Scorpio in 10th House – Meaning and Info

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Scorpio is a sign of deep and strong feelings, which they skillfully hide from others. They seem cold, reserved and uninterested, and deep inside them lies incredible strength, intense passion and strong will.

They are very perceptive and intuitive and look for depth and hidden meaning in everything. They do not tolerate emotional games and consider the violation of their emotions the most serious crime and they take revenge.

Scorpio – Meaning and Info

Scorpio controls other people without them even being aware of it. They are very kind, loyal and generous to the person they respect.

Scorpios are very mysterious and mysterious, which makes them incredibly attractive to other people.

Scorpios are always complicated, so the connections with them are complicated. They can be moody or disappear for a couple of days without anyone knowing why. If they like, they are very loyal, but they also expect that from the chosen ones.

Otherwise, they are vindictive and possessive. Revenge is served cold even after a few years.

Scorpios do best as leaders, where they can control and issue orders. They can get rich easily but they will never flaunt their money and they are rational in spending. They are excellent doctors, detectives, psychologists.

Scorpios are very independent individuals and do not mind loneliness. They are not overly social like some other signs, and some Scorpios even prefer to live alone so that no one would control them because they like to be the ones who control them.

A Scorpio man is different from all other men born in another sign. She has developed male sexual power. This man is easy to seduce and take home in one night, much easier than building a real relationship with him. A Scorpio man is very sensitive, he often feels lonely and unfulfilled, but he will never reveal that to a woman. The depth of his emotions can only be understood by a Scorpio woman because they are very similar.

In women, it governs the menstrual cycle, pregnancy and childbirth, miscarriage and abortion, so it is very important that the signifiers of pregnancy and childbirth are well placed in the natal chart. They can suffer from mental illnesses from various psychoses, paranoia, and schizophrenia.

Good sleep, meditation and every other kind of relaxation are important to him. He has a penchant for alternative treatments.

The Scorpio man is vital, attractive, extremely erotic, a distinctive personality, he does not choose words or the moment when he wants to say something, he loves his family, but the demons of jealousy and doubt often destroy him. He looks calm and phlegmatic, and a real storm of passion is smoldering in him, which often erupts like a real explosion.

Effective in defense, he uses his secret weapons. He is very jealous and as a husband he is quite awkward, he has the most tyrants in marriage in this sign. He can often have the feeling that he is being worked behind his back, so he becomes obsessed with various ideas.

10th House – Meaning and Info

Scorpio on MS can give people who are realized, working in very large financial institutions – banks, credit organizations, funds (including pension and social, etc.).

If in itself social work will be carried out mostly by people with a strong dominant of the Moon or Virgo (maybe Pisces), then people who have a dedicated Pluto (Scorpio) related to a professional topic will be in charge of the money.

These are financiers in the broadest sense of the word. Players on the stock exchange can also be represented here (often together with the Sun, Leo, or the 5th house).

All inspectors of these institutions – auditors, tax office, financial police. In general, wherever there is the word “finance”, Pluto can be present in one way or another.

Work on Scorpio, very often is an activity under the motto “the worse – the better!” For example, if Libra can work in any area, the most important thing is that the principle of inner harmony is maintained here – that a person does not have to be especially nervous at this work.

It is important for the Libra that the work was a calm, harmonious activity, without particular shocks, gossip, conspiracies, intrigues, etc.

But Pluto (Scorpio) will be extremely bored to work in such a job – he just needs to have tension, overcome, maybe danger, or maybe just an undeclared competition “who is stronger (in a strong-willed sense), who is more powerful, who is more afraid and etc. “.

Scorpio can represent areas associated with direct danger – the Ministry of Emergency Situations, firefighters, all areas of activity, where every day can be the last.

People from the 10th house in the Scorpion often think that they are real revolutionaries. The existing society is treated as hostile. They are drawn into the water of current events and come to rise above the crowd. They properly remain neutral and surprise those around them with their individuality. The 10th house in Scorpion is a person’s character.

Generally speaking, seeing Scorpio on the MC, or Pluto in the 10th house, we can say that any dangerous activities are already suitable for the Native a priori.

Even if he wants to become a pilot – this seems to be a purely aerial profession, often associated with Uranus or Aquarius – but nevertheless the risk there is so great (especially if it is a test pilot, or a military pilot, or a pilot of some humanitarian organization, flying to those countries where the chance of being killed or shot down is extremely high), that this activity is also suitable for him.

Psychology is also perfect (like any Water in principle). Such a psychologist either works with very plutonic techniques – the same hypnosis, or techniques that help, after a person has, as it were, re-experienced the grief (fear, etc.) that prevent him from living a normal life.

This can be work with people who have experienced severe psychological or physical trauma, domestic or sexual violence, violence, facing a terrorist attack, etc.

Scorpio (as well as Saturn or Capricorn) represents all types of activities associated with death – from a pathologist to an employee (owner, director) of a cemetery. Here are all the funeral agencies, people making custom wreaths and other funeral paraphernalia, specializing in making headstones and coffins, etc.

All sexual topics – from a psychologist dealing with sexual problems, ending with a prostitute. There are all salons offering both for sale love and sexy “toys” and lingerie. Striptease – from dancers to waitresses (if their uniforms correspond to the direct Scorpio theme).

The entire horror industry – from movies to Halloween outfits (although there may be the Sun here).

In any case, no matter what kind of work Native chooses, it is important that an element of crisis is always present in his personal work – it may be work in difficult conditions, or it may be work with people in unbearable conditions.

Under Scorpio there is nuclear physics and all that follows. As for the authorities, especially when Pluto is defeated, a person may face a dangerous, or very cruel, very powerful and oppressive leader.

Such a boss can create a crisis even in the profession where he is not meant, so that the Native does not feel his life “honey”.

Scorpio in 10th House – Meaning and Info

People from the 10th house in the Scorpion often think that they are real revolutionaries. The existing society is treated as hostile. They are drawn into the water of current events and come to rise above the crowd. They properly remain neutral and surprise those around them with their individuality. The 10th house in Scorpion is a person’s character.

The choice of direction is of great importance. If during this process he transfers responsibility to others, then at the same time you should pay in full.

The selections do not presuppose a fundamental change in direction, but just a shift in one or the other side.

They always have their own point of view for every action, and can presume the next step of their own manual.

With a weak energy field, he pays for his boss, because he thinks that he does not work for his bag, but uses it. As a leader, he can be a true dictator and tough to follow his own line.

The submission of subordinates is almost unacceptable. High human development creates a lovable boss. He takes care of his subordinates with special care, takes care of nutritional work and helps with advice.

The attitude of life is included in the definition of the general strategy for your team. The pursuit of the intended goal is marked by emotional participation and a particular attitude. It is necessary to slightly reduce this component and use more efforts for practical implementation.

For this reason, their advice can be very useful, although it should be carefully looked over, because it is often expressed in an emotive form and needs to be amused.

A person from 10 houses in the Scorpion often complains about underestimation from the side of those around them.

In spite of the table’s inappropriate attitude, he takes an active part in the general work. This aspect promotes professional activity in the medical sphere or in the public service. From them non-bad secret agents are emitted. This is due to the huge abilities and extra self-confidence.

Great responsibility at once is noted by the management, therefore, 10 houses in Scorpio ensure responsible work, do not fear negative consequences. Some of the parents could give him in a paternal child with his author.

Highest social ambitions. Pluto can give a person an incredibly high social status, very great popularity and world fame and influence (with the support of the entire map as a whole).

For example, one of the most influential politicians of our time, Vladimir Putin, is the owner of the map with Pluto on the MC.

Pluto can give its owner the highest demands, the greatest ambitions, the highest position and the greatest money (I repeat once again – the card IN GENERAL should not contradict this).

It is important to note that there is no talk here that all this wealth will fall on the Native’s head on its own – Pluto, on the one hand, gives a huge craving for the realization of the needs that it signifies in a particular card.

On the other hand, he is very sensitive to how much a person invests in realizing his potential.

The industries that Pluto signifies are, first of all, everything that is associated with crises – any options for crisis management (again, an example of a modern Russian president). These are all industries associated with great danger, with a great risk to life as well.

All law enforcement agencies are under Scorpio – in the broadest sense of the word. Plutonian law enforcers are not those whose task is to resolve the issue by force (riot police, special forces, etc. – this is Mars), but those who are investigating are all investigators, criminologists, interrogators, prosecutors.

It is very difficult for people with a Pluto dominant to resist, so they are really able to get to the bottom of the truth. But at the same time, these are criminals and all kinds of criminals. Pluto (Scorpio) rules both the main evil and the one that rid the world of this evil – here are drug control and drug lords.

This is the very top of organized crime, or the most terrible types of it – human trafficking, torture, murder (including mass murders – terrorism), sexual crimes, drugs, etc. And on the other hand – all those who are fighting this evil.

Moreover, we all know that there are dishonest police officers (both the simplest and the most high-ranking ones), when a person must fight crime, but it turns out that he himself is the main (or maybe not the main) bandit.

Many professions of Scorpio (Pluto) balance on the fine line of good and evil, and often going into a bad direction does not immediately become obvious even for the cardholder himself.


Scorpio provides excellent doctors, especially those who work with serious health crises – very dangerous diseases or conditions. Oncologists, resuscitators, and surgeons come here. Pathologists.

Also proctologists are people who work with diseases of the rectum and anus.

Also under the direct signification of Scorpio are venereologists (here it can be Venus – as the ruler of all that is from “love”, and Pluto – as the ruler of sexual relations and severe infections).