Ceres in Taurus

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Ceres is an ancient deity of agriculture, motherly love, growth, care and nurture.

It also symbolizes the parting with our loved ones and bonds we keep with them.

Ceres is the Roman equivalent to the Greek goddess Demeter. She is the goddess of unconditional motherly love. It makes this asteroid an important element to look out for in a natal chart.

As you probably know, astrological heavenly bodies carry archetypical meanings of ancient deities.

Demeter or Ceres was the Great Mother, the motherly principle as it is. She was a goddess of vegetation, abundance and fertility. Myths of Ceres and her daughter Proserpine illustrate our perception of the unconditional love between parents and their children and bonds between all those who care for one another.

Let us briefly go through the myth, in order better to understand Ceres in astrology.

According to the story, Ceres’ daughter Proserpine (Persephone) was abducted and raped by Pluto (Hades).

He was obsessed by her and took Proserpine to his underworld kingdom do be his queen and the lady of the Underworld. Ceres was devastated, so she ceased all her activities that nurtured human lands, which was her call.

The argument ended with a compromise that symbolically explains the changes of seasons and agricultural processes. Proserpine should spend a part of the year underground and it is the period of Ceres’ grief; the winter.

Other months she would spend with her mother, which is the period of vegetation, growth and abundance.

Ceres rules over cyclic changes as seen in nature and in life of the people.

Ceres in astrology

Ceres is a particularly interesting astrological element.

It could help you understand your own sense of care for others and help you realize what is it that you need from others, in terms of attention, affection and nurture.

The place Ceres sits in your natal chart greatly explains this. Ceres is an asteroid and it creates aspects and relations with other birth chart elements.

In a natal chart, Ceres represents the way we care for other people and reflects our own need to be cared for by others.

Ceres is also about the subject of self-respect and the respect for others, especially related to parents-children relationship.

The position of Ceres in a birth chart shows which areas of life are painted with care and nurture; it is where we find comfort and where we are most likely to show our care for others.

For example, if someone has Ceres in the sixth house, which is related to our working environment, it suggests we channel our nurturing energy through our job. We might get engaged with a profession related to helping people, for instance.

We would also expect others care for us, in the same environment. Ceres also represents self-esteem, so the place it occupies reflects our source of self-esteem.

It also symbolizes our perception of other people, in terms of their feelings. It shows the way we care for their feelings. It greatly depends on the sign Ceres is found in a natal chart. Since signs give us specific traits and characteristics, the sign Ceres occupies represents the way we are going to express our nurturing nature.

This is why some people are openly very kind and gently, while others prefer practical help and care or else.

Ceres is generally a positive element. However, difficult aspects could block its nurturing nature.

For example, bad aspects of Ceres and Saturn could make one find it really hard to express their care and to receive help and nurture from other people, even from his or hers dearest and closest ones.

However, Ceres’ main goal is to provide comfort, safety, security and unconditional love.

Ceres in Taurus – Materialistic caregivers

Ceres in Taurus makes a wonderful combination, especially if you like to eat. Jokes aside, the truth is Taurus is a sign with inborn gourmand qualities.

Therefore, people with Ceres in Taurus show affection by feeding others.

They are materialistic and like comfort, so they would always make sure their dearest ones have everything they need to feel safe and secure. They are the type of people who finishes great business over a hearty lunch.

People who have Ceres in Taurus usually feel comfortable in their own body. They enjoy nature and healthy food. Taurus Ceres like cooking; it is their natural gift.

Since Ceres generally represents agriculture, crops and food, it is easy to realize this combination could be really good. Ceres Taurus grow their fortune slow and in a relaxed pace.

People with Ceres in Taurus take care of others by offering them shelter, security and food.

They would never let their loved ones lack any of these. They could as well work in humanitarian services that feed the hungry or else of the sort. They like to be treated the same way; buy them a chocolate, invite them for a meal or else and they would feel pleased.

Besides this, Taurus Ceres are extremely tactile people.

They just enjoy human touch. They love massages, cuddling, hugging and kissing. They show their affection physically. They are completely opposite to restless Aries Ceres, for example.

They also find great satisfaction in material possessions and this is closely related to their self-esteem.

If a Ceres Taurus cannot provide enough for themselves or for those they care for, they start feeling insecure and worthless. There is a great risk of becoming dependent of material possessions, which something you should pay attention to, if you have Ceres in Taurus.

There is also a risk of over-indulging with food and drink, so keep in track with these, as well.


Ceres in Taurus are tactile, cuddly gourmands.

They are kind towards people and they show affection by feeding others. They feel cared for if others show their affection the same way. They enjoy being touched, so a pleasant massage could be a great way to show them affection.

As children, they are perhaps the cuddliest ones of the entire Zodiac.

Taurus qualities show smoothly in Ceres. These people value safety and coziness of the home and see always to provide everything for their family, in material sense.

Financial stability is very important to them.

Material instability is what disturbs them the most. Food has always been associated with abundance; to have more than bare essentials is of extreme value to Ceres Taurus.