Scorpio Man and Libra Woman – Love Compatibility, Marriage

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If you wonder about another way to find out more about the person you are interested in, besides scouring their social profiles, you have found the right page.

Astrology can give you the answer and help you even more than the mere finding out facts about the person you like, and it can also determine the compatibility between you and that person.

To determine the compatibility between you and another person, you can make a synastry analysis between your natal chart and theirs.

First you will need your and theirs accurate birth data (date and place of birth, as well as the exact time of birth), so you can make your natal charts. Then you need to compare your natal chart’s planetary positions and determine the aspects they create.

The meaning of these aspects determines the quality of the relationship between you two. If the aspects are good in general, the relationship between you two has a good chance of lasting.

On the contrary, if the aspects aren’t good, then the relationship usually isn’t a lasting one, and can be troubled by various issues and conflicts between the partners.

The main issue with making compatibility (synastry) chart is getting the exact birth data. It is awkward to ask someone whom you have just met about such private facts, and that is why this analysis is usually made after two people get to know each other better to be able to ask such questions.

Another thing you can do if you don’t have their birth data, is to ask for their horoscope sign, and do a comparison of your horoscope sign traits with theirs.

Horoscope signs have general traits, and people born under the same sign share these traits. That is the basis for making such a comparison.

Also, you can use their horoscope sign to find out more about their personality.

In the text below, we are making a comparison between a Scorpio man and a Libra woman, to see how they get along in different types of relationships.

Scorpio Man

The Scorpio man is a mighty human being. These men are water signs, but they possess fiery nature. Their energy is enormous and is overwhelming for some people because it can almost physically be felt. Scorpio men often appear intimidating to some people who cannot stand the power of their personality.

These men are very confident and have great faith in their abilities. They possess an unbreakable will and desire to succeed and win in every challenge. Almost nothing can stop these people, and they are motivated only by being the best and succeeding at everything they set their minds into.

They are motivated by challenges and obstacles. The harder the situation the more their desire and will to succeed grows. This man can sometimes have a difficult character and be prone to outbursts of anger and aggression.

That is usually the case when his ruler, Mars makes negative aspects with other planets in his natal chart. Most Scorpio men are able to control their temper.

The Scorpio man is an excellent judge of characters, and has the ability to read people’s minds. It is almost impossible to lie to this man without being discovered. If he considers you important in his life and he catches you lying to him that will be a great disappointment for him, which can possibly jeopardize your relationship.

For these men, honesty and truth are very important. They themselves are extremely honest, even to the point of hurting people with their openness.

Scorpio men are often interested in the mysteries of the Universe, and they often study and practice secret knowledge as well as the knowledge of many pseudosciences. These men are intrigued by a woman who cannot be easily read and understood. They enjoy the excitement of the unknown, and the longer a woman can keep the mystery undiscovered, the more he will be hooked.

These men are very passionate and are highly sexual beings.

They are open about their sexuality and directly express their desires. They are usually not aggressive and they respect if a woman rejects them, which makes them stop pushing further. They don’t like shy women and women who are afraid of their sexuality or don’t like physical contact. They prefer women who are open and enjoy sex just as much as they do.

Scorpio men are almost magnetically attractive to women (they also have a magnetic effect on people in general, but in another sense). Women are drawn to this man, and he usually has a lot of options to choose. This man also creates his opportunities because he openly approaches women.

He doesn’t have confidence issues, in fact, he is usually overly confident.

When decides something, he usually manages to achieve it, whether it is a thing, a situation, or a person, in this case, a woman. Women can’t resist his charm, and his open masculinity.

Scorpio men are men in the true sense of that word. They have a traditional view on relationships and they firmly believe that men should play their masculine role, while the women should play their feminine role in a relationship.

It is not that they are disrespectful to women, quite the opposite. They simply consider their leading role in a relationship as something that is natural, and expect the woman to accept that. These men usually don’t like women who are very aggressive and loud and behave almost like men. They appreciate women’s femininity and sensuality.

These men can behave promiscuously and change partners often, but when they meet the right woman, they usually give up that way of life. Deep down these men crave for a deep emotional bond with one woman, and when they finally find that they wouldn’t do anything to jeopardize it.

Scorpio men are providers and protectors. Their women feel secure and cared for. They are respected, loved and they enjoy great emotional and physical intimacy with their Scorpio man. In return, he expects them to be truthful, honest, and to respect him. And be real women.

Not many demands for all the benefits a relationship with this man is providing. 

Libra Woman

The Libra woman is usually very beautiful and obsessed with her looks. Almost every Libra woman pays a lot of attention to the way they appear in public. They carefully choose their clothes, and make sure their hair is ok and that their make-up is perfect, and so on.

Many Libra women will recognize themselves in this description. Their good look is an advantage, but is often a burden.

Libra women (as well as Libra men) are love beauty. Their ruler, the planet Venus, instills that love in them. They have an eye for beauty in all forms, and they are also talented to create beauty themselves. Libra women often have some artistic abilities, and they are usually musically gifted, or they have a talent for painting.

Libra people often choose some creative professions where they can express their talents and enjoy doing their work.

These women are very emotional and sensitive to other people’s reactions. They are sweet, kind and helpful and many people take their efforts for granted or they misuse that kindness. It is hard for these women to say what is bothering them because they are in constant fear of hurting someone’s feelings even at their own expense.

Their greatest achievement is managing to take a stand for themselves and learn to say “no”. That is very difficult for these beings, but many of them harden and gain confidence during the bad experiences that happen to them.

Libra women love beauty, and they love to be surrounded with it, as well as to wear it. Their living spaces are usually lovely decorated and arranged for pleasure, and their wardrobes are full of beautiful clothes. These women are often obsessed with buying clothes in enormous quantities.

Many of them have a desire to have an appropriate outfit for any occasion and they actually manage to have one.

These women have a problem with indecisiveness (just like Libra men). That often prevents them from using their full potential and abilities. They often seek confirmation and support for their actions and ideas, so they could serve them as an excuse if things don’t turn out well in the end.

These women should learn to rely on themselves and gain confidence in their abilities.

Because of these insecurities, these women often choose men who have strong and powerful personalities, confident enough to undertake the role of their guide and supporter. These women usually don’t mind being told what to do, and they are happy when they don’t have to make any decisions, especially important ones.

Decision making is one of the Libra people major issues. They have problems making their mind about the right thing to do and they often wonder whether their decision was the right one. They gather detail and people’s opinions about matters because they want to make sure that they are making the right choice or a decision.

Unfortunately, many times they end up questioning their actions and end up making changes after deciding something.

Their character often requires someone from their vicinity to be their support and encouragement when important decisions (and the ones not as important) need to be made.

These women are tender and sensitive, and they enjoy being pampered. They love when a man shows his attention and love by buying them gifts and presenting them with sweet surprises. This woman is a good wife and mother, and she is more than satisfied with that role when she has a man she can rely on by her side. 

Love Compatibility

Relationships between Scorpio men and Libra women are very common, although it might seem a bit odd, considering the fact that they are a combination of water and an air sign, which by a rule are not compatible. The reason is the compliance of their characters.

The Scorpio man has a strong and powerful personality, he is all man, and his masculinity is very important to him.

He is dominant and demands to be the leader in the relationship, considering the respect of the traditional roles of men and women very important. He is also very supportive of people who don’t have as much confidence and they can help them make up their mind.

The Libra woman on the other side is all woman and she desires a strong and confident man by her side.

She needs someone’s help and support in making decisions in her life, and the Scorpio man is willing to take on that role in her life. These two can function well together, although in some cases he can be too passionate for her, and she might not be passionate enough for him. 

Marriage Compatibility

In a marriage union, a Scorpio man and a Libra woman can get along well, providing they have settled their main issues during the period of dating.

These two play the traditional roles in this marriage, where he is the patriarch and the protector of his wife and children, and she is the faithful wife who makes sure the household functions properly.

This man won’t require his wife to stay at home and take care of him and the children, and he will be satisfied if she has a prosperous career, as long as she does all her duties as wife and mother well.

These two can have a lasting future together.


A friendship relationship between a Scorpio man and a Libra woman is less likely of the previous three.

These two have different areas of interest and they rarely have the chance to begin their friendship.

If they have some other planetary bonds between their natal charts, the situation might be different, but otherwise, these two probably won’t notice each other.

Cool Facts

The Scorpio man will certainly feel inspired to protect and support the sensitive and indecisive Libra woman, and she will be happy to allow him that.

She will be proud to have such a strong man by her side, and will be more than happy to listen to his advice.


A relationship between a Scorpio man and a Libra woman is often a good one, if they manage to settle their differences first.

She is very adaptable and has a calm nature, and she will usually be the one who adjusts to the Scorpio man, but she won’t consider that an issue.