Aries Man and Pisces Woman – Love Compatibility, Marriage

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Astrology signs can give us a lot of information about the essential potential for a relationship between two people.

If you only know the zodiac sign of a person you are interested in and you want to know what are the chances of a harmonious relationship between the two of you or what could be the potential issues in that relationship, the information about their horoscope sign is a good one to start with.

Although there are much more details which precise astrology compatibility analysis requires, the main characteristic of the zodiac signs can give you a lot of insight about the positive sides of that relationship, as well as the potential issues which could arise.

Of course, the best advice is always to look at each other’s personal chart placements if you desire a detailed report on how two people will get along in some form of a relationship if this information is available to you.

In this text, we will talk about the potential of a relationship between an Aries man and a Pisces woman.

Aries Man

The Aries man loves women and enjoys finding himself in the role of a lover. These men are often the types who love the experience of dating many women, and that usually happens in their younger years.

Some of them never change and love to feel the excitement of a challenge of trying to conquer a woman even when they are older. They are very experienced in this role, mainly because they have a lot of practice.

It is not that the Aries men are not emotional, but they can manage to separate pleasure from emotions, and often do that until they find the woman they fall in love with. Many of them wait a long time for that moment to come, and sometimes they don’t welcome it at all.

They often marry the girlfriend they are dating at the moment when they finally decide it is time to establish their own family. When they finally get married and establish their family, many of them shamelessly continue pursuing other women.

Not all Aries men are like this of course, but many of them have had their share of dating various women. The Aries man is usually very sexy and attractive and many women want to gain his attention and be with him regardless of the cost.

These men often have an aggressive and direct approach and many women like that. This man looks for a passionate woman, but he doesn’t want a woman that will contradict him much.

He usually has a difficulty getting along with a woman who has her own opinion and likes to be listened to. He seems to think that he knows everything best and although he can be intellectually stimulated by a woman who is smart and has her own thing going, the Aries man will soon realize that he prefers a woman who doesn’t contradict him much because he can consider that as a sign of disrespect and undermining of his masculinity.

If a woman is smart enough to follow his lead and find a way to get with what she wants, she can build a good and stable relationship with this man, under the condition that he loves her and sincerely wants to be fully devoted to their relationship.

He is usually into sports, and if he is not an active sportsman, the Aries man will practice some sports for pleasure and recreation.

He likes women who are active and share his interests in different sports activities. He dislikes women who are winning all the time and appear helpless and ignorant.

A confident woman is something that excites him, but at the same time she could be a threat to his need to be the dominant one in the relationship.

These men are very passionate and have a strong sex drive. A passionate and sexy woman is one of the prerequisites for a successful relationship according to the Aries man, at least in their younger days.

They are straightforward in expressing their desires and they detest false morality which some women exhibit.

They usually don’t express their emotions with words, and instead they do it with their actions. If they are in love with you, they won’t tell you a hundred times a day how much they love you, you will simply feel their love from their actions.

Pisces Woman

The Pisces woman seems so elusive and inaccessible. Most men are instantly attracted to the mystery that these women spread around themselves. It is no wonder they appear that way, when their ruling planet is Neptune, the sea god himself.

Pisces women are usually very beautiful and appear almost dreamlike. They are very emotional, and they could either openly express their emotionality, or they can hide it behind a mask of hardness and inaccessibility.

Regardless of how they choose to appear to the outside world, the fact remains that these women need a strong man beside them.

They are not very ambitious (unless they have some other ambitious placements in their charts), and they are not the best at organizing their lives. They usually don’t have any problem in letting others lead their way and tell them what is best for them, regardless if that is their parents, their siblings, or their man.

They are happy to follow their lead as long as they don’t need to occupy their thoughts with any organization, choosing things, making decisions, and similar matters.

Of course, there are some decisive Pisces women, who know how to keep their lives under control, but that doesn’t mean that they enjoy doing that. The typical Pisces women would be more than happy to let others manage the steering wheel of their life.

These women need a strong shoulder to lean on. They are adaptable and can get along with almost any type of man, but they prefer the ones that are emotional and can bond with them on that level.

There are different types of Pisces women, but they are usually creative and artistic. They are usually not sporty types, but there are Pisces who are (usually when they have some added fire to their charts).

They have a heightened intuition and can intuitively feel other people’s emotions and feelings. They are good at controlling their reactions and that helps them avoid unnecessary conflicts, which they detest. They need their peace of mind and peaceful surroundings.

Pisces women can often be very absent-minded and that can irritate the people who are in close contact with them, especially the man that they are involved with. They don’t do that on purpose, it is just how they are.

A man would need a lot of patience and love to put up with her forgetfulness and not listening. She often only pretends to be present at the moment, while her mind wanders who knows where.

If you suddenly realize what is happening and ask her about your last sentence, she might surprise you and repeat it.

They have this ability to register what you are talking, even when they are not consciously listening to you. It is often an instinctive way of protecting themselves from unwanted content or from being hurt by the words they hear.

Whatever the reason, you will need some nerve to get used to her occasional absence of mind. That is nothing, comparing to the love and tenderness this woman will reward you with daily. 

Love Compatibility

The Aries man is a true conqueror of women’s hearts, but the lack of impression he provokes in the Pisces lady can make him wonder what he did wrong. He is used to women admiring him for his good looks and confidence, but this woman seems to be immune to all that.

He begins wondering about some other approach he should make to get closer to this elusive being, but soon realizes that he lacks the ideas because she still seems disinterested.

There can also be a completely different reaction on the Pisces women side, where she becomes obsessed with this strong and powerful man who seems to know everything.

Both scenarios are possible, but the fact remains that the main compatibility between their characters is lacking.

The Aries man would need to have some water or earth element to ground him, or the Pisces woman should have some fire in her chart to be able to completely understand this man and bond harmoniously with him.

Pisces women lack initiative, and they generally need someone to lead them, and the Aries man is perfect for that role.

The problem can be the fact that he is a man of initiative, with his both feet on the ground, while she is often not present in reality, only pretending to listen while her mind wanders.

He will need a lot of patience to accept this side of her personality. It is who she is. She is not doing it intentionally, and he needs to accept that fact and enjoy the other benefits the relationship with her has to offer.

Marriage Compatibility

An Aries man and a Pisces woman is not an impossible marriage combination.

These two don’t have many similarities, but the need for dominance of the Aries man and the often submissive nature and need for security and guidance of the Pisces woman often brings these two in such a commitment.

They can fulfill some of their most essential needs through this relationship and they often neglect some other ones, they consider less important. That attitude works out for many people.

People give priority to different aspects of their lives and that is fine. Although this marriage could last, it would be best if they skip this type of commitment and look for someone who would fit more to their ideal match list. 


An Aries man and a Pisces woman are not found often in a friendship relation. The reason is the basic difference of their characters and interest.

Aries men are very active and outgoing, while Pisces women are usually passive and reclusive. Aries men usually have a lot of friends and are very sociable, always hanging out somewhere, while Pisces women have few good friends and they don’t like to go out much and prefer spending their time at home, preferably inviting their friends there (at least if they are a typical representative of their sign).

They are very different, to say it honestly. The only way they can create a friendly bond is if they have some similar placements in their charts, which can bring these two closer together and make this friendship lasting.

If they are typical representatives of their signs they will most probably stay out of each other’s way.

Cool Facts

The Aries man is usually impatient and it takes a lot of patience to get used to the Pisces woman inborn elusiveness and absent-mindedness, and this represents a usual turn-off for the Aries man.

The Pisces woman is a good follower, and the Aries man loves to be followed, and that is a bonding element between these two.

The Aries man can often react aggressively if contradicted, but the Pisces woman usually doesn’t contradict anyone. Instead of contradicting and firing back at him, her reaction is retreating.

With this woman he doesn’t have to prove himself constantly and he can calm down his temper.

This effect that she has on him is something which could tie him to her for a long-term commitment. 


The relationship between a Pisces woman and an Aries man is not unlikely, but is not a common one.

These two have many differences and not many bonding points which can build a lasting connection, unless some other ties keep them together.

If they both don’t have many requires from the relationship, they could form a bond which can last a long time, but it won’t satisfy much of their needs from a partnership.

He might eventually begin looking for more excitement outside of the relationship, and she will knowingly or unknowingly accept that, or she might begin looking for fun elsewhere as well.