Scorpio in 8th House – Meaning and Info

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Find out what Scorpio really is in your horoscope. You will agree – these are people with whom it is not easy. They are a little strange and are always under a veil of secrecy. It is unusual with scorpions.

No matter how strange and repulsive they may be, they have magnetism and charm like no other sign. What is their secret?

In fact, it is difficult with scorpions because they act honestly, openly and give their all in all fields. And how many of us are realistic to accept all that so openly? With them, you always know what you are up to and what they think of you. The only question is whether you like the image you get of yourself.

Scorpio – Meaning and Info

If Pluto is badly expected, they lie on purpose to hurt, they act like spies, instinctively destroy everything noble and sublime, filled with inexplicable hatred.

The higher types are noble, focused on universal problems, ready to give their lives for those they love without much calculation. They understand the unspoken, bravely putting their enormous strength at the disposal of the weak and powerless if they are bound to them by the same idea.

They are extremely ambitious and thorough, Scorpios can be unsurpassed workers, only if they want to.

Perseverance bordering on fanaticism does not allow them to leave the job they have started without doing it perfectly.

Generally speaking, it is not easy to compete with them in anything. Considering that the eighth house also refers to the way of expressing sexuality, we can say that Scorpio (its ruler) is the most sexual zodiac sign.

Passionate and possessive, Scorpios usually dominate those they love. The connection with them implies extremes of all kinds: from exalted emotions, brilliance, spiritual ascension, to darkness and destruction. It is the hardest thing to live with these people.

Possession often leads them to sadism. Known as perfectionists, they often harass those they love the most. Burdened with doubts, they seek absolute commitment.

Mystical and misunderstood, they bring with them a kind of fatalism. After the connection with Scorpio, you will be either destroyed or changed. There is no middle ground.

She will destroy even the happiest relationship at the cost of disappearing along with her along the way if you challenge her. That is why you must be ready for superhuman adaptation, because this nature cannot be changed.

In the sign of Scorpio, all those rooms were born between October 21 and November 20. It is a water sign. Even those who are beginners in astrology say that a lot – they are driven by emotions and their emotional reactions can be very violent.

The ruler of the zodiac sign of the zodiac is the planet Pluto. You may also know the Greek god of the underworld under this name. Pluto is, therefore, a symbol of mystery, secrecy, but magnetism, attraction, sexuality. Above all, however, this planet symbolizes death, destruction, but also a new beginning.

Maybe Scorpios in your horoscope only now look like distant, dark and incomprehensible people. However, keep in mind that this is just a symbolism. Death itself seems like something terrible, but admit that sometimes you at least wanted to bury some things from your life forever and start over.

This is the essential feature of scorpions – they are not afraid of death and new beginnings. They bravely rush into new experiences, new feats, and new adventures! On the other hand, what Pluto brings to this sign is also a tendency towards occultism, paranormal activities, and conspiracy theories.

Scorpio as an animal species is known to be poisonous. Many use these words to describe the characteristics of people who are Scorpios in the horoscope. And they really can be.

Then when temperament overpowers them, when you let them down and drive them out of tact, people born in this sign can be very brutal – more than any other zodiac sign! But like all other signs, they have their advantages and disadvantages.

And it may seem better to bypass them, but think twice! People in this sign are very loyal friends. If you know how to be open and honest, you will not have better friends than them. It is true that they, like lions in the horoscope, know how to be in the center of attention and have some inherent magnetism. However, they do not enjoy the attention itself or superficial friendships.

They are always interested in deeper friendships and stronger connections with people, and they do their best there. They do not spend their energy on others.

Scorpio in the horoscope does not like passive people and most of all hates insincerity. They find it very difficult to forgive bad things and we can say that the rights are angry. More than anything, they love honesty, openness and they are like that themselves. They say what they think, and their intuition is almost ingenious.

They believe in instincts and “read people” very well. They do not give compliments lightly, but only if they really think praiseworthy about something. They are not one of those who will just hug and kiss people on the street. To them, such gestures are not a universal greeting, but reserved for special people.

Sprinkles in the horoscope are analysts as well as virgins. They are obsessed with facts, truth and seek them as deeply as they can. They dig where no one else would!

Most of all in the world they like to be always right! They will keep and remember the facts and arguments they have gathered and can hardly wait for a moment to put them on the table and bring victory

This is because they hide their failures, and on the other hand, they set themselves realistic goals that they know they will achieve. In any case, the point is that they seem to have come out of the fight as winners. They like to control people and events and they do not like to be controlled.

A Scorpio woman is curious by nature and if you always give her a reason to explore something and discover undiscovered parts of your soul, she will be and remain interested in you. Although she is considered a “poison”, the Scorpio woman is quite calm and actually wants justice and peace in the world for all people – only sometimes she expresses it too much.

She is very attractive physically, and what will especially win you over is her look. Either her eyes are light and fascinating or deep dark and bright – mysterious! Although she exudes sex appeal and attractiveness and likes to flirt, the Scorpio woman is not about

8th House – Meaning and Info

The partner will subtly feel the change in the “weather” on the front of the relationship. If you suddenly change your mind about your partner, or, what is even more important, start some kind of affair on the side, it will be immediately noticed.

Amazing insight, something is hidden almost unreal. Jealousy. It is also one of the key features of this position. An overwhelming feeling of jealousy of both partners. It is so strong that it can destroy everything, but at the same time it does not let go. It looks like some kind of masochism in a relationship.

When partners alternately dominate each other, in a difficult version they trample each other in the mud, torture, torment, but cannot part.

By the way, in classical interpretations it is often written that Pluto in the 7th house is a sign of a domineering person (a sign of the owner of the card) and he will want to control a partner, so I cannot completely agree with this thesis.

From the experience of clients’ dynasties and my own, I can say that Pluto in the 7th house is often the partner himself.

His imperious image (but of course, a part of the desire to rule in the relationship is also present in the owner of the card, everything is connected), and this situation is played precisely more through the domineering partner, through precisely his habits, and not the peculiarities of the nature of the owner of the card.

There is another important point in such a relationship. Pluto forces partners to renew. And if a loved one does not want to change, he will be replaced by another. There must be a moment of change here.

Sometimes for the worse, even, but the dynamics must be present, otherwise a long-term relationship will not work out.

And, as I said, the changes can even be negative, that is, the partner wants to “teach the bad” to the owner of the card, but the moment of evolution or degradation is determined not even by the aspects of Pluto, but by the “soul level” of those who enter into a relationship.

Eighth House of Death and Rebirth. The eighth house is one of the three mystical houses in your chart (the other two are the fourth and twelfth) and is very difficult to understand

Entering the 8th house, we again reach the end of the zone. The eighth house is the last house of the second group of four houses; this “watery” house indicates the culmination of the relationship between individuals.

In the 7th house, close relationships between people in the sphere of contracts and obligations – promises reach the peak. But one thing is to promise, to say “I love, respect, cherish”, and quite another thing is to really fulfill what is promised.

If the 7th house can be considered as a marriage ceremony, then the 8th house symbolizes the honeymoon and everything that comes to us during a long life together.

The eighth house considers the exit of the personality outside its own shell in order to merge with what is outside it. In particular, this applies to the experience of concluding an alliance with other people and to all areas of life together with them, without exception.

Scorpio in 8th House – Meaning and Info

Home in Scorpio means – the life of this person is full of conflicts and secrets associated with money, questions of change and group of partners, death and nail. Operations with out-of-pocket financiers almost always carry a challenging character.

The sources of their loans, such a person keeps hidden from the rest. In the case of credits, it is not watched and charged, and therefore there is a risk to prove the well-earned long-term responsibility.

8 at home in Scorpio is a character of a man He refers to the replacement of the main conditions of his being, quite naturally and emotionally, in the depths of his soul, taking on many illusions on them.

I need to remember that external problems, which are generally global (a suitable husband, a nice environment, a decent work), are just fine Without this, any changes in the external conditions will only lead to an increase in the load on the psyche.

When you work on your own, you develop your reliability, feeling of responsibility for others and for yourself the ability to provide an extraordinary experience. However, it is not easy, because the voltage is constantly high.

Psychological crises are usually essential and deep, although far from being permanently visible to the surrounding people. Such an external personality does not begin to demonstrate the fact that global transformations and shifts of consciousness are taking place inside. But internally they are very emotional.

As a result, a person can change altogether, although in advance it is impossible to predict how it is named. The passing of crises is aggravated by the lack of self-analysis and excessive emotive evaluation of the self.

They are able to show truth, which they will not be able to or will try to express the rest. Such a person is usually intensely interested in transmutation and mysticism, possesses a hypnotic gift, and is also inclined towards practical culture.

However, these training sessions for such a person are risky for such a person, since he simply becomes an underworld of foolish activities.

Such a person adores life, but to all problems associated with death, he refers to both the required understanding and the necessary.

The complex is incomplete, and because of the assertion, this person will expose himself to all possible hazards.

This person can assert himself by means of sex in the most probable and unexpected forms. He knows how to get along with big finances, knows their value and is able to achieve a triumph in financial affairs, managing money accounting and making the final planning of operations.

At the same time, such people are rather carried away by the questions of death, because they cannot find a reasonable use of their creative energy.

Usually, they stand confidently on the ground, and also avoid unintelligible or inaccessible things.


How to recognize a person in the sign of Scorpio? In addition to having an irresistible charm, they are generally calm and composed. They are brave and open, they communicate with ease and they get along with everyone, but not everyone gets along with them.

They are not the most afraid of failure and do not talk about them. It may seem to you that honey and milk flow with them forever and that they succeed in everything they achieve.