Taurus Sun Capricorn Moon – Personality, Compatibility

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Thinking about horoscopes, one commonly focuses on people’s birth signs.

Birth or native signs are those that match the Sun in your natal chart; we will talk about Sun signs later on.

However, horoscopes are complex and consisted of many details, amongst which the Sun sign represents the core. Horoscopes are delivered out of one’s birth chart that is a schematic representation of a sky at the exact moment of one’s birth.

These charts feature many elements and details, such as your Sun sign, Moon sign, Midheaven, descendant, Ascendant and so on.

All planets of the Solar system play a role in one’s horoscope, just as all other signs beside the native one matter.

They create a complex image and they are all related to one another. Personal planets are, for example, determinant in creation of one’s astrological profile.

Personal planets are the Sun, the Moon, Mercury, Venus and Mars. Each of them plays a special role in shaping up one’s personality as it is.

The first two, the Sun and the Moon, are the Luminaries, the bright planets, which does make them special.

They are your reason and your emotions, to put it very, very simply. Signs matching Luminaries determine the way of manifesting their energy in one person.

Sun Sign

The Sun is one of the Luminaries, the brightest of stars. It is the center of our universe and the center of one’s astrological profile, as seen from the perspective of Western astrology.

The Sun in a natal chart matches one zodiac sign; this sign is your native. If you have the Sun in Taurus, in common talk, you tell people you are a Taurus in horoscope.

Although not a planet, astrology counts it as one, just as all other heavenly bodies of the system. This bright one has always been associated with life, warmth, strength and vitality.

In our material, physical world, the Sun is life-giving force, just as it is so in abstract world and countless number of belief systems.

In astrology, the Sun represents one’s Ego; the Sun is who you are. It shines on your personality and makes you the person you are in the world.

The Sun represents your will for life, your goals and ambitions. It determines the way you act. The Sun is closely associated with creative energy one possesses. It is also a symbol of royalty, acknowledgment, status.

Sun in Taurus

The Sun matches a sign in an individual horoscope. This sign is one’s ruling sign, but it is affected by others sings, as well as by other elements in a natal chart.

However, it is your core. Since the Sun is your Ego, the Sun sign defines channels of manifesting your Ego in the world.

It affects your attitude, principles and everything else. What does it mean to have the Sun in Taurus?

People born under the Sun in Taurus are regarded as Taurus people. What are they like? The planet Venus rules the sign of Taurus. Taurus people, thus, love art, pleasures and they are laid-back.

This is an Earth element sign, which makes it grounded and stable, connected with nature.

Taurus is a materialistic sign, not interested in abstract ideas much. Taurus people need comfort, pleasure, touch and stability.

The Sun in Taurus forces one to define him or her towards something concrete. These people need roots in material world. They need a base and stability. Financial sources are very important to them.

Any Taurus would see to make a strong material base, so he or she could enjoy life.

Once a Taurus founds a field of interest he or she could make living, they would hardly ever change it.

Moon Sign

The Moon is something quite different. While the Sun is related to what we do, the Moon affects what we feel. The Moon is about one’s emotional self; it defines us as feeling beings.

The Moon represents the way one perceives the world through emotions. It affects our impressions and reactions to different situations and people in life. The Moon supports our imaginative self.

This Luminary is closely associated with compassion, empathy, the ability to transform and adapt. Unlike the foxed Sun, the Moon is mutable.

The Moon inspires change, especially affecting emotional changes. When in bad aspects, it could make you moody, restless, insecure and irritable.

They Moon is a dreamer; each one of us need Moon’s dreamy nature to soften purely rational effect of the Sun.

Moon in Capricorn

The Moon in Capricorn is a tricky one, because the sign of Capricorn is already known as one of the least emotional signs of the Zodiac.

This is very unfavorable position for the Moon, since it is the place of Moon’s exile. This means the Moon feels as an outsider in Capricorn, to illustrate the situation.

The solid and strict energy of Capricorn blockades the emotional energy of the Moon.

People with the Moon in Capricorn are often reserved, locked inside their solid stone tower, not letting anyone in before they negotiate. They are strong-willed, determined and often extremely stubborn.

One has to try hard and to be patient if wants to approach to a Moon Capricorn. Most of the time, Moon Capricorns feel good about themselves.

Being calculated, tactful and strict, Moon Capricorns keep common sense in critical situation and act cool-headed. They are determined to reach their goals and putting their emotions aside could be an advantage.

However, in relations with people they might face problems. They cannot channel their emotional energy well.

Moon Capricorns often leave a different impression of that they intended. People find them distant and cold, even if they are deeply interested in someone.

They perform amazingly well in formal relations and connections, but they could be insecure on a purely emotional level. Informal talk often makes them nervous.

Taurus Sun Capricorn Moon Personality

Taurus Sun Capricorn Moon individuals are practical people. They know themselves the best.

They know what they want; they set practical and realistic goals and work on reaching them.

With earthly, stable Taurus, they are oriented towards material stability, but also stability in all areas of life. With fierce and calculated Capricorn, they have strong will and determination to achieve their goals.

Generally slow and laid back, although focused on goals, Taurus here is a bit rushed by energetic Capricorn, which is a good thing.

These ones are not romantic dreamers and they would never start something out of fun; they work so they can enjoy pleasures and fruits of their work. They easily put their emotions aside and focus on practical things.

This makes them reliable people; a Taurus Sun Capricorn Moon would not offer you much emotional comfort, but a practical advice. Thanks to their Sun Taurus element, they are not distant and unreachable as Capricorns.

You can expect a warm, stro9ng hug from them, but not much of empathic, comforting talk.

Good Traits

Taurus Sun Capricorn Moon are, above all, down to earth and practical people.

They know their qualities and limitations, so they can really focus on taking the best out of them.

These people are reasonable; they keep common sense in critical situation and are generally not prone to risks.

They are reliable people you could always turn to for a practical advice. They are tactile and they have great sense of aesthetics.

Bad Traits

These people could be too dependent on their habits, meaning they get so used to them that it becomes their comfort zone.

They see to accomplish certain degree of material stability, needed for a comfortable life and then they easily become slaves of their habit. They are very inflexible and unwilling to change.

Taurus Sun Capricorn Moon in Love and Marriage

These people are materialistic and physical; they are focused solely on what they can absorb by using their senses. In love, they need stability and touch.

These people tend to find a partner for life and are not much interested in flirtation and endless love games. They are unlikely to change many partners throughout their life.

They are kind, caring and supportive of their lover, once they let one in. They rarely seek for a short-term pleasure; they are people of routine.

Taurus Sun Capricorn Moon people care about their family and see to provide everything needed for a comfortable, cozy family life.

They prefer staying in and spending time with their loved one. They are usually the ones to make money and organize household finances.

Best Match for Capricorn Sun Capricorn Moon

The best match for a Taurus Sun Capricorn Moon is a person who is laid back and yet, a bit more enthusiastic about life in general.

They need someone to inspire and move them. It should be a person that would understand and respect this native’s need for order and routine, but not necessarily the one to share exactly the same habits.

Taurus Sun Capricorn Moon is capable of tolerating others’ habits, as long as these do not affect their own.

However, they have their limits, of course. Their perfect partner definitely has to be a person who enjoys physical aspect of a relationship, not only in the most intimate terms. They need a person who sees the word through sense, just as they do.

The perfect partner for these native is someone who is determined and no necessarily a verbal person. Taurus Sun Capricorn Moon prefers deeds to talk. Show them you care by pleasing their senses.

A delicious chocolate box, some piece of clothing made out of fine materials are perfect gifts for one Taurus Sun Capricorn Moon; beautiful, but practical.


Taurus Sun Capricorn Moon need order and organization in life, but they are not obsessed by it.

However, order they create is rarely changeable; they stick to habits and what they are used to, as long as it works and even beyond.

They are materialistic, realistic and practical people. They perceive the world through their senses.