Pluto Sextile Ascendant – Synastry, Transit, Composite

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With this aspect, relationships are formed between individuals based on the mutual interest of the parties to reform activities in matters of social worldview.

The “Plutonian” personality considers the personality of the “Knot” superficial and short-sighted in matters of reform, while helping her to more thoroughly investigate the essence of the matter, relying on historical experience.

Pluto – Meaning and Info

Pluto in astrology, although it appeared relatively recently, is very important. Like any celestial body, Pluto influences character and destiny.

The energy of this planet can destroy a person’s life if you do not know its features and do not know how to manage it.

Pluto can give very great opportunities, transfer a person to a different, much higher level of life, literally throwing a person out of the comfort zone.

But, on the other hand, it leads to illness, death and destruction. We will tell you more about its effect in our article.

The planet Pluto was discovered almost 100 years ago. It got its name in honor of the ancient Roman god Hades, who ruled the underworld.

According to mythology, he was responsible not only for the afterlife, but also disposed of the untold riches stored in the bowels of the earth. That is why Pluto is considered the planet of wealth and prosperity in astrology.

For almost a century of history, astronomers sometimes considered Pluto a full-fledged element of the solar system, then referred it to the number of insignificant stellar bodies. We all faced a situation when you start saving money, save money carefully, save money, limit yourself in everything … and as a result, it only becomes less!

At the same time, everyone has friends who, if they do not save and save, they chronically have no money. And what about those who have one loan after another? Have you ever wondered how to attract enough money into your life?

The truth is that there is no universal answer; each of us has an individual relationship with money. Fortunately, with the help of astrology, you can find out which of the formats of interaction with money will be effective for you.

If you depict this planet with the help of graphic symbols, then its figure will be presented in the form of a cross, denoting a goal, an arc, which symbolizes open possibilities, and a circle – a sign of rebirth.

Pluto is responsible for the destruction in the life of the person for whom the natal chart is drawn up, everything that has already served him and is not useful at this stage of life. What was with him before has now become irrelevant, he grew out of this.

Ascendant – Meaning and Info

If the sign represents the finish of our personality, i.e. the destination where we want to reach, the sub-sign indicates the “driver” on whose characteristics depends how we will reach the final destination.

Many people, especially lay people in astrology, definitely underestimate the importance of sub-signs, which is completely wrong!

The sign and the ascendant should never be separated at any cost, because simply the horoscope of each individual cannot be complete without at least the knowledge of the ascendant. The ascendant or ascendant should be understood as a closer determinant of each person.

The ascendant primarily represents the way other people see us. Whether it is real or distorted, it is an image that others will acquire of us.

It must have happened to you many times that in an informal chat, a person wants to guess in which sign you were born, and of course you are wrong.

The credit for this can be attributed to the sub-sign, which in a key sense influences people to see us in a completely different way.

Sometimes the sub-sign brings a very big advantage and the possibility to get better results in a really nice way through additional positive qualities and energy that we draw from the ascendant.

However, there is a case when the sign and the sub-sign are significantly (too) different, which does not necessarily, but can, bring confusion, disorder, a divided personality, which is simply not able to achieve all the goals it has set and which does not leave a reliable impression.

The difference or similarity of signs and sub-signs in your case should not necessarily depress you, because the universe is so conceived that all of us who are even a micron part of it have our mission, and thus our chance for success of a larger species.

In this regard, we should point out the way others see us, which does not necessarily have to be “distracted”, even though our sign and ascendant are significantly different.

When we are young, we still do not know how to manage ourselves and put our qualities in the foreground, so people may definitely take us lightly or experience us wrong.

However, in the older years of life, that is, with the experience, the life experience that we gain, there is a consolidation of personality where the sub-sign very often prevails!

This dominance of sub-signs mainly marks the era of seriousness of personality, brings prosperity, but it is certainly of great, perhaps crucial importance to improve some things in the way it should be, and to achieve success more easily through stability!

Ascendant is a sign that lasts on the eastern horizon at the moment of our birth! The ascendant is calculated with the help of the exact and precise moment when we came to this world.

So it describes our birth. That is why the ascendant is the determinant of what we will look like, what physical characteristics we will have, but often what talents we will possess.

One of the most important things that indicates the importance of sub-signs is that only through the time of birth and calculation of sub-signs, an absolutely accurate and precise natal horoscope can be made for each individual, since the ascendant determines the position of twelve horoscope houses!

Pluto Sextile Ascendant – Synastry, Transit, Composite

The nature of the connection of the Pluto with the Node is neutral and depends on the presence of other aspects to this conjunction.

Tense aspects (square or opposition) mean a sad or unhappy end of that life: murder, accident, death by sentence, the end of life could take place in unfavorable living conditions, family life could be unhappy in that lifetime.

Harmonious aspects of Pluto to the Ascending Node (sextile or trine) indicate positive experiences in Pluto activities: mental activities, trade, commerce, etc. connection is neutral in nature and depends on other aspects to it.

Tense aspects (squaring or opposition) indicate experiences of slander or betrayal. The owner of such a horoscope could suffer from them, or he himself could be a slanderer, a traitor, an intriguer in that life. However, when interpreting the horoscope, as always, the level of personality development must be taken into account.

Harmonious aspects of Pluto to the Node (conjunction, sextile or trine) indicate a positive experience that can be associated with art, talent, craftsmanship or any craft. In the horoscopes of men, such aspects mean happy love in a past life.

As for the connections, then, as in the case of the aspects between the planets, their nature depends on the nature of the luminaries, evil or good. Therefore, the connections of the Node with the Pluto, Pluto and Pluto are good, with the Pluto and Pluto – neutral, and with the rest of the planets – evil.

In general terms, these aspects mean that the previous incarnation was marked by material well-being and the end of life was happy and peaceful. Tense Aspects of Pluto to the Ascending Node (square or opposition) does not mean that the experience of art was negative, since Pluto is a good planet and even in tense aspects it can testify to talent and skill.

Such aspects can be an indication of the loss of material well-being at the end of life and unhappy love (for men) in the previous incarnation.

Harmonious aspects of Pluto to the Node (sextile or trine) can mean a positive experience of ambition. A person could hold a responsible or government post in a past life, his career was successful, in addition, it could be scientific experience (in particular, exact sciences) or experience related to medicine.

The harmonious aspect of Pluto to the Node can also mean a righteous life in that incarnation. True, the last conclusion should be made on the basis of an analysis of the entire map, as well as on the basis of knowledge of the level of spiritual development of the individual.

tense aspects of Pluto to the Node (conjunction, quadrature or opposition) indicate a negative past life experience that could have ended in complete collapse, or that the end of life was marked by deprivation and poverty, in a previous incarnation, a difficult test could have fallen on the person.

Harmonious aspects of Uranus to the Node (sextile or trine) speak about the positive experience of a reformer, scientist, doctor or astrologer, about unusual conditions and occupations of the previous incarnation.

The tense aspects of Uranus to the Node (conjunction, quadrature or opposition) are indications of social defenders, revolutionaries, outcasts and outcasts. The past life could suddenly end as a result of natural phenomena (lightning, earthquake), accidents, in addition, Uranus is responsible for suicide.

Harmonious aspects of Pluto to the Node (sextile or trine) are an indication of either a positive spiritual or religious experience, or the experience of creative inspiration, it all depends on the spiritual level of the individual.

Tense aspects of Pluto to the Node (conjunction, quadrature or opposition) can be an indication, on the one hand, of a negative religious experience, on the other hand, do not exclude a positive experience of creative inspiration.

At the same time, such aspects can be seen in the horoscopes of persons who held anti-religious positions or, to one degree or another, suffered from religion.

The tense aspects of Pluto to the Node demonstrate how the memory of past lives works, defining the subconscious, that is, the unconscious of the person himself, attitude towards the church.

Another interpretation of the damage to the Node by Pluto may be death in the last incarnation at sea.

But it should be borne in mind that Pluto has its own characteristics. In particular, if Mars speaks of the military experience of a soldier rather than a general, then Pluto may indicate the experience of a commander, emperor, or a high-ranking military man.

Pluto is related to idols, stars, very popular and famous personalities, to spiritual Teachers.

But, naturally, the conclusion should be made not only taking into account the quality of the aspect, but also taking into account the level of personality development.


The connection of the Pluto sextile ascendant suggests that in past incarnations, a person did a lot of evil. And this incarnation is given as the last chance to make a choice between Good and Evil.

In real life, a person with Lilith on the South Node is going through terrible blows of fate – at the redemption of negative karma.

Or – he continues a further set of negative karma, which passes a certain “critical mass” when irreversible things begin to happen – after leaving the earthly plane, this soul is not allowed to incarnate again on Earth, it goes into “cosmic waste”.