Saturn Square Midheaven – Synastry, Transit, Composite

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Every aspect of Saturn indicates a lesson that one must learn. These aspects imply the need for discipline and the development of the ability to concentrate. They give shape and order the content of human life.

The signs and Houses associated with the planet aspecting Saturn show how discipline manifests itself and how it regulates the way of life of a person.

Without a developed Saturn, no one can achieve anything in life, since a person will not have enough discipline and proper endurance to achieve results.

Aspects of Saturn show how a person realizes himself and how he is forced to correct the mistakes of the past in order to thus gain valuable experience and compensate for the shortcomings of his personality.

With a strong defeat of Saturn, selfishness, stubbornness and stubbornness are noted.

These weaknesses inhibit the natural processes of human development and his contacts with the environment, which leads to adversity and personal limitation.

Saturn – Meaning and Info

An ugly inconvenience of square or opposition of Saturn to the house X and then to our natal midheaven can really bring endless problems and terrible results, it can really bring things that are not good, especially if you do not live as you should.

What then does it mean to have Saturn, the so-called malefic planet that forms an inharmonious aspect of square or opposition with the midheaven, the 10th house in the natal chart? What is the importance of the transit of Saturn in square or opposition to natal midheaven?

If you have a look than what to expect? Saturn represents time, seriousness, wisdom, austerity, the cut with the past, maturation, reality but also sacrifice, breakdown, loss, pessimism, physical and mental fatigue, and excessive commitment.

The midheaven says things about the profession, our social condition, the capacities we possess to impose ourselves on others, the ability to emancipate ourselves, to find economic independence, to achieve important goals, the relationship with women and our mother in particular.

Avoid changing jobs if you can and then leave what you have, even if you could be sent home, fired, fired during this period. Never do financial speculation and economic documents at this time and especially pay attention to signing.

Read all the clauses carefully. Her mother’s problems that maybe she doesn’t look good or she even gets demerits at work.

Positions of honor that can be lost. In fact, it is a step backwards in emancipation and a weight of conscience cannot be lifted.

You should also pay a great deal of attention to the work and how you wear it because you could pay dearly for the most possible mistakes they make.

The conjunction will make the person have a “Saturnine” destiny. It can go a long way in the professional, material, intellectual or spiritual realms, but it will almost always happen in the second half of your life.

The individual will have great ambition and will be very far-sighted in addition to being endowed with a sense of responsibility and discipline.

Since he was a child, he will have to face great burdens and obligations of family and home.

He is a person who seeks stability and consolidation in his professional, material and family life. Excellent manager, as a boss you can be very severe or tyrannical.

After a slow and laborious lift, a sudden fatal fall can ensue.

An example that I can give is the birth chart of the former mayor of Marbella Julian Muñoz, who after coming to power fell because he was allegedly involved in corruption cases. The harmonic aspects soften the most undesirable features of Saturn and enhance the best virtues of it.

The native is responsible, thoughtful, constant and disciplined in his work, as well as honest, prudent and gifted as an organizer and administrator. He is also industrious, persistent, and methodical. Because of all these qualities he will succeed in rising socially and professionally.

They are aspects that also indicate stability in the home, protection of the father or powerful and elderly people and a tendency to continue the family tradition. As an example I can put that of the Spanish communist politician Julio Anguita.

The dissonant aspects do not completely cancel out the virtues of Saturn, but they tend to show us the most feared side of the planet. They attract great difficulties, blockages or misfortunes on the professional, social and family life of the native.

He could live under a demanding and tyrannical boss or a father with similar characteristics. He will face overwhelming burdens and responsibilities, whether in professional or family life, and powerful enemies may stand in the way of his fate.

In the worst cases there is the possibility that he will experience bitter professional failures, loss of position, discredit, financial ruin, slavery or dependency, and that his efforts will be sterile. Misfortune and fatality can befall the person. A case can be seen in the birth chart of Princess Diana of Wales, with a Saturn square to her Midheaven.

Midheaven – Meaning and Info

High position through ambition and tireless work. With good aspects – honesty, responsibility, foresight, foresight. They are good officials and administrators. In politics, they are conservative, aimed at stability, expansion of the existing by traditional methods. With bad aspects – overthrow, fall from office and shame.

Saturn conjunct MC – ambition is the key word that explains your personality. You take responsibility early in life, and that makes you happy. Discipline is what you internally strive for, even in your youth you will easily master the skill of an organizer. Whether you will succeed depends on how you feel about success and failure as a young person.

At about the age of 29, at the first return of Saturn, the events that will occur during this period, and how you perceive them, will determine your future attitude towards life. You must learn how to deal with authorities.

Before you take a leadership position yourself, you must learn to listen to authority figures. Whatever you do, you will always be in front of the public. Whether you like it or not, you are an example to others, good or bad.

Saturn, MC trigon, trine in the natal chart Professional ambition, hard work, endurance in work to achieve the goal, reliability, organizational talent, hence the trust of the superiors, promotion. A slow but steady ascent to the very top.

Good for politicians. Integrity in public service, unless other factors conflict. Hard-won professional successes ensure an orderly family life. Saturn in trigone sextile with MC – you are patient and caring, all your actions are systematic, you take care of your property, and in life you are methodical and organized.

Saturn in the 3rd or 11th house indicates a tendency towards loneliness due to dedication to work, which does not leave enough time for social life. You are sure that success is achieved only through a lot of hard work, and you are completely ready for this. You are tireless – a true seeker.

Truth matters more to you than popularity. You always respect authority, you are a reliable and mature person, and you yourself can become an authoritative person.

Saturn, MC opposition in the natal chart will not give professional success, home happiness and well-being, health. Often, there is a heavy responsibility that hinders personal happiness in marriage and work, and does not allow to unfold.

Often this is the tyranny of parents, your own family is also a burden that requires hard work in the profession. Powerful, unreasonable bosses and homeowners. F. Sakoyan

Collaboration, especially in pairs, is difficult for you. You like to work on your own more. You are angry, you think that no one cares about you, that life is hard, and sometimes even meaningless. You must understand that this point of view is caused by your nature, and not by external circumstances.

It may happen that one of the parents (square) or partner (opposition) plays a dominant role in your life, but this problem can be solved if you behave maturely and intelligently. If Saturn does not have light aspects, it is difficult for you to accept and give love. Loneliness and depression often have to be dealt with.

Meanwhile, the elderly support you, and gradually you learn to cope with all the conflicts within yourself. Through sobriety and calmness, you will achieve stability and excellence in every area that requires this quality, as well as diligence and adherence to moral standards.

Saturn Square Midheaven – Synastry, Transit, Composite

Having discovered the unspent resources of emotionality and having learned to correctly and dosed express feelings, satisfying the need to create beauty, the native will easily become an indispensable employee and sensitive leader, capable of organizing any number of subordinates.

In a family without this, there will also be difficulties. The undeveloped square of Saturn-MS encourages us to perceive family events and communication with loved ones as a burden that interferes with professional success.

A native is a workaholic, married to his job, but without a balance with his personal life, happiness will not be complete. To harmonize the aspect, self-isolation should be avoided.

The periods of loneliness necessary for self-improvement and meditative practices should not be prolonged.

Without communication with peers, and not only the elderly, who help the native with advice, connection with reality goes away and difficulties arise with the right choice.

It is necessary to learn to cooperate, to build relationships based on feelings of sympathy, and not just for the sake of practical benefits.

Sometimes, to speed up professional implementation, you will have to leave the parental home early.


The owners of the square of Saturn – Midheaven achieve success not only in business, accounting, science, medicine and linguistics, but also in creative directions, an example of which are the director Luc Besson and actors Brandon Fraser, Angelina Jolie, Ben Affleck.

It is thanks to their inner rushes and experiences that they are able to create multifaceted images in the cinema.

Perfect squaring goes through sports that require intense training and focus, such as tennis and shooting.