Part of Fortune in 7th House

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The Fortuna part is the projected point of this measure between Sun and Moon.

It is of an impressive beauty, when things come in an “analog” way in our head, isn’t it?

Joseph Campbell, a mythologist, calls our attention to the virtue of the symbol.

The analogy is the fairest way to get in touch with the ideal world, where there is no time, where we are in line with eternity.

Part of Fortune – Meaning

When we hack the symbol does our conscience seem to be nourished by divine conscience? What I do here is, to a certain extent, a spiritual attempt to understand the world and me.

John Brawley, a contemporary astrologer and also a philosopher of traditional astrology, teaches that the Part of Fortune could be called Part of the Hunger, because the Moon talks about the nutrition of the soul, and the body.

After all, the body is a vehicle for fulfilling the soul’s longings. And the soul is the materialization of the spirit.

There are philosophical controversies about this measure, whether it is only the moon that goes after the sun or if the sun also looks for the moon. I, particularly, am part of the team that believes in this relationship of mirroring the points. And what does that mean?

When we are born at night, the distance to be taken is from the Moon and when we are born by day, the distance is taken from the Sun.

And our desires? Will they be attended at all?

First, we need to define desire in this context. We are not talking about erotic desire, we are in the field of longing.

At this point we do a mind-blowing reflection, what is hunger?

It is the Moon that keeps a part of what we lack, an absence. The Fortune Party makes us look at the Moon and the Sun. I take the opportunity to provoke Brawley (far from me, disagree, I’m in love with him).

The Part of Fortune is that scenario where we can look closely at our absences, but as a result of exactly what puts us in our path. Or, in easy words, “what you are looking for is looking for you”.

At Cinema Cue, the Saturnalia School project on astrological and cinematographic narratives we call the Part of Fortune a plot twist or the turning point of the narrative. It is precisely at that point that the hunger for history will finally be quenched.

When the conflict will unfold, it is from there that everything will seem to make the most sense. And sometimes, we understand Fortuna only when it eludes us.

Perhaps Fortune is something that is modulating the Hero’s Journey.

It is, at the same time, the yearning and the exit from the world as we conceived it, it puts us on our way, with the tools we have to follow: friends, allies, and easy places to walk.

7th House – Meaning

Casa 7, the third angular house in a birth chart, is the first house above the horizon, being commonly referred to as the “Casa das Pancreas”.

It deals with our serious relationships, our agreements. The cusp (initial line) of the Seventh House is the location of the so-called “Descending Sign”, that is, the Sign that was setting on the eastern horizon at the exact moment of birth.

It defines the relationships we have with each person, the mutual commitment and the way we see the Society. We can often see the Sun or the ruler of the Ascendant positioned in the seventh house of famous people.

The quality of this cooperation and how we relate to others, can be discovered by the complete analysis of the astrological dynamics that occurs in the seventh House. She gives tips on what kind of relationship we have with our closest associates and partners.

It is in House 7 that for the first time, the Ego, initiated in House 1 (the opposite house, from “I”) has the opportunity to surrender to the great unifying force of cooperation, being able to visualize, find and value the existence of “Other “, allowing the act of sharing and understanding.

The seventh house gives clues as to how we dedicate ourselves to the greatest good of all. It is the social conscience manifested through the individual and politics.

It also shows what attracts us to others, the qualities we admire in people, especially those with whom we have relationships. We usually relate to others for the purpose of achieving a specific goal.

But with that comes the recognition that when we cooperate, interact, make partnerships and help people, we also help ourselves.

Through the associations we make, we realize that it is not possible to live alone or to progress for a long time on your own, without the help of anyone.

By maintaining contacts and making agreements and partnerships, we fulfill part of our essence. It is through our partners that we work, play, love, create, learn, help, complete and be completed.

The others are the other half that helps make us whole.

The way we relate to others will help define us as human beings and mirror our desires.

Part of Fortune in 7th House – Meaning and Symbolism

The outline of the seventh worldly house on the birth chart prompts questions such as: “Why do we choose this or that type of partner (a) often?”, “Is it for love, for money, for practical reasons or social considerations?”, “What type relationship that I attract? “,” Why can’t I make sustainable or meaningful partnerships? “, etc.

The links we form throughout life can teach us a lot and the complete analysis of box 7 can reveal the quality of our partnerships and how we can make them improve our lives, making them richer, more complete, better and special. With that, we gain the chance to do the same thing for the life of the other.

While the fifth house governs the most ephemeral casual relationships, House 7 deals with our most serious partnerships, such as marriages, partnerships and long-term agreements, whether in love or in business.

The seventh House governs all official associations, as well as the confrontations arising from these partnerships, including litigation.

In an even antagonistic way, strange as it may seem, the seventh house also deals with our “declared enemies”, the people we can most clearly identify as our opponents. After all, love and hate are polarized emotions, but opposites touch on some level.

Box 7 also indicates what kind of qualities we look for in a partner, our model of “perfect companion”, the missing piece in us.

Because it is the stage for our strongest connections, whether romantic, corporate or political, it involves unions that are together in both pleasure and pain, in victory and defeat, in peace and war, tied to that famous phrase “in health and in sickness”.

As much as we project our idealizations and expectations on others, crises and realities that are at odds with expectations can suggest through behaviors such as betrayals, insults, clashes, disagreements or challenges.

Fortune is the moment of the conflict at its end or that lucky stroke in the journey, the meeting with the mentor who guides and when we killed the dragon to recover the elixir and go back to the beginning.

Fortune is the beginning, middle and end of the journey.

Returning to Zoltan, a teenager’s yearning to grow is valid for the fortune teller and wish genius, and it is from his achievement that the lucky man realizes that that wish was not exactly what he needed, although he had the choice to remain great forever.


The Part of Fortune, is that portion inherent to us, of luck and longing.

Nobody is stolen from Fortuna. All we have. And because it has the inherent connection to the soul and spirit projected on Earth, it means our carnal journey so it can be taken as a second ascendant.