South Node in Capricorn

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Evaluation of the signs of the zodiac is based on the study of the main factors that affect a person at the time of his birth.

Those inclinations of character traits that will be obtained at this stage will largely influence the whole future destiny.

The main ones in astrology are the planets of our system, which pass along the Zodiacal circle at one time or another.

The ruling planet of the sign reveals the inner world of a person, his life potential, and also indicates the vices to which he is prone.

The element will tell about a person’s temperament, his manner of communication.

The leading cross will indicate perseverance and dedication, and the hemispheres will indicate ways of human interaction with society.

South Node – Meaning and Symbolism

The northern one is in the constellation of Cancer, it entered in November 2018, and the southern one in the constellation of Capricorn. He will go through these signs until June 2020.

It may seem to you that this is a very long period to consider, but let me assure you right away – it is not!

The important things that will happen to us under the influence of this axis will have a main basis on this.

Other aspects just talk about the details and nuances for the various situations we will be going through. He will find himself in these signs again in July 2037.

The strongest influence will be felt by everyone who has an ascendant, sun or moon in Cancer or Capricorn in their natal horoscope.

Everyone else will feel the importance of this influence, but in a slightly milder and different way.

However, which fields this axis passes through, there will be key changes in this period.

The North Node of the Moon will encourage us to develop and supplement all that is not completed.

This is where the emphasis is on being active. We should discard everything that has held us back, habits, environment, attitudes, principles, etc. We will have a strong need to protect ourselves and our environment or people we care about as much as possible.

Whatever field he activates for us will inevitably ask us to take a good look and re-examine our feelings.

Rethink the way we show emotions, how we show intimacy in relationships of any kind. Many will finally learn to say yes or no openly to others.

The need to belong or unite towards achieving the same goal will be emphasized, through love, work, socializing… Many who could not achieve as parents for a long time, this is a wonderful period for that.

Now, on the other hand, he had a transit South Moon node in Capricorn. What he will bring is also not negligible.

Through the field he passes through in our natal it speaks of a place where we feel safe and secure, a place where we have already trodden the path and way of life.

You will need to stand firmly on your feet0. This will only be possible with key changes, and somehow there will always be a need to control events and situations.

Well, this can be a big stumbling block, the more you control the harder it will go. I’m not just saying that big changes will be needed, not only outside of yourself but also in yourself!

Don’t be surprised if people call you or show up that you haven’t seen or heard from for many years, just puff and here they are. That’s why I say, if there are no secrets from the past, there are no worries, it’s simple.

Many will find themselves at a crossroads where they will ask themselves various questions.

Capricorn – Meaning and Symbolism

Saturn’s rule is more of a burden than a gift. On the one hand, he gives Capricorn high wisdom and subtle discretion.

This helps him in solving life problems, which, by the way, Saturn himself loves to set in front of his patron, so that Capricorn does not get bored on the way to the goal and does not go astray, vegetating in dubious pleasures.

On the other hand, as a patron, Saturn is responsible for the spiritual evolution of Capricorn, and therefore makes him a disciplined ascetic. Capricorn humbly agrees to lead a decent lifestyle, at least in public, for his main and vigilant Creed is Legality, keeping pace with his best friend Morality.

So that Capricorn does not relax in the space of time, Saturn gives him very little energy and a lot of hard work. And therefore, he simply does not have enough time for other things. And although Saturn is the planet of time, Capricorn is always missing it.

The best thing Capricorn is endowed with is practical wisdom. But it is not given from Saturn as a gift (as Sagittarius gets from Jupiter), it can only be obtained by going through all the thorny paths prepared by fate. With such a program, Capricorn enters the world.

At the same time, the high types of this sign can, under the auspices of Saturn, submit to the service of the Lord in complete renunciation of the world and its blessings in the name of the search for Truth.

An afflicted Capricorn, on the other hand, may have an innate blindness to religion. His attitude will be the most difficult of all signs. The world will seem to him an insurmountable rock, on which he must climb all the time.

At the same time, people only interfere with him, since emotional contact with them is broken. He does not understand the feelings of others well, therefore he prefers loneliness. At the same time, ambition will go off scale, and exorbitant ambitions will lead to depression.

Earth gives Capricorn a practicality and a realistic view of things. This sign owes its hard work and perseverance to the Earth element. However, the force of gravity makes Capricorn somewhat slow and very scrupulous.

The temperament of earthlings is melancholic. It manifests itself in the sign of Capricorn primarily in the form of monotony of feelings.

Outbursts of emotions are violent, but constant in their manifestation. Capricorn is so pragmatic that he avoids any unforeseen situations, calculating everything to the smallest detail. Dislikes situations that can throw him out of mental balance. Hence, difficult experiences with any difficulties in life.

Melancholic Capricorn is closed in himself, does not show his real “I”, and is uncommunicative, because he does not know how to qualitatively express his feelings, is often embarrassed, but does not show it. Outsiders often get the impression that Capricorns are people “on their own”, proud and unapproachable.

The power of the Cardinal Cross is in action to achieve a specific goal. People of this cross are looking for changes, are always active and initiative. But they start a lot and end a little.

The decisiveness that Capricorn is endowed with, as a cardinal sign, is undermined by lethargy due to careful thought over each step and its verification for consistency with the internal program. Until he checks everything, calculates and analyzes, the primary inspiration disappears.

A man of the eastern hemisphere, when implementing his internal program, relies primarily on his own interests, ignoring public interests. Capricorn, getting into this hemisphere, becomes an individualist, spreading its influence on society, not allowing society to influence it.

The northern hemisphere suggests that a person will be closed, turned to his inner world, the needs of the family. It also speaks of the desire to take root in one place. In Capricorn, this is manifested primarily in a great love for the Motherland and father’s house.

South Node in Capricorn – Meaning and Symbolism

In your past life, you have worked out the Cancer program, that is, you must give up the dependence of traditions, at home, family, on infantile complexes and bad habits, on excessive sensitivity.

You should break with the roots on which you are dependent, free yourself from conservatism, abandon the retrospective path, from cronyism, from attachment to one place of residence, nationalism, racism, false patriotism. You need to rely on the best traits of Cancer, that is, on tradition; your home and rear areas must be provided.

You must always strive for the highest goal and feel a solid foundation under your feet. But then you give up a solid foundation – this is only a step for you that is necessary for further growth (Capricorn jumps from one rock to another, and a jump is a separation, so you must be able to give up what prevents you from striving for a higher task) …

Of course, you need the path of informal leadership, you definitely need to be an example for others. In general, you are shown the position of a maximalist: to reveal yourself as much as possible and to demand from others as much as possible.

This individual is learning how to reach maturity. In past incarnations, he looked at life through rose-colored glasses, seeing only what he wanted to see, with a certain conviction that everything else does not exist.

Now he is still largely a “child” left behind in his South Node in Cancer. He is used to fighting his subordinate position, but looking for support at the same time, so his life today is the ruins of the escapist, childish habits that continue to impede his growth.

Truly, this is an eternal child who wants to preserve the role of the center of parental attention at any cost. He would prefer that his parents decide everything for him.

Everyone he meets or knows, be it a friend, business companion, or marriage partner, automatically becomes his symbolic parent to pick up the pieces of his misfortune, protecting him from blows. He is even able to impose illness on himself if others claim to receive love and affection.

Constantly looking to become an adult, he never seems quite ready to make this transition. For some reason, he continues to feel that he needs a lot more practice first.

Everything he does in this life is based on the memories of his soul about the subtle feelings of the past life, which are still destroyed by the slightest rejection.

Many people with this Node position are immersed in the affairs of their country. They represent government, as for them it is part (more broadly) of their own Cancer family. They have an unusually developed sense of patriotism and loyalty.

Many individuals with this Node position focus a fair amount of their strength and attention on young people.

They love to hear about the experiences and misfortunes of other people, but, not being able to quickly solve problems, they keep everything inside.

When loaded with accumulated problems, they seem to be aging despite their age.


The most difficult karmic problem of the South Node in Cancer is the science of liberation. The individual brings with him into this life the fear of losing or forgetting something and tries his best to preserve everything he has ever experienced.

In this way he makes himself the “psychic bin” of the past. Every now and then he analyzes the present in terms of what he did years before – or “lives before”. He can often be seen behind old photographs – in the hope of creating the future from fragments of the past.

Completions are especially difficult for such an individual. The word “goodbye” was never part of his vocabulary, as he always tried to keep the relationship as long as possible. He is also permanently attached to objects and nostalgic memories that they carry with a special person.