Scorpio Man and Virgo Woman – Love Compatibility, Marriage

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One of the means you can use to find out more about the compatibility between you and another person is astrology. Astrology is a useful tool to discover details about a person’s character, as well as about the potential for a relationship with us.

We have all experienced ocasions where we have met someone, and we liked that person very much. The question that was bothering us most was: whether the person liked us back or not.

Fortunately, astrology has a way of answering that question. An astrology compatibility analysis, can give us precise details about getting along with someone. To make such an analysis, you need to make the natal charts for yourself and the person who interests you.

After that, you compare the planetary positions in both charts and determine the planetary aspects. The meanings of these aspects are the ones who tell us the story of the relationship between two people.

If the planetary aspects between your natal charts are predominately bad, the relationship doesn’t have much chance of being a good and lasting one, and it is more likely to be filled with conflicts and disagreements.

If the planetary aspects are generally good, then there is a good chance that the relationship between you could be a harmonious and lasting one.

For creating a natal chart, you need to have precise birth data for yourself and the individual you are interested in. If you don’t have such data, you can also use your horoscope signs, and do a similar comparison.

In this case, you will compare the basic traits of your and the person’s horoscope signs.

In this text, we will compare the traits of a Scorpio man and a Virgo woman, to determine their basic compatibility.

Scorpio Man

The Scorpio man is often an amazing being and many people admire him. He has a powerful personality and he possesses stamina and endurance. He knows what he wants and aims to get it. There is no obstacle large enough to stop him once he makes up his mind about something.

These men are leadership types and often end up doing such a role. They are people other people often look up to because they possess many qualities and the self-confidence to make the most of their abilities. These men are bluntly honest and they don’t care if they offend someone with their direct approach.

They consider truthfulness and honesty one of the most important qualities a person should possess, and they don’t tolerate lies and betrayal. If a person close to them, tries to lie to them or betrays them, that would most likely be the end of her presence in the Scorpio men’s life.

This man can forgive lies and betrayal only if the circumstances were such that there wasn’t any other option, but he will be the judge of these that. These acts are considered acts of disrespect and that is something a proud man such as a Scorpio man cannot accept.

The Scorpio is usually very attractive to women. He exudes an aura of attractiveness and women are hooked to that. They openly talk about sex, and don’t have a problem directly approaching to a girl. They are usually not aggressive and respect the girl’s boundaries, but they usually don’t have restraints when they like someone.

The approach is different depending on the individual, but almost all Scorpio men consider physical intimacy as one of the tops of their priorities.

These men are magnetic, and their energy field is giant. Their energy draws people (women mostly) to them, and sometimes it scares people away because of its power. They have many opportunities to be with women, and they are often promiscuous. A typical Scorpio man has had its share of women before he has finally met “the one”.

These men can be insatiable when it comes to physical pleasures, and they can change partners and be in multiple relationships, but when the right one comes in their life, they usually cut every tie with their past behavior.

Scorpio men are men of deep passion, but also of deep emotions. When he falls in love he is ready to commit to that person fully. He is very emotional, and can easily be hurt, especially if he falls deeply for someone.

These men (Scorpio women as well) are prone to great sufferings which last a long time, sometimes years, when they have been hurt by someone they have cared about. They can begin acting in a various destructive or self-destructive manner without realizing that they are the ones hurt the most with that attitude.

These men are very loyal to the people they care about and can have a protective attitude towards them. They have a highly developed intuition and almost psychic insight into other people’s thoughts and intentions. These men (Scorpio women also) are an excellent judge of character and they almost instantly know who they deal with, and what they can expect from that person.

This trait of theirs can appear intimidating to most people, who then begin considering them weird and/or avoiding them.

Scorpio people usually don’t care what others think about them. These people are so confident and so self-aware that no one can enter their space (physical space or their mind space) if they don’t let them. They are often governed by their intuition which is a powerful tool in their actions.

These men are very proud of their masculinity and they don’t allow anyone to jeopardize it.

They love women with strong personalities, who are confident and independent, but these women should play their role in a relationship and don’t mess in his part, which is the part that a man traditionally does.

He considers himself the leader in the relationship and the woman needs to find her place. It is not that he doesn’t respect her, but he doesn’t like women who are loud, aggressive and behave like men.

According to him, one man is enough in their relationship and he isn’t willing to give up on that role. That is why women who have overly dominant personalities, who are loud, and want to have the last saying in every situation, don’t have anything to do with this man. They will immediately be discarded as unsuitable for the role of their woman.

Scorpio men have so much masculine power and they desire to use it to protect their woman and their family. The woman should enjoy being in such a position, and that is the whole idea behind his attitude.

Virgo Woman

Virgo women appear strict and reserved. These women need time to get to know someone better so they can relax. Sometimes they don’t want to know a person better because it doesn’t fit their predetermined standards.

These women often behave according to some self-imposed strict rules, which do them more harm than benefit. Regardless of that, many of these women keep holding on to some patterns of behavior for years and even decades until they finally realize the harming effect they have on their lives.

Virgo women are emotional beings deep down, but they usually express these emotions only towards the ones they consider very close. That circle of their dearest ones usually comprises of their close family members, their partner, their children and husband, and few close friends, which have proven their love and loyalty to them through the years.

These women have a very controlling nature. They are often governed by their minds instead of their hearts. They often appear cold and calculated, and sometimes they are.

Maybe their worst trait, that keeps many people away from them, or avoiding them, is their tendency to criticize. They measure everyone according to their standards, and everything which is outside that standard is prone to being criticized by them.

These women don’t allow the freedom to be different and consider that everyone should fit into their narrow-minded comprehensions of the world and life itself.

These women have difficulty to accept that they were wrong, and they have a problem with apologizing as well, although they know that they have made a mistake. The reason for that is their developed ego, which is a trait they are usually not consciously aware of.

Although they themselves don’t have a problem telling others what is wrong with them, and criticizing them, they have difficulties accepting other people’s criticizing them.

Again, the reason is their ego, and the inability to accept that they are wrong about anything. In time, many of these traits change because they gain experience and realize that they are harmful to them.

Regardless of their negative traits, these women have good personalities in general. They are well organized, precise, detailed, and ready to help. They are very intelligent, and possess sharp and analytical minds. Sometimes they can exaggerate with their need to control every situation, but that need is inspired by their desire for things to turn out well.

They are not very passionate, and prefer tenderness to physical intimacy. They approach their duties as wife and mother with great responsibility and care. These women enjoy nurturing and pampering the ones they care about, and they do many things to make them happy.

Sometimes these women can be loners by nature, and be very self-sufficient up to the point of not needing a man by their side, but deep down, they long for a committed relationship and establishing their family. Having an organized life and a comfortable home where they can return is one of their priorities.

These women are often successful in their career, but that doesn’t prevent them from being equally successful in other fields of their life. Their organizational skills enable them to provide time for every needed activity.

Love Compatibility

The Scorpio man and the Virgo woman are often a good match. Her closed off nature can be a challenge for him to conquer her, but sometimes her lack of passion and desire for physical intimacy can be a problem in their relationship.

Even in such situations, the Scorpio man has a way of lighting the fire even in this woman, and things can be balanced.

This woman has a calming effect on him, although she might bother him with her tendency to nag and criticize, which he cannot tolerate.

These are the situations where a potential conflict might arise. If they learn to be tolerant of each other’s weaknesses these two can last.

Marriage Compatibility

A marriage union between a Scorpio man and a Virgo woman can often be a good combination, providing that these two settle their differences first.

The Scorpio man will fight for the right to be the lead organizer in this relationship, although she might have a problem with that due to her natural tendency for order, control and organization.

If she learns how to relax and let him be in charge (and she often will beside the Scorpio man), these two can have a stable and harmonious union. She will have the lead role around the house, and taking care of the children.

He won’t take part in that, unless she specifically requires. If there are not some other malefic influences in their charts, these two can last a long time together. 


A Scorpio man and a Virgo woman can make very good friends. They can help each other with some advice regarding their personalities and help each other improve.

These two can also have a calming effect on each other and enjoy spending time in each other’s company.

If they have some other negative planetary influences between their charts, they can be prone to irritation and conflicting reactions to their negative traits.

For example, she might get irritated by his overly confident attitude, and she might get annoyed by her constant nagging. 

Cool Facts

The Scorpio man can be intrigued by the Virgo woman’s reserved attitude, as well as amazed by her incredible mind and the way of thinking.

She will be amazed by his personality and knowledge, as well as his confidence. She will also be attracted to his masculinity. 


As a combination of a water and earth sign, these two usually make a good combination, unless some negative influences interfere and thus reinforce the issues between them.

All in all, this could be a good and lasting bond.