saturn in astrology is considered very significant and at the same time extremely contradictory.

It symbolizes both destruction and creation, wealth and poverty, longevity and death.

Only an experienced specialist is able to figure out what influence Saturn will have in a given situation.

Saturn – Meaning and Info

However, this planet also has certain general characteristics, quite specific vectors of influence on the fate of a person.

If you get at least a rough idea about them, then many moments in life can be corrected for the better. Isn’t this the main purpose of astrology?

Saturn by the mouth of the ancient astrologers was characterized approximately as follows: “You should be awake, otherwise laziness and oblivion await you … It is important to follow the mission that Providence gave you.

At the right time, it will open your eyes and the path to be followed will appear. Be attentive and receptive. Listen carefully and do not miss the call of Providence. ”

Classical astrology tells us about Saturn as a symbol of the god of time, Chronos. He has power over old age. In addition, the planet is considered to be bringing misfortune, perhaps the most difficult in the horoscope.

Astrologers believed that the inhabitants of Saturn are mysterious spirits whose task is to observe the fulfillment by people of everything destined by fate.

Over time, astrologers endowed Saturn with other qualities. Currently, it marks responsibility and endurance, perseverance and perseverance, patience and purposefulness.

Remaining at the same time a symbol of time, duty and destiny, the weight of which must be carried through life.

This can be some kind of trials or limitations, a delay in important matters or the onset of old age, as well as forced loneliness or isolation. Sometimes Saturn is a symbol of hard physical labor.

However, Saturn cannot be perceived solely as evil, it gives much more information for thought. This is, first of all, a symbol of a person’s firmness and patience, wisdom that came through the knowledge acquired during the tests of a past life.

Saturn gives a person cosmic energy, which should be concentrated and used for its intended purpose.

We all faced a situation when you start saving money, save money carefully, save money, limit yourself in everything … and as a result, it only becomes less!

And vice versa – you start to actively spend and please your internal child, then the bonus came, and the debt was returned, and the financial gift was made.

At the same time, everyone has friends who, if they do not save and save, they chronically have no money.

And what about those who have one loan after another? Have you ever wondered how to attract enough money into your life? The truth is that there is no universal answer; each of us has an individual relationship with money.

Fortunately, with the help of astrology, you can find out which of the formats of interaction with money will be effective for you. How to “communicate” with money correctly, your natal chart (birth chart) will tell you. There you will find answers to questions:

Discipline and ambition, responsibility and career growth, organization and patience, a person’s appearance and his aging, any restrictions imposed on an individual by society or himself, as well as adherence to traditions fall under the control of Saturn.

The planet is responsible for theory and law in science, speaks of the wisdom of the elderly and the truth.

It slowly and for a long time influences all events and the person himself, since it is the “governing” horoscope.

Previously, astrologers believed that Saturn is a great enemy. His appearance in any part of the natal chart indicated a lack of confidence, which a person must compensate for. But don’t be afraid of Saturn.

The tests he sends will give strength and resilience, which will certainly help in the future.

Ascendant – Meaning and Info

Many people know not only the sign in which they were born, but also the ascendant. Thanks to the numerous computer astro programs available over the Internet, it is possible to calculate your ascendant.

However, it should be borne in mind that all columns must be filled in correctly, because the accuracy of calculating the degree of a sign’s ascendant depends on the exact time and place of birth.

An ascendant, as it is called in English much more romantically and beautifully, is a rising sign (a rising sign, i.e. a sign born in the east) is a sign that was located at the easternmost point of the sky at the moment of birth.

The second, more professional name for the ascendant is Ascendant, in fact a point in the horoscope that represents the beginning of the first (out of a total of 12) astrological houses that is. Fields (symbolizing certain segments in life, such as money, career, health, love, marriage, etc.) that symbolize your personality.

It is not true that the zodiac sign is dominant in the first half of life, as some think, or up to the age of 30, and that the influence of the sign is much greater in the more mature years of life.

Both the sign (one of the twelve zodiac signs in which the Sun was at the time of our birth) and the sub-sign can be at any of the 360 ​​degrees contained in the zodiac circle. It is very rare for the Sun and the ascendant to be at the same level of the zodiac, i.e. to “match”.

Then be sure to have a person in front of you who will become world famous or very successful in her career.

Interpretation of the horoscope starts from the ascendant, i.e. from the top of the first astrological house and is interpreted in a counter-clockwise direction, as are the comparisons of the astrological house. If the first astrological house is empty, that is.

These are exactly the people who are easy to influence, especially if their ascendant falls into one of the so-called variable signs (Gemini, Virgo, Pisces – adaptable) but the good side of such an empty astrological house is adaptability, unless it falls into one of the fixed signs (Taurus, Leo, Scorpio or Aquarius – persistent) when it tends to show, often self-destructive stubbornness.

Just as there is a term “weak” or “strong” sign (i.e., whether the Sun is in the first 10 degrees of a sign or in the last 10 degrees, it is especially weak in the 29th degree).

So can a sub-sign be “weak” or “Strong”, which means that a person will not have the typical characteristics of the sign in which he was born or the sign in which the ascendant falls, but the one that follows. If, for example, the ascendant is in one of the cardinal signs (Aries, Cancer, Libra or Capricorn) and Ascendant.

The ascendant falls on the first degree of that sign, and in its vicinity are the Sun, Mars, Pluto, Venus, Jupiter, based on the symbolism of these planets, it can be concluded that a person will direct himself to activities in which he can become famous, rich, and that her will cannot be easily influenced.

The combination of a sign and an ascendant also does not in itself indicate what awaits when in life, but gives a picture of a person both physically and psychologically.

As the signs are divided by elements, and into fiery (Aries, Leo, Sagittarius) which means that they are temperamental, impulsive, earthy (Taurus, Virgo, Capricorn), materially oriented, looking for security, air (Gemini, Libra, Aquarius) who are communicative and aquatic (Cancer, Scorpio, Pisces), changeable mood, sensitive, one of the important indicators of one’s temperament is a combination of signs and sub-signs exactly by element.

Saturn Sextile Ascendant – Synastry, Transit, Composite

Thanks to the positive power of sextile, Saturn does not limit the driving force of the Ascendant, but provides resources for the fulfillment of the most daring career goals and gaining a solid position in society.

The main thing is to observe the strict code of rules of the lord of the time: honesty, decency, perseverance and humility in the face of difficulties. This means not to grumble, cursing the circumstances, but to plan clear actions to get out of the crisis.

Then Saturn will support and consolidate the success for many years.

Until the age of 29, the native is given tests of strength, even if he does not think so, but he has the willpower and courage to overcome obstacles, in contrast to the carriers of the square and opposition, who need to develop them from scratch.

The attraction to useful activity occurs intuitively, a person rejoices seeing the tangible results of labor, which does not mean the absence of artistic talents.

Architects, sculptors and musicians with a unique sense of rhythm and form are also wards of this aspect.

Influence of sextile Saturn – Ascendant on fate Positive energy has a positive effect on appearance, endowing the native with youthfulness, slenderness and extraordinary photogenic. Men and women give the impression of serious, responsible and correct people, which brings the sympathy of high-ranking officials, instantly imbued with their trust.

If the owners of the Saturn-Ascendant sextile meet expectations, then the take-off will be brilliant, and the patronage of influential allies will give protection not only to them, but also to children.


There is no planet in it, which immediately throws many into despair, it does not mean that a person is a weak person or that he will not be realized in life, that he will not be healthy, long-lived, happy, etc. it can already, to a certain extent, indicate that a person is ready to subordinate his personal goals and desires to others.